Miscellaneous Reports 1949

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 2 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Miscellaneous Reports Copyright P J Mackett, 2008 (1) Report on Patrol of Hartz Range and Hatches Creek Police Areas 1949 Napperby Station There were no half-caste children on Napperby at the time of our visit. However, the two who were located there last year are still camping away from the station, their mother having apparently got wind of our intentions to move them. It will require a special patrol to apprehend them but, in view of the fact that the school year is now half-way through and that St Mary's Hostel is close to saturation point with the existingstaff, I recommend that it be left until next January to send out and pick them up. There are two of them - one boy, Texas, aged approximately 7 years ....... ..........., and one girl, Lily, aged approximately 5 years and .. ....................of Coniston station. Their mother originally came from Gordon Downs. (............... = censored.) Yambah Station The Goreys (there are three of them) have a good attitude towards natives. The natives spoken to expressed their satisfaction with their employers and conditions. The rations supplied are adequate. Mrs Tom Gorey is educating by correspondence, in association with her own children, a female aborigine aged about 14 years and named Annabelle. The girl is doing very well and in some subjects is more than a match for the Gorey children. Quartz Hill Station This station is apparently a resumption from the original Huckitta and our patrol of the Hartz Range took us inside the northern boundary. Cavanagh lives at the southern end of the block near Arltunga and accordingly was not interviewed. In any case he was away with cattle. The following information was furnished to me by a native employee of the 'Last Chance' Mine. Umbrelloraga Bore tended by Fred (middle aged) and Nora, his aged wife. Inkamulla Bore tended by Lefthand Jack (young) and Lizzie (aged) New Bore tended by Finnigan, Maggie and their child Lindsay Stock boys George, Tommy, Jack and Fred House girls - 2 females, the wives of two of the stock boys Total = 13 (Aranda tribe) Huckitta Station There are two half-castes on Huckitta :- Tony Clements, aged approximately 15 years Pansy Clements, aged 9 years, born 25. 4.1940 Their father is a Jack Clements who once worked on Lucy Creek Station. Tony is in the stock camp and appears to be healthy and happy. Pansy is being cared for by Katie Williams, a half-caste housekeeper at Huckitta. Katie is teaching Pansy to speak English and a few other subjects but her education must, of necessity, be of a very elementary nature. Pansy is very clean and healthy and is being well cared for by Katie who, herself, strikes me as being of very clean and stable habits. I recommend that arrangements be made for Pansy to attend school through St Mary's Hostel, she being permitted to return to Huckitta during vacation periods. MacDonald Downs Station There were several natives in the camp from Lake Nash and one of them was almost certainly identified as a Tommy whose name appears on the Alice Springs Aboriginal Trust Fund statement. Utopia Station There are three half-castes on this station as follows :- Jimmy Kunoth - aged approximately fourteen (14) years. Father alleged to be Sonny Kunoth. Florrie Weir - aged approximately five (5) years. Father alleged to be Jack Weir (deceased). Unnamed male - aged approximately one (1) year. Mother Topsy (house-girl). ................................. The information on paternity was furnished by A McLeod, Manager, the natives stating that they did not know who the father was. They supplied this information in respect of the other two without hesitation. (....... = censored.) The last mentioned child is very thin and sickly, but according to McLeod, is receiving good treatment and food. I recommend that, if the condition of this child does not improve, McLeod be instructed to take him and his mother, Topsy, into Alice Springs Hospital for examination and medical attention. Jimmy Kunoth is in the stock-camp, is very fit and happy, and I recommend he be left at Utopia. Florrie Weir speaks little English, and I recommend that she be taken away from the native camp next year, if possible. She appears to be in good health. Neutral Junction Station One half-caste boy aged approximately three (3) years named Jimmy. Father is alleged to be Jimmy Monaghan of Tennant Creek. Elkedra Station No half-caste children. There are two adult half-caste employees in the stock-camp :- Fred Alone Don Dinnie These men have grown up in the Hatches Creek area and have taken full-bloods for wives. Mine Hartz Range area - The 'Disputed' J