Native Affairs Branch Patrol Officers Reports 1950 - 1952

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F1 Item 1952/602 Patrol Officers Branch - All Patrol Reports 1950 - 1952 Copyright P J Mackett, 2007 DUNMARRA STATION Owner : Mr S J and Mrs N E Somerville Manager : Mr S J Somerville Licence : No 1279 issued 27.11.1952 by T/PO Bray Inspection Date :27.11.1952 Employees as at 27.11.1952 Aboriginal 4 Ronnie Wadju Gurrie, Wombaia, 25 years, stockman, married June Nymul, Tchingali, 24 years, domestic, married to Ronnie Part Aboriginal Frank Holtz (Mad Frank) H/C, General Hand, about 30 years, single (nearly blind) Clothing The two male employees, Ronnie and H/C Frank, purchase about half their clothing according to Mr Somerville, and he supplies the balance without charge. Female employee Nymul is stated by Mrs Somerville to receive clothing in excess of Regulations but no records are kept. This is probably correct as Nymul was born at Dunmarra and has been there all her life. Mrs Somerville states that she and Nymul make frocks and sun frocks for the two children of Nymul. Family Groups Father : Ronnie Wadju Gurrie Mother : June Nymul Children : Mooki, 3 years, born June 1949 : Maudie born June 15th, 1952 Births and Deaths Maudie, born 15th June, 1952 Notes Frank Holtz H/C Age : about 35 years. Father : Wallaby Holtz of Powell Creek Mother : Marion F/B, deceased Date of Birth : Unknown This half-caste has been employed at Dunmarra for many years, but is half blind and mentally deficient. He is kept on the station more out of charity than for any useful work, other than simple jobs around the homestead. J E Bray T/Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________ Grazing Licences Nos 1433, 1434 Holder : Mr Jack Gougas Location : Camped on the Wool Wonga Reserve Census as at 5.12.1952 Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Bill Alderson .1895 M Exempt H/C Minnie Alderson Gulinowa Mai-a-li .1927 F Living with Alderson 3/4C Mick Alderson 7.12.1946 M P/A Jessie Alderson 15.10.1949 F P/A Violet Alderson 1. 7.1952 F P/A Toby Nawoombag Mai-a-li .1927 M Polly Gurijala Mai-a-li .1922 F Wife Toby Ngabinbin Mai-a-li .1927 M Gladys Nguldjuit Mai-a-li .1927 F Wife Toby Mulawadi Mai-a-li .1948 M Son Molly Aljungorai Mai-a-li .1902 F Mother of Toby Nganbinbin Cracker Damaragi Mai-a-li .1943 M Son Roy Namilk Mai-a-li .1948 M Grandson Dick Diglaninge Mai-a-li .1922 M Working Paddy Oldinja Mai-a-li .1902 M Sitting down on Wool Wonga Judy Jubbaridja Mai-a-li .1902 M Sitting down on Wool Wonga T C Lovegrove Cadet Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mount Brockman Station (Grazing Licence 1431) Manager : Mr Alan White Location : On the banks of Mulsamanbanjo Waterhole about 110 miles north east of Pine Creek and is essentially a buffalo shooting camp. Census as at 4.12.1952 Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Wildeman Amandali Mai-a-li .1936 M Horsetailer, single Charlie Naiyondorra Mai-a-li .1922 M Working Lorna Ngalidarma Mai-a-li .1925 F Wife, cooks for natives Paddy Djumboal Mai-a-li .1922 M Working Mary Milingwanga Mai-a-li .1927 F Wife Charlie Durugulla Mai-a-li .1902 M Working Kitty Almarama Mai-a-li .1925 F Wife Audry Maningi Mai-a-li .1948 F Daughter Brockman Nungila Mai-a-li 10. 5.1952 M Son, registered at birth Lorna Gubidj-Gubudj Mai-a-li .1900 F Grandmother of Lorna Ngalidarma Johnnie Dalong-Garrt Mai-a-li .1936 M Horse tailer Nym Mai-a-li .1912 M Working, on walkabout at Wool-wonga Reserve Daisy Mai-a-li .1922 F Wife Jessie Mai-a-li .1917 F Wife Don Gara Jarial Mai-a-li .1912 M Working Peter Bamanitbaal Mai-a-li .1922 M On walkabout from Beswick Jim Magarainmag Mai-a-li .1932 M On walkabout from Beswick Creek Robert Boblinmaal Mai-a-li .1902 M On walkabout from Pine Creek __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Barramundie Station (Grazing Licence 1436) Grazing Licence : K Waldock (married) and W Cain (single) Location : Situated about 85 miles north west of Pine Creek and is run as a shooting and cattle concern. Mrs Waldock (Doreen Cahill) is part-aborigine. They have 3 children. Census as at 2.12.1952 Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Charlie Djalambowoi Myilly .1917 M Stockman Rosie Nowi-Bete Myilly .1917 F Wife Harry Nungalooa Myilly .1917 M Stockman Rosie Googoowan Myilly .1927 F Wife, housegirl Ruby Almandaljig Myilly .1946 F Daughter Sarah Algindali Myilly .1949 F Daughter Jimmy Yumaibandi Myilly .1912 M Gardener Jinny Minyuwungu Myilly .1922 F Wife, housegirl Bobby Madomalu Myilly .1935 M Son, stockman Ruby Albaninyu Myilly .1949 F Daughter (This couple has two children - Bessie 12 years, Joey 9 years at Channel Island.) Butcher Namadara Myilly .1922 M Shooter Stumpy Djauan .1922 F Wife Nellie Miraludj Myilly .1882 F Pensioner Jinny Dugural Myilly .1882 F Pensioner, mother of Rosie Googoowan Also mentioned in the document is Peter who has now left the station. T C Lovegrove Cadet Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goodparla Station (Pastoral Lease 365) Owner : Mr G F Richards Location : About fifty miles north east of Pine Creek. Census as at 1.12.1952 Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Jack Murragalga Myilly .1922 M Caretaker Maggie Ildudba Myilly .1927 F Wife Old Johnnie Dija Myilly .1917 M Gurrtmunge Myilly .1902 F Wife Willy Nagawilli Myilly .1940 M Son Little Johnnie Gunjaal Myilly .1942 M Son Unnamed Female Myilly .1951 F Daughter Old Paddy Nungimum Jarwan .1902 M Toby Uljabu Jarwan .1922 F Wife Billy Nungoolmurg Jarwan .1917 M Karlo Yarruwan Jarwan .1902 F W Wife Jack Myilla Myilly .1912 M Lorna Iljilunga Myilly .1912 F Wife T C Lovegrove Cadet Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mudginbarry Station (Grazing Licence 1398) Owner : Mr G Randall Location : About 130 miles east of Pine Creek. It is a buffalo shooting and tourist camp. Census as at 1.12.1952 Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Jimmy Mishante Jarwan .1917 M Head boy and shooter Jenny Alwido Jarwan .1902 F Wife Dolly Algwongba Jarwan .1930 F Step-daughter Burglar Nargoolari Myilly .1922 M Skinner Molly Ngalbirnan Jarwan .1925 F Wife Jack Rapurapu Myilly .1902 M Peter Milesia Jarwan .1930 M Car boy David Goonjulma Myilly .1927 M Maggie Larabi Myilly .1922 F Wife Smiler Ngalilirr Myilly .1940 M Son Nelson Muljiwar Myilly .1927 M Now working Bob Lecole Stumpy Jaalmudja Myilly .1927 F Wife, now working Bob Lecole Fred Mundalwagawa Myilly .1915 M Ceased work 30. 9.1952 Judy Ngalorrnya Myilly .1927 F Wife T C Lovegrove Cadet Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leguna Station Owner : Bovril Location : Leguna Station is an outstation of Carlton Hills, which is in Western Australia. Carlton Hills is 40 miles by road from Wyndham, crossing the Ord River 22 miles from the town, and Leguna is a further 80 miles from Carlton Hills. Manager : Mr C Pretlove Head Stockman : Mr P Lees Census as at 25.11.1952 Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Name Aboriginal Name Tribe Born Sex Remarks Jacko Kumin-Jigat M Mary Doit-Gam F Wife Charcoal Numbian M Charlotte I Dury F Wife Bradman & Jackson Dimorgun M Doris Kurjala F Wife Bilambi Bilambi M Charlotte II Karmgeri F Wife Mary Numanurr .1947 F Daughter Rosie .1950 F Daughter (This is an itinerant family.) Tommy Dodd Dundalaberi M Maryanne Denin F Wife Young Tommy Borgun 1. 7.1941 M Son Sandy Korndan M Mary Kumbunburr F Wife Peter Kookadee M Mona Gooradjin F Wife Blue Bob Koolimbin M Doris F Wife Flanigan Baraboot Single Syd Choolawurr M Widower Deceased M Gypsy Mudtai F Widow Frank Dimget 1. 7.1940 M Son Friday Dedima 1. 7.1941 Child Biddy Namera 1. 7.1945 F Daughter Kelly Djidjiginin 1. 7.1947 Child Harry Waupmun 4.12.1950 M Son Lightning M Judy Girik F Wife Eileen 1. 7.1944 F Daughter, 3/4C Barney Walun M Jinny Lupinga F Wife, blind Katie Unun-Gunurr F Mary Wonmulla F Jimmy Djimili 1. 7.1943 M Son Daisy Bundi 1. 7.1947 F Daughter Kirby 1. 2.1952 Child (This family is regarded by Mr Pretlove as 'bush' natives. Now Government dependants.) Polly Wondunga F Bobby Porgundja 1. 3.1949 M Son Sheila Nid-Burria 1. 1.1951 F Daughter (This family is regarded by Mr Pretlove as 'bush' natives. Now Government dependants.) Tommy Djoit-Bil M Single General The local native dialect is Djabidjin, whilst those from the Fitzmaurice River area speak Karama. The natives in this area migrate as far north as Port Keats Mission. Births One male birth since last inspection in 1951. Deaths There have been two deaths. One was an old man and one was Rastus who was only approximately twenty one years of age. He died in Wyndham Hospital following a heart seizure. Marriage Charlie Martin H/C of Leguna Station asked for permission to marry Isa (?Ida) Leguna H/C. This couple have been living together for over twelve months and as unexempt persons, strictly speaking, require no permit to marry tribally. Mr Pretlove is against the marriage as since the inspection Charlie Martin has left the station while Isa (?Ida) remains. Suspect pressure applied by Mr Pretlove. Will be investigated. E C Evans Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ANTHONY'S LAGOON STATION Owner : Anthony's Lagoon Pastoral Company Manager : Mr A B Cant Licence : A B Cant, Manager, No 1267 : C Nissen, Mechanic, No 1268 : P Hogg, Head Stockman, No 1269 Inspection Date : 18th July, 1952 Employees Males Avey Oonangoo Stockman Ben Ulibun Stockman Brady Diggabburram Stockman Francis Noarkin Stockman Frank Togo Youallingi Stockman Gilbert Maanulla Stockman Isaac Stockman Jacky Unterwellicuddy Stockman Johnnie Lightoomuch Stockman Larry Stockman Mick Dubbo Ulbuda Stockman Ned Monolug Stockman Noble Wai-udda Stockman Norman Naar-mullu Stockman Powder Miangie Stockman Stephen Stockman Wallace Donguigie Stockman Willie Boweringie Stockman Females Angeline Bluelight Domestic Gladys Waterbingi Domestic Binnie Wynyam Burra Laundress Rosie Gilli Vallan Janni Laundress Rosaleen Morai-iloo Domestic Dinah Laundress Child Endowment Child Endowee Mavis Joan Jirami Violet Woll Murra Mara Mavis Nowi Pinna Dulcie Nigbinni Maurice Ida Nyulcook Marjorie Angeline Bluelight Rennie Binny Wynyam Burra Claims for Maintenance Barry, old woman Tamma, old Woman Elsie Owija Bunna H/C, old woman Curlew Wangulli, old man Eddie Hinging, old man Curlew, part-Aboriginal, aged School Early in 1952 a small building was erected as a school and a teacher was appointed. Both the school and the teacher's salary are expenses of the Station. The school consists of one room with a gauzed in verandah, the whole built on piles about four feet off the ground. The teacher is a Mrs Morris from Queensland, and it is understood that she is fully qualified. Pupils at date of inspection were:- Twin girls of Const. Mahoney Three children of Head Stockman Nissen One aboriginal child Rennie, aged about 10 years from Anthony's Lagoon Station Nissen Family The Head Stockman at Anthony's is a European named Clifford Nissen. Mrs Nissen however is three quarter Chinese and one quarter aboriginal. The five children are, therefore, half European, three eighths Chinese, and one eighth aboriginal. Clifford, born 24. 6.1936 Mary, born 30. 3.1938 Ronald, born 17.10.1942 Barbara, born 17. 2.1944 Gloria, born 24. 