Miscellaneous Reports 1946 - 1949

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 1 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Miscellaneous Reports Copyright P J Mackett, 2008 (1) Raggetts Well (Glen Helen) Assault on Aborigines Mick and Molly Assault took place at Dashwood Creek near Mr Bowman's place. Victims - Mick and Molly, taken to Hospital at Alice Springs Offenders - Jopargo ) Puddi-Puddur ) All arrested in the vicinity of Haasts Bluff Chungensugars ) Also mentioned - Billy Land, at Glen Helen Station Nospik, uncle of Molly Puddi-Puddur, Jopargo and Chungensugars are brothers Moira Tagbomba L N Penhall, Patrol Officer, 31. 5.1949 (2) Patrol to Granites Mentions Jack and Jimmy. L N Penhall, Patrol Officer, 26. 5.1949 (3) Yuendumu Native Settlement Telegram to Alice Springs :- Advise Toby Djanglal be disciplined from the area immediately. Knocked down wife twice with the fists. Threatened Mr Steer ....Coate. Toby Ruby, wife of Toby Silas, also mentioned L N Penhall, Patrol Officer, 10. 5.1949 (4) Native Employment - Southport and Mt Finnis District White Angel Mine Two natives are employed at the mine :- Diamond Worgau, Marananggu, single Richard Majida, Brinken, married to Maudie Ni-nyu-ul, Brinken The Two Sisters Mine No natives employed. Mt Finnis District - Bamboo Creek Mine Charlie Stead and Tom Nicoloff are working the mine. The following natives were camped at the mine :- Barney Auggong, Marananggu, 55 years Dolly Namug, Brinken, 40 years Captain Ar-di, Brinken, 25 years Gypsy Ga-ba, Brinken Paddy Amatil, Brinken, 18 years, single Miri-mag, Brinken, widow, 40 years Mr T Nicoloff is living with a full-blood native woman Biluwuk, Marananggu tribe. She was introduced to me as Mrs Nicoloff. She is clean and of a good type. They appear to get on well together. Two of their children are at Croker Island. Mrs Nicoloff recently visited the children by Harry Moss' plane. A third child (male) of about 3 years of age will go to Croker Island next year. I advised Nicoloff to marry Biluwuk legally. He is willing to do this and is under the impression that they are legally married. Mrs Nicoloff is also looking after a half-caste child (female) of about 2 1/2 years of age, whose full-blood mother died in hospital last year. I was unable to find out the name of the alleged father. Mr Nicoloff is sending the two children to Croker Island next year. Mt Finnis District - T.T.T. Coy. (Good Will Lease) No natives employed. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 16. 5.1949 (5) Suspect Leper - Humpty Doo Station Humpty Doo Station is owned by Herbert Bros. A half-caste Neddy Tamlin is in charge. Neddy is tribally married to a full-blood and has three children. Tommy Ja-jirrl, 35 years, Malak Malak tribe (suspect leper) Polly Mar-dei, wife Dolly Mar-bul, 13 years, child Barbara, 3 years, child There is one half-caste child - Margaret Cooper, aged about 7 years - in the native camp. Her mother is Maggie Bumaloy, Malak Malak, about 28 years of age; her alleged father is a white man Eddie Cooper, a former stockman on Humpty Doo Station. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 16. 5.1949 (6) Patrol - Daly River 27th April 1949 We returned to Darwin on the 29th bringing with us :- Gus Peterson, old age pensioner, for hospital treatment Nym Johnson (Worgait), aborigine Tommy, wife and adopted daughter, Tracker for Constable Fitzer (wife has come in for dental treatment) G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 27. 4.1949 (7) Report on Measles Outbreak Among Natives at Pine Creek : March - April 1949 One Myilly lubra, aged about 15 years, Lena (Dad-dubi), who was hospitalised at Katherine from 30th March to 5th April, died in the camp on the morning of the 13th April. Dr Sunderman told Constable MacFarlane per 'phone that this lubra was in the advanced stages of TB and at the time of her death was also suffering from pneumonia. Lena had been receiving a special rice and beef ration in view of her weak condition. On the 3rd April, native Willy, wanted for a killing at Oenpelli, together with several others wanted as witnesses, wandered into Pine Creek Camp and were taken into custody by Constable MacFarlane. J W Connolly, Cadet Patrol Officer, 21. 4.1949 (8) Report on Patrol to Pine Creek and Adelaide River from 25. 3.1949 - 11. 4.1949 Re Reported Measles Outbreak On the 4th April, Old Willie (Gin-buru-wui) who was the suspected murderer of lubra Nellie (Doong-wora), appeared in the camp with three lubras and his son Sandy who were witnesses to the alleged murder at Oenpelli. Constable McFarland took these five to Darwin. Picked up native Daniell, an employee of the RAAF, who was at Mt Bundy and took him back to Darwin. J K Doolan, Cadet Patrol Officer, 13. 