Aboriginals (PI) Regulations Newcastle Waters Station 1950

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 3 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Newcastle Waters Station 1950 Copyright P J Mackett, 2005 Newcastle Waters Station 5th July 1950 The Acting District Superintendent Native Affairs Branch Alice Springs Reference : Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Newcastle Waters Station 1950 The report on the above Station has been completed and will be posted tomorrow. Child Endowment forms have been completed in respect of applicants who are employees of the Station and these have been forwarded to Head Office, Darwin, on the instructions of the Director. As the local Police Constable appears to be averse to having anything to do with Child Endowment, I propose to investigate any possible claimants in the Newcastle Waters township area, tomorrow 6th inst., and also to inspect the native camp. I anticipate being at Helen Springs Station on the 7th inst. after calling at Powell Creek for the blankets as per your telegram. John E Bray T/Patrol Officer Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Newcastle Waters Station Owner - Newcastle Waters Ltd. (Herbert Bros. Koolpinyah, R M Edwards, Darwin D Connors, Koolpinyah Butchery) Manager - Mr A H Wilson Area - 3000 square miles Leases - Nos. 180, 397, 398, 415 Situation - The homestead is 472 miles south of Darwin, just outside the Newcastle Waters township. The holding extends north to Beetaloo Station and south to Helen Springs, enclosed the whole of Lake Woods, and extends easterly to the new block recently acquired by Mr Beeby. Licence - No 3167 to 30. 6.1950 New Licence has been applied for. Inspection - 30th June and 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1950. This report is presented under the following headings :- (1) Nominal Roll as at 30th June 1950 (2)Wages and credits of employees as at 30th June 1950 (3) Dependants - Tribal and family (4) Accomodation (5) Stores and clothing (6) Sanitation and Medical facilities (7) General 1. Nominal Roll of Employees as at 30. 6.1950 (a) Male employees - All full blood aborigines Name Tribal Name Tribe Employed As Bindy Goodninge Chingali Butcher's Help Bighead Waar-bar-gurrie Chingali Stockboy Dick Yar-boon-da-gurrie Chingali Stockboy Hughie Jinmun-gurrie Warramunga Fencer Jumbo Kitchin-da-gurrie Mudbra Stockboy Kempy Joo-ling-jula Chingali Stockboy Ned Waar-nar-jara Chingali Butcher's Help Paddy Marloo-jerrie Chingali / Mudbra Stockboy Pharlap Dibli Mudbra Stockboy Roderick Me-yul-gurrie Chingali / Mudbra Cook's O/S Tommy OT Coo-rar-sheeta Chingali Stockboy Whitefoot Yu-gurra Chingali Stockboy William Billie-la-un-gee Chingali Stockboy Nugget Worra-dalla Mudbra Stockboy Other male employees during period 1. 7.1949 and 30. 6.1950 Name Tribal Name Tribe Employed As Bandy Boorong-unna Mudbra Fence repairer, terminated 31.12.1949 Banjo Nunn-e-bilba Mudbra Stockboy, terminated 31. 3.1950 Powell Creek Jack Oroong-un-iung Wailpri / Mudbra Cook's offsider, deceased 21. 6.1950 snake bite (b) Female Employees - All full blood aborigines Name Tribal Name Tribe Employed As Amelia We-geel-enee Chingali Domestic Biddy Idillia-nalli Wailpri Domestic, October and November 1949 only Bella Nar-kulla-munya Mudbra Goatherd Cully Bedooga Mudbra Domestic Lady Muckan-jungi-warra Chingali Domestic, 1. 7.1949 - 30.11.1949 only Lena Wall-a-dunga Chingali Domestic, started 1. 3.1950 Molly Chin-bar-rea Chingali Domestic, started 1.12.1949 (c) Part-aboriginal employees Charles Alum - (Pompey), Aboriginal / European, General Station Hand Major Taylor - Aboriginal / Japenese / European, Head stockman 2. Wages and Credits of Employees as at 30. 6.1950 A splendid set of books is kept at the Station. These are entered regularly and all relevant information is readily available. Credit on Station Books Payments from Trust A.C Net Credit Name Amount Net by Cont. Stott 30. 6.1950 Bandy 20/16/7 Nil 20/16/7 Powell Creek Jack 2/6/8 Nil 2/6/8 Bighead 13/4/4 5/-/- 8/4/4 Banjo 14/5/4 5/-/- 9/5/4 Dick 19/5/5 12/-/- 7/5/5 Hughie 22/5/1 10/-/- 12/5/1 Jumbo 19/17/1 10/-/- 9/17/1 Kempy 7/2/0 2/10/8 4/11/4 Ned 23/8/5 10/-/- 13/8/5 Paddy 22/10/5 10/-/- 12/10/5 Pharlap 21/8/5 10/-/- 11/8/5 Roderick 17/19/3 10/-/- 7/19/3 Tommy OT 16/19/3 10/-/- 6/19/3 Whitefoot 7/16/0 3/12/8 4/3/4 William 16/7/5 7/-/- 9/7/5 Nugget 3/-/- 3/-/- Amelia 15/18/4 7/-/- 8/18/4 Biddy 4/4/2 3/-/- 1/4/2 Bella 16/10/0 5/-/- 11/10/0 Cully 11/12/1 6/-/- 5/12/1 Lady 7/10/5 5/-/- 2/10/5 Lena 1/10/0 1/10/0 Molly 5/13/8 3/17/0 1/16/8 Note To avoid tedious repetition, native names have been omitted from the above list. In every instance the European names in the list of credits agree with the European names in the nominal roll of employees. Addendum The undermentioned should have been included :- Credit on Station Books Payments from Trust A.C Net Credit Name Amount Net by Cont. Stott 30. 6.1950 Bindy Goodninge 31/5/1 10/-/- 21/5/1 Total Amount due to employees at 30. 