Spurio Licence No 2280 Jimmy a bush native, wife and two children Old man and wife Mine Jervois Range area - Hanlon's Reward J Coppock Licence No 2311 Francis (Aranda), 1 wife, 1 male child, 1 female child Walter (Aranda), 1 wife, 1 male child Frank Maynard (Aranda), single These natives were recruited from Alice Springs. Mine Jervois Range area - Tom Crosby Licence No 2415 Archie and wife Emily. Mine Barrow Creek area - Tim Hampton Licence No 2410 Tim Hampton is a half-caste and is married to a half-caste and has a large family including two grown up sons. Mine Barrow Creek area - Home of Bullion Mine Six adult male natives as well as wives of two. Include Shulameen T.21 and Mick Bullion M.22 who are included in the Trust Fund Statement. E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 12. 7.1949 (2) Report on Patrol of Southern Stations, Finke Police District and South-West Reserve 1949 Henbury Station Owner Estate J A Braeden - Executor Trustee Co Adelaide Manager Mr G W Pearce Sonny Swan 3/4W head stockman. Gordon Abbott H/C granted Exemption through War Service. Kenneth Swan H/C granted Exemption through War Service. Coloured boy Jim Kernan wants to marry a coloured girl Vera Armstrong. Consent of girl's father obtained. Finke Siding Ration Depot operates at the Police Station. There are only two half-castes in the area. One came from Oodnadatta, a girl named Eva James about 16 years old. She is very reticent about her past, but could possibly be 3/4 white. She is pregnant at the moment and the alleged father of this child is a full blood native. She has elected to stay in the camp to have her baby. No good purpose would be served in removing her. The other is a young girl named Emily Thompson aged approximately 15 years. She is the one who gave information against Mr F J Hird (see report on H K Woods). I think that she should also stay in the camp for the time being. It is the only environment she knows. When room is available she could be removed to st Marys Hostel, and receive domestic training, as she will remain a source of trouble to Constable Brown while there is a possibility of undesirable whites being at the finke. Maryvale Station Owner ?Bokharsa Pastoral Co Manager E Pohl The only coloured person on the station is Abbey Foster aged approximately 50 years. She is quite happy and has no desire to change her mode or place of living. Deep Well Station Owner V C Oldfield Manager V C Oldfield Mt Cavanagh Station Owner Mr H Kitto Sundown Station S.A. Owner Mr H Kitto Manager Mr A Brumby Curtin Springs Owner Mr O Andrews Victory Downs Station Owner Mr H G Briscoe Mt Connor Station Owner Mr de Conlay A native woman named Cunethara aged about 30 years who was walkabout from Areyonga, in my opinion was suffering from advanced TB and malnutrition. Another native woman named Dennymire is being maintained by Mr de Conley. She is the mother of his two half-caste sons, Robert aged 16 years and Walter aged 13 years. Both of these boys have been reasonably well educated, and now assist their father with stock work. Karee Station Owner Mr Cousins (about to change hands to the Fogarty Brothers) Kulgera Station Manager Mr R L Coulthard Umbearra Station Owner Mr R H Harris Manager Mr J Russell Mr S Ferguson fencing on Umbearra. His son is D Ferguson, part Aboriginal. New Crown Station Owner R J Smith Manager R J Smith The girl Emmie H/C is about 15 or 16 years of age and is reticent regarding her history. She has apparently been absorbed into the tribe and can speak very little English. She is quite happy to remain in the camp and I dont think it would help her in any way to remove her from her present environment. Horse Shoe Bend Station Owner Mr C T Golder Manager Mr C T Golder Jimmy Kenny H/C and his family occupy a dwelling. Jimmy Kenny had a leg amputated some time ago and has an artificial limb. Jim Swan H/C and his family occupy a dwelling. Lilla Creek Owner Angus and Archibald McPherson Manager Archibald McPherson Idracowra Station Owner Mr J Mortimore Manager Mr J I Dempster Angas Downs Owner Liddle Brothers M and A. They are coloured people who have gained exemptions. One is Milton Liddle. Tempe Downs Owner Estate F A Hince Manager J O'Brien Jack O'Donnell from Queensland has been on Tempe Downs for 7 years married to a full blood. Not exempt in the Northern territory and also one girl about 2 years old. Father unknown. Would suggest that this kiddie be brought in for education purposes when old enough. Erldunda Station Owner S G Stanes Manager S G Stanes Renners Rock Station Owner R H Buck Two half-caste girls aged 7 and 14 years. Mr Buck has assumed responsibility for these girls and is looking after them. This is contrary to the Ordinance but as Mr