Miscellaneous Reports 1949

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/393A Part 3 Patrol Officers Reports - All Patrol Officers 1949 Miscellaneous Reports 1949 Copyright P J Mackett, 2008 (1) Report on Patrol of Wave Hill - Timber Creek Areas Welfare 1. Following upon your advice (NAB 49/156) to the Protector of Aborigines, Timber Creek, which was handed to me, I advised all relatives of aborigine Boxer of his death at Channel Island Leprosarium. Boxer was a life-long employee of Rosewood Station and was held in high esteem by both Europeans and natives. 2. Following upon your request (NAB 49/156.2) to the Protector of Aborigines, Wave Hill, to investigate the death of female aborigine Binyunba at Birrundudu, I interrogated many natives (including relatives of the deceased) regarding this matter and as previously reported .... I am satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances, neglect or foul play. 3. Death of aborigine Banjo Lea-Murrie on 19.10.1949 at Limbunya Station. Probably pneumonia. Banjo aged about 60 years. 5. Natives worried about possible death of Pincher Djunama of Wave Hill who had been sent to Katherine Hospital. Pincher had actually been discharged to Manbulloo Station awaiting transport to Wave Hill. Eventualy arrived at Wave Hill six weeks later. Regarded as slightly simple-minded. Movement of Part-aboriginal children Only five part-aboriginal children of those listed by you in your memorandum dated 26. 8.1949 were removed by me. They were :- Dora, 9 years ) Rita, 8 years ) Captain, 7 years ) All from Wave Hill Peggy, 7 years ) Florrie, 5 years ) Of the others listed the position is as follows :- ex Willeroo Station - not visited ex Delamere Station - not visited Larry ex Timber Creek - Absent at time of my visit. Constable Mettam promised to hold him if advised prior to my next visit. David ex Waterloo - Hidden by his mother who had received advice of my intentions from Wave Hill. She has promised to hand him over next year. Shanus ex Limbunya - Absent with his mother at Ord River Station. John ex Wave Hill - Deceased. My enquiries revealed that John died of pneumonia shortly after the visit by Patrol Officer Sweeney and myself in September 1947. Mary ex Wave hill - Absent at the time of my visit. Alleged to be in the Pigeon Hole - Victoria River Downs area. Kim and Mitzi ex - Removed by Constable Potts. Victoria River Downs Rosie ex Gordon Creek - not visited Sandy and Ah Lai ex - not visited Pigeon Hole The half caste named Harold at Newry Station, who I was instructed to commit to the care of the Manager, is now an inmate of the Derby Leprosarium. Comment: The removal of children from Wave Hill by MacRobertson Miller aircraft was accompanied by distressing scenes the like of which I wish never to experience again. The engines of the 'plane are not stopped at Wave Hill and the noise combined with the strangeness of an aircraft only accentuated the grief and fear of the children, resulting in near-hysteria in two of them. I am quite convinced that news of my action at Wave Hill preceded me to the other stations, resulting in the children being taken away prior to my arrival. I endeavoured to assuage the grief of the mothers by taking photographs of each of the children prior to their departure and these have been distributed among them. Also a dress length each was given the five mothers. Gifts of sweets to the children helped to break down a lot of their fear and I feel that removal by vehicle would have been effected without any fuss. Health There is, however, a young male native at Legune, Bob Koolimbin, whom the Manager considers might be possibly a leprosy suspect. His father died in the Derby Leprosarium. Wave Hill Two half-caste children have been born recently Name Age Mother Alleged Father Sheila (F) 3 months Elsie Mulanba Peter Hagen Jessie (F) 18 months Dolly Moungalli European Legune There are two part-aboriginal children at Legune as follows :- Isa, female, aged 12, mother full-blood, father European, deceased Eileen, female, aged 6, mother deceased, father half-caste, being cared for by foster mother Judy Newry and Auvergne At Auvergne a half-caste Peter Frazer is employed as head stockman. His wife, Mabel, (full-blood) cooks for the camp and Peter is paid 10 pounds per week for himself and his wife. At Newry there is one half-caste child as follows :- Martin, age 1, male, mother Daisy II Peelgmoi, alleged father Dick Moore Also at Newry is a full-blood male Finnegan