5.1946 All were born at Mt Isa. John E Bray T/Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bushy Park Station Owner : Mr David W Jordan Location : 64 miles north east of Alice Springs Manager : Mr Charlie Page, resident, married Employees Part Aboriginal Nil Aboriginals Name Aboriginal Name Occupation Aileron Paddy Panunga Stockman Riley Abangarda Station-hand Dick Abangarda Stockman Parrot Agamara Shepherd Ned Agamara Station-hand Maria Purula Shepherdess Mollie Agamara Shepherdess Census as at 20.08.1952 Working Natives Name Aboriginal Name Born Sex Remarks Aileron Paddy Panunga 22 years M Single Riley Abangarda 36 years M Maggie Ambidjana 30 years F Wife Dick Abangarda 32 years M Mollie Agamara 30 years F Wife Parrot Agamara 25 years M Maria Purula 30 years F Wife Ned Agamara 28 years M Ada Panunga 26 years F Wife Arthur Ambidjana 5 years M Son Non-working Natives Name Aboriginal Name Born Sex Remarks Benny Panunga 19 Years M Single, brother to Aileron Paddy Katie Panunga 60 years F Single, mother of Parrot Mavis Agamara 15 years F Single, sister of Parrot Eric Panunga 33 years M Brother to Aileron Paddy Topsy Purula 18 years F Wife Chrissie Abangarda 3 years F Daughter Rosie Abangarda 1 year F Daughter Old Tom Abangarda 50 years M Ruby Ambidjana 40 years F Wife, mother of Aileron Paddy Old Bob Ambidjana 55 years M Joan Abangarda 13 years F Wife Branch Dependants Name Aboriginal Name Age Notes Katie Panunga 60 years Mother of Parrot Mavis Agamara 15 years Sister of Parrot Topsy Purula 16 years Sister-in-Law of Aileron Paddy Gracey Abangarda 3 years Child of Topsy Lenus Abangarda 1 1/2 years Child of Topsy Old Tom Abangarda 50 years Husband of Ruby Ruby Ambidjana 40 years Mother of Aileron Paddy Old Bob Ambidjana 55 years Aged and Infirm Joan Abangarda 13 years Wife of Old Bob Births and Deaths Birth of Rosie was registered by Patrol Officer Bray. Date of birth 1.10.1951. B D Greenfield Cadet Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Alcoota Station Owner : Alcoota Pastoral Company (Lou Leahy, G D Leahy and T L Gordon) Location : 100 miles north east of Alice Springs Manager : Mr William Turner (exempt Employees Part Aboriginal Nil Aboriginals Name Occupation Status Tommy Bird Stockman Married Peter Angalla Stockman Married Mirandy Mick Station-hand Married Long Tom Station-hand Married Kenny Panunga Stock-boy Single Harold Ambidjana Stock-boy Single Toby Purula Stockman Single Lindsay Ambidjana Stock-boy Single Census as at 18.08.1952 Working Natives Name Aboriginal Name Born Sex Remarks Kenny Panunga 16 years Single Harold Ambidjana 15 years Single Toby Parula 23 years Single Lindsay Ambidjana 19 years Single Tommy Bird Ambidjana 25 years Ada Bird Baldjara 18 years Wife Linda Bird Angalla 2 years Daughter, born 21. 1.1951 Paddy Bird Angalla 1 month Son, born 1. 7.1952 Peter Angalla 45 years Lorna Panunga 27 years Wife Julie Ambidjana 1 1/2 years Daughter, born 21. 4.1951 Mirandy Mick Abangarda 54 years Kitty Agamara 35 years Wife Maggie Panunga 5 years Daughter, born 21. 7.1947 Elsie Panunga 3 years Daughter, born 1. 2.1949 Frank Panunga 2 years Son, born 30. 6.1950 Long Tom Abangarda 40 years Dorothy Ambidjana 21 years Wife 1 Johnnie Panunga 5 years Son, born 21. 1.1947 Janie Panunga 3 years Daughter, born 26.11.1949 Shoot Panunga 7 months Son, born 19. 1.1952 Myrtle Ambidjana 19 years Wife 2 Alfie Panunga 2 years Son, born 1. 3.1950 Nonworking Natives Single or Widowed Name Aboriginal Name Born Sex Remarks Jim Agnalla 70 years M Brother to Lame Tom Old Tom Angalla 80 years M Jim Purula 90 years M Sarah Agnarai 55 years F Rosie Agnarai 50 years F Mother of Tommy Bird Rosie Angalla 80 years F Mother of Mirandy Mick Rosie Angalla 78 years F Sister of Rosie Angalla Married Name Aboriginal Name Born Sex Remarks Name Aboriginal Name Age Sex Remarks Peter Agamara 70 years M Topsy Abangarda 60 years F Wife $1000 Mick Panunga 65 years M Thousand Pound Mick Alice Purula 55 years F Wife A O H Tom Purula 55 years M Queenie Panunga 12 years F Wife Maryanne Panunga 70 years F Wife Lame Tom Angalla 60 years M Weeda Agnarai 24 years F Wife 1 Peggy Ambidjana 7 years F Daughter, born born 30. 6.1945 Wendy Ambidjana 4 years F Daughter born 1.11.1948 Annie Ambidjana 2 years F Daughter, born 31. 7.1950 Millie Panunga 50 years F Wife 2 Harry Purula 75 years M Ruby Panunga 20 years F Branch Dependants Name Skin Age Notes Peter Agnarai 70 Husband of Topsy Topsy Abangarda 60 Mother of Toby (stockman) $1000 Mick Panunga 65 A & I (Thousand Pound Mick) Alice Purula 55 Wife of $1000 Mick A O H Tom Purula 55 A & I Maryanne Panunga 70 Wife of A O H Tom Queenie Panunga 12 2nd wife of A O H Tom Lame Tom Angalla 60 A & I Weeda Agnarai 24 Wife of Lame Tom Peggy Ambidjana 7 Child of Lame Tom Wendy Ambidjana 4 Child of Lame Tom Annie Ambidjana 2 Child of Lame Tom Harry Purula 75 A & I Ruby Panunga 20 Wife of Harry Jim Angalla 70 Brother of Lame Tom Jim Purula 90 A & I Old Tom Angella 80 A & I Millie Panunga 50 2nd wife of Lame Tom Sarah Agnarai 55 A & I Rosie Agnarai 50 Mother of Tommy Bird Rosie Angalla 80 Mother of Mirandy Mick Rosie Angalla 78 Sister of Rosie Angalla Myrtle Ambidjana 19 2nd wife of Long Tom Alfie Panunga 2 Son of Myrtle Janie Panunga 3 2nd child of Long Tom Shoot Panunga 7 mths 3rd child of Long Tom Elsie Panunga 3 2nd child of Mirandy Mick Frank Panunga 2 3nd child of Mirandy Mick Paddy Angalla 1 mth 2nd child of Tommy Bird Births & Deaths Births Father Lame Tom Angalla Mother Weeda Agnarai Child Peggy Ambidjana, female, born 30. 6.1945 Wendy Ambidjana, female, born 1.11.1948 Annie Ambidjana, female, born 31. 7.1950 Father Long Tom Abangarda Mother Myrtle Ambidjana Child Alfie Panunga, male, born 1. 3.1950 Father Peter Angalla Mother Lorna Panunga Child Julie, female, born 21. 4.1951 Father Tommy Bird Mother Ada Bird Child Linda Bird, female, born 21. 1.1951 Paddy Bird, male, born 1. 7.1952 Father Long Tom Abangarda Mother Dorothy Ambidjana Child Johnnie Panunga, male, born 21. 1.1947 Janie Panunga, female, born 26.11.1949 Shoot Panunga, male, born 19. 1.1952 Father Mirandy Mick Mother Kitty Agamara Child Maggie Panunga, female, born 21. 7.1947 Elsie Panunga, female, born 1. 2.1949 Frank Panunga, male, born 30. 6.1950 Deaths Nil Child Endowment Mother Ada Bird Child Linda Bird, born 21. 1.1951 Mother Kitty Agamara Child Maggie Panunga, born 21. 7.1947 Mother Dorothy Ambidjana Child Johnnie Panunga, born 21. 1.1947 Lorna Panunga Julie Ambidjana, born 21. 4.1951 B D Greenfield Cadet Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ROCKHAMPTON DOWNS Owner : Australian Agricultural Company Manager :Mr G A Easey Licence : Mr G A Easey, No 2843, Manager Mr V Gardiner, No 2844, Head Stockman Both issued by Constable Deviney 3. 7.1952 Inspection Date : 19th September 1952 Employees Male Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Billy Grant Underjurrie 26 Stockman Freddie Buggagurrie 45 General Hand Tommy Joogooroo 40 General Hand Chuckler Wirrie Wirrie 36 Stockman Paris Mirrawudgie 54 General Hand Aussie Ujeragurrie 28 Stockman Johnnie Bungedurrendee 38 Stockman Paddy Birrajurie 26 Stockman Taylor Chapanunga 42 Stockman Barnabas Myinnoo 18 Stockman Len Gluggarudgie 18 Stockman Chunuma Gillyillgurrie 18 Stockman Jackie Dubbanuddie 22 Stockman Gerald Digutcurrie 45 Gardener Nipper Dunegiddegurrie 48 General Hand McGregor Uyeramorroo 63 General Hand Davie Beegullangoonoo 63 General Hand Waistcoat Queeramurra 34 Stockman Roderick Goolullegurrie 38 Stockman Female Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Minnie Wagunburna 40 Domestic Fannie Gibungnullie 40 Laundress Mollie Lilleria 40 Laundress Violet Bimbillie 19 Domestic Family Groups A complete list at that time was given in the report for 1950. There has been little alteration since but the undermentioned families are additional. Husband Westcot (Waistcoat) Queeramurra F/B, 34 years Wife Helip (Olive) Derrawanni F/B, 30 years Children Eileen, 10 years Sonny (Johnny), 8 years Dinah, 5 years Margaret, born 23. 1.1950 Toby, born 14. 6.1952 Husband Taylor Chapanunga F/B, 42 years Wife Netta Narbareenullie F/B, 19 years Children Evelyn, born 17. 1.1951 Gregory, born 30. 8.1952 Husband Johnnie Bungederrendee F/B, 38 years Second Wife Mavis 3/4C, ex Phillip Creek, no aboriginal name, about 21 years Children Phyllis (father said to have been Leo Casey H/C, born about 1. 8.1949 at Phillip Creek Births and Deaths Births Father Chuckler Wirrie Wirrie Mother Norah Moon Moonullie Child Not named, born 11. 9.1951, died 15. 2.1953 Father Westcot Queeramurra Mother Helip Derrawanni Child Toby, born 14. 6.1952 Father Tommy Joogooroo Mother Rosie Jimun Gullie Child Bob, born 23. 1.1952 Father Gerald Digutdurrie Mother Bessie Jill Bungoo Child Ned, born 2. 7.1951 Father Taylor Chapanunga Mother Netta Narbareenullie Child Evelyn, born 17. 1.1951 Gregory, born 30. 8.1952 Deaths One only. Unnamed infant child of Chuckler Wirrie Wirrie and Norah Moonmoonullie. Born 11. 9.1951 died 15. 2.1952. All formalities completed by Constable Mahoney, Anthony's Lagoon. Child Endowment Endowee Children Endowment from Nipper Dunegiddegurrie Rosie 30. 1.1951 Norah Moonmoonullie Alice 30. 1.1951 Elsie Kate Helip (Olive) Derrawanni Eileen 2. 1.1951 Johnny (Sonny) Dinah Kitty Cardie Reita 20. 6.1950 Fanny Gibungnullie Harry 20. 6.1950 Ann Minnie Wagunburna Jim 20. 6.1950 Rainyerie Frank Peter Colin Gracie Warringrulli Jane 20. 6.1950 Nancy Gunradirra Stan 20. 6.1950 Rosie Jimungullie Marion 20. 6.1950 Jessie Jillbungoo Jacky 20. 6.1950 Albert 2. 1.1951 Ruth 2. 1.1951 Jessie Ungillnulli Helen 20. 6.1950 Applications for Child Endowment Claims have been completedand submitted separately from this report, for the following :- Father Mother Child Date of Birth Gerald Digutcurrie Bessie Jillbungoo Ned 2. 7.1951 Tommy Joogooroo Rosie Jimungullie Bob 23. 1.1952 Taylor Chapanunga Netta Narbareenullie Evelyn 17. 1.1951 Taylor Chapanunga Netta Narbareenullie Gregory 30. 8.1952 Westcot Queeramurra Helip (Olive) Derrawanni Toby 14. 6.1952 Westcot Queeramurra Helip (Olive) Derrawanni Margaret 23. 1.1950 David Beegullangoonoo Winnie Munnanullie (S/mother) May 1. 7.1943 David Beegullangoonoo Winnie Munnanullie (S/mother) Wally 1. 3.1945 McGregor Uyeramorroo Nancy Gunradirra Paddy 1. 8.1950 Maintenance Adults Name Notes Johnson Indenunnoo Old man Blanche Giddeanulli H/C Wife of Johnson Ginnie II Wirrie Wirrie Widow Ginnie III Wuruglie Widow Nancy Gunradirra 3rd wife of employee McGregor Mavis 2nd wife of employee Johnnie Kitty Cardie Widow Jessie Ungillnulli Single, not employed Molly Lilleria 2nd wife of employee McGregor Children Name Notes May Ingirrinulla 9 years Wally Moonmoondrungoo 7 years Margaret 2 years Toby Born 14. 6.1952 John E Bray T/Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Utopia Station Owner /Manager : Mr A H McLeod (previously A H McLeod and J N Nelson) Location : 140 miles north easy of Alice Springs on the Sandover River Inspection Date : 17th August 1952 Employees Part Aboriginals Jimmy H/C, Stockman, reared as a native in camps, and could not demand award rates. Aboriginals Name Skin Occupation Walter Abananga Stockman Johnny Purula Stockman Charlie Purula Stockman Paddy Purula Stockman Jimmy Purula Stockman Jerry Panunga Stockman Paddy Ngarai Stockman Sammy Purula Gardener Darwin George Station-hand Fred Agamara Station-hand Jacky Agamara Station-hand Larry Abaldjara Station-hand Billy Abaldjara Station-hand Jack Agamara Station-hand Alfie Purula Station-hand Alan Agnarai Station-hand Kathleen Agamara Goat Shepherd Lily Ambidjana House Girl Vital Statistics (1) Census - 17th August, 1952 (a) Part Aboriginals Jimmy, Abaldjara, Alyawarra, H/C, aged 20 years (b) Aboriginals (Alyawarra and Aranda) (i) Working Natives (A) Single Johnny, Purula Charlie, Purula Paddy, Purula Jerry, Panunga Paddy, Ngwarai Larry, Abaldjara (wife deceased) Kathleen, Agamara (B) Married Walter, Abananga Rita, Ngwarai Margaret, Abungard, aged 4 years Sammy, Abungard, aged 2 years Ria, Abananga, aged 8 years (brother of Walter) Jimmy, Purula Emily, Abananga Sammy, Purula Lily, Ambidjana Darwin George, Abaldjara Topsy, Angala (wife and mother) Eric, Abaldjara, aged 6 years Mavis, Abaldjara, aged 5 years Fred, Agamara Maudie, Baldjara Rosie, Purula, aged 10 years William, Purula, aged 7 years Ria, Purula, aged 6 years Jacky, Agamara Mary, Abungard Billy, Abaldjara Rosie, Agamara Jack, Agamara Minnie, Abaldjara Don, Purula, aged 7 years Alfie, Purula Mollie, Angala Henry, Abaldjara, aged 5 years Alan, Agnarai Kitty, Purula Alec, Baldjara, aged 2 years (ii) Non-working Natives (A) Single Tom, Purula Tom, Ngwarai (shearer - ex Delny Station) Larry, Agamara, aged 50 years Charlie, Agamara, aged 60 years Old Ned, Abaldjara, aged 60 years (B) Married Alec, Ngwarai Polly, Purula Sam, Ngwarai (shearer - ex Delny Station) Lena, Purula Susie, Abaldjara, aged 4 years Kenny, Abaldjara, aged 2 years Paddy, Ngwarai Angeline, Purula Lily, Abaldjara, aged 10 years Toddly, Abaldjara, aged 7 years Robin, Abaldjara, aged 6 years Jack I, Agamara, aged 70 years Jennie, Abaldjara, aged 65 years Fred, Agamara, aged 50 years Nellie, Abaldjara, aged 40 years Tim, Purula, aged 12 years George, Purula, aged 11 years William, Purula, aged 6 years Long Jack