4.1949 (9) Milingimbi - Mainoru Patrol : Patrol Officer Kyle-Little and Constable Gordon Covering letter from F H Moy includes :- The reason given for Rai-wala's presence at Mainoru is the same as he told me at Mataranka on 26th February, 1949, and the spear throwing incident recorded in the diary entry of 23rd March, 1949, between Rai-wala and Goo-ra-yal-pa-na-lili was also related to me by the former. The sequel to the elopment of Goo-ra-yal-pa-na-lili and Wool-to-murrie is that she has been brought to Darwin for return to her family group and marriage in accordance with prevailing custom. That Djabinin should have died is most regrettable. Medical opinion is that he succumbed to blood poisoning caused, no doubt, from a cut foot received on the march. I feel that in such a case where an aborigine suffers death in the service of the Administration, compensation should be paid, and I will seek elsewhere your approval for recompense for his widow and children. Monday January 17 Milingimbi. Strength is now :- Oonda-bund - Patrol boy Nar-lebe-bar - Medical assistant and carrier Mununggu - Carrier Magi - Carrier Wud-jana-wui - Carrier Djabinin - Carrier Mund-jingu - Carrier Bal-ara - Carrier Mil-wuyun - Carrier Djimili - Carrier Bong-owui - Carrier Djigu-lu-lu - Carrier Daw-idi - Carrier Boy-yourn - Carrier Junga-bili - Carrier Yal-lung-goru - Carrier Djame - Carrier Darran-Gorrie - Carrier Walalah - Carrier Tuesday January 18 Milingimbi. During the afternoon, with the assistance of Reverend Ellemor, I questioned many natives regarding the alleged killing of Rai-wala. No concrete facts could be established. The whole affair was simply a rumour, and unfortunately a rumour believed by a certain clan from Milingimbi. The Reverend Ellemor stressed that in his report to Native Affairs Branch, he stated that he had only received word from natives of the affair. Soon after news had reached Milingimbi that Rai-wala was dead, the Djam-bar-buingu group or clan, headed by Bali-mang and Miyang-gala, arranged a Magarada with Gun-gud-jamaidj, a Gan-al-bingu man, who had had some trouble with Rai-wala in the past. The occasion of the trouble was when Gun-gud-jamaidj interposed on Bong-owui's behalf at a time when Rai-wala had come from Gardji and was settling a difference with Bong-owui. Rai-wala had turned on Gun-gud-jamaidj. The affair did not go beyond heated words and threats, but according to custom it was necessary now that Rai-wala was presumed dead, to make peace to re-cement the tribal unity because of the earlier trouble. In the course of the Magarada, a spear thrown by Daw-idi, Miyang-gala's foster son, cut the ball of Gun-gud-jamaidj's right foot. His vision had been obscured by his 'second' and the spear had caught him unawares. The immediate result was a series of threats by close relatives of Gun-gud-jamaidj that they would pay back Daw-idi for the injury inflicted. I would like to point out that Gun-gud-jamaidj could just as easily received a mortal wound instead of a slight one. I consider that it is essential that such matters be investigated without any undue loss of time. Miyang-gala is an ex-police tracker from Roper River. He has 10 wives and holds influence over certain clans. Magarada is the peace making ceremony. Gin-buru-wui, the alleged murderer, was somewhere in the escarpment SSW of Havelock Falls and Rai-wala's body was supposed to be buried north of Bulman Gorge. Wednesday January 19. Left Milingimbi. Thursday January 20. Camped at Gardji all day. I questioned Rai-wala's No 1 wife, Not-wearn. She has one son, Mel-la-run, aged 9 years, and one daughter, My-yall, aged 4 years. She stated that Rai-wala had gone to the Bulman - Mainoru area just before the first rains had started, to look for Magi's wife, Wool-to-murrie, who had been stolen by a Djinbar boy named Goo-ra-yal-par-na-lili. Not-wearn said that Rai-wala took his second wife, Mon-or-wah, with him. She stated that this girl was a good wife and would not cause trouble. She refused to believe the rumour concerning Rai-wala's death and stated that he was alive at Mainoru. Friday January 21 - At Gardji. In the afternoon I held a medical inspection of every native there. All were in A1 condition with the exception of one lad, Gar-woon, aged approximately 18 years. This youth was very coppery in colour and his right arm and whole portion of his right hand were infected with leprosy. The hand was swollen to twice its normal size and had open sores in five places. This boy is a Mild-jingi native and would not go to Milingimbi Mission for fear of being sent away. Thursday February 3. Liverpool River. Met native My-are-bin who was with two other males, four females and two children. Friday February 11. Cuthburtson Falls. Djabinin died at 1.10pm. Buried at 3.00pm at the foot of a marked tree:- S.K.