Aboriginals (PI) Regulations Elizabeth Downs Station 1950

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 3 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Elizabeth Downs Station 1950 Copyright P J Mackett, 2006 Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations Elizabeth Downs Station 1950 ELIZABETH DOWNS STATION, DALY RIVER Elizabeth Downs is a part of the Byrne Bros properties. The Station was commenced in June 1947 by Harry Stott and is managed by him. The station is situated about 1 1/2 miles south-east of Mt Searcy and is 4 to 5 miles east of the Daly River Aboriginal Reserve boundary, and is about 7 miles west of Daly River. The station staff are :- Harry Stott, Half-caste, Manager, exempt Archie Crosbie, Half-caste, Head Stockman, exempt Mrs Lucy Crosbie, half-caste, Station Cook, exempt I explained the Aboriginal Pastoral Regulations to Harry Stott. The only station records consisted of issues of clothing to native employees. From information supplied I assisted Harry Stott in making our employment returns for period ending 30th June 1950, showing credits for each native employee. Prices of clothing issued could only be obtained in Darwin. A list of natives on the station is attached to this report. Part-aborigines on the station are :- Harry Stott, Manager, exempt Archie Crosbie, Head Stockman, exempt, legally married Mrs Lucy Crosbie, nee Lucy Snape, exempt, legally married Ray Sams, 25 years, Stockman, exempt, legally married to Daisy Bindala, Nangiomiri, full-blood aborigine Archie Crosbie, Lucy Crosbie and Ray Sams are paid 3 pounds per week each. Harry Stott is taking three month's leave from the station to go buffalo shooting on Alan McGuire's block between the South and West Alligator rivers. Archie Crosbie will be in charge of the station while Stott is away. Harry Stott has two children - Bobby Stott born Tipperary 3rd August 1943 May Stott born Tipperary 5th May 1946 The mother is Norah Maja-guba, Marananggu tribe, who is tribally married to Nipper Badari. Nipper Badari is Stott's head native and has been with him from a child. Stott does not want to marry Norah - he says she is Nipper's wife - he did not consider this in his relations with Norah. Nipper and Norah appear satisfied with the arrangements. Harry Stott is now living with a young native woman Lily Juma who, he stated to me, was 18 to 20 years of age. Lily is an orphan and was brought up by Nipper and Norah; Lily calls Nipper father. Lily is very short, I estimated her age as 14 years. Of pressed to marry Stott desires to marry Lily Juma. I checked Lily Juma's age with her half-sister, Helen Sullivan, part-aborigine, at Adelaide River. Helen Sullivan is definite that Lily is only 12, she is a year younger than Helen's eldest daughter Rita. It is unfortunate that Stott who has shown such ability in station work and management should be so lax in his relations to these native women. The two children, Bobby Stott and May Stott, will be going to Garden Point Mission with the Parry children. Harry Stott has legally adopted them. G Sweeney Patrol Officer 17. 7.1950 ELIZABETH DOWNS STATION, DALY RIVER Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Age Sex Notes Banjo Jin-gu-rid Worgait 25 M Crocodile skins for A Crosbie Buster Guda Worgait 25 F Wife Benjamin Jarr-gal Malak Malak 30 M Maudie Jimidj 50 F Wife Billy Wura Worgait 45 M Crocodile skins for A Crosbie Maggie Nim-bali Worgait 40 F Charlie Bara-mig Worgait 45 M Crocodile skins for A Crosbie Kitty Mal-barin 40 F Wife Charlie Uma Nangiomiri 40 M Casual. Wife deceased. Dick Maru 4 M Son Caesar Adu-wara Mara-mananji 25 M Stockman Malima 11 F Wife, very thin Jimmy Garu-gal Malak Malak 60 M Pensioner Long-leg Ngal-buk Moiul 55 M Crocodile skins for R Sams Nilili 35 F Wife In-ju-wiri 25 F Wife Ka-ra-in 6 F Daughter Na-ba-jin 4 F Daughter Jimmy Nali-yara Malak Malak 45 M Single Larrie Mai-la Moiul 14 M Stockboy, single, father is Long-leg Nipper Badari Maramananji 50 M Stockman Norah Maja-guba Maramananji 35 F Bobbie Stott 7 M Father is Harry Stott May Stott 4 F Father is Harrt Stott Lily Juma Maramananji 12 F Living with Harry Stott, orphan, adopted by Nipper, half-sister to Helen Sullivan Paddy Ma-rin Worgait 35 M Stockman Judy Gal-ba 18 F Wife Solomon Bam-bu-gina Malak Malak 25 M Queenie Midinyan Malak Malak 25 F Wife Tiger Ma-ba-langid Nangiomiri 60 M Cook Peter Namarug 20 M Stockman, half-brother to Ray Sams Tommy Taylor Wuduwa Maramananji 30 M Stockman, single Tommy Man-yig-bal-bal Malak Malak 30 M Marian Dul-ju-rub Malak Malak 40 F Daisy Bindala Nangiomiri 22 F Legally married to Ray Sams, part-aborigine, exempt