Inspection and Medical Report of the Elsey Station 1947

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 1 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Inspection and Medical Report of the Elsey Station 1947 Copyright P J Mackett, 2005 Inspection and Medical Report of the Elsey Station November - December 1947 Patrol Officer Kyle-Little. This Report is divided as follows :- (a) Medical (b) Employment of Aboriginals A. Medical On the 17th November, 1947, Dr Hazelgrove took blood tests and began treatment for 34 natives (suspected cases of granuloma). The treatment consisted of 2 cc intra veinous injection of NAB, 2 cc intra muscular injection of Bismol, one Pulvule of Carbarsone. I continued to treat the natives giving an intra muscular injection of Bismol and Pulvule of Carbarsone every five days. In all each native receiving treatment had a total of one NAB, 4 Bismol injections, 4 Pulvule of Carbarsone. Dr Hazelgrove made a final inspection of the natives on 11th December taking 12 blood samples for tests. The following is a list of all natives who received the above treatment :- Males Females Hedrick Broncho Maudie Jaberoo George Amy Smiler Lily Big Mouth Charlie Lulu One Eye Dagen Alice Puzzle Bluebell Dicky Dick Topsy Mataranka Nym Nancy Cranky Dakin Clara Mortica Ida Nugget Kitty Jungle Dick Olive Sleepy Paddy Leana Gilruth Marlow Maggie Paddy Nillie Mary Old Rosie Ruby Amelie Kitty The youngest patients treated were Nancy and Ida. They were approximately 12 years of age, both were married. The majority of the above patients stayed in the vicinity of the station. Ten to twelve patients would clear out after every injection, some of them going a few miles down the river into patches of jungle. However, these patients were found on each occasion, returned and received their injections a day later. The natives strongly objected to the injections and during the course of treatment blamed every sickness to the injections. (Mortica claimed he was dying after the second injection, he rolled around the ground and succeeded in frightening the remainder of the patients. However, he became very much alive when I suggested two further injections to stop him from dying.) B. Employment of Natives No. of Licence Manager, Mr Crowson 916 Head Stockman, Mr G Lewis 917 Jackeroo, Mr W Tapp 918 Stockman, Mr Farrar 919 Stockman, Mr Farrell 220 (?920) The following half-castes were employed at the Elsey :- Name Age Status Jack Farrell 42 Single John Hodson 17 Single Jim Wesley 44 Married These men had their own quarters and ate with the white staff. The following is a list of natives, and their dependants employed and maintained at the Elsey :- MALES White Name Native Name Age Elsey Dick Will-a-gear 29 Cranky Dakin Oongarri 36 Mataranka Nym 55 One Eye Dakin 36 Big Foot John Nan-i-gen 25 Smiler Bungoon-gulla 42 Hickey 46 Chadforth Paddy Col-in-ea 36 Puzzle Brunga 36 Big Mouth Charlie Ikinoo 36 Lighting 45 Sandy 40 Jaberoo George 42 Broncho Yan-a-mam 43 Dickey Dick Oom-dad 24 Fred 48 Hedrick Brew Gellen 36 Mortica Bononin 27 Algy 48 Clancy Mon-mie-re 18 Willie Wine-poor 17 Duncan George 45 Daylight Nangle 15 Jackaroo 14 FEMALES White Name Native Name Age Children <12 Non-working lubras Nancy Tall-a-bot 14 Clara 43 Kitty War-wool 38 Nellie ? Ida Yat-a-jou-i 18 Leana Noalla 40 Non-worker Olga 28 3 boys Non-worker Luly ) Till-em-brumern 29 Fanny ) Blue-cher 42 1 girl Non-worker Lily 30 Mary Nornie 16 Mary Ann ) 50 Non-worker Ida No 2 ) Goondoon 35 Non-worker Olive Nulligan 30 1 girl, 2 boys Alice ? Maudie Egual-a-gar 38 May Coom-a-jell 18 Rita 20 Bluebell 40 Peggy ? Mary Cook-cookoo 37 1 girl H/C Non-worker Single boys Single boys Single boys Single boys Single boys Amy (single girl) 30 Rosie Jalgwith 14 ELSEY NATIVE DEPENDANTS Males Females Kimberley Daisy Lennie Old Rosy Big Jack Old Nellie Manbullo Billy Manbullo Maudie One Eye George Maggie Elsey Paddy Paddy Nellie Old Dick Leana Old Dakin Mary Ann Tyson Ida Olga Topsy Dinah Mary Judy Leana CHILDREN UNDER 12 Males Females Morris Sheila Joseph Jessie Splinter Lorna Henry Shirley Sandy Erica Talbot Ileen David Janie Joseph Katie Victor June Sandy Dora Joey Dinah During my stay at the Elsey the only work being carried out by natives was the household work being done by lubras and yard building and repairs being done by Jack Farrell assisted by twelve natives. The present native camp consists of ex-Army tents erected close to the river bank. These living conditions are totally inadequate. However, Mr Crowson showed me materials he had ready for the construction of houses for his native employees. He expects these houses to be finished early in the new year. No sanitation or washing facilities were provided for the natives in the camp area. However there was a flow of good running water (Roper River) within 20 yards of the camp. All the natives I saw had been issued with a swag cover, three blankets and mosquito net. Clothing consisted of two sets of jodhpurs, two shirts, hat, elastic side boots, leggings and spurs, pullover for boys, lubras had at least two dresses each, the majority had three, all had towels. The children were given small frocks or play suits. Cooked rations were issued to workers, dependants were given dry rations. Rations consisted of bread, beef, vegetables, ie, pumpkins, onions, marrow, dried fruits, jam, honey, syrup, tea, sugar, goats milk was issued to children each morning. No rice was issued to the natives. Mr Crowson informed me he had ordered one hundred weight from south but as yet this had not arrived. All natives employed and dependants at the Elsey were well victualled. Two half-caste children, mother of these children was a young lubra named Emily of Nutwood Downs, were brought back to Darwin, their names being Bill, aged 4, and Joe, aged 2. The lubra Emily approached me at the Elsey and asked me to take them to Darwin. The station books and accounts were in Melbourne under review by the Company, therefore, could not be inspected. S H Kyle-Little Cadet Patrol Officer 16 December 1947