Runmee who is semi demented. However he is quite harmless and causes no trouble. Rosewood Pensions for life are provided for :- Nipper Djanbirin Peter Punbungora Sambo Ra-darl Pluto Nansee Albert Djilbee Topsy Monkey Pearlie Palinjiri Charcoal Djoadin Natives and Manager asked me to enquire into the possibility of having the following natives returned to Rosewood :- Mick Mudi-Yeri ) Husband Rosie Yir-umba ) and wife Georgie Balgarric, aged 18 Georgie is alleged to be at Roper Valley Station where he and the others were taken by the late Mr Hayes when he transferred from Rosewood to Roper Valley. It is possible that they are being held at the latter station against their wishes. Two half-caste stockmen are employed at Rosewood :- W Laurie, aged 30 D McCoomb, aged 22 Waterloo Native male child Daniel (aged 4) was present at the time of my visit. Daniel was born with crippled feet and with his mother was sent to Alice Springs for remedial treatment. While at Alice Springs his mother died and Daniel was eventually returned by air to his father Ted Kul-Bo-Ook at Waterloo. I am pleased to be able to report that little Daniel is now able to walk quite well although he will always have a deformity of both feet. I have already reported on half-caste child David, aged 6. Limbunya There are two part-aborigines employed as stockmen as follows :- George SingPoo - threequarter black - receives award rates of pay, is married to a full-blood and has three children Jack Golliger - half-caste - married to a full-blood and has seven children. Receives 4/2/4 per week and full maintenance of his wife and children. Two of his sons, Bob (aged 17) and Cecil (aged 15) are employed as stockmen. I have already reported on the death of Banjo and the half- caste Shamus. General While at Inverway Sally Mahomet approached me about outstanding accounts for the following natives formerly employed at Hooker Creek. The natives comprised the personnel of Mr Stanfords working gang. Moses Peter Molly Topsy E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 23.12.1949 (2) Beswick - Roper River Patrol Part II 30.11.1949 At Newcastle Waters I delivered greetings to natives and whites from aboriginal leper Cup-a-tee. 1.12.1949 Messages delivered at Beetaloo from the following Leprosarium inmates : Malcolm, Daisy and Big Foot. 2.12.1949 Disappointed that, at Nutwood Downs, I could not see female aborigine Nutwood Ruby. She was on walkabout with her native consort Sandy somewhere between Tanumbirini and Nutwood or Tanumbirini and Hodgson Downs. However, I again confirmed that she is one of the deceased aboriginal police tracker Tommy Jargargee's two daughters. (The other is Mrs Rose Blitner of Urapunga Station). Mrs Ivor Hall of Darwin and late of Nutwood Downs can give further confirmation of Nutwood Ruby's parentage. Lubra Rita enquired about her two half-caste children, Shirley and Tiny, who are now at Croker Island. I promised I would try to get a photograph of them for her. 4.12.1949 Tandangal Station. I again spoke to Ranger Tommy regarding his recent domestic worries. He was indignant that I should doubt his promise not to instigate any more trouble with his two former wives. 5.12.1949 I departed from Beswick Station at 0800 hours with half-caste Jacko Frayne and aborigine Bobbie. I took Bobbie to Mataranka Police Station where was required to collect wages. Here I picked up medecine for Maggie and Lofty for Darwin. This extra trip to Mataranka was necessary because I had made a verbal contract with Ranger Tommy that Lofty would not return to Maranboy - Beswick area until his two former wives had tribally correct husbands. 6.12.1949 Dropped Bobbie at Mataranka Police Station. Then on to Katherine. Aboriginal Emily (late of Nutwood Downs) is now working in Katherine with her aboriginal consort Les. Emily is most anxious to hear of the progress of her two half-caste children, Bill and Joseph, at Croker Island. I discussed with Sergeant Mannion the children of the late Tommy Jargargee and the whereabouts of a lubra Rosie who is the mother of a native boy David at Channel Island. Sergeant Mannion seems confident that Mrs Blitner is one daughter of Tommy Jargargee. 