Patrol of Harts Range and Hatches Creek Police District 1949

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 2 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Extract from Report on Patrol of Harts Range and Hatches Creek Police District 1949 Copyright P J Mackett, 2005 Extract from Report on Patrol of Harts Range and Hatches Creek Police District 1949 Full Blood Natives on Stations and Mines Hartz Range and Hatches Creek Police Area Males Females Employed Natives 122 15 Adult Dependents 22 84 Children 34 35 Others (Adults) 4 2 Others (Children) - 2 Aged and Infirm (Neutral Junction) Adults 10 15 Children 1 5 Total 193 158 Tribal Distribution Aranda 123 Allyowarra or Ljowarra 165 Kaitij 56 Anmadjura 7 Total 351 There are many children under the age of three years, quite a few being under one year. The proportion of children to the total population is average for station natives. It is interesting to note that it is approximately the same as that on the Vestey's stations patrolled by Mr Sweeney and myself in 1947. E C Evans Patrol Officer 12 July 1949 Napperby Station Owners - Webb Brothers Licence No - 2146 (Bennett Webb) Manager - Bennett Webb is the manager but at the time of our visit he was not present, Mr W A Gibson being left in charge. Gibson is a white man legally married to Lucy (described as a half-caste but who, in my opinion, is at least threequarter black. Natives - Aranda tribe Stockcamp 5 males House natives 2 females (one the wife of Gibson) 1 male Dependents and camp natives 7 male adults 8 female adults (3 aged) 4 male children 2 female children (youngest child 3 years) Total 29 Half-castes There were no half-caste children on Napperby at the time of our visit. However, the two who were located there last year are still camping away from the station. Their mother having apparently got wind of our intention to move them. It will require a special patrol to apprehend them but, in view of that the school year is now half-way through and that St Mary's Hostel is close to saturation point with the existing stadd, I recommend that it be left until next January to send out and pick them up. There are two of them - one boy, Texas, aged approximatelt 7 years ..........censored......... ........., and one girl, Lily, aged approximately 5 years and .............censored..........................of Coniston Station. Their mother originally came from Gordon Downs. Yambah Station Owners - Gorey Brothers Manager - Mr Tom Gorey Natives - Aranda tribe Employees 5 males (others I believe were out with a stock camp) 1 female (house girl) Dependants and camp natives 4 adult males (2 aged, both pensioned by the station) 8 adult females (4 aged) 2 female children (1 six months, 1 eighteen months) Total 20 Half-castes There were no half-castes on Yambah at the time of our visit. General The Goreys (there are three of them) have a good attitude towards natives. The natives spoken to expressed their satisfaction with their employees and conditions. The rations supplied were adequate. Mrs Tom Gorey is educating by corres- pondence, in association with her own children, a female aborigine aged about 14 years and named Annabelle. The girl is doing very well and in some subjects is more than a match for the Gorey children. Mt Riddock Station Owners - Webb brothers Manager - Mr K Webb Licence - 2144 (Quentin Webb 2145 (Kilfoyle Webb) Natives - Aranda tribe Employees 3 males (only 1 stock boy) 2 females Dependants Nil Total 5 Half-castes Nil. Quartz Hill Station Owners - W Cavanagh This station is apparently a resumption from the original Huckitta and our patrol of the Hartz Range Mines took us inside the northern boundary. Cavanagh lives at the southern end of the block near Arltunga and accordingly was not interviewed. In any case he was away with cattle. The following information was furnished to me by a native employee of the 'Last Chance' Mine :- Umbrelloraga Bore - Tended by Fred (middle aged) Nora (wife of Fred) Inkamulla Bore - Lefthand Jack (young) Lizzie (aged) New Bore - Finnigan Maggie, and their child Lindsay Stock boys - George, Tommy, Jack and Fred House girls - 2 females, the wives of two of the stock boys Total - 13 (Aranda Tribe) Indiana Station Owner and Manager - B Bloomfield Licences - No 2276 (B Bloomfield) No 2277 (Morefield) At the time of our visit a boring contractor (Mr T Hopkins) and his wife and children were in occupation of the homestead. The only native was an aged lubra (nearly blind) who was receiving rations from the Homestead. The boring contractor was not aware of the number of natives in the stock camp, with Bloomfield, was away mustering. Huckitta Station Owner - W Kidman Manager - W Madrill Licence - No 2139 (Madrill) Natives - Aranda tribe Employees 5 males, stock camp 2 males, general hands 2 males, bore attendants Dependants 2 adult females 3 male children 4 female children (youngest child 3 years) Total 18 Half castes There are two half-castes on Huckitta - Tony Clements, aged approximately 15 years, and Pansy Clements, aged 9 years (born on 25. 