6.1950 197/15/1 The Manager, Mr A H Wilson, requests that this amount be forwarded in one cheque made payable to 'Newcastle Waters Ltd'. He will then distribute the individual amounts as per Direction Order No 1206, given under my hand this third day of July, 1950. Method of Payment of Wages At the end of the month cheques are made out at the Station and handed to the employee. These cheques are taken to Constable Stott, who witnesses the cheque and issues an authority to pay to cover the amounts. A thumb print is affixed to a book held by the Constable and the cheque then handed to the employee. This seemed to me a very unwieldly method, particuarly in view of the fact that Constable Stott may be away on other duties on pay days. After consultation with both Mr Wilson and Constable Stott I have suggested that the whole transaction be completed by Mr Wilson at the Station. Both the Constable and Mr Wilson have agreed to this, and in future, as from the first pay day in July 1950, the cheque will be handed to the employee at the Station and he will affix a thumb print in a suitable book kept for that purpose. Mrs Wilson or some other responsible person will sign as a witness to payment. To enable this method to be carried out I have issued Mr Wilson an Authority to Pay Direction Order No 1207 for the period 1st July 1950 to 30th June 1951. In the event of additional employees being engaged during this period a further Direction Order may be obtained from the local Protector, or on application to the Native Affairs Branch. 3. Dependents - Tribal and Family (a) Tribal Blind Tommy (65) Maudie I (50 at least) The above are husband and wife, and are supported by the Station in return for Tommy watering the lawns. Maintenance is not claimed in respect of the above. Maudie II Wife of Banka Tommy, who is unemployable. Mother of three children. The eldest, Molly, is employed by the Station as a domestic. As from Saturday 8th July 1950, Maudie II, Banka Tommy and the two children will be rationed from the Aged & Infirm Depot by arrangements made by Constable Stott. (b) Family Groups - Half Castes or Part Aboriginals Name Age Born Relation Notes Charles Alum (Pompey) H/C 40 Father Whisky Alum F/B 29 Mother Tribe is Chingali Wallace 12 10. 6.1938 Son Gilberry 10 10. 6.1940 Son Reggie 8 30. 6.1942 Son Brian 5 10. 9.1945 Son Jean 3 2. 1.1947 Daughter Alison 1 3. 4.1949 Daughter (See section under Child Endowment.) Major Taylor Head Award rates as Head Stockman Topsy 60 Mother Dinah 45 Wife (No children.) (b) Family Groups - Full-blood Aborigines Name Age Relation Notes Paddy 45 Husband Cully 40 Wife Roderick 60 Father Clara 50 Mother Hilda 30 Daughter Wife of Dick Dick 40 Father Hilda 30 Wife Kempy 17 Son Employed William 14 Son Employed Ray 10 Son Leslie 6 Son Linda 2 Daughter Ian 6 mth Son Pharlap 22 Father Lady 17 Mother Shannon 2 Son Infant 3 mth Child Bindy 38 Father Kathleen 27 Mother Ned 17 Son Uldy 9 Child John 5 Son Buster 3 Son Bindy 11 mth Son Whitefoot 40 Husband Hoppy 30 Wife (c) Single Men Name Age O T Tommy 22 Nugget 21 Jumbo 18 Bighead 40 (c) Single Women Name Age Amelia (widow) 45 Bella (Widow) 60 Lena (widow) 45 Molly 15 (4) Accomodation (5) Stores and Clothing (6) Sanitation and Medical Facilities (7) General Comments Child Endowment Apparently nothing has been dome to date by the Station people or the local Protector by way of application for Child Endowment for full-blood aborigines. Forms have been completed for the following families and forwarded to Head Office, Darwin, in accordance with the Directors instructions. Dick, Hilda, and four children Kathleen, Bindy, and four children Lady, Pharlap, and two children Maudie II, Banka Tommy, and two children Orphan Reggie, son of Daisy (deceased 1944) and Powell Creek Jack (deceased 21. 6.1950) Child Endowment for part-aborigines Endowment has been received by Whisky Alum, full-blood wife of Charles Alum (half-caste) since 1946. There are six children, and endowment is being received for five of them. Payments have not as yet been made for the youngest child, Alison, born 3. 4.1949. A letter to this effect has been sent to the Deputy Commissioner for Child Endowment at the request of Mrs Wilson. Education of part-aboriginal children Arrangements were made in 1946 by Mrs Wilson and the officer-in- charge of St Mary's Hostel, Alice Springs, to board the two eldest boys of Charles and Whiskey Alum in return for Child Endowment money. In the following year a similar arrangement was made inrespect of Reggie, the third boy. These boys have been borading at the Hostel and attending the Alice Springs Public School ever since. It is anticipated that in 1951 the next boy, Brian, will follow. The position with regard to Child Endowment money is :- Paid direct to Hostel - 6 pounds per month Paid to Whiskey - 4 pounds per month In addition the Hostel receives the annual rebate of 40 pounds. John E Bray T/Patrol Officer At Newcastle Waters 4. 7.1950