8.12.1949 Pine Creek. I collected a young leper suspect, Doris, in Pine Creek. She is the daughter of aborigine Dick who recently absconded from Darwin Gaol for the second time. I delivered her to Darwin Hospital. Medicine, Maggie, Jacko Frayne and Lofty were dropped off at Berrimah. General Mentions Native Assistant Albert Oolah-baag-goo on the Patrol. Jacko Frayne to go to Berrimah. Details of Jacko Frayne are :- Born at Limbunya Station about 40 years ago. Father European drover named Jack Frayne. Mother a full blood aborigine, Maggie, who died at Pine Creek when Jacko was about four years old. He was educated at Khalin Compound, Darwin. He later spent about 20 years at the Darwin Leprosarium but I have been unable to discover whether he actually had leprosy or not. His sister Lucy is married to a Thursday Islander and lives at Thursday Island. J R Ryan, Patrol Officer, 4. 1.1950 (3) Patrol Report - Barkly Tablelands 1949 Only stations listed which have names mentioned. Alroy Downs Jeffrey, half-caste, three years of age. Consideration could be given to removal when accomodation is available. Alexandria Station Half-castes are Bob Watson, male, 18 months old, 1/2 Peggy, female, 3 years, 1/2 Patrick, male, 10 months old, 1/2 William, male, 3 years, 3/4 black Cornet, male, 1 year, 3/4 black Elizabeth, female, 3 years, 3/4 black 1/4 Chinese Betty, female, 4 years, 3/4 black 1/4 Chinese Timmy, male, 3 months, 3/4 black Banka Banka Station Half-castes are One male, Fitz, aged 45 years, married to Kathleen, 7/8 black, three children :- Priscilla, aged 7, at Convent Alice Springs David, aged 4, will be sent to Convent on attaining school age Billy, aged 1 1/2, will be sent to Convent on attaining school age Elsie, aged 40 years. This woman was sick so we transported her to the Tennant Creek Hospital. Mary Moffatt, aged 53 years, works around house Mary Banka, aged 53 years, works around house. Mother of Ethel May Windley, aged 12 years, being educated at Alice Springs Convent. Mr and Mrs Ward (owners of Banka Banka) are paying the school fees of both Priscilla and E M Windley. They don't agree with the Department's policy of removing part aboriginals from their mothers, so they have decided to send the children to school at their own expense. They will pay for David and Billy's education when they become of age. I explained that if every employer sent the part aborigine children to school the Native Affairs Branch would not have to remove them. It was a job no one liked, but it gave the children an opportunity to lift themselves out of their environment. Brunette Downs Half-castes are :- Bibbie, aged 15 years, remaining in custody and control of Mrs Barnes. Jimmy, seven years, Moina, nine years, and Linda, four years, removed to Darwin. Two baby boys remain, they are less than one year old. With reference to Bibbie, Mr Barnes signed a Statutory Declaration that the girl is approximately 15 years old. He stated that she had been on the station for the 4 years he had been there and ten years his brother had been there. The girl is very small of stature, and doesnt seem to have developed, but without evidence I could not call Mr Barnes, a recognized J.P. of the Northern Territory, a liar. Brunchilli Block I understand that Mr Leahy of Alcoota has this block but it is managed by halfcaste Bill Turner. Barclay Downs This is the same company as runs Lake Nash, and it was here that Mr D Wilkinson, the book-keeper for both stations, made definite allegations against the Protector at Camooweal. (See report Emily Booby, p38, and report of Constable Deviney) Creswell Downs Half-castes are Edna, aged approximately 9 years, was removed to Darwin. Joe Clark, adult stockman, will remain on the station. Gallipoli In a recent issue of the Northern Standard I noticed a comment about a boy named Kenny (Carney, Garney?) who is employed as a pumper. The boy is on No. 21 Bore and keeps his camp clean and tidy. He has built himself a hut, the size and height that he wanted it. All food was stored away from the weather, cooking utensils and plates were clean and the area was swept. Consequently there were very few flies about. The derelict white on Bore No. 20 was in a filthy condition. I don't think he had ever seen a cake of soap, and the onlu use for water was to keep cattle alive, or as a chaser to a solid snort of Whiskey. He was living in a bough shelter, which had never been swept, the residue of innumerable meals scattered for 20 or 30 yards around the pump house. It was the most unhygienic and disgusting camp I have ever been in. Needless to say there were millions of flies. This was the man who was loud in his protestations about natives being employed as pumpers. Lake Nash Station Half-castes are George Speechly, cook in the stock camp. Born at Boulia, Queensland on 7. 