Report on Visit to Borroloola and District 1949

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 2 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Report on Visit to Borroloola and District 9th August 1949 Copyright P J Mackett, 2005 Extracts from Report on Visit to Borroloola and District 1949 NOMINAL ROLL - BORROLOOLA Male Female Age Remarks Male Female Page 1 Pluto Woora-Moongo-Moongo Taylor Boor-Uri-Binju 65 65 Pluto doing odd jobs for C Harvey. Absent at time of visit. Bessie 35 At Anthony's Lagoon. Married to Charlie Imbana (below). Barney Kathleen 30 22 Both at Anthony's Lagoon Police Station. Doris Balai-Eema 26 Married to Charlie Imbana (below). Rosie 23 At Anthony's Lagoon. Married to Malcolm, Police Tracker Nuggett 21 Absent droving. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charlie Imbana Bessie (1) 30 35 Frank At Anthony's Lagoon. Age not known. Doris Balai-Eema (2) 26 Jim Robertson 3 1/2 Part Aborigine, alleged father Jack Robertson. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mack Mungorgie Emily Widu-Widingja 30 30 Mack works for Albert Morcom. Wilson On MacArthur River Station. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 George Maleenja Lena Malo-Ung-Gardi 28 24 George has commenced work for Mr Pearsall. Ruscoe Pordul 4 Native 'skin' name only available. Danny Pordul 3 Native 'skin' name only available. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deceased (name not available) Betty Ai-Dij-At 60 Betty is a Marunungoo native from Daly River area and is the sister of Maggie Mari-Anna, wife of Roger Jose. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Mujala Deceased 65 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charlie Brown Alma Woona-Boona 30 28 Charlie works at Anthony's Lagoon and Alma was accordingly removed from Borroloola to join him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Punmeega Daisy Linbunda 60 60 Both receive A and I rations. Jimima Weeamalu 8 Jimima's father is dead and her mother Nora works at Seven Emus Station. She is cared for by her uncle, Peter (above). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 George Balanda Deceased 70 Receives Rations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Publican Charlie Yugamara Elsie Oobijoo-Bina 60 60 Charlie is a Koongarra native from Normanton, Queensland, and has been at Borroloola since his youth. His wife is a local native. Kathleen 22 Married to Police Tracker Barney (Page 1) at Anthomy's LAgoon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Peter Koola-bulma Nellie Mooloo-A-Murra 65 65 Receiving A and I Rations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deceased Judy Wana-Jabi 55 Receives rations for self and son Isaac (below). Musso ? At Anthony's Lagoon Station. Tiger ? At Anthony's Lagoon Station. Malcolm At Wearyan River. Elsie Married and on MacArthur River Station Jimima Married and on MacArthur River Station. Andrea 23 Married to Jack Mulholland (white). Mother of two part-aboriginal children, Fred (3 years) and Paddy (1 year). Isaac Yuwal-Inji 12 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 Peter Darby Muloo-Wa-Mara 45 Peter is away droving. Annie ? Married and at MacArthur River Station. Sydney Roscoe 4 Part-aborigine. Alleged father is Roscoe of M.V. 'Cora'. Mavis 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deceased Old Nanna Yow-Um-Burra 70 Has two married daughters at the Wearyan. In receipt of A and I rations. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banjo Nora Dimaiya 30 30 Banjo was absent at time of visit. Dennis 10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Korra-Bubba Fanny Aged Aged Both were absent having gone down to the mouth of the MacArthur River. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jim Djanama Judy Nuraluma ? ? Punch 12 Unnamed 6 mths (All absent at Wearyan River.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 Sambo I Boogandoo Aged Aged Bella 30 Married to Jectar (below). (All absent at Wearyan River.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sambo II Deceased Aged Absent at Wearyan River. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jectar Bella 40 30 Jectar does odd jobs for C Havey. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E C Evans Patrol Officer 9. 8.1949