Aboriginals (PI) Regulations Helen Springs Station 1950


Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 3 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Aboriginals (PI) Regulations Helen Springs Station 1950 Copyright P J Mackett, 2005 Helen Springs Station 13th July 1950 Acting District Superintendent Native Affairs Branch Alice Springs Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Attached is my report on Helen Springs Station under the Regulations, and the following : (1) Amended list of Credits (2) Employment of Aboriginals Return for the half year ending 30. 6.1950 John E Bray T/Patrol Officer Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Helen Springs Station Owner - Helen Springs, Willeroo and Manbulloo Ltd Manager - Mr E G Nicholson Area - 2014 square miles (including Monmoona Leases - Nos. 419, 438 Situation - Bounded on the west and north by Newcastle Waters Station, south to Banka Banka Station, and east to Eva Downs Station. 420 miles north of Alice Springs. Licence - New Licence for 1950/1951 has been applied for. Inspection - 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th July 1950. This report includes the following sections :- (1) Nominal Roll as at 30th June 1950 (2) Credits in Trust Account of Station employees. (3) Family Groups and Dependants. (4) Rations (5) Accomodation for Employees (6) Store Prices charged to Employees. (7) General (1) Nominal Roll of Employees as at 30. 6.1950 Name Tribal Name Employed As Donald Pard-an yunga Stockman Jackson Men-bear-day Stockman Jimmy Jubal-gurrie Stockman David Narloongi Stockman Robin Mungalala-goona General Hand Bob Narra-wallum Stockman Paddy (Warramunga) Stockman Nelson Wai-tammin Stockboy Rosie Bin-guinim Domestic Dixie Milli-un dare Domestic Biddy Julumbi Domestic Norah Bill-kinn-da Domestic Employed during period 1. 7.1949 and 30. 6.1950 Name Tribal Name Dates Bobby 31. 7.1949 - 17. 4.1950 Riley Oramung (Wooda-wooda) 31. 7.1949 - 7. 1.1950 Mick Mudiyeri 23.11.1949 - 14. 1.1950 Tommy Naurong ? 28. 3.1950 - 9. 5.1950 Stephen 28. 3.1950 - 30. 3.1950 Rosie Yirunga (Manbulloo) 1.11.1949 - 1. 4.1950 Halfcastes Employed Nil. (2) Credits in Trust Account European Name Credit to 31.12.1949 Credit to 30. 6.1949 Credit in Station Books Donald 18/1/2 12/5 8/8/5 Jackson 14/2/3 2/18/1 1/17/3 Jimmy 11/14/2 Nil 3/3/0 David 12/13/8 13/7 6/18/6 Robin 16/10/0 10/10 2/5/3 Bob 4/2 13/7 6/4/4 Paddy Nil Nil 11/5/7 Nelson 9/13/11 Nil 3/18/1 Rosie 13/3/4 4/10/0 6/0/0 Dixie 13/3/4 3/0/0 6/10/0 Biddy 9/17/6 3/7/6 4/10/0 Norah 9/17/6 1/16/6 6/7/6 Rosie (Manbulloo) 3/6/3 3/7/6 1/17/6 Bobby 12/15/2 Nil Nil Riley 15/19/2 9/2 Debit 7/3 Mick Nil Nil Debit 2/15/2 Tommy 5/19/0 Nil Nil Stephen Nil Nil 10/0 Note It will be noted that down to the line under 'Norah' the employees mentioned above are still on the Station. Therefore a cheque including the two Trust Account columns totals, (129/1/0 plus 18/2/6 - Total 147/3/6), can be forwarded to the Manager, Helen Springs Station, for payment to the native employees. Employees no longer on the Station Rosie (Manbulloo) - This is really Rosie Yirunba, (the subject of a separate report. She is reported to be in Darwin Hospital as a suspected leper, and it is suggested that this amount of 6/13/9 be held in the Trust Account until she is definately located. The Manager of Helen Springs has been requested to forward the credit in the Station Books of 1/17/6 to the Trust Account. Bobby - Known to Constable Stott. Bobby is reported to be working at Scotts Cafe at Elliott. It is suggested that Bobby's cheque for 12/15/2 be sent to Constable Stott for payment to Bobby. Riley Oramung - Is at present sitting down at Powell Creek. It