Patrol Officer Sweeney 1943 Extracts

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F1 Item 1943/65 Patrol Officer Sweeney 1943 Extracts Copyright P J Mackett, 2019 20. 2.1943 DDNF to Patrol Officer Sweeney Alice Springs D A Chalmers, McDonald Downs, Country Licence 2947 J D Weir, Derry Downs, Country Licence 2943 Neither grantee completed an application form to employ aboriginals in a country district, in consequence the names of lawful employees is not known. The following information is however contained in the employers' application for rationing books for their native employees and their dependants. Derry Downs Station - J D Weir, Applicant Employee Dependant Dick Dilly Rosie and Minnie Charlie Wallaby Minnie Hughie Fanny and 2 children Long Minnie Cobiga and Undaila Rosie Molly and Tom Nellie Fred and Maudie Fannie Bundy Jenny and Bob Eileen Minnie and Tom McDonald Downs - D A Chalmers, Applicant Employee Dependant Larry Peggy Jim Dick and Rosie George Old Harry and Jessie Harry Jennie and Bob Frank Toby and Kitty Johnny Lively and Jennie 2. 3.1943 From Alice Springs to DNA Alice Springs McDonald Downs Station - Mr D A Chalmers Employee Dependant Jimmy George Johnny Harry Bundy Father Bob, Mother Molly Larry Wife Peggy and 2 children Jacob Wife Dolly and 3 children Murray Father Jim, Mother Jinnie Barney Father Mick, Mother Ruby Bill Wife Polly Alick Jinny Topsy Emily Derry Downs Station - Mr J D Weir Employee Dependant Dick Mother Mabel Bill Mother Mary Charlie Father Tom I, Mother Minnie Hughie Wallaby Father Fred I, Mother Minnie Eileen Mother Nellie Nellie Father Fred II, Mother Maudie Rosie Father Tom II, Mother Mollie Long Minnie 2 children ages 9 yrs and 3 yrs Minnie Fannie 2 children ages 12 yrs and 6 yrs A native woman, Cobegee, with a large family, one of whose daughters, Lottie, is a cripple, also has a coupon book. Delny Station - Mr A Kerr A half-caste, Alan Kunoth, is shearing on his station. Kunoth is living with a lubra, Ruby, and has 3, 3/4 caste, children. 26. 2.1943 From Alice Springs to Darwin Inspection Aboriginals Employed on Mica Fields The Half-caste woman, Mrs Cleary, has disposed of her livestock and will proceed to Alice Springs at an early date. I propose to seek approval then, for her employment as Cook, Domestic at the Tennant Creek Isolation Camp. 7. 4.1943 From Alice Springs to DNA Darwin Patrol to Hatches Creek Inspection of the native camp at Tea Tree. There were 4 young women, 5 children and 3 old women. I told them they could go to Tea Tree Station but if I ever found them again at the Tea Tree or near the overland road, they would be moved to Alice Springs. Three of the young women with their children I removed to Alice Springs for transfer to Jay Creek. They Are:- Daisy (Walbri) and 2 children. Her husband Diamond is in Alice Springs Gaol. Cardy (Aranda) and 1 child. A widow. Ruby (Aranda) states her husband Hughie is in Alice Springs but has left her. Cardy and Ruby have been frequenting white camps at Tea Tree. 5.10.1943 From Alice SPrings to DNA Alice Springs Patrol Abminga to ALice Springs 1943 Halfcastes at Horse Shoe Bend Station Jack Bumai, 30 yrs, H/C, married to Ilsa (abo.) Jimmy Swan, 40 yrs, H/C, married to Annie (abo.) Monte Swan, 12 yrs, 3/4C Frank Kenny, H/C, receive child endowment Edie 5 children, H/C Victoria, 45 yrs, H/C, married to Todmorden Jack (abo.) Frank Morden, 20 yrs, 3/4C Kitty, 35 yrs, H/C, married to Mick (abo.) Myra Taylor, 9 yrs, H/C ) Father Dick Taylor H/C, works at Tempe Downs, Mavis Taylor, 6 yrs, H/C ) mother (abo) died at Oodnadatta