2.1886. Rockhampton Downs Half-castes are Billie Grant, aged about 20, engaged in stockwork Paris, aged about 40, general station hand, married to a full-blood, has three children :- Paddy, 21, 3/4 black Jessie, 18, 3/4 black, has daughter helen, 7 months, 7/8 black Ossie, 26, 3/4 black Bessie, aged 34 years, halfcaste Afghan married to full-blood, has six children :- Len, 13 years Jackie, 6 years, Mary, 11 years Dolly, 9 years Albert, 4 years Ruth, 10 months Chuckler, aged about 30, halfcaste Islander, married to full-blood, has three children :- Alice, 4 years Elsie, 2 years Kate, 3 months All the halfcaste European-Aborigines are too old to be removed, the remainder are too dark and have been more or less inculcated in tribal doctrine, so are much better where they are. Shandon Downs The lubra, Dolly, was taken from here to Tennant Creek where she was examined by Dr Plane and allowed to return. Tobermorey Half-castes are John O'Mahoney, 3/4 black, aged approximately 16 years, stockman Dubbo Rose, 3/4 black, aged about 30 years, stockman Ronnie, aged 7 years, and Lizzie aged 5 years, both 3/4 black, mother a full-blood named Rosie Percy Rankine, 3/4 white, married to Barbara, 3/4 black, have three children :- Leslie, 5 years Mike, 6 years Lennie, 1 year Bookie, full-blood, married to Jundo, 3/4 black have three children :- Johnnie, 6 years Lindsay, 4 years Baby girl, 3 months L N Penhall, Patrol Officer and J W Connoly, Cadet Patrol Officer, 26. 9.1949 - 30.10.1949 (4) Patrol to Wearyan River 1950 Patrol conducted 19. 2.1950 to 3. 3.1950 from Borroloola. Party included Splinter Kai-ung-adj-bali Roy Ridger-ing-oo (Kumerung) Billy-joe Kurra-Gi-a-mudgie All Yanula natives Mamangoora Mr A Anderson works the salt pans a bit. He is 64 years of age, and is legally married to aborigine Violet, an Alowa native from Tanimbirini. They have two sons, Lenin (17) and Trotsky (13). Neither can read or write. Aged natives in the Manangoora district are :- Gardiner Sam Morlana 70 Young Sam Djau-ul-uri 65 Melba Indinj-binna 70 Willie Ooradumma 65 Ginny Windy-garra-murra 70 Nellie Mugandoorna 85 Ginny Wa-ba-go-binna 70 Billy Hooker 70 Annie Weedala-murra 65 These are at present either at Manangoora or Rocky Glen and belong to the Karawa tribe. Rocky Glen This is the site of the headquarters of Mr W Shadforth, drover and stockman. Shadforth is three-quarters black, is 32 years of age and owns a sizable plant of horses. He can read and write. He has taken two full-blood lubras as wives and hints that he may soon acquire a third. He has four children, two by each wife. Nominal Roll Manangoora Name Aboriginal Name Sex Age Relation Notes Gardiner Sam Morlana M 70 Husband Maudie Dtilli-leema F 25 Wife Young Sam Djau-ul-uri M 65 Husband Boogandoo F 35 Wife Bella F 15 Daughter Amy F 12 Daughter Tiny F 10 Daughter Wollogorang Jerry Djau-un-dja-mudgie M 28 Son Still single Jerry Brown Oora-moongoo-moongoo M 30 Husband Daisy Limin-di-binna F 30 Wife Unnamed deceased M Ginny Wa-ba-go-binna F 70 Widow Moogardie Mundadja M 50 Son (Moogardie is now married to Alice and previously to Polly. See next entry.) Moogardie Mundadja M 50 Husband Polly Quai-ca-binna F Wife 1 Billy-Joe Kurra-gi-a-mudgie M 25 Son 1 Still single Nickle Paloo-roo M 17 Son 1 Still single Horace Dtugoo-aladgie M 14 Son 1 Still single Alice Burgie-malina F 30 Wife 2 Rosie Wundira-murra F 7 Daughter 2 John Gungala M 4 Son 2 Syd Ngai-a-moo M 1 Son 2 Born October 1948 Jack Bardjoe M 60 Husband Susanna Marai-a-murra F 60 Wife Unnamed deceased M Husband Unnamed deceased F Wife 1 Simon Karung-ga-mudgie M Son 1 Married to Alice, see below Daisy Limin-di-binna F 30 Daughter 1 Married to Jerry Brown, see above Molly F Daughter 1 At Seven Emus, married to Pyro Hilda F Daughter 1 At Borroloola, married to Jingle Jim Ross M Son 1 Single, at the Robinson Dolly Yadi-mulinya F 60 Wife 2 Rosaline F Daughter 2 At Seven Emus, married to Pyro Gladys F Daughter 2 At Borroloola, married to Jingle Spanner Numbungoo M 10 Son 2 Raggert Karung-ga-mudgie M 6 Son 2 Simon Karung-ga-mudgie M Husband Alice Munungala F Wife Unnamed deceased M Ginny Windy-garra-murra F 70 Widow Rita F Daughter Andrew M Son (Ginny is almost blind. Rita is at the Robinson and married to Noble. Andrew, convicted of murder, serving a sentence of 10 years imprisonment in the Alice Springs Gaol.) Unnamed deceased M Annie Weedalamurra F 65 Widow Unnamed deceased M Mugandoorna F 85 Widow Nellie F Daughter (Nellie is married to Big Friday and is at Borroloola.) William Shadforth M 32 Husband 3/4C Una Mai-a-gurrie F 34 Wife 1 Amy Shadforth F 6 Daughter 1 Born 23. 