-L. J-G 11-2-49 My-are-bin and two other natives left after the burial and were not seen again. Wednesday March 2. Mainoru Homestead. Arrived at Mainoru Homestead at 12.30pm, where we met Mr Jack McKay, his brother, half-caste Billy Moore. We were immediately informed that Rai-wala was alive and well. Thursday March 3. Mainoru Station. During the afternoon I cross-questioned Rai-wala's sister's daughter, Wool-to-murrie, and also a Djinbar boy whose name is Goo-ra-yal-pa-na-lili. These were the two who Rai-walahad chased across Arnhem Land by way of the Goyder River. The following is the story of Rai-wala's disappearance :- The reason for Rai-wala's disappearance, was that a young girl named Wool-to-murrie, who was Rai-wala's sister's daughter, ran away with a Djinbar boy whose name was c. Whilst in the Gardji area, this girl was promised in marriage to a Gobab-wingo boy Marki. Rai-wala had been in a lot of trouble with the Gobab-wingo clan for a number of years. The fact that his sister's daughter, promised in marriage to a Gobab-wingo boy, had run away with a Djinbar boy, now left Rai-wala in an awkward position. He promised the rightful husband, Marki, that he would personally go after the eloping couple, punish the Djinbar boy, and return the erring daughter, and so re-cement the tribal unity between the two tribes. Rai-wala set off from Gardji Billabong approximately a month prior to the commencement of the Wet Season, taking with him his No. 2 wife. They eventually arrived in the vicinity of the Bulman Waterhole by way of the Goyder River. Here they sighted the eloping couple. A few spears were thrown by Rai-wala and Gobab-wingo, but the absconding couple made good their disappearance. Rai-wala eventually arrived at Mainoru Station. From this area, word eventually reached Milingimbi - the report of the spear throwing with the Djinbar boy having become somewhat decidedly stretched, until eventaully the rumour received by the Reverend Ellemor stated that Rai-wala was dead. Gin-buru-wui, the Rainbangga native, unfortunately happened to have previously had a quarrel with Rai-wala, and was instantly blamed for the alleged killing of Rai-wala. Saturday March 26. Arrive back at Darwin. S Kyle-Little, Patrol Officer, April 1949 (10) Report on Patrol to Oenpelli 10. 3.1949 - 13. 3.1949 (a) Returning escapee Dick back to Fanny Bay Gaol. (b) Murder of lubra Doongwora. Witness Imbilyuna described what happened. Old Willie (Gingboroo) had previously been in trouble with Jim Doyle, and did not like him, so he sent two of his wives, Long-leg (Booroo-mala) and Nellie (doongwara) over to Doyle's to tell Sandy (Galoo-wongoo), his son, to come back to Oenpelli. Long-leg and Nellie stayed away for two nights. When they returned with Sandy, Old Willie was jealous and wanted to know why they stayed away so long at Jim Doyle's camp. He became angry and jumped up, picking up a large sharpening stone. This happened about dinner time. Willie struck nellie only one blow. She was a very thin woman, and the stone must have pierced her side, probably rupturing her kidney. She became very ill, and the lubras, Long-leg, Toby and Imbilyuna, looked after her until sundown next day, when she died. She was buried by Old Willie, Sandy, Willie's two lubras and Imbilyuna the following morning. Old Willie and his wives and Sandy later left Oenpelli. (c) Also mentioned is Old Dick of Oenpelli. J K Doolan, Cadet Patrol Officer, 14. 3.1949 (11) Report on Patrol to Goulburn Island 3. 2.1949 - 11. 3.1949 Goonividgee Natives on Goulburn Island as at February 1949 Permanent Residents Big Mangordja, wife Wurdjeje and four children Godawa and wife Mararidja Melulg, wife Munungula and two children Mangowila and two wives, Mandjalama with three children and Warangamba with one child Borbug, wife Bulnanda and two children Irindili, wife of Wailung tribe, Meijaweidba and one child Jirijin, a youth of 16 Bumara, wife of Anangidba Jalmur and wife Mamaringying Boonoongul, wife Meijanga and five children Ringidj, wife Mondalmi and one child Guningbal, single Irwala, a Japanese - Liverpool half-caste youth Semi-permanent Residents Small Mangordja Naliba (old man) Djgala, wife Manadbi and three children Temporary Male Residents (First visit to island or first visit for several years) Mangirug Gundalja Didja Mindaldjalj Miwala Djandjiwara Djundoingja Bungurug Naromi Djanbari Meinjir Mawalijir and two other old men Most of these men have their wives with them, there being 12 women and 14 children in this group. This makes a total of approximately 40 transient Liverpool natives on the island. Of this group, seven men left for their own country on 28th February, but said they would be returning to Goulburn in a month's time. Also mentioned were A-da-da-wa, a native girl passenger from Darwin to Goulburn Island developed measles. On 22nd December 1948 a native girl, Marangu, who had recently returned from the mainland, became ill with all the symptoms of measles. In late 1946, Djgala, classed as a semi-permanent