is suggested that his cheque for 16/8/4 be sent as a separate cheque to the Manager, Helen Springs. A message can then be sent to Riley to collect it at the Station and identification will be positive. Mick Mudiyeri - Left the Station with a debit of 2/15/2. Tommy - No native name available. Reported to be at Phillip Creek. Enquiries will be made there. It is suggessted that his credit of 5/19/0 remain in the Trust Account for the time being. Method of Payment at the Station Up to the present no cash payments have been made. Stores and clothing as required have been debited to the employees account. It will be noted that all the wmployees now on the Station have substantial credits. Representatives of Vesteys Ltd are against cash payments, but as a compromise it has been suggested that a more varied stock of articles suitable for purchase be carried, and 'sold' ex Station store. This is already in effect, and a compre- hensive list of required goods has been asked for. In addition to more articles being available at the Station store, Mr Nicholson proposes to take the employees on occasion to the stores at Banka Banka, Elliott or Tennant Creek as convenient, allowing them to make purchases for themselves, handling a limited amount of money. Purchasing by the natives will be done under his supervision and advice. Using this method, the amount of credit now shortly available to the employee is to be spread over a period of two or three months so that at no period will they be handling large subs of money, yet at the same time they will have the satisfaction of now and again 'having money alonga finger'. Any cash payments up to the 30. 6.1950 have been made in the presence of Constable Stott of Newcastle Waters, who has witnessed the payment and taken a thumb print. In the future any cash payments made will be witnessed by a responsible person and a thumb print affixed in a suitable station record book. Direction Order No 1211 - This has been issued to Mr E G Nicholson to cover payments to employees having credits for the period 1. 7.1949 to 30. 6.1950. Direction Order No 1212 - This has been issued to Mr E G Nicholson to cover payments for the period 1. 7.1949 to 30. 6.1950. (3) Family Groups and Dependants Name Aboriginal Name Age Relation Notes Donald Pard-un-yunga Father Warramunga Norah Bill-kinn-da 29 Mother Hilda Boor-ti-jun 13 Daughter Doris Bin-in-yun 10 Daughter Douglas Dut-jarra 5 Son Dosie 2 Child Sonny Boy 12 mth Son Powell Creek Dan Father Rosie Bin-guinim 33 Mother Alroy Downs Dixie Mill-yun-dare 15 Daughter Dicky Boy Armi-dad 6 Son Cabbage Father Biddy Julumbi 19 Mother Peter 2 Son Robin Mungalala-goona 28 Father Rita Lagarong-allie 25 Mother Nellie Nunora-ung-allie 2 Daughter Single Employees David Narloongi 26 Argyle Station dist. Jimmy Jubal-gurrie 20 Chingali Nelson Wai-tammin 15 Chingali Paddy 16 Warramunga Jackson Men-bear-day 26 Chingali Bob Narra-wallum Tribal Dependants (for which maintenance is claimed) Cabbage - Old man, not employed Beamey - Elderly woman (widow of Pencil, deceased) (4) Rations Cabbage - Old man Beamey - Old woman Rita - Unemployed wife of employee These three are issued with dry rations each Saturday morning, in accordance with Regulations scale of rations. Norah ) Rosie ) Four domestics issued with cooked Biddy ) food from the homestead kitchen. Dixie ) Five children of employees are also fed with cooked food from the kitchen. (5) Accomodation for Employees (6) Store Prices Charged to Employees (7) General Comments Child Endowment Application forms have been completed for the under- mentioned groups :- Rita Lagorong-allie and one child, Nellie Biddy Julunbi and one child, Peter Norah Bill-kinn-da and five children Rosie Bin-guinim and two children In each case the Claimant is the Manager of Helen Springs Station as guardian on behalf of the aboriginal mother, and payment is to be made to the Northern Agency, Darwin, on account of Helen Springs Station endowees. These claims have been sent to Native Affairs Branch, Darwin, in accordance with instructions from the Director. John E Bray T/Patrol Officer At Helen Springs 12. 