9.1943 Ray Shadforth M 5 Son 1 Born 25. 5.1945 Bessie Nari-galo F 30 Wife 2 Eric Shadforth M 3 Son 2 Born October 1946 Ned Shadforth M 10mth Son 2 Born May 1949 (Both Una and Bessie are daughters of Big Friday of Borroloola.) Unnamed deceased M Djay-go F 45 Widow Big Friday M Husband Borroloola Nellie F Wife 1 Borroloola Roy Budjay M 17 Son 1 Still single Tom Wombi-iri M 25 Son 1 Still single Minnie F Wife 2 Borroloola Jolly Miller Kumerung M 20 Son 2 Still single Jack Yulungari M 65 Husband Nora Baladjabinna F Wife Angelina F Daughter Rickett Bungarin M 22 Son Still single Eileen F Daughter Little Eileen F Daughter (Eileen and Little Eileen did not journey to Rocky Glen but remained at Pungalina. Angelina is at Borroloola and married to Dougan.) Unnamed deceased M Melba Indinj-binna F 70 Widow Ida Djau-un-ama F 50 Daughter Married to Willie, see below Willie Ooradumma M 65 Husband Ida Djau-un-ama F 50 Wife Yakaman Badjamin M Son At Seven Emus station Pluto Yibi-iri M 45 Husband Minnie Buda-buda F 40 Wife Daughter of Rosie at Pungalina Sylvia Karkardee F 6 Daughter Ted Buralung M 2 Son E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 10. 3.1950 (5) Patrol of the Darwin Town Area and Environs 1950 The only congregating place in the town at present is the area behind Mr Fraser's house in Smith Street. A number of sophisticated Worgait natives congregate here; they camp in the town on their employer's premises. Among the natives congregating here are:- Charlie Gu-narr, Worgait, employed by Mr. Coleman. Mary Gulunggain, Worgait, employed by Mr. Coleman Argok, employed by Mr. Lauder Nym Clark, employed by Mr. Fraser Josephine Da-ning, Worgait, employed by Mr. Hutchance Jimmy Namarag, Worgait, employed by Mr. Hutchance Jack Damat, Worgait, employed by Mr. I Taylor, Esplanade Kitty Narrwar, Worgait, employed by Mr. I Taylor, Esplanade Dick Landi-bu-me-r, Djauan, employed by Mr. G Lim Peggy 'Lim', Djauan, employed by Mr. G Lim Jimmy Marakai, employed by Mr. A Fong Elsie Mormbil, employed by Mr. A Fong Mrs 'Biliwuk' Nicoloff and her four children occupy a house just off the airstrip. On one inspection two of her relatives (full blood aborigines) were camping with her. I removed them to Berrimah. G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 3. 5.1950 (6) Patrol of Douglas and Ooloo Stations, Daly River 1950 Douglas Station, on Douglas River (permanent running water), is 20 miles by road from the turnoff at the 115 miles on the bitumen, ie 135 miles by road from Darwin. The Douglas River is a tributary of the Daly River. Ooloo Station is situated on Ban Ban Lagoon, half a mile off the Daly River and 15 miles from Douglas Station. Mr Paddy Liddy (quadroon), son of Tom Liddy, owns and manages Douglas Station, his father, Tom Liddy, owns and manages Ooloo Station. The following part-aborigines are on the station :- Bob Cadell, born on Ooloo Station on 1st July 1932, mother Ruby Jingaia (Bilinara tribe), full-blood aborigine, father European. He has made application for exemption. Rankine 'Liddy', born at Douglas Station on 1st July 1938, mother Lulu Jagala (Wagaman tribe), ful-blood aborigine, father Wuropean. Billy 'Liddy', born on Adelaide River near Humpty Doo Station on 1st July 1938, mother Goyder Guda (Marananggu tribe), full-blood aborigine, alleged father W Nokes, European. Tom Liddy claims to have adopted Rankine and Billy although they are not his children and will arrange for their education. Douglas and Ooloo Stations, Daly River European Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Sex Age Relation Employment Goyder Guda Marrananggu F 40 Mother Cook Billy Nokes M 12 H/C son Now Billy Liddy Luly (Lulu) Jagala Wagaman F 30 Mother Housegirl Rankine 'Liddy' M 12 H/C Son Maudie Nga-dja Wagaman F 70 (Mother of Topsy Ngul-bandi.) Peter Gujada Wagaman M 45 Husband Stockboy Dolly Gad-burr Wagaman F 40 Wife Teddy Boy Ga-rin-ba M 14 Son Don Bu-lam-bul M 12 Son Lena Ju-lu-luk F 11 Daughter Willie Gul-ma-jang-in M 8 Son Jessie I-bur-burin F 6 Daughter Doris Ma-gai-yan F 3 Daughter Twin Clara Gum-bit-bida F 3 Daughter Twin Peter Garrng-nei-i M 3m Son Maggie Nilyari F 60 (Mother of Lily, Lulu, Ruby.) Sambo Yu-bi-ran-ma Jamijung M 28 Husband Stockboy Lily Bam-wulu F 22 Wife Tom Wyatt Jabada Wailbri M 35 Husband Stockboy Ruby Jingaia Bilinara F 40 Wife Robert Cadell M 18 H/C Son Topsy Ngul-bandi Wagaman F 50 Housegirl (Husband Paddy Sammy is in Leper Station, Darwin.) G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 14. 