Buck is now 73 years old there would be no danger of illicit relationship. The girls were very well clothed and in excellent health, they are the daughters of Sonny Breadon 3/4W deceased and full blood Tungo. One is too old for educating and the other could possibly be brought in next year for schooling. Mt Quinn Station (Titra Well) Owner Mr A Butler Alice Malthouse aged 20 daughter of Billy Malthouse 3/4 black and full blood living in the camp. Helen Malthouse aged 1 year daughter of Alice Malthouse and full blood. I dont recommend any action regarding these two. They are not over endowed with white blood, and no good purpose could be served by removing them. Andado Station Owner Mr W A Turner (also manager) Ayers Rock No details. Rumbalara Ochre Mines Manager Mr A F de Souza Tony Butler coloured worker. Jack Boomi coloured worker. The only full bloods at the Mine are Casey and his wife Dorothy. Tieyon Station Owner Mr Frank Smith, father of Mr R J Smith of New Crown Station De Rose Hill (S.A.) Owner Mr D Fuller Sundown Station See Report Mt Cavanagh Station, Northern territory. Kenmore Park Station (S.A.) Manager Mr Rex Lowe Station adjoins Victory Downs Station, Northern Territory. Ernabella Mission (S.A.) No details. Railway Sidings Deep Well, Northern Territory Rodinga, Northern Territory Rumbalara, Northern Territory Abminga, South Australia. No details. L N Penhall, Patrol Officer, 29. 8.1949 (3) Patrol of Beswick Station and Roper River Mission Left Darwin on 14. 6.1949 with the following Bob Maiali ex witness for Pine Creek Dick Djauan for Katherine Jimmy and Necktie (Rembarrnga) ex hospital for Beswick Station Roper Valley Station Bill Huddleston, a 3/4C, is a head stockman on the station. H/C Jack Farrel has left Elsey station and is now employed by Mr Holt of Roper Valley Station. Lewien Springs and Jindare Station A H/C, Fred Kirk, lives at the old Cullen Station.He lives with a H/C woman, Mrs Waldon who is a widow. Kirk is employed with the road party at Pine Creek. Lewien Springs is deserted. Jindare Station is owned by Mrs Burnard and Alf Walker. They employ H/C George Thompson, 21 years of age. Thompson is living with a native woman, Jennie, of the Rembarrnga tribe. Jennie and her F/B son of about 10 years of age are the only natives on the station. George Thompson had refused an offer from his father in the Kimberley district to pay his fare to the West and had elected to remain at Jindare. Mrs Hart and her children had left Pine Creek for Mataranka. Black and White Mine, Fountain Head The following natives are employed :- Dandy Imelma, Wagaman, 48 years Mary Djilin, Wagaman, 45 years Paddy Dirilk, Wagaman, 70 years Willie Wugal, Wagaman, 18 years, single Humpty Doo Station - Half-caste child I called at Humpty Doo Station on the evening of the 27th to pick up a half-caste female child (..............................) in the native camp. The natives heard me discussing the child with the white cook, Mr Rooney. They carried word to the camp and the mother Maggie (Malak Malak) went bush with the child. Maggie's husband Micky (Malak Malak) agreed to look for Maggie next morning and bring her and the child in. Next day Micky searched for Maggie without success. I had a talk with Micky and he will endeavour to persuade Maggie to bring the child into Darwin herself. I arrived in Darwin on 28th June, 1949. Note ........ = censored G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 5. 7.1949 (4) Migration of Natives from Yirrkala The following natives from Yirrkala arrived at Mainoru Station approximately two weeks ago :- Jin-ay-nee Wonjuk Jim Nongoonu Jackie Malerr-pum Bob Dungalla Alan Won-go-ballie Frank Ninimbee Tom Kol-i-pee Charlie Mar-ray-unba They are Rerajingu natives but are able to converse in Gobawingu and other dialects of the Yirrkala area. Both Jin-ay-nee and Wonjuk speak excellent English whilst the others are able to make themselves understood. Jin-ay-nee, Wonjuk and Jackie have been to Darwin before but this is the first time that the others have left their tribal boundaries. Their ages range from approximately 16 years to 24 years. Both Jin-ay-nee and Wonjuk are married and have left their wives at Yirrkala. The other seven are single. Also mentions a Jinbah native (Turkey) at Mainoru who was able to converse in both Remburunga and Gobawingu. Jin-ay-nee was taken to Groote Eylandt as a youth by Mr Grey who took him into his home and treated him as an equal. Wonjuk is his brother. E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 22. 