7.1950 ___________________________________________________________________ Following the report are the following (1) Credits for Natives Employed by Helen Springs Station. (2) Employment of Aboriginals in the Pastoral Industry Returns Credits for Natives Employed by Helen Springs Station Bobby B23 12/15/2 Bob B65 17/9 Biddy B66 13/5/0 Donald D44 18/13/7 David D45 13/7/3 Dixie D46 16/3/4 Jackson J124 15/7/3 (less 7//2/2 for goods supplied by M Schober) Jimmy J125 11/14/2 Nelson N27 9/13/11 Nora N28 11/14/0 Robin R25 16/10/0 (less 12/8/5 for goods supplied by M Schober) Riley R26 16/8/4 Rosie R27 20/19/7 Rosie @ Manbulloo R28 3/17/6 Total 181/6/10 Note The above credits have been checked with the Station records, and are correct with the following exceptions :- Jackson - Station records show an amount of 1/13/1 sent to the Trust Account on May 9th, 1950 Robin - Station records show 10/10 to Trust Account on May 9th, 1950. Rosie R27 - Station records show a total sent to Trust Account on THIS Rosie's behalf as 17/13/4. Rosie R28 - Station records show that 6/13/9 has been sent to the Trust Account on behalf of Rosie Manbulloo. Apparently 3/6/3 has been credited to the wrong Rosie. There is no record on Station books of the purchases from Mr M Schober. The payments of these credits is in order with adjust- ments as set out on Pages 3 and 4 of the report on Helen Springs Station. Joh E Bray T/Patrol Officer Helen Springs 12. 7.1950 _______________________________________________________________________ Helen Springs Station 10th July 1950 Reference : Statement of Wages due to employees of Mr J P Kell, Contractor. Period April, May and June 1950 April Jack Wongunom Sidney Ucalcuddy Peter Ormurrong Bandy Boorong-unnax Tommy Swan Bom-bon jallie Little Tommy Molli-jarree Alec Gujalonong (3 weeks) May All employees as above for two weeks only. June Jack Sidnet Peter Bandy Tommy Swan Little Tommy Alec _______________________________________________________________________ Employment of Aboriginals in the Pastoral Industry Returns This form is marked Helen Springs and Newcastle Waters. Name Aboriginal Name Commencement Termination Wife Children Donald Pard-an-yungu 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 Norah (worker) Hilda (13) Doris (10) Douglas (5) Dosie Sonny Boy (1) Bobby 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 Jackson Men-bear-day 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 Jimmy Jubal-girrie 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 David Nar-loonga 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 Robin Mungalala-goona 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 Rita Nellie (2) Riley Oranung-wooda-wooda 1. 1.1950 21. 1.1950 Nelson Wai-tammin 1. 1.1950 21. 1.1950 30. 4.1950 30. 6.1950 Mick 1. 1.1950 21. 1.1950 Bob Narra-wallum 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 Tommy 28. 3.1950 9. 5.1950 Stephen 28. 3.1950 30. 3.1950 Paddy Warra-munga 28. 3.1950 30. 6.1950 Rosie M Bin-guinim 1. 1.1950 1. 4.1950 Dixie (15) 8. 5.1950 30. 6.1950 Dicky Boy Dixie Milli-un-dare 1. 1.1950 11. 2.1950 2. 4.1950 30. 6.1950 ----- 1. 1.1950 1. 4.1950 Nora Bill-kinn-da 1. 1.1950 30. 6.1950 (See Donald) Rosie Manbulloo 1. 1.1950 1. 4.1950 8. 5.1950 12. 5.1950