resident, speared a native, Djwalwul, during a quarrel. Djgala then went to the mainland and police failed to locate him. Djwalwul recovered, and Djgala returned to Goulburn in January of this year. There has been no trouble with either of these natives and the former quarrel has been discontinued as Djwalwul failed to die. On 4th March, 1946, a Liverpool boy of 12 years, was evacuated to Darwin by medical plane. This boy, Waridjil, had developed Osteo-myelitis following a fall from a tree, two years ago, which injured his left arm. On 11th March, I returned to Darwin by plane. This plane also returned to the island the two natives, Mungawa and her mother, who had been evacuated to Darwin by medical plane from Croker Island, as stated earlier in this report. J W Connolly, Cadet Patrol Officer, 14. 3.1949 (12) Hookers Creek Native Settlement Desert Natives from Hooker Creek (a) The following natives came to Darwin with Peckham :- Abe Dudanba Annie Nadba Fred Djiriri Clem Wandaringung (b) The following natives are at Wave Hill Police Station Tommy Granites Judy Nin-an-ja Bob Jangala Ruby Wandu Denny Nini Maudie Wil-bang-ali Larry Yaria Dolly Bilgria Jacky Wandijanga Paddy Djabalyi Alec Gumalberi Willie Benbarin Freddie Djigirij Andy Dululu Larry Nabajaba G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 28. 1.1949 (13) Employment of Half-castes in Darwin Mentions :- Geoffrey Cummings Cyril Frith Bobby Shepherd Bill Vickman J R Ryan, Patrol Officer, 26. 1.1949 (14) Report Relating to Natives Mentioned in Reverend Ellemor's Letter of the 20th December, 1948 (A) Raiwala This native was the nominal head of a large group of Aboriginals of the Mild-jingji clan. The tribal grounds of this clan are situated South-east of Milingimbi Island at a place called Gargi. Raiwala was Dr Donald Thompson's native assistant during the Doctor's investigation of the Aboriginals in Arnhem Land, from October, 1936 to 1939 (Caledon Bay massacre). Raiwala spoke good English and was, in my opinion, a rather remarkable man. He held considerable influence over the majority of natives in the Milingimbi and Cape Stuart areas, and was the only Aborigine I have ever known who tried agricultural pursuits voluntarily. At Garji he set his people to make and maintain a garden in which he grew sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, lemons, etc. Raiwala served a sentence in the Darwin Gaol for murder, which he committed in 1934 (approximately). These murders which have been going on for a number of years in the Milingimbi area are only the result of a 'vendetta'. In June, 1946, I investigated two murders, both of which were the result of a 'vendetta'. Raiwala has been a marked man since his brother, Nglandir killed a native named Mur-lil in 1946. I am of the opinion that it is only a matter of a short space of time before the mambers of Raiwala's clan (Mild-Jingji) murder any member of Raiwala's assassin's clan, as a reprisal for the loss of Raiwala. Ginburuwui, the alleged murderer, is a simple nomadic native of no real tribal status. He is a member of the Rembarunga tribe, whose country is situated approximatelt south-south-west of Milingimbim in the escarpment country. (B) Peter Gabida With reference to the missing native Peter Gabida, who is a Milingimbi boy, of the Gobabingo clan; I have questioned the following natives, Dingirilili, Djilmin, and Maliwar, and have ascertained the following story :- These three natives claim that the native Peter Gabida became detached from their party somewhere north of the Bulman waterhole. They 'back tracked' for the lost native for a considerable distance, but lost his tracks in the stone country. No further information can be obtained until an investigation is carried out, either at Milingimbi or in the surrounding area. There is a possibility that this native may still be alive and living in the Mainoru area. (C) Dawurbur As regards to the story of the shooting of two Miliggimbi boys, by a 'shooting' boy from Mr Bill Black's buffalo camp. In my opinion I am quite certain that one boy Dawurbur was definately shot in a dispute about tobacco. During my patrol of the buffalo camps in 1947 I heard various stories with regards to the shooting of this boy, but could never ascertain any concrete facts. As the alleged crime was supposed to be committed in 1944, I consider that it would be very difficult to gather witnesses and carry out a complete investigation, particularly as I have reason to believe that the chief witness, one Big Frank, has since died. S H Kyle-Little, Patrol Officer, 31.12.1948 (15) Transport of Mines Inspector to Roper Police Station and Inspection of Tandangal and Beswick Station with Mr Allom Mentions half-caste John Hodgson was born on Elsey Station and is about 19 years of age. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 19.11.1948 (16) Inspection of Lee Bros. Sawmill - Coburg Peninsula Ankin Ah Matt is in charge of the sawmill. Martin Calma who had been cutting logs for the mill had left with his family several weeks ago. He is now crocodile shooting. The native woman Gwongil mentioned in Mr Ellison's letter of 26th August, 1948, has left the sawmill. She is reported to have returned to Goulburn Island. I brought the other woman Iamangga into Darwin with her husband Bali-bali. They are at Bagot Hospital. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 1.11.1948 (17) Patrol of the Wave Hill Area Paddy Wallin-juania held at the Wave Hill Police Station charged with the murder of Aboriginal Ruby Nowayah. On the 12th September 1948, whilst working in the vicinity of No 17 Bore, Wave Hill Station, one Aboriginal Albert Del-lorr of the Wailbri tribe was injured when his horse fell on him. The injuries sustained amounted to the lower right leg receiving a compound fracture, the injured native was flown to the Hospital at Wyndham. On 15th September 1948 interviewed aboriginal native stockboy Pannican about fight with another native stockboy Jimmy who was severley wounded in the chest by a tomahawk blow. Interviewed at No 19 Bore about 10 miles north-west from Birrindudu Station. The Manager of Wave Hill Station reported that on the evening of the 15th September 1948, whilst awaiting transport by plane to hospital, one half- caste child named John, aged approximately four (4) years died. Cause of death as far as could be ascertained was tetanus. On the morning of the 17th September 1948, Sergeant Riley arrested and charged two native stockboys, Sambo Jilk-it-carry and Monday Donk-it-noow, for illegal use of horses at Monteginnie Station. On the 18th September 1948 I appeared for aboriginal Pennyfold of Daly Waters district, who was charged with having liwuor in his possession. Pennyfolds tribal name is Ngowoi of the Djingali tribe. Following to go to Darwin Pannican Paddy Wallin-juania Sambo Jilk-it-carry Monday Donk-it-noo Statement by Paddy Wallin-juania mentions :- Paddy Wallin-juania, old man who has completely lost the sight of his left eye and has poor sight of his right eye. Tommy Crowson Warrie-ally, of the Wailbri tribe, interpreter Jimmy Coonya-run Coon-maya, full sister of Paddy Wallin-juania Ruby Nowayah S H Kyle-Little, Patrol Officer, 22. 9.1948 (18) Inspection of Newcastle Waters Station 21. 8.1948 Mentions the following :- Pompey or Charles Alum, half-caste butcher. A half-caste girl, Dorothy, aged about 7 years, lives in the native camp with her mother Biddy. The natives say she was hiding when the other half- caste children were removed from the camp. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 7. 9.1948 (19) Inspection of Dunmara Station 22. 8.1948 Mentions the following :- Frank Holtze, half-caste, general hand Frank Frith, half-caste, head stockman G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 7. 9.1948 (20) Beswick - Mainoru - Elsey areas Accompanied on trip by Professor Elkin and patrol boy Albert. 30. 8.1948 Billy Moore, a half-caste stockman employed on Mainoru Station, was out mustering and was not seen. He has a threequarter- caste son, Leslie, aged about 4 1/2 years, who is being cared for most competently by the McKay brothers. 2. 9.1948 We left Beswick Station with a four years old half-caste girl, Rita, and later collected another half-caste girl, Lorrie, at Tandangal. Both these children were left temproarily at Maranboy Police Station. 5. 9.1948 At Maranboy I collected the above mentioned two half-caste girls, another half-caste girl, Eileen, and a half-caste boy, Tommy Olsen. I also took four Millingimbi natives, Sambo, Charlie, Tommy and Albert, who were not co-operating with the Superintendent of Tandangal Native Settlement. Reached Pine XCreek Police Station at 1815 hours. 6. 9.1948 With Constable McFarland of Pine Creek I travelled to Wandi Station and collected a lubra, Bunny, who was a VD suspect. I left Pine Creek at 1630 hours and reached Darwin at 2215 hours, leaving my passengers at Bagot Road Native Hospital. J R Ryan, Patrol Officer, 16. 9.1948 (21) Droving of Beswick Cattle from Adelaide River to Delissaville Left Berrimah with the following native personnel :- George Snider Young Paddy Greenant Paddy Johnny Driver Adelaide River - Native Bruce Pott wants to join. J R Ryan, Patrol Officer, 30. 7.1948 (22) Report on Visit to Pine Creek 8. 3.1948 - 11. 3.1948 9. 