I, Agamara, aged 60 years Nellie, Abaldjara, aged 35 years Ted, Purula, aged 6 years Les, Purula, aged 1 1/2 years Left-hand Tom, Agamara, aged 65 years Mary, Abaldjara, aged 55 years Hughie, Baldjara, aged 55 years Fanny, Agamara, aged 40 years (2) Branch Dependents Name Age Relationships Larry, Agamara 50 yrs Aged and infirm Charlie, Agamara 60 yrs Aged and infirm Old Ned, Abaldjara 60 yrs Aged and infirm Jack I, Agamara 70 yrs Aged and infirm Jennie, Abaldjara 65 yrs Aged and infirm Fred, Agamara 50 yrs Aged and infirm Nellie, Abaldjara 40 yrs Wife of Fred Tim, Purula 12 yrs Child of Fred and Nellie George, Purula 11 yrs Child of Fred and Nellie William, Purula 6 yrs Child of Fred and Nellie Long Jack II, Agamara 60 yrs Aged and infirm Nellie, Abaldjari 35 yrs Wife of Long Jack Ted, Purula 6 yrs Child of Long Jack and Nellie Les, Purula 1 1/2 yrs Child of Long Jack and Nellie Left-hand Tom, Agamara 65 yrs Aged and infirm Mary, Abaldjara 55 yrs Wife of Left-hand Tom Hughie, Baldjara 55 yrs Aged and infirm Fanny, Agamara 40 yrs Wife of Hughie Sammy, Abungard 2 yrs Second child of Walter Ria, Abananga 8 yrs Brother of Walter Mavis, Abaldjara 5 yrs Second child of Darwin George William, Purula 7 yrs Second child of Fred, Agamara and Maudie, Baldjara Ria, Purula 6 yrs Third child of Fred, Agamara and Maudie, Baldjara B D Greenfield Cadet Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWCASTLE WATERS Aged and Infirn Camp Native Affairs Branch Northern Territory Administration Elliott, N.T. 6th October, 1952 The Director of Native Affairs Darwin, N.T. AGED AND INFIRM CAMP : NEWCASTLE WATERS Reference is made to your memorandum of 19th and 25th September, 1952 - 52/463, relating to :- (1) Request through an officer of the P.M.G. Department publicised through the Darwin News Broadcast, with reference to a water supply for the camp. (2) A petition, through the same officer, to His Honour the Administrator requesting a water supply, erection of shower huts and an assurance that the tribe would not be disbanded. In my report on this camp, - 52/463 of 7th August 1952, a list of names of persons present at the camp on the previous day, was given, and also a paragraph regarding the water supply. Further information relating to these two items is appended, and also a rough sketch of the existing water supply facilities. The names listed on the copy of the petition are interesting, as reference to my detailed list of these people will show that some persons are not inmates of the camp, others are children from 3 years of age up to 14 years, and the great majority of 'signatures' are of employees of Newcastle Waters Station or their relations or members of their families. The instigator of the movement which eventuated into the interview with the P.M.G. official, was Beetaloo Bill who does not live in Newcastle Waters, but is employed by the Department of Works and resides at Elliott. The other 'old men' are as under :- Police Tracker Tommy, stationed at Elliott Police Tracker Duncan, stationed at Elliott Whitefoot Yaagoorung, employee of A E Sargeant storekeeper, Newcastle Waters Prentice Amirrigurrie, employee of Mr M Schober, Newcastle Waters Charlie Walla Loo Gurrie, formerly an employee of Newcastle Waters Station, now residing at Elliott It will be noted that not one of these 'old men' are bona fide residents of the Aged and Infirm Camp. PMG Official : It is considered that when approached by Beetaloo Bill in the first instance, this official should have immediately referred him to the writer, or failing my presence, to the officer in charge, Police Station, Elliott. It is also worthy of note that this official, in addition to his duties as Technician of the Repeater Station at Newcastle Waters (where his wife is Post-Mistress), is also the local Australian Broadcasting Commission correspondent and the correspondent for the newspaper - 'N.T. News'. He receives a financial consideration for each item of news published and each item broadcast. His 'sympathetic' consideration for aboriginals is motre truly indicated by his reluctance to pay his male employee more than 10/- per week, until pressure was brought to bear by the writer. There is no animosity between us, but there will be less interest taken in aboriginal matters by unauthorised persons when he leaves the district on the 23rd of this month. INMATES of the CAMP - AGED and INFIRM Tribe : Tchingali - Mudbra Name Aboriginal Name Sex Age Family Group Flag Nim Cockaada M 75 Tchumbilillie x Charlie Gilwannagurrie M 75 Tchugardai x Brumby Childngwanna M 80 Tchumbilillie Kidman Good Birrini Birri M 70 Tchubalya Lena Walla Dung Allie F 50 Ngangala x Marion Yallamia F 55 Numbijinna Carrie Cool Goo Lear F 60 Naamunna x Jill Burrung Ullie F 70 Lucy Killabirrini F 45 Naamitta x Hoppy Minyabullie F 50 Numbijinna Polly Wirrimungullie F 50 Ngunguri x = These names appear on the petition. OTHER NAMES on the PETITION (1) Employees of Newcastle Waters Station or wives or children of those employees or other employees. Tribe : Tchingali - Mudbra (unless otherwise stated) Name Aboriginal Name Sex Age Family Group Dick Yabun Dugga M 42 Tchumbilillie Old Roderick Mirri Jill Gurrie (Warramung) M 62 Tchumbilillie Clara Baalungallie F 52 Nowaula Topsy Wallungoo F 62 Naamitta Maudie Lurri Ungallie F 55 Ngalyirri Dinah Moorong Allie F 48 Ngunguri Bessie Yilillie F 27 Numbijinna Dulcie Doonmia F 25 Ngalyirri Rosie Laa Bobbi F 20 Ngalyirri Lady Muggen Jung Iwarra F 22 Ngimarra Tommy Cooradjite M 20 Tchugardai Ned Waar Nar Jarra M 19 Tchunama Bindy Goodminge M 40 Tchunguri Pharlap Dibli M 25 Tchabulya Paddy Marloo Jerrie M 35 Tchugardai Big Head War Bar Gurrie M 65 Tchugardai Hughie Jimmun Gurrie M 60 Tchumbilillie (W'munga) Fat Tommy Naskuli M 65 Tchubaartta Jack Maandagurrie M 55 Tchugardai Billy Bittingurrie M 40 Tchumbilillie (W'munga) Kathleen Yerollnallie F 37 Numbijinna (Wailpri) Gladys Cumboona F 35 Naamunna Linda Canyearlinda F 4 Ngangala Ian M 3 Tchungula Ruth Carngingnallie F 11 Nowaula Noreen Bungdoungnallie F 13 Nowaula Dooly Djutia F 4 Nowaula Harney (Annie) Jaakita F 2 Nowaula (2) Other residents of Newcastle Waters, whose names appear on the Petition, but who do not necessarily live in the Aged and Infirm Camp. Name Aboriginal Name Sex Age Family Group Remarks Whitefoot Yaagoorung M 45 Tchabulya Employed at Store Amelia Widgie Lillie F 38 Ngimarra Employed at Store Beetaloo Bill M 45 Tchunguri Resides at Elliott Duncan Wallum Burra Wung M 35 Tchubaarta Police Tracker Charlie Walla Loo Gurrie M 30 Tchunguri Resides at Elliott Old Sago M 60 Tchumbilillie Visitor for one week from Wave Hill Rogin Tindin Goo M 35 Tchunguri Employee of PMG Newcastle Waters Little Robin Igalumba M 30 Tchunguri Itinerant Eileen Mingmingyallie F 11 Ngagala Lives at Newcastle Waters Elsie Jaa Googu F 30 Ngalyirri Wife of Duncan Dolly Numia F 45 Ngalyirra Wife of Mick (employed at store at Newcastle Waters) Dolly F Nasmunna Week end visitor from Daly Waters Prentice Amirrigurrie M 40 Tchungula Employed by M Schober Daisy Loondoonullie F 40 Ngunguri Resides at Elliott Barbara Yallowongallie F 17 Ngangala Resides at Elliott Nancy Go Min Duck F 35 Naamitta Wife of Prentice Sadie Taanawungnallie F 14 Numbijinna Daughter of Nancy Morphy M 35 Tchunama Itinerant George M Tchabulya Visitor from Victoria River Downs All the above are Tchingali - Mudbra excepting Morphy who is Wailpri, and Duncan - Wombaia, Old Sago - Mudbra, Daisy and Barbara - Mudbra. (3) The undermentioned names appear on the petition, but cannot be located. Neither can any information about them gathered from Police Tracker Tommy or Beetaloo Bill's wife. Old Cleave Maisie Colby Shavie WATER SUPPLY Newcastle Waters is supplied with water from one bore and a storage tank of 10,000 gallons. Reticulation is by small pipes to Hotel, Post Office, residences etc. The aged and infirm aboriginals must walk to the bore site where a convenient tap is available for them. The distance from the bore to the tank is 187 paces, and from the tank to the camp, (at the 'Church' which is centrally situated in the camp) 795 paces. The distance stated in the petition as 1 1/4 miles is absurb, and would reach a point well beyond the camp. The watering point requested by the inmates of the camp is a distance of approximately 400 yards from the tank, in a westerly direction. Installation of a watering point, with or without showers would be simple in the extreme, given the necessary piping. The tank is already there and a junction with one of the existing reticulation pipes is all that is required. Directions approximate only. Not compass bearings. APPENDIX 1 List showing tribal relationships of inmates of the Aged and Infirm Camp and employees of the Newcastle Waters Station. The 'Skin' Group mentioned is common to both columns 1 and 3. Aged and Infirm Skin Group Employees Nim Cockaada Tchumbilillie Dick Yabun Dugga Brumby Childngwanna Old Roderick Mirrie Jill Gurrie Hughie Jimmun Gurrie Billy Bittingurrie Charlie Gillwanna Gurrie Tchungardai Paddy Marloo Jerrie Big Head War Bar Gurrie Jack Maandagurrie Kidman Good Birrini Birri Tchubalya Pharlap Dibli Lena Walla Dung Allie Ngangala Linda Canyearlinda (daughter of employee Dick Yabundugga) Marion Yallamia Numbijinna Bessie Yilillie, wife of an employee Kathleen Yerollnallie, wife of an employee Carrie Cool Goo Lear Naamunna Baigie, wife of employee Edgar Lucy Killabirrini Ngalyirri Sister of Big Head and Jack Maandagurrie Hoppy Minyabullie Numbijinna Bessie and Kathleen above Polly Wirrimung Ngunguri Sister to wife of Major Taylor (Head Stockman) Note Jill Burrung Ullie - although this name was given to us as being a recipient of rations, latest information indicates that she is now at Phillip Creek Native Settlement. John E Bray T/Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Coolibah Station Manager : Mr Wason Byers Government Dependants The following to be removed from list. Old Harry Ileelie George Nool-Ran Lucy Ya-Lee-Na Kelly Mi-Wul Nellie, wife of Curley Vida and Nancy, wife and child of Kelly, were at Coolibah but not now Lily and Roy, wife and child of Willie were at Coolibah but not now Maggie Moon-Na-Nee, Hansen's disease patient, at Coolibah September to December 1951 Boogie Gunna-Hook, at Coolibah September to December 1951 Johnson and Elsie, at Wombungie outstation from October 1951 to 20th December 1951 The legitimate Government Dependants are Albert Doring-It Nipper Kirie Dolly Kor-Du-Zulaun, wife of Nipper Rosie Gun-Bohnin, wife of Nipper Judy Yumung-Yunut, daughter of Nipper and Dolly Shirley Don-Muk, daughter of Nipper and Rosie Josephine H/C, 2nd child of Daisy Kun-Yo-Mi Tiger Wadaga, Tiger's wife Violet is not at present at Coolibah, having been sent to Hospital on approximately 10. 8.1952 Blind Topsy Mee-Wai Possum Wil-Go-A-Roo Laurie, wife of Possum Blind Maggie Bungaree, wife of Possum Parah Yan-Deera, 2nd wife of Kelly Pumpkin Nalida-Gurrie, as from April 1952 Curley Nable-Joe, as from January 1952 Charlie Ling-Mee, as from 15. 8.1952 Dolly Won-Di-Emun, as from 15. 