Aboriginals (PI) Regulations Tipperary Station 1950

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 3 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Aboriginals (PI) Regulations Tipperary Station 1950 Copyright P J Mackett, 2006 Native Affairs Branch Acting District Superintendent Tipperary Station, Daly River Tipperary Station owned and managed by Byrne Brothers (Stan Byrne and Leo Byrne) is situated nine miles off the Daly River Road and 24 miles from the turnoff from the bitumen road and 120 miles from Darwin. Aboriginal Employment Licence No 3231 is held by L W Byrne. The following part-aborigines are on the station :- Jim Stott, head stockman, exempt. He is living with Mollie Bangarein, full-blood aborigine. They have one child Jean Stott, 6 years of age. He desires to marry Mollie and Mollie desires to marry him and is free to do so. Mollie was formerly the wife of Galloping Paddy Junggugu but Galloping Paddy gave Mollie to Jim Stott several years ago. He now has another wife. I questioned Galloping Paddy at Adelaide River. Tommy 'Stott',born Daly River 1920, mother full-blood aborigine, father Chinese, was brought up by one of the Stott brothers, legally married to Miriwan, Worgait, full-blood. Tommy Ah Sam, born Fletcher's Gully, Daly River 1928, mother full-blood aborigine, father Chinese, employed as stockman. Paddy Ah Quee, born Daly River 1910, mother full-blood aborigine, father Chinese, employed as stockman, lives with - Kitty Ah Quee, mother full-blood aborigine, father Chinese, employed as cook at native kitchen. Topsy Gumnarin, born Daly River 1931, mother full- blood aborigine, father Chinese, tribally married to Jack Wilan, aborigine, has two children. Tommy Stott, Tommy Ah Sam and Paddy Ah Quee are paid one pound per week all the year round in addition to food and clothing. Doreen Manginyi, born 1st January 1944 at Tipperary Station, mother Mary Bilindah, full-blood aborigine, father European. Paddy Byrne, born 17th March 1947 Tipperary Station, mother Flora, full-blood aborigine, deceased, father European, Leo Byrne. Barbara, born 1st January 1948 Tipperary Station, mother Adaiying, full-blood aborigine, father European (alleged Leo Byrne). G Sweeney Patrol Officer 18. 7.1950 Tipperary Station, Daly River Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Age Sex Occupation Notes Banjo Mangad Maramananji 18 M Stockman Single Barney Yi-dirrng-ma Nangio-miri 55 M Light employment Dolly Nu-man-yuk Nangio-miri 28 F Wife Daisy Nora 12 F Daughter Cyril Gili-miri 3 1/2 M Son Charlie Dis-bil Moiul 20 M Stockman Maudie Gum-bum Maramananji 20 F Wife June Nimara 6 F Daughter Clancy Jabada 1 M Son Dick 15 M Stockman 1st year Single George Niwili 55 M Light employment Gilbert Wirgait Maramananji 30 M Stockman Nellie Adai-ying Moiul 25 F Wife Barbara 2 1/2 F H/C Daughter Harold Adja Moiul 16 M Stockman 2nd year Single Jimmy Potter Jango-ola Nangiomiri 25 M Stockman Lena Miwei Maramananji 18 F Wife Joe Nau-walein Maiali 25 M Stockman Norah Bum-ji Maramananji 22 F Housegirl Wife Jack Wilan Brinkin 25 M Stockman Topsy Gum-narin 19 F (H/C wife, father European, mother aborigine.) Susan Ija-bun-mu 5 F Daughter, born 1. 1.1945 Jessie Um-bunji 1 F Daughter, born 1. 7.1949 Harry Gilimiri Nangiomiri 17 M Stockman Single Pat Ngulu-num Nangiomiri 30 M Stockman Mary Bilindak Moiul 30 F Wife Norah Niji-bun 12 F Daughter Diana Galaiki 10 F Daughter Doreen Manganyi 6 F H/C daughter, born 1. 1.1944 Paddy Ah Quee 40 M Stockman H/C Kitty Ah Quee 30 F Cook H/C Paddy Byrne 3 M H/C, born 17. 3.1947 Tommy Carruth Yingarrma Nangiomiri 40 M Stockman Maggie Nga-yalk Moiul 35 F Housegirk Wife Tommy Ah Sam 22 M Stockman H/C, single Tommy Stott 30 M Stockman H/C, legally married Mary Miriwan Worgait 30 F Cook Wife Percy Marami 8 M F/B, Mary's son Tucker Box Nangiomiri 65 M Pensioner, on walkabout Nellie Brinkin 30 F Wife, on walkabout Alice 13 F Daughter, on walkabout Gypsy 12 F Daughter, on walkabout Mollie Bangarein Maramanani 25 F Living with Jim Stott Jean Stott 6 F Daughter of Mollie and Jim Stott Marian Mudimbi Daly River 65 F Mollie's mother _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Litchfield Station, Morgan's Hole, Daly River Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Age Sex Occupation Notes Banjo Ngatudan Brinkin 17 M Stockman 2nd year Single Dick Bam-gad-bak Djauan 15 M Cook boy 1st year Single Jacky Yan-mun Brinkin 16 M Stockman 2nd year Single Peter Malyin Brinkin 14 M Stockman 1st year Single Smiler Mangyara Brinkin 17 M Stockman 2nd year Single Wandi Bun-in-ing Djauan 28 M Stockman Jessie Guri-win Maranangga 40 F Cook Wife