7.1950 (7) Inspection and Investigation, Lee Bros. Sawmill July 1950 In company with Constable Cronshaw I proceeded to Lee Bros. Sawmill on Coburg Peninsula on 22nd July, 1950, as instructed. Mr Bateman, a Forestry Officer, accompanied us. We travelled by Lee Bros barge - a steel barge 80'x17' powered by two Leyland Diesel 95 HP engines. We enquired into the following matters :- 1. The disappearance of aborigine Nalaban, Nabungardi, Walang tribe, near Murgenella Plains. 2. The loss of aborigine Old Jingle Malangbi, Iwaija tribe, from a canoe near Two Hills, Coburg Peninsula. 3. The death of Lingnanan, wife of Yalmur, at the sawmill. 4. Stillborn baby and death of another Bilalia (Billaleah) wife of Joe. 5. Alleged V.D. cases. 6. Natives inhaling petrol fumes. Items 1, 2, 3 and 4 are dealt with in separate reports. Ankin Ah Mat is in charge of the mill, Paul Calma is truck driver, Mrs Calma (nee Mona Waters) lives with him at the mill. Following enquiries re sickness among natives in the sawmill camp the following natives were brought in for medical examination :- Balir Balir Ngangila Lamingga Ngalbulain, wife of Balir Balir Miwadait Ngamarang Lerelet Ngalbangardi, wife of Miwadait Namada-mada, Ngawuyuk, stake in foot The petrol at the mill is now locked up out of the way of natives disposed to inhale the fumes. One hundred and 8 natives were at the mill, 50 men, 31 women and 27 children. Natives from Croker Island, Goulburn Island, Cape Don and nearby buffalo camps visit the mill. I made a census of all natives at the mill. .... general details ... One suspects that a number of old men with young wives find a haven here and at Cape Don that they would not find at the missions. There are four cases of men from 55 to 70 years of age married to girls of 15 to 25 years of age. A girl Midbir Ngalwuyuk, 10 years of age, daughter of Old Tom (Maung) 70 years of age and Mangalama (Maung) 25 years of age, was promised to Old Jingle Malangbi, 60 years of age, who was lost from the canoe near Two Hills. Malangbi was on his way to the sawmill to collect his wife. ... general details ... Re Disappearance of Nalaban Nabungardi (Walang) near Murgenella Plains, November 1949. People mentioned are Ankin Ah Mat Roy Mangrinian (Walang), calls Nalaban uncle (mother's brother) Bulga Bulga, his wife Julgararia (Julgarara), native woman Dick Wongwiba, calls Nalaban brother Minimir, now living with Wongwiba as his wife. Dick Wongwiba says she was first promised to Nalaban but Bali Bali's uncle took her, when Bali Bali's uncle died Bali Bali gave her to me. About 35 years of age. (Bali Bali also Balir Balir.) Nalaban, about 60 years of age and slightly deaf Ibaral, son of Nalaban, from Goulburn Island Ubunu, son of Nalaban, from Goulburn Island Mangeriein (Walang), brother of Nalaban and Wongwiba. Has two wives. Mary Julgarara. Husband Frank works in Darwin. Father is Wongwiba. Walanmanga Ling-nan-nan, step-daughter of Minimir. Statements through interpreter Peter Nangolomin. Census Lee Bros. Sawmill, Coburg Peninsula July 1950 European Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Age Sex Relation Employment Skin-name & Remarks An-mu-lu-bad Gwggu 70 F Widow Pensioner Bgalbulain Bumara Gunaviji 35 M Husband Mill hand Nau-wamud Anangeiba Gunwinggu 45 F Wife Ngalbangardi Balir Balir Gwggu 45 M Ngangila Lamungga Gwggu 28 F Ngalbulain Crowfoot Ilil-nanda Gwggu 20 M Single Barge crew Charlie One Lamp-mei-wa M.I. 28 M Husband Wife at M.I. Charlie Malagadi M.I. 50 M Widower Mill Hand Dick Mu-lung-ini M.I. 50 M Husband Mill hand Wife on M.I. Don Buju-miri M.I. 30 M Husband Mill hand Tibi Nang-wu-rei-yu M.I. 20 F Wife Jumbo Dalinyara Burera 10 M Burella, brother to Tom Ibarar Dugong Dudanga Gunwinggu 28 M Husband Mill hand Ngamarang, head boy Rosie Malama Walang 18 F Wife Ngalgorjog Alfie Irralama 5mth M Son Nauwagaitj, born 15. 