8.1952 E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________ LAKE NASH STATION Owner : Queensland National Pastoral Company Manager : Mr H S Paine Licence : Mr H S Paine, Manager, No 284 Mr H G Paine, Head Stockman, No 285 Mr D King, Overseer, No 286 Mr M Dunn, Overseer, No 287 All the above Licences were issued on 7th July 1952 by Constable L R Cossons Inspection Date : 31st August 1952 Employees European Name Aboriginal Name Age Position Alby Arebulla 26 years Stockman Albert Ai-uraka 18 Stockman Beasley Warramerra 42 Engineer's O/S Captain 20 Stockman Camel Jack Umbidjargill 57 Pumper Frank Toby 25 Stockman George (jnr) 19 Stockman Harry 19 Stockman Jerry Jnungara 67 General Hand Jasper Jugara 22 Stockman Left Hand Mick Inoouck 72 General Hand Mick Mowaldurra 37 Pumper Mannie Alyuta 21 Stockman Paddy Alta Ing Ooge 34 Pumper Punch Jumbulka 62 Gardener Powder Jungala 18 Stockman Pussycat Tommy Brossler 28 Pumper Philomac Kradinjin 32 Pumper Roy Rusty Albanjula 25 Stockman Sambo Dedandarah 67 General Hand Tiger Inoora 47 Engineer's O/S Skipper Aroogara 57 Cook's O/S Wally Kuranpinlega 25 Stockman Wirra Warra Jack 62 Pumper Additional since 1950 Barney 65 Pumper Avon Bob Tchugan Buga 60 Pumper Mussely 15 Stockman Johnny 16 Gardener Charlie 16 Stockman Female Employees Daisy Goodjaboo 39 Laundress Polly Un Unda 38 Domestic Tilly Yeelyi 16 Domestic Annie 19 Domestic Dorrie Ooda Worrick 42 Domestic Ivy Balbambooka 37 Domestic Dorothy 16 Domestic Halfcaste Employees Darkie King, Overseer Harry Mahoney, Boundary Rider / Pumper, has family Payments and Credits Under-payments for Captain Mussely and Powder who are now second year stockmen Family Groups A complete list of families at Lake Nash in 1950 was given in the report for that year. Additional families since the report are as under :- Father Avon Bob Tchugan Buga, 60 years Mother Edie Mai Jung Janga, 40 years Children Johnny, 16 years Henry, 9 years Stevens, 11 years Father Harry Mahoney H/C, 57 years Mother Rose Mahoney F/B, 42 years Children Doreen F/B, 17 years Lizzie 3/4C, 12 years Ronny 3/4C, 10 years Dolly 3/4C, 7 years Jessie 3/4C, 4 years Notes Lizzie Mahoney is at present with Mrs Ivor Paine at Barcklay Station, adjoining Lake Nash. Father Unknown Mother Doreen Mahoney F/B, above, 17 years Children Charles H/C, 2 years Child Endowment Mother Mabel Indai Googa Children Sylvia Toby Dave Alf Georgie Mother Rose Mahoney Children Lizzie Ronnie Dolly Jessie Mother Doreen (Mahoney) Children Charles Mother Polly Un Unda Children Louie Mother Tiny Lamorga Children Colleen Mother Annie Children Connie Alice Mother Daisy Ngingi Children Peter Johnny Mother Doris Ooda Worrick Children Mussely Alun Illiga Billy Dot Alabaja Mother Elsie Poortajaburra Children Nellie Linda Katie Ethel Mother Ivy Nyuda Children Micky Dunn Cecil Keith Betty Mother Ivy Balambooka Children Dorothy Nancy Mother Daphne Ngalia Un Bugga Children Danny Raymond Alfie Gladys Joan Elizabeth Mother Tiny Ngoorung Brunga Children Hilda Mother Lily Runing Bugga Children Minnie Rose Mahoney - In a letter to the Manager of Lake Nash Station from Social Services dated 13th June 1952, the following passage occurs :- 'Rose Mahoney - on your advice it appears that the endowment should be paid through the Department of Native Affairs, although up to the time of writing no representation from that Department has been received. It would appear that endowment for child Lizzie should not have been made after her transfer to Mrs Ivor Paine (see remarks re Mussely and Dorothy above). This being the case there would be an overpayment of approximately 26 pounds. If you will return the amount of 132 pounds included in my cheque, the correct amount will be passed onto the Department of Native Affairs. If you so desire, the 132 pounds can be withheld from your July payments. Please advise your wishes on this point.' The application for Child Endowment for Rose Mahoneywas submitted from Tobermorey Station on or about 22nd October 1950, by the writer. Since then the Mahoney's have left Tobermorey and secured employment at Lake Nash. The father, Harry Mahoney, is a half caste and receives Award Rates of 13 pounds 1 shilling and 11 pence per week. He entirely maintains his own family and purchases all food and clothing for them out of his wages. It is recommended that his Endowment payments for all children excepting Lizzie be forwarded to the Trust Account for withdrawal as he sees fit. Lake NAsh Station is quite agreeable to this, as the manager considers that Harry Mahoney is quite well off and would perhaps appreciate the Child Endowment money at some future date, by way of withdrawal from the Trust Account. The cheque for 132 pounds is retained by the Station, and advice would be appreciated by them as to its disposal. Lizzie Mahoney - Now that this child is in the care and custody of Mrs Ivor Paine, it appears that she is no longer entitled to Endowment benefits, and the Station would appreciate advice on this point also. Mussely and Dorothy - The reference in the letter from Social Services deals with the question of continuance of Endowment moneys, owing to the fact that these two haverecently been placed on the list of employees. They are still however in the care and custody of the parents by virtue of the fact that they are still living in the samecamp as their parents. The letter uses the term 'if the child goes out and maintains itself (then) endowment payments would be discontinued'. The fact that these two have secured employment on Lake Nash Station at 12/6 and 10/- per week respectively, can hardly be termed maintaining oneself, but this same question may occur again and a direction would be appreciated as to whether applications should be made for children (under 16 years) who are nethertheless employed. Additional applications for Child Endowment have been submitted by the Station for the undermentioned (this list is also of Births since last inspection.) :- Child Eileen Born 12. 4.1951 Father Beasley Warrmerra Mother Daisy Ngingi Child Margaret Born 25. 7.1951 Father Tommy Brossler Mother Tiny Lamorga Child Sheila Born 11. 8.1951 Father Wallaby Arrorarruga Mother Annie Child Hazel Born 12. 1.1952 Father Frank Toby Lamooga Mother Dolly Forms of information for the above submitted by Constable Parsons. Child Eileen Born 15. 5.1952 Father Bob Kilpinga Mother Ida Child Pauline Born 6. 1.1952 Father Paddy Alta Ing Ooga Mother Ivy Nyuda Child Jesse Born 10. 8.1952 Father Mick Mowaldurra Mother Daphne Ngalia Un Bugga Child Willie Born 8. 7.1952 Father Barney Raa Gunna Rooka Mother Florrie Forms of information for the above submitted by Constable Cossons Births and Deaths Deaths since last inspection :- Mary Wirra, died 29. 6.1951, pneumonia Soudan Charlie Pidjarra, died 26. 7.1951, old age Molly Gwgardi, died 9. 9.1951, old age Charlie Bulla, died Not Recorded, old age Forms of information for the above submitted by Constable Parsons Christine, died 3. 5.1952, not defined This child died at Barklay Downs and all formalities were completed by the Camooweal Police. Dependants Claims for Maintenance of Dependants may be submitted in the near future. The following are the names of those eligible at date :- Name Aboriginal Name Age Notes Frank Nomorinuck 67 years Minnie Lubingalla 70 Widow Cabbage Mick 70 Blind Molly Baallaaninga 60 Lilly Runing-buga 50 Widow Gilbert Ali-leda 60 Maudie Dobun Dugga 60 Larry A Teat Un Deriga 70 Topsy Inmin Dariniggaa 65 Maudie Yai Jai Jirra 60 Jinny Aper Bring Appi 58 Widow Blind Mary Ilari Nuck 70 Blind Nomads ex Sandover Ted Undridjba, 55 years George Ilki Ungara, 50 years Part Aboriginal Employees Name Darkie King H/C Age About 40 years Position Head Stockman Father Walter King, European Mother Said to be Topsy F/B, Barklay Downs, Queensland Wife Nellie Mormadaga F/B, aged about 22 years Marriage De facto Children Henry, born 1.10.1950 at Mt Isa Hospital Name George Speechley H/C Age 66 years Position Camp Cook Father Unknown Mother Unknown Wife Annie Sticks F/B, cripple, aged about 42 years Marriage De facto Children Georgie Speechley born 11. 3.1947, now at Doomadgee Mission Name Mick Dunn H/C Age 41 years Position General Maintenance Father Unknown Mother Unknown Marriage Single Name Harry Mahoney H/C Age 55 years Position Boundary Rider / Pumper Father Unknown Mother Unknown Wife Rose Mahoney F/B, aged about 43 years Marriage De facto Children Lizzie 3/4C, 12 years Ronnie 3/4C, 10 years Dolly 3/4C, 7 years John E Bray Patrol Officer ____________________________________________________________________________________ GALLIPOLI STATION Owner : North Australian Pastoral Co Ltd Manager : Mr R L McCullagh Licence : Mr R L McCullagh, Manager, No 348 James Boothe, Head Stockman, No 349 Inspection Date : 1st September, 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Status Captain Wallundungunna 37 years Stockman Married Norman Nuagu 58 Pumper Married Bill Jangarrie 49 Pumper Married Frank Tchubulda 20 Stockman Single Johnny Tchugula 25 Stockman Single Alfie Tcheradoo 19 Stockman Single Roy * Tchungula 17 Stockman Single Teddy * Tchungula 16 Stockman Single Popeye * Tchungari 17 Stockman Single Johnnie II * Tchabanunga 19 Stockman Single George * Tchungula 18 Stockman Single Laurie * Tchuckamurra 18 Stockman Single Ned Talungi 56 General Hand Single Amy Murrnab 27 Domestic Binda Tamau 52 Domestic Winnie Toogoolmarra 27 Domestic * = From Yuendumu Family Groups Father Henry Jagalla Mother Winnie Toogoolmarra Children William Kulmalundo, 9 years Dependents As for 1950, three only. Nellie Yurrum Binna Kitty Yum Binn Alina Charlie Napolari John E Bray T/Patrol Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________ AVON DOWNS STATION Owner : Peel River Land and Mineral Co Ltd Manager : Mr R T Schmidt Licence : Mr R T Schmidt, No 2837, Manager Mr H E Lewis, No 2838, Head Stockman Inspection Date :15th September 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Status Frank Koorandi 47 years Stockman Married Alick Walibulu 26 Stockman Single Tobacco Jacky Moodoo Sinma 52 Stockman Married Larrakin 62 Gardener Married Lizzie Munna Murinu Domestic Married Kathleen Domestic Married Family Groups Father Larrikin Mother Kathleen Children Eric, 14 years Ivy, 10 years Kevin, 6 years Father Tobacco Jack Mother Lizzie Munna Murinu Children Nil John E Bray T/Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________________________ SOUDAN STATION Owner : North Australian Pastoral Company Manager : Mr T N Groom Licence : Mr T N Groom, No 346, issued 3. 7.1952 by Constable Definey Inspection Date :17th September, 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Soudan Jacky Jackamin 35 years Stockman Roy Coompa Ran 37 General Hand Joe Tchungala 17 Stockman Jacky Bunge Des 15 Stockman David Naa Goo 15 Stockman Freddy Tchugardai 16 Stockman Clara Minuminni 32 Domestic Ivy Moollera 30 Domestic Services terminated on 31. 8.1952 Barney Wallung Oorong Ooru 42 Emily Booby 40 Friday Vin Jabbi 37 Emily Booby receives a monthly payment of 10 pounds from Child Endowment ex Trust Account, Darwin. The above three are reported to be making for Borroloola, and it is recommended that payments to Emily be suspended pending further advice as to where she settles down. Payments and Credits Credits present for David Freddie Jackie Joe Rations Station cook is Mrs Wing, a Chinese / Aboriginal woman. Family Groups Father Jacky (Soudan) Jackamin Mother Clara Minuminni Children Betty 3/4C, 8 years Tony 3/4C, 6 years Billy William H/C, 3 years Glorina F/B, born July 1951 Father Roy Inyeralong Mother Ivy Moolera Children Rene Coon Lai Ube, 10 years Notes This family was at Alexandria in 1950. Names recorded then were Roy Inyeralong and Ivy Marlrube. Father Unknown Mother Clara Minnuminni Children Billy William H/C (see above), born 26.10.1949 Births and Deaths Glorina, born about July 1951 at Soudan Station to Jacky (Soudan) Jackamin and Clara Minuminni. Child Endowment Received by Emily Booby Clara Minuminni Ivy Moolera John E Bray T/Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________________________ ALEXANDRIA STATION Owner : North Australian Pastoral Co, formerly Alexandria Station Pty Ltd Manager : Mr R H Murray Licence : R H Murray, Manager, No 343 Dave Carden, Head Stockman, No 344 Alan Crisp, Engineer, No 345 Sidney Skinner, Mechanic, No 347 Inspection Date :22rd August 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Bob Limbin-urrawan 53 years Cooks O/S Chuckler Bairant 31 Engineers O/S Prince Douwangoo-jang Onnu 35 General Hand Roy Inyeralong 34 Engineers O/S Long Norman Bunga-rooba 43 General Hand Duncan Gooroo Dumudgie 39 General Hand Mick Ginbirri Dugjuna 52 General Hand Hector Ooroonya Mulla 52 General Hand Charlie Yowgongongi 42 General Hand Pumper Ned Narogulangi 67 Pumper (terminated 30. 6.1951) Yabba (Wyndham) Yangamee 45 Engineers O/S (commenced 1. 5.1952) Danny Jingallie-jongoonu 27 Stockman Limerick Yangie-mandouwan 27 Stockman Drover Jacky Conkaberry Armadilla 37 Stockman Ginger Tchubalyi Stockman (terminated December 1951, recommenced May 1952) Tracker Dick Koolamona 65 General Hand Freddie Dingmaiarri 28 Stockman Davie Bullungannan Jarrie 40 Gardener Teddy Chungulu 16 Stockman Gardener Dick Larra Jamudgie 60 Gardener Sam Long Wurranda Mudgie General Hand Trixie Oonyang Oobe 17 Domestic Violet 23 Domestic Gypsy Binging-ullie 25 Domestic Alice Murramoolibe 40 Domestic Bobbin Myryim-brube 17 Domestic Daisy Cubungbinyarra 45 Domestic Jemima 22 Domestic Big Molly Ilda-jirube 29 Domestic Molly Nabooga 52 Domestic Mya Mya Ngiringbuna 24 Domestic Myra Dadjabdad 32 Domestic Rosie Burrgulube 55 Laundress Bessie Neddijumman Yarra 18 Domestic Lucy Bringunallie 29 Domestic Family Groups Father Victor Cowulga Mother Jemima Dudgin-gurina Children Tucker H/C, born 25.10.1951 Father Wilson Congongi Mother Lucy bringun-allie Children Male infant, born 6. 