Report by T Murray, 15 April 1960

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R145/030 Personnel Aborigines - Safety Surveys Report by T Murray, 15 April 1960 15 April 1960 Sub Inspector Peace Officer Guard Headquarters Maralinga Subject Natives - Ooldea As briefed I travelled via Watson to Ooldea in Landrover No C84259 arriving 7.30pm. 2. Near the railway siding I located a native and his lubra. I conveyed them to Pidinga Tank where there is a plentiful supply of water and bush food (animals). 3. The native (Jacky) and lubra (Lilly) informed me they had travelled from Andamooka Mission via Pimba, paying railway fare from Pimba to Ooldea arriving pm Saturday 9th of April, and were going to Talowan Mission. Both natives were well dressed and appeared to be in good health. They were well equipped with bedding and spare clothing and had a good supply of food which they claimed had been issued by the Mission. 4. It is possible that some encouragement to stay at the railway may have been extended by a woman (half-caste) who is the wife of a railway employee. The native came from the woman's house carrying a bundle and was followed by the woman (half-caste) who conversed with the lubra whilst the camp was packed. Any encouragement extended to natives could be a contravention of a Railway By-Law that forbids railway employees from encouraging or permitting natives to remain at or near a railway camp. (This By-Law existed some years ago and could still be in force.) Any such encouragement could also contravene Native Affairs Legislation, or principles, and could lead to cohabitation offences. T Murray POI No 2692