Patrol Officers Reports Beetaloo Station 1948

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 1 Patrol Officers Reports Beetaloo Station 1948 Copyright P J Mackett, 2005 Beetaloo Station 23rd December 1948 Native Affairs Branch Director BEETALOO STATION Accompanied by Cadet Patrol Officer J Connolly I visited Beetaloo Station on 8th December 1948, and obtained a census of the half-caste families on O.T. and Beetaloo Stations. Mr Wattie Bathern and Mr Peter Bostock and their families live at Beetaloo Station. Mr Hughie Bathern and Mr W Miller and their families live at O.T. Station. As instructed I discussed the future of the older school children residing at St Mary's Hostel, Alice Springs, and attending the public school with the bookkeeper, Mr R Tiernan, and later with the fathers of the children. The Beetaloo and O.T. children commenced school at the end of 1946, the older children were in the 2nd grade (1948). In discussion with Mr Tiernan he said that it was pro- posed to keep the two eldest girls home next year and that four new children would be commencing school then. Mr Tiernan said the expense of educating the children was increasing. Eight children attended school in 1948 and there would be four new children to attend in 1949. The mothers were asking for the help of the older girls with their young families and he considered early marriage would prevent illegitimate children. I explained to Mr Tiernan our desire that the children should receive sufficient education to enable them to take their place in the community and that the girls should be at least 16 years of age before marriage and taking on family responsib- ilities. I later discussed the whole matter with Mr Tiernan and the fathers of the children. Mr Tiernan and the fathers readily agreed to all the children returning to school next year in addition to the four new children. I explained to them that the three eldest girls who were born before their fathers were exempted were wards of the Director of Native Affairs and permission must be obtained if they desired to marry an exempted half-caste or a white man. When the children from St Mary's Hostel did not arrive at Newcastle Waters by Tuit's bus on 13th December, 1948, Mr Miller of O.T. Station approached me re the desirability of getting the children up as soon as possible as rain was threaten- ing and once heavy rain fell the road to O.T. Station (100 miles from Beetaloo), which is mainly black soil, would be impassable. As there was no suitable transport before Tuit's bus in a week's time, we travelled to Alice Springs, collected the seven children from St Mary's Hostel and delivered them to Beetaloo Station. The parents expressed their appreciation of this co-operation. The adult male half-castes, Wattie Bathern, Hughie Bathern, Peter Bostock and William Miller are exempted. They are legally married and their wives desire exemption. Mrs Wattie Bathern and Mrs Peter Bostock were at Beetaloo Station: I brought their applications with references to Darwin. Mrs Hughie Bathern and Mrs William Miller will forward their applications later. Another visit should be made to Beetaloo Station about November, 1949, to discuss with the parents their plans for their older children for 1950. A list of the families on O.T. and Beetaloo Stations is attached. G Sweeney Patrol Officer 23 December 1948 Part-Aborigines (Half-Castes) on O.T. and Beetaloo Stations Name Born / Age Notes Mr Wattie Bathern Beetaloo Station Mrs Bessie Bathern (nee Bistock) 26 years Mona Barbara Bathern 6.10.1939 Alice Springs School Harry Bathern 30. 3.1942 Commencing school 1949 Walter Bathern 26. 5.1944 David Ernest Bathern 17.12.1947 Mr Peter Bostock Beetaloo Station Mrs Bella Bostock (nee Kean) 43 years Mrs Wattie Bathern Cameron Bostock 26. 8.1930 Working on station June Bostock 23. 6.1934 Alice Springs School Hazel Bostock 26.12.1938 Alice Springs School George Peter Bostock 23. 4.1942 Commencing school 1949 Charlie Bostock 22.11.1944 Brian Bostock 3. 3.1948 Mr Hughie Bathern O.T. Station Mrs Lyleen Bathern (nee Smith) 32 years Born on Beetaloo Station John Bathern 12. 4.1940 Alice Springs School Murray Bathern 15. 9.1942 Commencing school 1949 Hughie Bathern 16.11.1944 Jean Bathern 6. 7.1946 Russel Bathern 16. 2.1948 Mr William Miller O.T. Station Mrs Agnes Miller (nee Bathern( Josie Miller 20.10.1934 Alice Springs School Teresa Miller 10. 2.1937 Alice Springs School William Miller 5. 6.1940 Alice Springs School Alice Miller 6. 8.1942 Commencing school 1949 Margaret Miller 16.11.1944 Mrs Fanny Bathern O.T. Station, wife of Angus Bathern, deceased Mrs Agnes Miller Mrs N Stacy Married to white man in Newcastle Waters Barbara Bathern 29 years Single, works at Elliot (Barbara has two children : - Ron 'Bathern', age 8 years, attends Convent School, Alice Springs John 'Bathern', born 26.11.1946) Duncan Bathern . 8.1925 Working on Station Clancy Bostock 17 years Working on Station (Wattie and Hughie Bathern were half brothers to Angus Bathern (deceased). Peter Bostock was half brother to Angus Bathern (deceased).)