9.1951, deceased November 1951 Amos, born 8. 8.1952 Father Prince Douwan Mother Big Molly Ildajirube Children Terry, born 10.11.1950 Jedda, born 31. 7.1952, female Father Charlie Yow-gong ongi Mother Myra Dadj Dadjab Children John H/C, born 31. 5.1951 Father Dan Jing Alliejong Oonu Mother Trixie Conyang Ube Children Susan, born 9. 6.1951 Father Limerick Yangie Man Douwan Mother Bobbin Myryim Brube Children Angus, born 15. 8.1951 Forms of Information: Submitted for all the above, by the Station book keeper (Mr Palmer) excepting the two most recent - Jedda and Amos. These two have been completed at date, and are forwarded with this report. Child Tucker H/C: Mother F/B as above. Father - said bt the mother to be Jack Draper, European, employed as butcher. Draper denied paternity to Constable Deviney. Child John H/C: Mother F/B as above. Father - said to be Draper, who denies paternity. Both Jemima and Myra have had several childrenl, nearly all by different fathers, both European and half caste, and it would be most difficult to ascertain the true paternity with any of their children. Deaths Male infant, aged 5 days, died 11. 9.1951, pneumonia Yellow Molly Kingalliara, died 23. 3.1952, heart failure Cockney Munda Rando, died 8. 5.1952, old age Sambo Toojooroojoo, died 2. 2.1951, old age Lizzie Nanja, died 11. 5.1952, heart failure Child Endowment Endowee Jemima Budgin Gurina Children Betty, aged 7 years Elizabeth, aged 6 years Timmy, aged 3 years Tucker H/C, aged 1 year Endowee Lucy Bringunallie Children Lurick, aged 13 years Audrey, aged 10 years Louise, aged 4 years Amos, born 8. 8.1852 Endowee Big Molly Ildjirube Children Irene, 11 years Alma, 9 years David, 6 years Chloe, 3 years Terry, 2 years Jedda, born 31. 7.1952 Endowee Ivy Marlrube Children Rene, 11 years Endowee Rosie Burragulube Children Chingaloo, 12 years Bob Watson H/C, 5 years Endowee Bessie Neddijumanyarra Children Jeffrey, 2 years Endowee Myra Dadjdadjab Children Peggy H/C, 7 years Patrick H/C, 3 years John H/C, 1 years Endowee Yellow Molly Kingaliarra, deceased 31. 3.1952 Children William, 6 years Jimmy, 4 years Endowee Gypsy Bingingullie Children Banka Banka, 7 years Endowee Violet Children Edna, 5 years Banjo, 4 years Endowee Trixie Oonyang-ube Children Susan, 1 year Endowee Bobbin Myryimbrube Children Angus, 1Endowee Trixie Oonyang-ube Children Susan, 1 year Endowee Mya-mya Ngiringbuna Children Margaret, 7 years Cyclone, 4 years Dependants Maintenance is claimed for the following persons :- Cockney Nunda Rando, deceased 8. 5.1952 Nellie Kumbariube, widow of Cockney Goanna George, deceased 27. 7.1950 Gardener Dick Larra Ja-mudgie, terminated employment 1. 7.1951 Sambo Toojooroojoo, deceased 2. 2.1951 Pumper Ned Narogulanji, terminated employment 30. 6.1951 Victor Cowulga, very old man Sam Long Wurranda Mudgie, cripple Kathleen Gurrie-ima, old widow All of the above were at Alexandria at the time of the last inspection in 1950, excepting Goanna George - deceased 27. 7.1950 With the exception of the deceased, all others named above are still here. Employees ex Yuendumu Of the eleven aborigines employed in 1951, one died of heart failure (Sandy). The other ten were returned to Yuendumu, and in May 1952 sixteen were further employed. of these sixteen nine were employees of the previous year. The tenth boy, Allan, did not return because of his marriage. The undermentioned are employees from Yuendumu :- At Alexandria Name Employed Employed Paddy Tchubalyi 1951 1952 Kenny Tchungari 1951 1952 Albert Tchabonarrie 1951 1952 Michael Tchabonarri 1951 1952 Simpson Tchubalyi 1952 Paddy No 2 Tchuckamurra 1952 At Soudan Joe Tchungula 1952 Freddy Tchungari 1951 1952 David Tchubarula 1951 1952 Jack Tchuckamurra 1951 1952 At Gallipoli George Tchungula 1951 1952 Teddy Tchungula 1951 1952 Popeye Tchungari 1952 Johnny No 2 Tchabanunga 1952 Laurie Tchuckamurra 1952 Roy Tchungula 1952 Halfcaste Male Employee Husband George Storey H/C, employed as mechanic Wife Joyce H/C, from Mt Isa Children Robert, born on or about 20. 1.1952 _________________________________________________________________________________ BRUNETTE DOWNS Owner : The Gulf Cattle Company Manager : Mr E Barnes Licence : E W Barnes, Manager, No 1273 A S McColl, Overseer, No 1274 John Tracey, Head Stockman, No 1275 A E Brown, Engineer, No 1276 W McIntosh, Engineer, No 1277 Inspection Date : 26th August, 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Albert Cun Jerry Abbie 50 years General Hand Alec Won Biaabi 30 Stockman Anthony Arthur Juddes 30 Stockman Anthony Sam Gudging Garrie 50 Stockman Anthony Sambo Joo Joo Gurrie 40 Stockman Big Head Tommy Yungura Mudgee 50 General Hand Bruce Baralla Mudgee 50 Stockman Brunette Bob Mine Arroogi 50 Gardener Coolah Paddy Julinga Mudgee 45 Engineer O/S Dan Bitti Gooangi Onnu 40 Engineer O/S Davey Naajaaba 28 Stockman Freddie Booth 40 Stockman Frankie Poogavalley 25 Stockman Horace Billa Mudgie 30 Stockman Johnny Mudbirrirri 30 General Hand Lansen Janta Might Bi 30 Stockman Yellow Jacky Mobililly 40 Stockman Mailman Charlie Ainung Unda 55 General Hand Myall Charlie Billi Abbong Oonu 55 Stockman Nugget Jabunbi 30 Stockman Nugget Biardadi 30 Engineer O/S Norman Gunga Jurooga 30 Stockman Old Tommy Bimbi (Wain Bunbi) 80 Gardener Old Jack Jogaoma 70 Gardener Pudden Jabitoo 30 General Hand Peter Gung Undu 35 General Hand Pluto Yandi Mi 50 Stockman Ringer Mi Unda Mudgie 30 General Hand Sam Long Currang A Mudgie 50 Cooks O/S Sandy Yung Giun Nirryi 60 Kitchen Tommy McCracken Moubeta Noaarkin 30 Stockman Ted Ardellagaii 14 Stockman Willie Wibbul Garrie 22 Stockman Angeline Baalini Murra 25 Store Bessie Groo Groo 25 Store Bibbie Wai-bulla 17 Domestic Gladys Cul Yumma 17 Domestic Georgina Berrengie Minni 40 Laundress Flora Ya Mungie Munna 20 Domestic Lena Yavalroy 28 Domestic Molli Currie I Mong 25 Domestic Mary Umudgie Binna 50 Domestic Norah Car Na Lumin 50 Laundress Salad Daslang A 17 Domestic Sarah Pullam Beana 50 Store Payments and Credits Credits: A list of credits for all the above employees has been attached to the Employment Returns for 30th June 1952. Excessive Credits: These have been brought about, in the case of women, by accumulated amounts of Child Endowmentpayments. These came to hand in March 1952, although applications had been made in August 1950. Those people most affected are :- Angeline Annie Flora Ruby Queenie Sarah Una Family Groups Father Horace Billa Mudgie Mother Joan Yettie Lim, deceased Children Marie, born 4th October 1951 Father Bruce Baralla Mudgie Mother Gladys Cul Yumma Children Ted, born 31st October 1950 Father Alec Won Biaabi Mother Salad Daalang A Children Nancy, born 6th December 1950 Father Davey Naajaaba Mother Ussell Waar Gurrina Children Irene, born 16th March 1951 Father Tommy McCracken Mou Beta No Sarkin Mother Emma Bolla Murra Children Jill, born 4th February 1951 Father Dan Bitti Goorangi Onnu Mother Queenie Cudgin Brauna Children Gracie, born 1st April 1952 Father Arthur Juddee Mother Flora Ya Mungie Munna Children Joe, born 18th June 1952 Father Sambo Joo Joo Gurrie Mother Lena Yaval Warrie Children Penny, born 26th August 1952 Births and Deaths Joan Lettia Lim died 17th March 1952 from TB. Child Endowment Endowee Lena Avelroy (Yaval Warrie) Children Dick, aged 3 years Endowee Una Cudalio (Juling Ju) Children Texas, aged 2 years Endowee Sarah Pulambeana Children Doris, aged 8 years Endowee Angeline Belindantar Children Peggy, aged 6 years Katie, aged 3 years Endowee Flora Ya Mungie Munna Children Judy, aged 5 years Roger, aged 3 years Joe, aged 2 months Endowee Ruby Lidyina Children Paul, aged 4 years Endowee Queenie Kungibrun (Cudgin Brauna) Children Helen, aged 9 years Topsy, aged 7 years Janette, aged 4 years Chloe, aged 2 years Gracie, aged 5 months Endowee Gladys Cully Ungina Children Ted, aged 2 years Endowee Ruby Daar Ing Anna Binna Children Ivy, aged 14 years Endowee Ussell Waar Gurinna Children Irene, aged 1 year Endowee Charlotte (Salad) Taalongallie Children Nancy, aged 1 year Endowee Una Cadalio (aunt of deceased sister's child) Children Marie, aged 1 year Endowee Emma Bolla Murra Children Jill, aged 1 year Endowee Annie Garrie Ma Binna (aunt) Children Rosaline, aged 12 years Maggie, aged 10 years Endowee Una Cadalio (aunt of deceased sister's child) Children Jerry, aged 5 years Part Aboriginals The Manager, Mr E W Barnes, will not employ a half caste. and any white employee found interfering with aboriginal women is dismissed. Two jackeroos have been dismissed for this reason since 1950. The only half castes on Brunette are :- Norah Car Nar Lumin, 47 years, wife of Brunette Bob F/B and mother of Yellow Jacky Mobililly 3/4C. Paul, 4 years, born August 1948, son of Ruby Lidyina, father unknown. Dependants Blind Rosie, aged Old Lena, 70 years Ivy Aar Gel Lumina, 14 years John E Bray T/Patrol Officer ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALROY DOWNS Owner : The Playford River Pastoral Company Manager : Mr George Lewis Licence : George Lewis, No 2839 W J Perks, Head Stockman, No 2840 George Clair, Engineer, No 2841 All issued by Constable Deviney on 28th July 1952 Inspection Date : 18th August 1952 A change of ownership recently occurred. This station is now owned as above, as from 30th June1952. The Managership is the same, and to date no change has been made in respect to aboriginal employment. Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Jacky Cumburrajong 47 Engineers O/S Bean Mightbidouwan 62 Camp Cook Avon Willie Bong On Allie 62 General Hand Sambo Queer Allala 45 Stockman Johnny Jungalunga 33 Stockman Willie Cullie Murong Oonu 37 Stockman Pompey Culla Gona 62 (deceased) Peter Walla-ginong 27 (deceased 14. 3.1952) Francis Bijarramudgie 30 Stockman Ned Bringalligurrie 45 Stockman Darbin Wijabulung 18 Stockman Henry Moornaioongu 17 Stockman Tommy Chubala 57 Stockman Murphy Undjigurrie 29 Stockman Roy Marrawulla 16 Stockman Hector Ginvra 14 Stockman Robin Jowbalda 14 Stockman Donald Wailaddi 47 General Hand Killrain Bunwunda Garrie 50 General Hand Gingle Goodogoodendi 67 General Hand Victor Bidbigarrie 45 (deceased 7. 3.1952) Andy Lubbalubba 22 Stockman Nugget Artengi 13 Stockman Tyson Goorongoodjie 40 General Hand Dinah Bullungullie 35 Domestic Carrie Cheddahbinna 42 Domestic Lucy Undi 13 Domestic Sybil Bassrupe 10 Domestic Jill Narva 9 Domestic Mary Walladunn 19 Domestic Ivy Yambba-yabbma 23 Domestic Dora Ngungalumma 20 Domestic Elsie Numbuddie / Currie-mulla 60 Domestic Sybil and Jill : Although shown on the Employment return as employees, these two girls do not work. They spend their time around the shelter shed at the homestead and are generally occupied in nursing babies belonging to domestics. It has been the custom at Alroy to give these girls money to spend at the Brunette Races (1950 - 2 pounds ten shillings each). For Station book keeping purposes they are listed as 'employees' to cover the amounts given as gifts. Family Groups A complete list of family groups as at August 1950 was included in the report at that time. The undermentioned are additional since or, in the case of a complete family being given, new arrivals. Husband Willie Culli Murong Oondu First Wife Ivy Second Wife Mary Walladunn (ex Phillip Creek) Children Joyce, 2 years, born Alroy Downs, mother Mary Brian, born 27. 7.1952 Alroy Downs, mother Mary Husband Tyson Goorongmudgie Wife Dora Ngungalumma Children Juliette Linboonda, born November 1951 at Alroy Downs Husband Avon Willie Bong On Allie Wife Kitty Banga Children Jesse, born 18. 