3.1948 I visited the Pine Creek Police Station and interviewed the Oenpelli native Peter Pah-min-ing-bah who was to be tried this day by Magistrate Crang for spearing his fellow countryman Billy Mee-alit-goo. Peter had worked as a patrol boy for Patrol Officer Kyle-Little. Dick Mulbeen of Daly River and an employee of Tipperary Station was charged with drinking wine. With Constable McFarlane I interviewed two natives Jack Bull and his consort Mary. The boy had arrived from Darwin to marry Mary. I brought both back to Berrimah Compound. I called on Mrs Jones, a former employer of lubra Janie, who has eloped to Jindare Station withhalf-caste George Thompson. I also met Mr Wilson, owner of Jindare Station, who informed me that he had requested the Darwin Office of Native Affairs to grant permission for Janie and George Thompson to marry. On my return to Darwin on 10. 3.1948, Constable McFarland and myself stopped at Mr Henry's garden at Hayes Creek and spoke to native Bobbie, the former consort of Janie. Bobbie intimated that he no longer wanted Janie, and that one wife Ruby was enough for him. (Previously he had the two lubras as wives.) Mrs Ah Toy, storekeeper of Pine Creek requested that an exemption be granted to halfcaste Julius Peters, a temporary employee of hers. She alleges that an application has been made. Julius Peters claims to be exempted in Western Australia and that he was once an employee of the N.T. Native Affairs Branch. Natives Jack Bull and Mary were dropped at Berrimah Compound and the prisioner Peter was handed to Darwin Police Station by Constable McFarlane. J R Ryan, Patrol Officer, 15. 3.1948 (23) Tandangal Native Settlement, Beswick Station The head man of the Tandangal area, Charlie Lamburaj (Djauan) had to be banished for indiscipline. He would have been a power of help if his co-operation had been won. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 25. 2.1948 (24) Hermannsburg, Haasts Bluff and Areyonga Haasts Bluff Gustav and Ephraim were interviewed in regard to recent trouble between them. The matter was fixed up and I dont think there will be any further trouble of this type for a long time. The Immuna and Enock case had already been satisfactorily finalised and after making enquiries no further action was taken. Also mentions Haasts Bluff Jim who had been recently employed on Narwietooma property. Areyonga No white staff here. A native evangelist named Peter is stationed here. F A Gubbins, Patrol Officer, 20. 2.1948 (25) Patrol to Beswick Station - 7th to 13th February, 1948 I left Darwin for Katherine and Beswick Station on Saturday morning, 7th February 1948, as instructed, to investigate the drift of natives to Katherine, their removal to Beswick and various disciplinary matters that had arisen at Beswick Station. Mr Stanford, carpenter for Beswick Station, and the following six natives accompanied me :- Nipper and Hilda ) employees of Mr Stanford Peter (single) ) Leo and Emily, former employees of Mr Drysdale, for repatriation to Beswick Duncan, ex hospital, for repatriation to Pine Creek We called at Coomalie Creek to pick up one of Mr Stanford's team of employees, Captain and his wife May. I left Beswick Station on the return trip to Darwin about 11 am on 11th February 1948. I called at Dang-dang-djal Settlement and picked up the following natives :- Old Hector (Djauan) ) for Katherine Hospital Old Bob and Old Fannie (Ngalkbun) ) Donkey (Milingimbi), for removal to Darwin. Mr Frazer-Allen stated that he was an undesirable influence on the Settlement. Spider (Maiali) who said he was married to Gilbrey's wife's daughter and desires his wife to join him. Spider is a good type of native who has done good work at Dang-dang-djal Settlement. He desired to come to Darwin to see Gilbrey's wife's daughter himself. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 23. 2.1948 (26)Patrol of Adelaide River, Batchelor and Rum Jungle area 21. 1.1948 - 22. 1.1948 On inspection of Rum Jungle area only one native named Billy, a Moyle boy, was found. He was working for Mr Tom Flynn. He also informed me that Maggie Nolan's present location is somewhere in the Finniss River area. Her return to Darwin is not expected until the end of February. Mr Cameron of Batchelor was employing the following natives :- Tom Gladys (received no dental attention when she last visited Darwin) Roy Kitty (Country - Daly River) The lubra Maggie, who was working for the Superintendent, War Graves Commission, Adelaide River, was removed with her husband Fred to Mrs Rawlings, at Berry Springs. S H Kyle-Little, Cadet Patrol Officer, 27. 1.1948 (27) Inspection of Croker Island Mission Settlement Inspection made between 10th December, 1947 and 12th December 1947. Inmates - 25 boys and 48 girls. Education Lorna Tennant, 18 years of age, one of the half-caste girls, is in charge of the kindergarten. Two of the senior girls, Lily Kunoth, age 18 years, and Rosie Cobb, age 16 years, both doing High School work, are keen to take up nursing. It is hoped that the Darwin Hospital will be able to take the girls in as trainees. Discipline Three boys, Bill Ryan, Jim Ryan and Cyril Frith, ages 16 to 17 years, stole a .303 rifle, ammunition and a pair of field glasses, and absconded with a view to walking to Darwin. Mentions Annie Wauchope, age 15 years. There have been three cases of illicit unions and three of the girls are pregnant to youths on the Settlement :- Betty Fisher, age 16 years, is pregnant to Bob Shepherd, age 16 years. Mona Waters, age 16 years, is pregnant to a full blood aboriginal Dick, age about 16 years, a member of the Marrgu tribe living on the island. Nida Wilson, age 16 years, is pregnant to Bill Ryan, age 17 years. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 12.12.1947 (28) Inspection of Ah Matt's Sawmill on Coburg Peninsula Inspection was made on saturday 13th December 1947. Staff Ankin Ah Matt - Malay father, half-caste Samoan; Torres Strait mother; Living apart from his wife. Ali Ah Matt - Brother to Ankin, married to a white woman. Martin Calma - Filipino father, half-caste aborigine-white mother. Mrs Calma - nee Elizabeth Ward, half-caste aborigine-white, age 23 years. Janice Calma - Daughter, born 6. 5.1945 Pauline Calma - Daughter, born 9.11.1946 Natives White Name Native Name Sex Age Tribe Remarks Fred Bur-i-lil M 30 Iwaija Employed Marjorie Marrng-inja F 25 Gun-winggu (Oenpelli) John Ngaluru M 7 Ngalindi M 5 Ngan-u-ring-ul M 1 Toby Nga-rau-wu-gwuja M 45 Iwaija Employed Mary Muna-muna F 30 Iwaija Adelaide Gi-bak F 45 Iwaija Jessie Maru-mura F 12 Reggie A-lau-wein M 8 Hazel Mana-gana F 3 Josie An-mur-umbi F 1 Mangrenian Jalanba M 25 Walang Employed (Liverpool River) Bulga-bulga F 22 Muralidbun (Liverpool River) Joe Naman-mang-ara M 8 Peter Ngad-burr-gi M 4 Yaragu M 40 Maung Employed (Goulburn Island) Gumbuwa F 22 Muralidbun John Ngam-u-rulga M 5 Edward Wandi-wandi M 7 Mei-jang-arrk F 8 Jack Jalanba M 28 Walang Employed Ngal-wu-la-marr F 45 Muralidbun Mi-ling-girrk F 6 Joe Wi-dara M 17 Muralidbun Employed Bil-il-lia F 15 Muralidbun Ja-lul-ba M 60 Muralidbun Aged Wei-buma F 30 Muralidbun Ma-rumbu F 40 Muralidbun Mother of Joe Widara Bu-luma F 10 Jau-wala M 7 Li-ri-lid F 3 Wei-mungga M 1 Ngal-mu-lu-bad F 60 Muralidbun Aged Jimmy Mang-i-u M 60 Maung Aged Mei-yul-marr F 55 Maung Aged Mable Jiburadu F 50 Iwaija Gun-gi-bara M 11 Iwaija G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 19.12.1947 (29) Report on Buffalo Shooting Industry Ted Morey - 24. 9.1947 I did not inspect Mr Morey's Camp and I obtained the following information from him at Oenpelli Mission. He employed the following natives :- George Allen H/C Tommy Sale, wife, 1 child Michael, wife Priscilla, 1 child Phillip, wife Rosie Fred, wife Judy, 1 child Paddy, wife Nellie Long Paddy Dudley, wife Jackie Charlie, wife Biddy, 1 child Doyle, Smeaton & Marsh - 26. 9.1947 The above three men are partners and are shooting buffalo on the Cannon Hill block of land on the west side of the East Alligator River. The following natives are employed :- Larry, Jessie Joseph, Elizabeth David, Hannah John, Lydia Nipper, Dolly Mickey Splinter Combo Oenpelli Mission The following information was given to me by Mr Villiers, head stockman on Oenpelli Mission. The following boys were used :- Stephen Harry Lofty Barnabas Billinara Nixkademus Aurlie Singlet Mickie Goangue Dicklarga Jim Mameyano Tiger S H Kyle-Little, Cadet Patrol Officer, 18. 9.1947 (30) General Report on the Buffalo Shooting Industry 10. 5.1947 - 4. 9.1947 J Vandenberg @ J Dugan 27. 5.1947 - 29. 5.1947 Shooting on east side of the South Alligator River and on the Woolwonga Reserve. Billy Alderson @ Yorkie Billy H/C, son of William Alderson (Yorkie Mick) of Jim Jim. Aged about 40 years. Has not applied for an exemption. Has two lubras who are his tribal wives. D Hunter, Woolner Station, Lake Finnis, 8. 6.1947 - 29. 6.1947 The folowing natives were employed at Hunter's buffalo camp :- Billy, Jack, Lefteye, Bigfoot, Tommy, Frank, Johnnie, Peter, John, Sharky, Charlie, Jim, Bigtit, Harry and Roy Nora, Phylis, Rene, Marie, Nakkai, Mamie, Kitty, Oldwoman, Nancy, Jessie, Jessie No 2, Roy No 2, piccaninny W Slack, Point Stuart Station 5. 8.1947 - 8. 8.1947 The following are the natives employed in buffalo shooting for August to October 1946 :- Boy Dependants Wallace Lena Brolga Annie James Peggy, one child Clarry Elsey Jack Sarah George Mandie, one child Marjunga Bumble Topsy Fred Minnie, Nancy and mother Mick Lizzie and father Larry Judy, mother, father and three children Towdie Wife and child Blueshirt Lefthand Wife, father, mother and 3 children Robin Tommy Kitty Boranga Wife Billy Muck Wife and mother John Billy Mother and father Jeramudi Pandatta, mother, father, sister and sister-in-law Vesteys, Marrakai Station 30. 6.1947 - 4. 7.1947 The following natives are employed :- Alec, Marrakai Alec, Micky, Johnny, Roger, Roger No 2, Walter, Dick, Paddycale, Pompey Maggy, Marrakai Maggy, Elsie, Mandie, Doris, Ruby, Ruby No 2 Harold Knowles, camp at a place named Alec Hole 14. 7.1947 - 18. 7.1947 Alec Hole is in the vicinity of the West Alligator River. The following natives are employed :- Micky, Jimmy, Whiskey, Matthew, Charlie, Joe, Jasper Mamie, Natty, Mary, Polly, Ruby Joe Parry H/C, shooting on Menassie Reserve 26. 