2.1950 Daniel Nalumbil Gwggu 45 M Husband Nabulain Magalin Gabindi Gwggu 28 F Wife Ngalwagait Danariba 55 F Widow Ngalarit Duncan Wamadinga M.I. 45 M Husband Wives in Darwin Frank Urunungu Walang 25 M Husband Wilson Lee Nawangari, Wilson Lee Darwin Linda Ma-mir-ning Gwggu 25 F Wife Ngal-bulain Horace Gunimbal Gunaviji 17 M Barge Crew Ngamarang Gambalgu Maung 55 M Husband Mill hand Nabulain Il-il-mara 22 F Wife Ngalangila Miniyal 7 M Son Ngagarjog Nei-u-malwei 5 M Son Ngagarjog Edward Wandi-wandi 8 M Ngagarjog George Urung-ei-ni M.I. 45 M Husband Mill hand Rosie Dibulangguri M.I. 35 F Wife Nancy Ambulam-mirini M.I. 22 F Wife Tommy Ibarar Burera 16 M Single Mill hand Burella Joe Widara Gwggu 17 M Single Mill hand Ngangarid Mary Jul-garara Walang 30 F Wife Ngalnarit Frank M Husband Works in Darwin Jalamba Walang 28 M Husband Mill hand Nauwamut Alwulama 45 F Wife Ngalwagaitj Loila Malangirrg 9 F Daughter Ngalbangardi January Nangun-yari Iwaija 50 M Widower Mill hand Ngawaitj Lazarus Nama-dum-burr Maung 35 M Ngangila, from G. E. Mission Ili-jili Iwaija 15 F Ngal-wamut Lazarus II Walamag Gwggu 16 M Single Ngangarit, from G. E. Mission Lambi Wala-bara Walang 50 M Husband Ngangila Mangan-jirina 40 F Wife Ngalgama Adu-dauwa 12 F Wife Ngalwamut Lunggoi Gwggu 60 M Husband Ngalwagaitj, wife at Oenpelli Lami-Lami Gwggu 8 M Ngawuyuk (Brother to Young Naranorlgi and Namada-mada.) Paddy Mala-bunali Burera 12 M Wamut Manawubu Gwggu 50 M Widower Ngamarang Moses Mirrwana Maung 16 M Single Mill hand Nau-wamut Marianggu Gunaviji 60 M Widower Ngangila Roy Mangrinian Walang 35 M Husband Mill hand Ngangila Bulga Bulga Gwggu 28 F Wife Ngalwa..... Cynthia Namu-wunduma 8 F H/C, in Darwin, attends convent school Joe Naman-mangara 9 M Son Ngangar..... Peter Neid-burgi 7 M Son Ngangar..... Mangeriein Walang 45 M Husband Mill hand Nabangardi Bumia Gwggu 25 F Wife Ngal..... Marabia Gwggu 35 F Wife Ngal..... Mitchell Miwadaitj Walang 55 M Husband Ngamarang Lerelet Maung 18 F Wife Ngal-bangar Mick Gambal M.I. 20 M Single Mill hand David Milnamaru Milingimbi 30 M Widower Mill hand Gamarang Jimmy Manbirrga Walang 16 M Single Mill hand Nabulain Charlie Naranorlgi Walang 55 M Husband Mull hand Nawalait Au-un-banyi Gwggu 40 F Wife Ngalwagait Rabinyina 8 M Son Ngabungardi Mamireinja 6 F Daughter Ngalbungardi Wulburga 4 M Son Ngabungardi Nandalg Gwggu 45 M Husband Mill hand Nawagaitj Jabiba 28 F Wife Ngal-narit Milu-wulu-ulu 12 M Son Nawagait Dugan-inya 8 M Son Nawagait Young Naranorlgi Gwggu 15 M Ngawuyuk Nalty Boy Namada-mada Gwggu 17 M Ngawuyuk Morning Namad-bara Walang 40 M Husband Mill hand Nabulain, one wall eye Gu-gu-ri-main 45 F Wife Nabangardi Little Jackson Man-dar-dul 13 M Son Log marker Ngangila Tom Nabi-ing-gunmi Gwggu 40 M Husband Mill hand Nagamarang Nal-mi-largi 35 F Wife Ngalogorjog Namala-nuji 7 M Son Nawagaitj Narana Gwggu 55 M Husband Namarang Wandurrg Nalaganbari Gwggu 40 F Wife Ngalwagaitj Norman Murugu M.I. 25 M Husband Mill hand Ruby Lambut-du-wianu M.I. 25 F Wife (Two school boys in Darwin.) Nanarrba Maung 50 F Widow Ngangarit Paddy Nabaraua Walang 28 M Single Mill hand Nabulain, brother to Namadbara Paddy Nangolami Maung 28 M Crew barge Naminugubu Gwggu 50 M Widower Ngamarang Robert Ga-rali-beingu M.I. 16 M Single Mill hand George Runggur Milingimbi 17 M Single Mill hand Kaijark Sugarbag Gadabi M.I. 18 M Single Mill hand Old Tom A-nambura-nambur Maung 70 M Husband Nabulain, aged and infirm Mangalama Maung 25 F Wife Ngalangila Midbirr 10 F Daughter Ngalwuyuk Mangunarr 5 F Daughter Ngalwuyuk Joe Unda-bunda Gwggu 55 M Husband Mill hand Ngangarit Wamburangaij Gwggu 35 F Wife Ngalwagait Lerelet 18 F Daughter Married to Miwadait Weibuma Gwggu 40 F Widow Ngalwamut Jauala 6 M Son Ngangarit Julumba 4 F Daughter Ngalgarit Bulainyinga 1 1/2 M Son Ngangarit Urunungu Winnowidj Maung 55 M Widower Ngamarang Wongwiba Walang 55 M Husband Nabangardi Minimir Gwggu 35 F Wife Ngalaumut Walmungga 3 M Son Ngangarit Big Winnowidj Yaragu Maung 45 M Husband Mill hand Nawamut Margaret Gum-bu-wu Gwggu 25 F Wife Ngalbangardi Maiyangarrg 9 F Daughter Ngalangi Namururga 5 M Son Ngangila Men 50 Women 31 Children 27 Total 108 Natives G Sweeney, Patrol Officer, 3. 8.1950 & 9. 8.1950 (8) Report on Manbulloo, Willeroo and Delamere Stations 1950 As these stations are under the one management I am submitting one report covering all three. These stations are owned by Vesteys under the company name of Manbulloo- Willeroo Ltd. and are managed by Mr T R Fisher from Manbulloo. It is anticipated, however, that Willeroo and Delamere will be resumed at the end of this year when Vesteys' interests will cease in these properties. The books for all three stations are kept at Manbulloo. Credits held as at 30th June 1950 by present employees and a few others who are expected to return are :- Wages Manbulloo Male Yellow Paddy Agilgaddy Charlie Nedgedba Dick Pibuckoo Big Paddy Meerin Nipper Nolcoyeema Brumby Gonumbulya Shilling Egingulba Brown Jahlook Munday Oormarndut