8.1949 (5) Hookers Creek Settlement There are at present thirty permanent native residents at Hookers Creek. Toby Walberry, a native child approximately seven years of age and who has been the subject of communication with you regarding his health, is progressing very well and picking up in condition. His toes are almost healed and although he could not yet be described as robust he is certainly very happy and active. E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 7. 9.1949 (6) Report on Munin-grida Station - Liverpool River Mentions oondabund, Patrol boy Narlibibar, crew boy S H Kyle-Little, Patrol Officer, 12. 9.1949 (7) Clothing for Part-aboriginal Children Admitted to Croker Island Mission Miss Shankleton provided the 5 part-aborifinal children - Dora, Rita, Captain, Peggy and Florrie - who are from Wave Hill, with clothing while they were at the Bagot Home on a replacement basis. The children will wear this clothing to Croker Island. The nine children (Jimmy, Morna, Linda and Edna in addition to the above) going forward to Croker Island abouth 5th November, 1949, should be supplied with one issue of new clothing. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 4.11.1949 (8) Con Perry - Tennant Creek On monday, 17th October, 1949, I interviewed the above and questioned him on the employment of natives. He stated that he employed four (4) boys and an exempt half-caste part-aboriginal named Dudley Piper. A boy named Max was employed as an off-sider to Dudley. L N Penhall, Patrol Officer, 20.10.1949 (9) Patrol per P.V. 'Kuru' to Groote Eylandt Left on 29. 9.1949 on P.V. 'Kuri' to apprehend and bring to Darwin aborigine Mick Noanoa from Groote Eylandt. Native assistant was Albert Oolah-boog-goo. Reached Grey's Setlement at Umba-Cumba. His H/C employee Jerry Blitner had volunteered to assist in capturing Mick Noanoa. On 8th October, 1949, at about 1930 hours Mick, with his four wives and sixteen children, was caught about 18 miles south of the Groote Eylandt Church Missionary Society Settlement. I recommend that Mick be retained in Darwin for at least two years and that at least one of his wives be brought to him. Mr Short, Acting Superintendent of the Groote Eylandt Mission, informed me that the young half-caste girl Hazel is ready to go to a half-caste institution. He suggests that if there is no vacancy at St Mary's Hostel, Alice Springs, perhaps it would be in the child's interests if she went to Croker Island. I agree with him that the girl should be removed from the Groote Eylandt Mission as soon as possible. Report on Gray's Native SEttlement, Umba-Cumba, Groote Eylandt mentions the following :- The part-aborigine Jerry Blitner is a competent all-round handy man and is staisfied with his employment. He is a good influence and has firm control over the natives. His wife Jessie is in charge of the girl's dormitory. One of Gray's natives, Nangurama, was committed to Darwin this year and was brought in by P.V. 'Kuru'. He thinks Nangurama is to stay away from Groote Eylandt for twelve months but he suggests that the committal should be for three years as a warningto the other natives not to break tribal laws. Aborigines have in the past been sent to Darwin from Groote Eylandt as a punishment but their removal has been more in the nature of a holiday. I refer in particular to those Groote Eylandt Islanders who were employed by QANTAS at Berrimah in 1946 and who later returned to their country with over three tons of supplied and presents. Nandjirrpia is another of Gray's natives who this year came to Darwin as a leper suspect. Information about him is desired. Jessie Blitner desires to obtain the addresses of her brother Wilfred and sisters Cecily and Ida Huddleston. J R Ryan, Patrol Officer, 31.10.1949 (10) Re Ranger Tommy or Tommy Rinjirr (Bulain) Ranger Tommy, under an order signed 17th August, 1949, was sent to Snake Bay for disciplinary reasons on 27th August, 1949, for a term of twelve months. He had only recently completed a disciplinary term at Snake Bay. He is a member of the Ngalgbun tribe, the majority of whom are now at Mainoru, Beswick and Katherine. His sub-section is Bulain. Before his first sentence to Snake Bay he had three wives :- Molly Nalaj (Berlin), Berlin is female of Buland Mary Mirwidi (Gali), Gali is female of Gela) Maggie Mugbulju (Berlin) All three women are 'straight' for him and were legally his by aboriginal law. His wife, Molly Nalaj, accompanied him to Snake Bay during his first term and is with him now at Snake Bay. Mary and Maggie remained at Beswick. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 19. 9.1949 (11) Report on Oenpelli Mission Arrived at Oenpelli on Saturday 3rd December, 1949. Aborigines mentioned are Joshua Oorongargnu, aged 30 years Frank Janjual, aged 28 years Nipper Marakura, aged 65 years and his wife Dolly Maidjingurdi, aged 25 years E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 12.12.1949