4.1940) Their father is a Jack Clements who once worked on Lucy Creek Station. Tony is in the stock camp and appears to be healthy and happy. Pansy is being cared for by Katie Williams, a half-caste housekeeper at Huckitta. Katie is teaching Pansy to speak English and a few other subjects but her education must, of necessity, be of a very elementary nature. Pansy is very clean and healthy and is being well cared for by Katie who, herself, strikes me as being of very clean and stable habits. I recommend that arrangements be made for Pansy to attend school through St Mary's Hostel, she being permitted to return to Huckitta during vacation periods. Lucy Creek Station Owner - Lucy Creek Pastoral Company Joint Managers - R Tolley and C J Matheson Licences - No 2365 C J Matheson No 2402 R Tolley Natives Anmadjura tribe (Ti Tree and Aileron). These natives have accepted employment at Lucy Creek but were engaged by the Managers in Alice Springs with the approval of this Branch. Employees - 3 males (stock boys) Dependants - 2 females, adult 2 male children Total - 7 Half-castes Nil. MacDonald Downs Station Owner - C O Chalmers Managers - M Chalmers (Cattle) C Sinclair (Sheep) Licences - No 2135 (M Chalmers) No 2134 (C O Chalmers) Natives (Ljowarra or Alltowarra) Employees - 9 males (5 stock boys, 2 doggers, 2 general hands) Dependents - 9 adult males (4 aged) 14 adult females (4 aged) 10 male children (2 under 1 year) 9 female children Total - 51 Half-castes Nil. Dnieper Station Owner - D Chalmers Manager - F Rogers Licences - No 2136 (D Chalmers) No 2140 (F Rogers) Natives (Aranda tribe) Employees - 2 adult males 1 adult female Dependents - 1 Adult female (aged) 2 male children 1 female children Total - 7 Half-castes Nil. Mt Swan Station Owner - Petrick Brothers Manager - Petrick Brothers Natives (Ijowarra or Allyowarra) Employees - 7 (6 stock boys, 1 general hand) Dependents - 2 adult males (aged and infirm) 8 Adult female (3 aged, 1 nearly blind) 3 male children 7 female children (youngest 6 months) Total - 27 Half-castes Nil. Delny Station Owner - A Kerr Manager - A Kerr Natives (Aranda tribe) Employees - 3 adult males Dependents - Nil Total - 3 Half-castes Nil. Waite River Station Owner - Dixon Brothers Manager - Mr Ted Dixon Licences - 2148, Ted Dixon 2149, Colin Dixon Natives (Aranda tribe) Employees - 3 males (stock boys) 2 females (1 kitchen, 1 goat-shepherd) Others - 2 females (aged) 1 male (visitor, spelling from droving work with Gordon Oliffe) Total - 8 Half-castes Nil. Utopia Station Owner - McLeod Brothers Manager - A McLeod Licence - 2150, A McLeod Natives (ILjowarra and Aranda tribe) 15 adult males (3 stock-boys, 7 contractors, 1 general hand, 4 aged) 14 adult females (1 house-girl, 2 goat-shepherds, 7 dependants (wives), 4 aged) 3 male children ) youngest six (6) months 1 female child ) 33 (24 Ljowarra, 9 Aranda Half-castes There are three halfcastes on this station as follows : Jimmy Kunoth - Aged approximately fourteen (14) years. Father aleged to be Sonny Kunoth. Florrie Weir - Age approximately five (5) years. Father alleged to be Jack Weir (deceased). Unnamed male - Aged approximately one (1) year. Mother Topsy (House-girl). The information of paternity was furnished by Mr McLeod, the natives stating that they did not know who the father was. They supplied this information in respect of the other two without hesitation. The last-mentioned child is very thin and sickly, but according to McLeod, is receiving good treatment and food. I recommend that, if the condition of this child does not improve, McLeod be instructed to take bim and his mother, Topsy, into Alice Springs Hospital for examination and medical attention. Jimmy Kunoth is in the stock-camp, is very fit and happy, and I recommend he be left at Utopia. Florrie Weir speaks little English, and I recommend that she be taken away from the native camp next year, if possible. She appears to be in good health. Woodgreen Station Owner and Manager - R Purvis Harpers Springs Station Owner - W Hese Manager - W Hese Licence - 2302 (W Hese) Natives (Aranda) Employees 4 stock-boys 2 female house-girls Dependants 2 aged females 1 male child 1 female child Half-castes Nil. Woola Downs Station Owners - Estate late Claude Necker and Mrs Heffernan Manager - Mrs Beale Neutral Junction Station Owners - K Milne and D Ross Manager - D Ross Licence - At the time of our visit Ross and his wife were both absent from the station. Natives (Kaitij) Employees - 8 males 1 female Half-castes One half-caste boy aged approximately three (3) years named Jimmy. Father is alleged to be Jimmy Monaghan of Tennant Creek. Aged and Infirm Since the establishment of Neutral Junction Station as an Aged and Infirm ration depot, the number of aged and other natives who have migrated there has increased considerably. The numbers at the time of our visit were as follows :- 10 adult males (1 blind) 11 aged females (2 of extreme age) 4 adult females (middle aged) 1 male child 5 female children Total = 31 Murray Downs Station Owner - A Harris Manager - J WIlson (Acting) Natives (Ljowarra or Alyowarra) Employees - 3 stock-boys Elkedra Station Owner - J Driver Manager - J Driver Licences - 2200 (J Driver) 2198 (F Alone) Natives (Ljowarra or Alyowarra) Employees 11 males (8 stock-boys, 3 general hands) 2 females (house) Dependants 6 adult females 4 male children 5 female children Total 28 Halfcastes No children. There are two adult halfcaste employees in the stock-camp, Fred Alone and Don Dinnie). These men have grown up in the Hatches Creek area and have taken full bloods for wives. Kurundi Station Owner - J Matthew Manager - J Matthew Licence - 2175 (J Matthew) Natives (Lijowarra) Employees 4 stock-boys 2 kitchen-girls Others 7 aged women (1 blind) 1 male child (about 2 years) Total 14 Half-castes Nil. Singleton Station Owner - K Milne Manager - S Calder Licence - 2404 (S Calder) Mines The mines of the Hartz Range area can be divided into three groups :- 1. Those in the immediate vicinity of the Police Station and west of the range; 2. Those east of the range; and 3. Those in the Plenty River area. In the first area the miners operating are as follows - The 'Disputed' - J Spurio - Licence No 2280 Spurio's licence is endorsed 'No females'. On approaching Spurio's mine we came across a native camp comprising :- 1 male (aged) 2 females (aged) 1 female (middle-aged) 2 female children Total = 6 In view of the endorsement on his licence Spurio was asked to explain the presence of the women. In reply he stated that only the old man was employed by him, the women being :- 1 - the wife of the old man; 1 - the wife of a native named Jimmy; and 1 - the mother-in-law of Jimmy. The children were the offspring of Jimmy and his wife. It appears that Jimmy, a bush native, was temporarily employed by Spurio to build a goat-yard for which Spurio states he paid Jimmy 14 pounds. This work had been completed and according to Spurio Jimmy was waiting for the weather to clear before moving off with his family. At the time of our visit Jimmy was alleged to be visiting a Colin Pope (Licence No 2141). The 'Rex' - Antonio Pangrazio - Licence No 2133 Nil The 'Soptted Tiger - No Licence Nil. The 'Billy Hughes' - Del Tedesco - No Licence One Aged native. The 'Ulgarna' - D Coggan - Nolicence Nil The mines east of the range, in order in which they were visited are :- The 'Desperate' - P Missagia - Licence No 2281 Two natives of the Alyowarra tribe are employed on surface work at this mine. Their duties include winch work and handling of the mica when brought to the top. They receive 10/- per week plus clothing and rations. A third boy is usually employed but at the time of our visit had been loaned to B Bloomfield for stock work. It is understood that this native is employed in cutting mica. His wife is present in the camp but is not employed. She is middle aged. The native employees camp in two tents approximately 100 yards from Missagia's home. Missagia is married with a grown up daughter. There is one other Italian working in the mine. The mine was inspected. The 'Solo' - J Bottegal - No licence Nil The 'Last Chance' - J Crispin - Licence No 2142 One middle aged Aranda native is employed on this mine carting water per camel to the pit heads. He receives 5/- per week plus maintenance and clothing for himself and wife. He camps in the bed of a creek (a tributary of the Plenty) approximately two miles from the mine. His camp consists of a humpy built of old iron, canvas and shrubs. In the same creek we discovered another camp of two aged men. They were no relation to the boy employed by the 'Last Chance' and were apparently dependent upon the bush for their food. One was suffering from a very heavy cold and he was treated accordingly. Some medicine was left with them. We also left them a bountiful supply of flour, rice, tea, sugar and baking powder. Their water supply was furnished by a well in the bed of the creek. M Delavala - No Licence Nil The 'Lemon and Yellow' - A Delphi - No Licence Nil. The mines in the Plenty area are :- The 'Whistleduck' - Bruno Castagne - Licence No 2279 No native is employed at the mine itself but an aged native with two aged wives is employed as a goat shepherd. These natives are camped on a Government bore approximately ten miles from the 'Whistleduck' mine. In return for his services Mr Castagna permits the native to kill one goat per week for meat. In addition to this he fully rations all three with flour, tea, sugar and jam. The natives were visited and spoken to and they expressed satisfaction with their conditions. They are each very old but quite able-bodied. They camp under a bush- built humpy. They are well clothed. I agree with Castagna that, in view of the fact that these natives never leave the area, payment in money would not be wise. Castagna values one goat at 10/- stating he sells them for that to other Italians on the field. Castagna's son also works on this mine, he being married to an Australian girl. They have three young daughters. A