Tommy Egieilma Laffin Jahlmullal Ben Ballimudgee Mick Iloldotpa Gilligan Uoyelma Bill Nobutjuman Clancy Horace Giganman Captain Waretakaddy Bobby Bombarel Gerry Female Nancy Mardinya Lily Kareman Nida Warrumbool Polly Walbyarra Fat Rosy Tobagwarry Joe's Nelly Nyanda Mignonette Loonyarri Annie Ederok Mabel Moahlea Daisy Milbudjeda Connie Nargunally Maisie M Laurie Gnalba Ben's Nellie Itjabunma Kitty Teekin Mataranka Rosie Topsy Gunbungnaddy Nowa Ejook Willeroo Male Joe Sumundi Mudpin Toby Edilbon Prairer Ewalwarima Barney Koomyie Tarpot Namanook Albert Balanjy William Abwardapun Bill Harney Smiler Eniwyma Harry Wadji Corporal Jack Ebongwadrabah Bill Jokweela Pumpkin Banjo Minjima Female Maudie Marmulyu Caboonka Caboonka Daisy Kaymee Ruby Ingarwyma Clara Emyma Nellie Koombarinyan Norah Maggie Jaman Elsie Noonamurram Ruby Komya Doris Conbunyarri Delamere Male Paddy Meenah Monday Woodunga Nipper Kongnutja Lock Tommy Kilyaboongoo Charley Marlyungunni Big Foot Coschala Kaiser Wachunumma Rankin Mickey Sabulyee Gregory Tahloonga Pluto Ilunjabunjin King Leer-ung-indi Female Polly Goorinjinacarri Rosy Uwaninji Mary Nahbiannarly Amy Joonjoona Lily Edarwinyally Doris or Dorothy Koolmaril Further Wages Comment Mentions :- Mignonette, wife of Munday Oomarndut who is now an inmate of Channel Island.. Nowla, wife of Peter (deceased). Nowla has now left Willeroo and is now at Manbulloo. Blucher Goo-djal-moorie (aged 14 years) is employed in the Willeroo stockcamp, although his name does not appear on any lists shown to me at Manbulloo. He is apparently in the camp for the first time this year. Part-aborigines Manbulloo Children - Sabu (8), attending Katherine State School Eileen (8), recommend she be removed to Bagot Road Hostel as soon as possible. Mother is Caboonka at Willeroo and apparently has no interest in the child. Willeroo Children - John Gill (5) Annie (4), alleged father Donald Baird (?) Sandy Croker (2), alleged father Jim Croker Donald Huddleston (1 1/2), alleged father Harry Huddleston Employees - Harry Huddleston, head stockman Alex Morton, stockman, product of Mulla Bulla Station (W.A.) and desirous of obtaining an exemption Bill Harney, youth Delamere Children - Mick Maloney (4), alleged father Mick Maloney Employees - George Man Fong, head stockman George Moroney, stockman, applied for exemption recently through the Protector of Aborigines Katherine. Miscellaneous matters Munday Oomarndut is now an inmate of Channel Island. Aborigine Nellie Koombarinyin of WIlleroo is enquiring regarding her daughter Jessie who was removed as a suspect leper by Patrol Officer Sweeney. She request that if Jessie is to remain up north she be permitted at a later date to visit Darwin and visit Jessie. On the occasion of my visit to Delamere, Mr Jack Davidson was there. He was holding cattle preparatory to droving them to Helen Springs. He is employing the following natives :- Kelly Djungaree Charlie Yarrlarr Harry Komilarri Roger Kingungoo Davey Karlinyinin Davidson's consort Maggie was with him at Delamere. He advised me that he has renewed his application to marry her. If this permit is granted (and I recommend that it be granted) it would be well to advise Davidson that Maggie's daughter Eileen (of whom he is not the father) who is at present at St Mary's Hostel, Alice Springs, will still remain a ward of the Director of Native Affairs even though he (Davidson) be the legal husband of her mother. E C Evans, Patrol Officer, 22. 8.1950 (9) 13. 9.1950 Investigation into alleged murder of a native woman Arafura District, Arnhem Land. Alleged victim was Jurunjura Bulainjan. Alleged killer was Marapaiwui or Donald Duck. Alleged victim was a relative of the mother of Raiwala. Deceased had several periods of sickness before her death and had suffered a miscarriage at or about the time of her death. Her husband, Yalungguru, was a serious granuloma case. Decision death was from natural causes. Marapaiwui had stolen the wife of Da-ga-ra-rei-yun a Djinba native from the Goyder River. Da-ga-ra-rei-yun had been away at Mainoru Station when Marapaiwui had taken his wife Nauwalingu and he wanted her back. Marapaiwui agreed to return her but Nauwalingu refused to go. Also mentions Bobby Baraji at Lee Bros. sawmill in 1948 who served a term of 12 months in Gaol for murder. (10) 26. 9.1950 Investigation into deaths in Arnhem Land (1) See above (2) Death of child Madanggi at Milingimbi Mission. Mentions women Maraltjandi and Ganjamara as indirectly causing death.