2.1952 at Alroy Downs Endowment claims have been submitted for the above names :- Joyce, Jesse, Juliette and Brian. Child Endowment Endowee Ivy Yambba-yabbama Children Pansy Allan Rose Endowee Maria Ladjindi Children Teddy Artengi Susie Betty Norah Lucy Endowee Violet Monna-lemi Children Lorna Endowee Maudie Booroonga Children Carol Ludday Endowee Kitty Banga Children Sybil Linda Midgie Mudgarra Mabel Bungundru Tony Endowee May Vooralyn Children Roy Marrawulla Hector ginvra Jill Narva Lily Endowee Dinah Bullong-ullie Children Robin Jowbalda Jeffrey Dependants There are no old people on Alroy and the only claims which appear likely are for Carol Ludday (second wife of Killrain) only. Part Aborigines William Allen - Halfcaste, aged 22 or 23, born Alroy Downs Father is Darky Allen, European. Mother is a F/B. Jeffrey - Halfcaste, age 6 years, born at Alroy Downs Father stated by mother to have been Jeffrey Nixon, contractor, now working at Brunchilly Station. Mother is Dinal Bullung-gullie F/B. Births and Deaths since last inspection Births Juliette Linboonda, born November 1951 Father is Tyson Goorongoodjie, 40 years Mother is Dora Ngungalumma, 20 years Jessie, born 18. 2.1952 Father is Avon Willie Bong On Allie Mother is Kitty Banga Brian, born 27. 7.1952 Father is Willie Culli Murong Oondu Mother is Mary Walladunn Deaths Name Pompey Culla-gona Age 60 years plus Date of Death 26. 6.1952 Place of Death Newcastle Waters Cause Unknown, but Dr Knowles diagnosed thrombosis more than 12 months ago Name Daisy Yooduminna Age About 50 years Date of Death July or August 1951 Place Died Brunette Downs Cause Unknown, but had been examined by Dr Knowles in Tennant Creeksome months previous to death Name Peter Wallaginong Age 27 years Date of Death 14. 3.1952 Place Died en route to Tennant Creek Hospital Cause Lung collapse Name Victor Bidbigarrie Age 45 years Date of Death 7. 3.1952 Place Died Tennant Creek Hospital Cause Fatty degeneration of the heart John E Bray T/Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Waite River Station Owner : E J Dixon Manager : Colin Dixon Licence : E J Dixon 1153 Inspection Date : 17th August 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Aborigines Tommy Aputjara, 40 years, Goat Shepherd and General Hand, married. Also mentioned is a Queensland woman at present on the station. Family Groups Tommy Aputjara, 40 years Jane Akamara, wife, 25 years Aged and Infirm Swearing Minnie Ungala, 90 years, cared for by Tommy. B D Greenfield Cadet Patrol Officer ___________________________________________________________________________ MACARTHUR RIVER STATION Owner / Manager : For details of Ownership, managership see Creswell Downs Inspection Date : 13th July, 1952 Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Status Bruce Munara 30 Married Diamond Kil Goo Moo 45 Married Fred Mungoo-oodgie 55 Married Jim Coondreari 22 Single Kingsley Warri-urumba 20 Single Napper Jibblee 22 Single Pharoah Low-low 60 Married Rivert Ungai-mudgie 50 Married Sambo Millimderri 28 Single Nero Wang-ar-owie 18 Single Whylo 18 Single Rankine Bull Bundgie 50 (terminated date unknown) Johnson Napoo-napoo Loonga 22 Single Joe Raggett Walla-ja-mutchie 25 Married John Balanda Mudgie 30 Married Brown Yunga-milling 30 Married Jacky Millie Woora Woora 26 Married King 20 Single Splinter Kiang Utch Bullie 20 Single Eileen Targilla 27 Single Judy Eemudgie Mudgie 55 Married Kathleen Main Jirivia 50 Married Mavis Warrar Gnelina 25 (now at Channel Island) Rations F S Raggetts, overseer is married to a full blood aboriginal woman Tommy Leigh, cook-saddler is married to a full blood aboriginal woman Rations for dependants and part time workers Part Time workers Yellow Fred Mungoo-oodgie and wife Maggie Win-yubba Diamond Kilgoomoo and wife Wobbling Oonaroo Rivert Ungai-mudgie and wife Nancy Warragindah Dependents Old Sidney Kiljuanurrie, 70 years Maggie Moodj-mananah, 73 years, widow Maudie Limburoo, 75 years, widow Roselyn Wyproongnallina, 35 years, cripple Annie Babinda, 75 years Children of John Balanda Mudgie and Elsie Bellimbimbah Hanry (eldest child, not claimed for), 9 years Bill, 8 years Ray, 6 years May, 4 years George, 2 years Infant Family Groups Name Frederick Sonny Raggetts 1/4C Position Overseer of MacArthur River Station Born 20.11.1913 Alice Springs Marriage 22. 8.1951 Wife Angeline (see under) Father Frederick Raggett Mother Hetty Cummings H/C Name Mrs F S Raggetts nee Angeline Wurrerreleena F/V Born 1929 Anthony's Lagoon Father Sydney Ulumby F/B Mother Kathleen Myangabeena F/B Children of the above are all 5/8C Ronnie, born about 15. 2.1948 MacArthur River Station Fred, born 26. 2.1952 MacArthur River Station Name Tommy Leigh, European Cook-Saddler Marriage Legal Wife Flora Loobom-binna F/B Children Nil Aboriginals Husband Brown Yunga Milling Wife Fanny Kathaway Children Nil Husband Bruce Munara Wife Jemima Weemulloo Children Nil Husband Diamond Kilgoomoo Wife Wobbling Oonaroo Children Nil Husband Fred Mungoo-oodgie Wife Maggie Winyubba Children Nil Husband Pharoah Low Low Wife Maggie Yunjoo Children Nil Husband Rivert Ungai Mudgie Wife Nancy Warragindah Children Sweeney, aged about 11 years, at Channel Island Husband Joe Wallaja Mutchie Wife Margaret Boodja Binna Children Jenoma (male), about 5 weeks old Husband John Balanda Mudgie Wife Elsie Bellimbimbah Children Henry, aged 9 years Bill, aged 8 years Ray, aged 6 years May, aged 4 years George, aged 2 years Infant Husband Lanson, at Channel Island Wife Eileen Targilla, de facto Children Jack Millingingie, 6 years Husband Old Sidney Kiljuanurrie Wife Kathleen Main Jivinia Children Nil Births and Deaths Births Father Joe Walla Ja Mutchie Mother Margaret Bloodja Binna Child Jenoma, born on or about 7. 6.1952 Father F S Raggetts Mother Mrs Raggetts Child Fred, born on 26. 2.1952 Father John Balanda Mudgie Mother Elsie Belimbimbah Child Unnamed, born on or about 15. 5.1952 Child Endowment There are no endowees at MacArthur. Those eligible are :- Margaret Bloodja Binna and one child Jenoma. Elsie Bellimbimbah, and six children for whom maintenance payments are being received. Itinerants The following persons were at MacArthur at the time of the inspection, but do not appear on the list of employees kept at Creswell Station. Young Sidney Tatapara Goonu, aged 20 years, stockman Old Sam Dumbah Dumbah and wife Judy Eemudjie-munnah Harry Wunnan-jerrie, aged 15 years Mable Loojam-birrina, widow, aged 40 years Topsy Janmilache and son Stephen James aged 15 months Coolibah Ambudgee-mudgie, aged 32 years, married to Ivy Coolunjerooba (Creswell) Sambo Nicki Nicki Wai-a-li, 30 years, stockman John E Bray ________________________________________________________________________________ CRESWELL DOWNS STATION and OUTSTATIONS MACARTHUR RIVER AND TANUMBIRINI Owner : Creswell - Estate of late Thomas Naughton MacArthur and Tanumbirini - Estate of late W M Naughton Manager : Mr F T McMahon manager of all three. Top Springs was previously considered an out station, but was closed down in May 1952 and employees transferred to MacArthur. Licence : F T McMahon, Manager C Prendergast, Head Stockman F S Raggetts, Overseer - MacArthur H Prendergast, Head Stockman MacArthur Reg Burgen, Overseer - Tanumbirini Inspection Date : MacArthur 13th July, 1952 Creswell 15th - 17th July 1952 Tanumbirini Not inspected Employees Name Aboriginal Name Age Status Archie Naragula 50 Single Davey Marring-ullie 32 Married Duncan Jogoreddi 40 Married Frank Guinnadongoonu 38 Single Fulche Yellyarramuch 55 Married Gilbert Maanula 38 Married (terminated 1. 3.1952) Henery 18 Single (commenced 10. 4.1952) Joe Clark H/C 20 Single Mookadie 40 Married Ned Tambardum 38 Married Nichol Bolowie 20 Single Paddy Munjuli 40 Married Paddy O'Keefe Madomaida 22 Single Ranji Jubiaar 55 Married Sidney Wia-a-mirri 25 Single (terminated 28. 4.1952) Snowy Conboona 38 Married Willie Muggayarra 45 Married Wilson Kunanggarongoonu 40 Married Mavis Yanbardar 15 Married (terminated 31. 1.1952) Big Lucy Gugain binna 35 Married (terminated 31. 3.1952) Maggie Allagungie 30 Married Mabel Bloodja 40 Married Dolly Bung Wunna 40 Single Clara Mung-orit-binna 35 Married Minnie Yogami 50 Single Jessie Tangah Idjah 30 Married (terminated 30. 4.1952) Alice Budgee Mulanga 35 Married (terminated 31. 3.1952) Dinah Gui Muringe 40 Single Maintenance of Dependants Tiger Mud-a-jung, 72 years, blind Fanny Wobah-a-bidgee, 77 years Liddy Wag-a-ling, 76 years Maryanne Pigimi, 78 years Annie Wai-a-midgee, 67 years, widow of deceased Banjo Flora Mugrumi, 71 years, deceased Family Groups Husband Duncan Jogoreddi Wife Maggie Alla Gungie Children Alec Ijirribi, 8 years Eric Mung Allie, 6 years Jacky Waitaragi, 4 years Husband Ned Tambardum Wife Little Lucy Terriji Children Gracie, born on or about 15. 2.1952 Husband Snowy Conboona Wife Jessie Tangar Idjah Children Thompson, 12 years Ivy, 9 years Husband Mookadie Wife Alice Budgee Mulanga Children Rosie, 10 years John, 6 years Sid 3 years Husband Dashwood Moodj-birri Wife Charlotte Dooging-allinga Children Henry, 4 years July, 2 years Married Couples without Children Davey Marring Ullie and Big Lucy Gugain Binna Paddy Munjuli and Mabel Bloodja Rangi Jubiaar and Dolly Bug-a-woo Wilson Kunang Garrong Oonu and Clara Mung Orit Binna Willie Mugga Yarra and Maudie Mudgera Fulche Yellyarramuch and Broken Leg Minnie Births and Deaths Births Name Gracie F/B Date of Birth 15. 2.1952 Place of Birth Creswell Downs Father Ned Tambardum Mother Little Lucy Terriji Deaths Biddy Laagai, died 16. 3.1951 Darby Arrie Bijiter, died 20. 3.1951 Bango Twol-a-gotie, died 12.11.1951 Dolly Gugi, died 5. 1.1952 Flora Mugrumi, died 16. 1.1952 Half-Castes Joe Clark - This young man now aged 20 years, does not appear to have improved in any way. Aboriginal characteristics still predominate and he has just recently returned from walkabout. He lives and thinks as an aboriginal. Mr McMahon would be only too pleased to improve his conditions and increase his remuneration, providing he showed a little promise. The whole outlook of this lad is aboriginal and he shows neither initiative nor ambition to better his lot. Mr McMahon is to encourage him further to accept minor responsibilites, but holds out little hope of any success. Child Endowment Claims have not been submitted for :- Mookadie and Alice and 3 children, because these people are from the Robinson River and may soon be returning there. Snowy Conboona and Jessie and 2 children, because Snowy proved unsatisfactory and his services were terminated. He appears to be a wanderer and is continually searching for new positions all over the Tableland. Ned Tambardum and Little Lucy Terriji and infant, this is a case where there is one child only and under the Regulations is the responsibility of the Station for maintenance and welfare. John E Bray T/Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________ TANUMBIRINI STATION Owner / Manager : Mr R Burgen H/C On the 10th July 1952, the Manager and all employees were engaged in mustering on MacArthur Station. A visit was made to the stock camp on the 9th instant. The camp was then situated about seven miles from Borroloola. Employees (All Full Blood Aboriginal) Male Name Aboriginal Name Age Status Notes Ned Mullinin 70 years Single Wainyi Johnson Bunamerri 24 Single Wainyi Lindsay Lowera 18 Single ex Roper River Wingey Yirrama 23 Single ex Roper River Toby Wirri-rongoo 50 Married Kurawa Barney No-mi-in Betta 47 Married Wainyi Female (employed as camp cooks) Name Aboriginal Name Age Notes Minnie Ningoodoo 35 years Wainyi, wife of Toby Wirri-rongoo Kathleen Lumbungi 22 Alawa, wife of Barney No-mi-in Betta Maggie Yunanjoo 50 Kuarwa, wife of Pharoah The following employees are assisting and are from MacArthur Station, under the control of Mr Burgen. Name Aboriginal Name Age Status Notes Pharoah Nowalo 55 years Married Yanula Kingsley Gunderrirri 20 Single Yanula, son of Pharoah Arthur Bibi Yala Goonoo 26 Single Wainyi Sambo Milli Yin Dirri 24 Single Yanula Splinter Kai-a-ni-bulli 25 Married Yanula Napper Jirri Billi 22 Single Yanula Dependants at Tanumbirini Bob Wungundoo, 70 years, and wife Lena Jun-bung-na-lena, 60 years Part Aboriginals Name Reginald Burgen H/C Occupation Manager of Tanumbirini Station Age 34 years Date of Birth 26. 7.1919 Place of Birth Gallipoli Station Married Ellen Iris Burgen nee Kenny H/C Father Mick Burgen, deceased Mother Ivy F/B Children Gordon Reginald, born 22. 5.1941 Camooweal Queensland May Ellen, born 8. 7.1943 Cloncurry Queensland Horace Clive, born 23. 