transceiver set is installed and the mine is only four miles from an airstrip. The 'Turkey' and the 'Dinkum' Nil Jervois Range Mines - Copper 'Hanlon's Reward' - J Coppock - Licence No 2311 This copper mine is situated on the eastern side of the Jervois Range and at the present moment is giving a heavy yield. Mr Coppock is employing the following natives :- Francis (Aranda) - 1 wife, 1 male child and 1 female child Walter (Aranda) - 1 wife and 1 male child Frank Maynard (Aranda) - Single Tom Crosby - Licence No 2415 Crosby employs one native (Archie) who has his wife (Emily) with him. Sharp and Wright - no Licence One native, whose wife, daughter and sister-in law are with him, is employed and is alleged to be receiving 4 pounds per week plus clothing and rations for himself and his dependents. Barrow Creek Mines Tim Hampton - Tin - Licence 2410 Hampton is working on a mine on the west side of the Stuart Highway about 9 miles north of Barrow Creek. He employs one male native (Kaitij) whose wife also resides near the mine. The lubra is not employed. Hampton, himself a half-caste, is married to a half-caste and has a large family including two grown up sons. 'Home of Bullion ' Mine - Copper Manager - T Becker Licences - No 2354 (T Becker) No 2370 (L Thompson) Native - Kaitij tribe Employees 6 adult males Dependents 2 females (wives of 2 of the males) Total 8 Half-castes Nil. Hatches Creek Mines Ben Polet - Licence No 2053 Mr Polet is employing 2 natives on surface work (1 Kaitij tribe, 1 Allyowarra tribe). He pays them 2 pounds per week and 1 pound per week respectively plus food and clothing. The Kaitij boy has a wife and 2 children (1 boy and one girl) and they all camp in the vicinity of the Police Station. R Khan - Licence No 2195 Mr Khan also employs two natives on surface work (drill sharpening, etc). Again one of them is a member of the Kaitij tribe while the other is Allyowarra. They receive 30/- each per week plus food and clothing. One is married and they also camp in the vicinity of the Police Station. R Dunn - Licence No 2056 Mr Dunn employs one native (Allyowarra) and pays him 1 pound per week plus food and clothing. He also gives his employee 1 pound for every bag of wolfram brought to the top. This native has not been employed for very long by Dunn who states that he usually operates alone. The native camps in the vicinity of the Police Station. J W Fowles - 'Hit and Miss' Mine - Licence No 2191 Fowles has only recently taken over this mine which was previously in the hands of the executors of the estate of the previous owner. It is one of the largest mines on the field but, according to report, has 70 ft of water in the shafts. Fowles is awaiting delivery of pumping equipment before commenc- ing operations underground. Meanwhile he is working alluvial ore on the surface. He is employing three Allyowarra natives and pays them 30/- per week plus food and clothing. These natives also camp in the vicinity of the Police Station. L Bailey - 'Treasure Mine' - Licence No 2052 He (Bailey) employs three natives (Allyowarra) and pays them one pound per week plus full maintenance of themselves and their wives. They camp in the vicinity of the mine and Bailey has provided covered truck canopy frames as quarters for them. These provide shelter but are only about 5 ft high. The natives, at the time of our visit, were working on the surface handling the ore as it comes to the surface. S Rieff - 'Treasure Valley' - Licence No 2051 He (Rieff) employs four natives (Allyowarra) and pays them 1 pound per week plus food and clothing. The natives camp in the vicinity of the mine in bush humpies. One of the natives has been working for Rieff for 18 years. They all expressed satisfaction with their conditions. F M Knight - 'Pioneer' - Licence No 2055 Four natives (Allyowarra) are employed and are paid 4/10/- per week each out of which, however 2/10/- per week is retained for messing fees. Their wives are rationed but the natives have to find their own clothing. They each have a wife and one has a male child. They camp approximately half a mile from the white quarters in bush humpies. Knight stated that he provided them with tents but these were either burnt or gambled away. Also in the camp were six other natives as follows - 2 adult males 2 adult females 2 female children 6 Total These were apparently hangers-on and were told to move on. Mr Knight was warned about the dangers of a 'camp' establishing itself near his mine and Constable Darken was also advised of the presence of these 'loafer' types. He promised to take action. J Higgins - Licence No 2194 Another of the original miners in this field. Higgins employs one native and at the time of our visit was working alluvial ore in a creek bed. He pays his employee 1 pound per week plus food and clothing. The native is single and camos in the vicinity of Higgins quarters. Others Two other miners, C Anderson and A Henderson were absent from their mines but it is understood that neither of them employs native labout.