7.1947 - 27. 7.1947 Mr Parry had five natives in his employ. These natives were Brinkens and had come from the Daly River with Mr Parry. Their names were as follows :- Bigtit Robert Mutton Henry Flying Fox S H Kyle-Little, Cadet Patrol Officer, 18. 9.1947 (31) Patrol Coomalie Creek, Batchelor and Rum Jungle Coomalie Creek Mr Verberg was in Darwin with produce from his garden. Madeline 'Berberg', half-caste, was at the homestead. Madeline was formerly married to Mr Verberg, was later divorced and now has permission to work as his housekeeper. At the time of inspection Mr Verberg was employing four boys :- White Name Native Name Sex Age Tribe Remarks Edwin Gug-a-laui M 30 Warrai Employed Kitty F 25 Warrai Wife Unnamed F 2 Warrai Daughter Billy Junang M 16 Malak Malak Employed Nym Yarrbab M 50 Malak Malak Employed Jessie Gumandana F 35 Malak Malak Wife Francis Miljat F 9 Malak Malak Daughter Albert Ma-yang M 5 Malak Malak Son Berak Berak F 2 Malak Malak Daughter Sam Wowan M 50 Malak Malak Employed Batchelor Mr Cameron, an old man, single, is working portion of the old Batchelor Farm site. He is employing a married couple :- White Name Native Name Sex Age Tribe Remarks Tommy Nal-yir-u M 25 Brinkin Gladys Wei-jat F 40 Worgaitz Rum Jungle Mr Tom Flynn was at Rum Jungle with his part-aborigine wife. The native Norman Mowoni, reported by Mr Flynn to be sick and suffering from an itch is now in hospital in Darwin. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 28.11.1947 (32) Wood Camps J Wiltshire's Camp, Berrimah The natives employed are :- Albert Alberdi Moses Burardjoo Moloney Murra-wunnie Ronnie Boom-gad-miri Morris Ud-diali-dji-miri Turtle (All Melville Island). Lewis - Pan Quee - 22 Mile At his home Jimmy Pan Quee employs only one native, Robert (Brinkin). A native camp was later located, however, in the scrub not far from Pan Quee's residence. There were 12 natives in the camp, 6 adult males, 4 adult females and two children. Tommy Nyalwun (Mara-nunga), wife Minnie Cupah Barney Mirlee (Mara-nunga Harry Mop-on-on (Brinkin) Jackie, wife Jackie Jerry Ram (Mulluck Mulluck), wife Nancy Bulbul Alice, daughter of Jack White; two small daughters of Alice This camp was broken up by P.O. Harney and myself as we considered it constituted a menace. Ram, Nancy Bulbul, Tommy and Minnie were sent back to Koolpinyah Station where they have regular employment and the others, with the exception of Jackie who could not be located, were brought into Berrimah. Davis and Ormande Camp located at the 14 mile. Only one native employed, Jackie. Quong - Albert Camp located at the 20 mile turnoff. Only natives employed are Charlie and Matthew. E C Evans, Cadet Patrol Officer, undated (33) Report on Patrol in Liverpool River, Junction Bay and Oenpelli areas December 1946 - January 1947 Investigation of Murder The following is the story as told to me by suspects and witness of the murder of the native boy Nung-or-li-wede and the attempted murder of his brother Jim-mean-muller. The story was told to me through an interpreter on at least six different occasions. Never once did the story alter or change in any way. The two brothers Nung-or-li-wede and Jim-mean-muller belonging to a tribe of the Upper Liverpool, had been to Goulburn Island and had traded buffalo horns for which they received tobacco, calico, blankets, etc. They were returning to their country and had camped on an open salt flat in the Junction Bay area. During the evening they were joined by five other natives - Nun-dul, Nor-minnie-orbu, Marday, Medo-orlu-orlu a deaf mute, and Dar-ran-darra a young boy. The party slept. At midnight Nun-dul, Nor-minnie-orbu and Marday woke up. Marday urged Nor-minnie-orbu and Nun-dul to kill Nung-or-li-wede and Jim-mean-muller for their blankets, tobacco, calico, etc. Nun-dul then attacked Nung-or-li-wede and Nor-minnie-orbu attacked Jim-mean-muller. Both attackers used crowbars, pieces of steel wire attached to short bamboo handles. Both brothers were asleep at the time under blankets. Nung-or-li-wede was struck twice through the head, he cried out, got to his feet, ran about 15 paces and collapsed. Jim-mean-muller was struck once in the arm and once in the stomach, he got to his feet and made his escape. Dar-ran-darra, the young boy, became frightened and ran away. Medo-orlu-orlu, the deaf mute, slept through the whole affair. Nun-dul, Nor-minnie-orbu and Marday slept till daylight and then they carried the body of the deceased across a mud flat to high ground and burnt it. When questioned as to what they did with the goods of the deceased the suspects claimed they had used them for a while but later they had been accidentally burnt in a grass fire. S H Kyle-Little, Cadet Patrol Officer, December 1946 - January 1947