5.1945 Mt Isa Queensland Gwen Ivy, born 21.10.1947 Mt Isa Queensland Jeanette Patricia, born 21. 9.1949 Mt Isa Queensland Neville John, born 21. 5.1952 Mt Isa Queensland Name Ellen Iris Burgen H/C Occupation Age Date of Birth 26. 8.1925 Place of Birth Dalvon near Cloncurry, Queensland Married Reginald Burgen H/C Father Larry Kenny H/C, deceased Mother May Kenny H/C Children Gordon Reginald, born 22. 5.1941 Camooweal Queensland May Ellen, born 8. 7.1943 Cloncurry Queensland Horace Clive, born 23. 5.1945 Mt Isa Queensland Gwen Ivy, born 21.10.1947 Mt Isa Queensland Jeanette Patricia, born 21. 9.1949 Mt Isa Queensland Neville John, born 21. 5.1952 Mt Isa Queensland Notes Mrs Burgen was not sighted as she is in hospital at Mt Isa John E Bray T/Patrol Officer ______________________________________________________________________________ AILERON STATION Owner : F N Colson and Sons Manager : F N Colson Situation : 84 miles north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway Licence : F N Colson, No 1261, issued 29. 1.1952 W A Colson, No 1262, issued 29. 1.1952 A G Colson, No 1263, issued 29. 1.1952 Inspection Date : 29th January 1952 Employees (All Full Bloods, All Anmatjira) Name Aboriginal Name Age Occupation Status Louie Arrirjurija 60 years General Hand Married Tommy Amburrajugga 45 Stockman Married Teddy Chungala 30 Stockman Married Bruce Chubart 34 Stockman Married Young Louie Ungura 22 Stockman Single Harry Orrura 18 Stockman Single Johnny Ungua 40 Stockman Married Benny Oonamudja 28 Stockman Single Domestics Name Aboriginal Name Age Status Maggie Quaitja 29 years Married Katie 40 Married Junie Pandigoat 16 Single Family Groups Husband Old Louie Arrirjurija, 60 years Wife Mary, about 60 years Wife Lucy, about 25 years Children Judith, aged 3 years, born about July 1949, mother Lucy Colas, born 10.12.1951, mother Lucy Husband George Yirumbaba, about 70 years Wife Mary Nalyabit, about 40 years Wife Jean, about 30 years Children Georgina, 5 years Dave, 4 years Arthur, 18 months Notes Mother of children probably Jean Husband Eric Ijamba, about 33 years Wife Topsy Nambula, about 18 years Children Chrissie, 2 years Rosie, 4 months Husband Teddy Chungala, 30 years Wife Sarah, 20 years Children Winnie, born aout July 1950 Agnes, born 15.12.1951 Husband Aileron Jimmy Yoolagarra, about 55 years Wife Daisy, about 60 years Wife Fancy, about 25 years Children Agnes, 6 years (mother deserted, adopted by Fancy) Gordon, born August 1950, mother Fancy Childless Couples Husband Old Tommy Ngiringa, 70 years * Wife Ruby 36 years Husband Long Bob Hakea, 75 years * Wife Junie, 16 years Husband Old Billy Ungai, 75 years * Wife Old Nelly, 60 years Husband Bruce Chubart, 34 years Wife Maggie Quaitja, 29 years Aged and Infirm Lena Naambugulla, 60 years Old Polly, 70 years, blind Old Jinny, 70 years, mother of Bruce Old Molly, 65 years, mother of Johnny Nelly, 65 years, mother of Tarzan Bonny Kingalberra, 30 years, widow of Willie Conway (Chugar-di) deceased on or about 24. 1.1952 All of the above Aged and Infirm plus the three old men marked * under the sub heading 'Childless Couples', are eligible for maintenance as Dependants. Child Endowment Claimant Lucy Husband Old Louie Arrirjurija Children Judith, born 1. 7.1949 Colas, born 10.12.1951 Claimant Jean Husband George Yirumbaba Children Georgina, born 1. 9.1947 Dave, born 1.11.1948 Arthur, born 1. 2.1950 Claimant Sarah Husband Teddy Chungala Children Winnie, born 1. 7.1950 Agnes, born 15.12.1951 Claimant Fancy Husband Aileron Jimmy Yoolagarra Children Gordon, born 1. 8.1950 Note - Employee Johnny Ungura and his wife Katie are said to have three children. None of these people were sighted on inspection, but further enquiries will be made for endowment purposes at the earliest opportunity. Births and Deaths Colas, born 10.12.1951, parents Old Louie and Lucy Rosie, born 1.10.1951, parents Eric Ijamba and Topsy Nambula Agnes, born 15.12.1951, parents Teddy Chungala and Sarah John E Bray T/Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________ Koolpinyah Station & Slaughter Yard Position not Stated : Evan Herbert and Oscar Herbert Location : 16 miles from the Howard Springs turn off from the bitumen road and 32 miles from Darwin. The Slaughter is on the Koolpinyah Road near Howard Creek and about 9 miles from the Station. Inspection Date : 7 October 1950 Child Endowment One Child Endowment Form was made out for Hilda Gunmanga and her child Joan Mani-yam, born 1. 1.1945. Of the two children Paulina and Daphne at the Station, Daphne will be returning to her mother at Mt Bundey and Paulina is near marriageable age. The few children at the Station and Slaughter Yard is evidence of poor mother and child welfare work and is probably largely due to the absence of a white woman on the station. The batchelor Herbert brothers show little inclination for this work. Nominal Roll - 7 October 1950 Koolpinyah Station Name Aboriginal Name Tribe/District Sex Age Employment Remarks Gerrard Nei-langga Larrakia / Mary River M 50 Station Mable Loinbim Larrakia / Mary River F 35 Wife Ring Nauwara Larrakia / Mary River M 35 Station Alice II Aljagu Larrakia / Mary River F 22 Station Wife Paddy DuKirr Larrakia / Mary River M 50 Station Lucy Uwuki Larrakia / Mary River F 50 Station Wife Morgan Buwadi Larrakia / Mary River M 30 Station Zelma Malin Larrakia / Mary River F 30 Station Wife Charlie Dambuwei Larrakia / Mary River M 45 Station Single Jimmy Umburu Knamuru M.I. M 45 Station Alice I Dambulatu M.I. F 45 Station Wife Ada Mun-du-wei-yu M.I. F 45 Station Wife Micky Aruni M.I. M 30 Station Tony Dikitaruna M.I. M 40 Station Lena Uraki F 20 Station Single Mac Wianga Larrakia M Aged Pensioner Mary Ann Gwaranak Larrakia F Aged Pensioner Kitty Mangama M.I. F Aged Pensioner Maudie Ani-jang Larrakia F Aged Pensioner Fat Jack Ba-ba-nalga Larrakia M Aged Pensioner Lucy Uwuki F 50 Station Paulina Miawa F 13 Orphan in Lucy's care Daphne Il-yin-nan F 7 Returning to Mt Bundy Nominal Roll - 7 October 1950 Slaughter Yard (Koolpinyah) Name Aboriginal Name Tribe/District Sex Age Employment Remarks Tommy Malgalagi Mary River M 55 Station Hilda Gun-manga Mary River F 35 Joan Maniyam F 5 Born 1. 1.1945 Micky Nalaulmar Walang M 25 Rosie Alajinggu Walang F 22 Billy I Mangin Alligator River M 50 Nellie Burunggu F 50 Ernest Nalanorlgi M 14 1st year Alfie Miwulaij M 50 Single Harry Jimili Mil M 25 Maudie Jau-ubi Mil F 25 Billy II Mani-luga Alligator River M 40 Nellie II Nang-u-rin-yara Maung F Mary Maiyat Maiali F Polly Munadbi Maiali F George Bil-wei-ini Brinkin M 35 Single G Sweeney Acting District Superintendent ________________________________________________________________________________________ Humpty DooStation Owner : Herbert Bros. (Mr Evan Herbert) Location : 16 miles east of the 22 Mile on the Stuart Highway Inspection : 10 November 1950 Nominal Roll Part Aborigines The head stockman Neddy Tamblyn, mother full blood aborigine, father European, was out with the stock camp. He is tribally married to a full blood woman Bessie Laniyuk who is employed at the station. Two of her sons Ernest Nari and Tamblyn Dara-dara are in the stock camp. Margaret Cooper, 7 years of age, mother Maggie Bumalait, (aborigine), father European. The mother Maggie Bumalait had disappeared with her two children Donald 5 years and Margaret Cooper 7 years. Jim Wright, 4 years of age, mother Doris Lidawi (aborigine), father European, born Marachi Station. The mother Doris Lidawi had disappeared with Jim Wright. Mr Herbert considers it would be advisable to leave the two part aborigine children till the stock camp breaks up in December or January when the step fathers will be at the station. He will then endeavour to bring the two mothers and their children into Darwin. Aboriginal Name Aboriginal Name Tribe / District Sex Born / Age Employment Remarks Roger A-di-yit Mary River M 50 yrs Station Maggie Nad-ga-ling Woolner F 55 yrs Dependant Jack Wandi M 50 yrs Station Single Captain Gu-din-ba Larakia M 30 yrs Station May Wun-din-di F 25 yrs Wife Adelaide Gu-nein F 1. 4.1948 Daughter Ernest Tamblyn Na-ri M 18 yra Station Single, 3/4C Tamblyn Dara-dara M 15 yrs Station First year, single, 3/4C Rooney Maiali M 25 yrs Station Single Holmes Mary River M 25 years Station Single Mick M.I. M 20 years Station Single Deaf Jack Jat-jaring Mary River M 45 years Station Single Pompey Bulu-wurrk Mary River M 40 years Station Nancy Warait F Station Wife Long Billy Bal-yu-wun Larakia M Station Single Charlie II Da-bung-bung M 60 years Station Polly Muk-jurrp F 50 years Wife Polly II Lidawi F 14 years Station Daughter Micky Nungunjul Malak Malak M 50 yrs Station Maggie Bumalait Malak Malak F Absent Margaret Cooper H/C F Absent Donald M 5 yrs Absent Doris Lidawi Warai F Absent Jim Wright H/C M 4 yrs Absent Meddy (?Neddy) Tamblyn H/C M Head Stockman Bessie Lan-i-yuk F 35 yrs Cook Madeline Wajikbal F 1.10.1942 Daisy Mam-bung-al F 14 yrs Near marriage Child Endowment Child Endowment claims were made for - Bessie Laniyuk and her daughter Madeline Wajikbal (1.10.1942) and May Wundindi and her daughter Adelaide Gu-nein (1. 4.1948). G Sweeney Acting District Superintendent ________________________________________________________________________________________ Rosewood Station Owner : Mr Buckland, Rosewood Pastoral Company Limited Inspection Date : Circa 1950 Female Employees not paid Pearlie Palinjiri Linda Bordaitch Ida Wee-um-bai Loadie Djun-yalk All are married and their husbands are employed by the station. Half-yearly returns show that from 1. 7.1949 to 30. 6.1950, females were employed as follows Pearlie, 48 weeks Linda, 4 weeks 3 days Ida, 42 weeks 3 days Loadie, 43 weeks Olive, 20 weeks Pussy, 13 weeks Both Olive and Pussy are married and their husbands are employed. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Birrundudu Station Owner : Vesteys, outstation of Gordon Downs Manager : Managed from Gordon Downs Head Stockman : Mr W Speed Inspection Date : 30.10.1950 Native Population Adult Males Workers 20 Dependants 3 Adult Females Workers 9 Dependants 7 Children Males 2 Females 1 Since my visit last year there have been several new arrivals, chiefly single young men from the desert. These struck me as being good types, and Mr Speed spoke well of them as workers. There have been two births, Olga to Polly Kulyin and Menzies to Linda Yinariki. Both were born round about 31st December, 1949. The relatives of Paddy, who is serving a sentence of five years in the Alice Springs gaol were enquiring regarding his welfare. It is suggested that the Acting District Superintendent at Alice Springs advise Paddy that his relatives, particuarly his son Clancy, are well. All The Birrundudu natives have the biggest credits in this patrol area - Mick Cool-mon 44.19.6 Tommy Ludari 48.0.1 Tommy Skeen 41.17.9 Roger Kungi-ari 37.18.6 Arthur Muth-ari 35. 1.7 Dolly 19.2.5 Mary Wondugul 20.19.11 Rosie Tjalun 20.19.11 This is because there is no store at Birrundudu. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Waterloo Station Owner : Vesteys, Waterloo Pastoral Company Manager : Mr D Robinson, late of Banka Banka Station Native Population Adult Males Workers 17 Dependants Adult Females Workers 15 Dependants 5 Children Males 2 Females Of the two male children, one is half caste, David (aged 6), son of Maggie Yungarra. The other is full-blood Daniel who was treated in the Alice Springs Hospital two years ago for deformed feet. He is now making good progress and walks without difficulty. There have been no births on this station for over five years. Health Waterloo is a well-known hot-bed of Leprosy and there are doubtless many cases still there. One male, Peter Yaram-ari is a positive case who escaped from Wyndham Hospital four years ago. He went 'bush' when I visited Waterloo and it would require a special patrol to round him up as he is aware of his condition. One male native, Jerry Numa-Aling is an inmate of Channel Island Leprosarium. Conclusion I had a long conversation with the 'head-boy' Frog Kali-Ari and explained to him the new regulations. He confirmed that the camp was a happy one. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Wave Hill Station Manager : Mr M Willick Inspection Date : 24.10.1950 Part Aborigines Name Born Mother Pauline 1947 Elsie Woolniringna Shiela 1949 Elsie Woolniringna Bonnie July 1950 Kathleen Urung-Nari Maurice Ryan 1947 Little Mary Tun-Ra-Wal Mary 1948 Dolly Mil-Il-Binna All the children are half-castes. Aboriginal Cecil (Chilel) Narimi-Ari This aborigine is a problem case. He is approximately 22 years of age and in robust health, but successive Managers have failed to make him work. He went to Limbunya early this year, drew clothes, etc against his wages (as then non-existent) and absconded three days later taking a young lad with him. He is therefore in debt to the Station, but both Mr Willick and Mr McCullagh now flatly refuse to re-employ him. He sits down in the camp and is a bad influence on the other workers. He is quite frankly fat and lazy and I recommend that if the new manager also fails to make Cecil work, he be removed and committed to Tandangal for a period of twelve months where I feel sure, Superintendent Bowden will succees where the others have failed. I suggest that Constable Condon be requested to advise Cecil that unless he is prepared to work he will be removed by this Branch. Trust Fund Statement Female aborigine Minnie (c/o Drover Conway) who has a credit of 18 pounds as shown on page 4 of Statement 'B' is at present at the Wave Hill Police Station. She is an aged native and I recommend that the Constable at Wave Hill ascertain what Minnie desires to purchase with the money and forward the list to the Branch for attention. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Limbunya Station Owner : Vesteys, Walerloo Pastoral Company (Limbunya Station) Manager : Mr H McCullagh Inspection Date : 25. 9.1950 Native Population At the time of my visit there were sixty-eight (68) aborigines and part-aborigines on the station. Eleven of the thirteen part-aborigines are made up of Jack Gallagher (1/2 caste) and his children (3/4 caste) and the children of the late George Ling Poo (1/2 caste). The remaining two comprise adult half-caste Jack Brumby and Shamus, aged 5, half-caste son of Lizzie Lurng-nuri. Shamus was taken 'bush' immediately following my arrival and was not seen by me during my stay. Births and Deaths Since my last visit two persons have died (George Ling Poo - killed, and Daisy Djalaur) while one baby (a boy) was born. Part-aboriginals Apart from the part-aboriginal children mentioned above, there are several adult part-aborigines on Limbunya as follows :- Jack Gallagher - This man, who is 'married' to a full blood, is a half-caste and is at present contract mustering and droving for Limbunya Station. He has in his employ his two sons, Bob aged 18 and Cecil aged 16, and four aboriginals. His wife and five female children are maintained by the Station, his wife and eldest daughter (Mabel) being employees thereof. Jack Brumby - Brumby is engaged on Limbunya as a station-hand and is at present employed horse-breaking. He is single. Brumby had an exemption but had it cancelled. The Late George Sing Poo - I wish to report that the estate of the late George Sing Poo, who was killed at Limbunya on Christmas Day, 1949, has not yet been wound up. His wife and three children are maintained by the station where the widow is employed. Dick Smith - I did not see this part-aboriginal, but he is the son of the half-caste drover of the same name and is approximately 19 years of age. He is employed on Limbunya as a stockman. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Humbert River Station Owner : Mr C Schultz Head Stockman : Mr Rowley Bowery Inspection Date : 4. 8.1950 Native Population The natives on Humbert River comprise a small group of the Naringman tribe, made up as follows :- Adult Males 7 Male Employees 6 Adult Females 12 Female Employees 4 Male Children 3 Dependants Male (adult) 1 Female Children 1 Dependants Female (adult) 8 Children 4 Total 23 Total 23 Wages The following have credits in the Station books Man Kee (1/2 caste Chinese) Daley Pulgara Snowy Kulmilya Toby Bunjuan Big Foot Ulyoo Johnstone Chungala Mary Narmaroo Molly Narbagook Dorrie Narpin Jessie Kenyair Man Kee (or Marnikee) is a half-caste Chinese who has worked for Schultz since his early youth. He lives in the manner of an aboriginal. He has a full-blood wife and a five year old son (Billy). He is approximately 32 years of age and is very contented with his lot on Humbert River. Part-Aborigines Apart from Man Kee (mentioned above) there are no part-aborigines on Humbert River Station. I understand that Leslie Humbert (half-caste), now at St Mary's Hostel, Alice Springs will be returning to the Station next year. Trust Account I was successful in tracing one of the natives holding a large credit in the Trust Fund, but unfortunately she is now deceased. She is Flying Fox, who is shown on Statement 'B' as having 125.11.4 to her credit paid from the estate of Arthur Cahill. Flying Fox was legally married to Arthur Cahill, who was killed by a fall from a horse some fourteen years ago at Gordon Creek. There was no issue from this marriage, but after Cahill's death Flying Fox tribally married Man Kee (above) of Humbert River Station. In giving birth to a son by Man Kee in 1945, Flying Fox died and the child, Billy, survived only through the efforts of Mrs Schultz. I do not know who is classed as the next of kin - Man Kee or Billy - but I recommend that in any case Mrs Schiltz be made a trustee to ensure that the money is appropriately spent. The son's full name is Billy Bun-Mai-Ari and is being cared for by Man Kee's present wife Dorrie Narpin. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Victoria River Downs Station Owner : Mr McKechnie, Bovril Australian Estates Limited Manager : Mr Magnussen Inspection Date : Not dated Wages With the exception of Sugar-bag, at Pijeon (Pidgeon?) Hole I did not get the opportunity of seeing the natives under 14 years of age classed as learners and receiving 12/- per week. Sugar-bad approximates the age quoted to Mr Sweeney but I have very good reason to believe that Nipper of Moolooloo camp is only about seven years of age. This will be checked on my next visit. There is one other stock-boy classed as a learner and not reported to Mr Sweeney, and that is half-caste Ringer of Pijeon (Pidgeon?) Hole. who is also 12 or 13 years of age. I will make further comment regarding Ringer and other part-aborigines later. Health and Medical Kits The general health of the natiives appears to be good, but I strongly suspect that Larry Kundurung-Gun at Mt Sandford is a leper. This native has no fingers on either hand, and states that he lost them when young by burning (the usual story). I receive many enquiries from natives regarding the condition and whereabouts of natives sent to Darwin for Hospital treatment. Aborigine Daylight Kan-Gun-Yin of Head-station was sent to Darwin some three or four months ago and nothing has since been heard of him. .................... Many natives have taken the pessimistic view and assume he is dead. Similarly aborigine Joe (Beckett or Bagot) Goo-Ud-Good of Mt Sandford was taken to Darwin on the Hooker's Creek truck before the last wet season. He was picked up at Wave Hill Police Station, and his relatives have heard nothing of him since. Part-aboriginal Problem The fifteen part-aborigines are :- Location Name Age Caste Remarks Head Station & Centre Camp Dora Jip-nari 37 yrs H/C Gordon Creek Doug Campbell 34 yrs H/C Ruby Campbell 7 3/4C Noel Campbell 6 3/4C Doreen Campbell 4 3/4C Nancy Campbell 2 3/4C Sammy Campbell 1 3/4C Rosie (or Ruth) 8 H/C Daughter of Nina Na-bi-dien Pigeon Hole Bob 27 H/C Sandy Shaw 14 H/C Ringer Ah Li 12 H/C Ted Cooper 15 H/C Mt Sandford Mildred Wise 4 H/C ) Rex 2 H/C? ) Children of Alice Na-dja-mooloo Bobby 6 mths H/C? ) The father of Rex and Bobby at Mt Sandford is alleged to be Dave Galton, one time cook at Mt Sandford, but now left. Trust Fund Statement Mentions Brady Wallunga. Part-aborigine Kim Mrs Magnussen expressed her sincere appreciation of the photograph of part-aborigine child Kim, who is now at Garden Point. The mother of Kim was delighted with the snap and has quite recovered from her distress. Mrs Magnussen is also pleased the negative was also forwarded, as she intends to revew the photo as the old ones wear out. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Coolibah Station Owner : Kenna and Byers Manager : Mr Wason Byers Inspection Date : 19. 7.1950 Wages Names listed are Dodger Do-work Larry Balp-birr Gordon Bradshaw Joe Emu Gi-goo-leedun Flinders Dun-miral Duncan Bul-chan-garrie Bardy Djelo-garrie Paddy Bloomer Balooma Bill Walloh Butcher Nuggett Mai-rung Depot Joe Koor-wee-dalla Curley Kongoodoo Pat Laurie Tiger Yew-pal Gregory Meealli-garrie Doris Mudtawarpa Maranne Marung-nu-irr Daisy Kunyumee Violet Wallia Others listed are Hector Korlung-garrie Paddy (Fitzroy) Gordon Butcher Bobby Violet Wallid Topsy Duncan Bul-chan-garrie Emu Gi-goo-leedun Ouondong Depot Joe Koor-wee-dalla Larry Balp-birr Johnson Djing-un-garrie Hector Dee-bot-garrie Part-aborigines There is one female child, Josephine Datpa-owie aged 3, daughter of Daisy Kun-yu-mee who it is claimed part-aborigine. Her alleged father is Basil Underwood. However, she is so dark-skinned that I find it hard to believe - she is certainly much darker than the usual run of half-castes, and in my opinion is even darker than a three-quarter caste black. However, she may show her true colour after the next two or three years, but I feel certain that she will remain in the aboriginal camp. E C Evans Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________________________________ Native Affairs Branch 25th July, 1952 Memorandum to : District Superintendent Investigations re Alleged Murder in Vicinity Melville Bay In accordance with your instructions of 4th June, 1952, I co-operated with Constable Raabe of the Northern Territory Police Force during his investigations into the alleged murder of a native woman in the area west of Melville Bay. I accompanied the Constable to Port Bradshaw where he apprehended two female aborigines for questioning, and also on his three patrols to the alleged scene of the crime, and assisted him in his search for the body. I was present at the questionings of all natives concerned and the following appears to be the Story. In about the middle of March this year a party of about thirty natives were returning to Yirrkala Mission from Cato River after an absence of six months or so. Three days before arriving at the Mission they camped in the hilly country to the west of Melville Bay. The next morning and during some of the afternoon they hunted out from the camp, re- turning there at about 3pm. When they broke camp they commenced travelling in small groups in a south-easterly direction. One of the groups consisted of one male aborigine, NAGAIYA, four female aborigines, NGOWA, YAKAYAK, BANGBOI and NGOIKNGOIK and two children. NGOIK NGOIK who was almost blind and suffering from fever (probably malaria) had to be led by one of the other natives. She was unable to keep up with the rest of the party and when she complained of being tired and sick she was left behind to rest in the care of BANGBOI. NAGAIYA, NGOWA, YAKAYAK and the two children continued travelling. They had gone for about another two miles when BANGBOI caught up with them saying she had not been able to persuade NGOIK NGOIK to con- tinue travelling, so she had left her behind. NAGAIYA then went back to get the sick lubra. He took with him a shovel nose spear and a woomera. When he found NGOIK NGOIK she was sitting in the same place as he had left her. He shook NGOIK NGOIK saying 'Wake up they have all gone away'. She told him she did not feel well but he still tried to get her to come along saying 'Come on, there is no one with us, I am a little bit frightened because it is nearly sunset'. She swore at him and he then stabbed her once in the right shoulder, holding the spear near the blade and using it as a knife. The point did not penetrate but the blade of the spear caused a fairly deep wound at the junction of the shoulder and the neck. She screamed and continued swearing at him as he left her and continued back to the other lubras. NAGAIYA told NGOWA what had happened and NGOWA then returned to find NGOIK NGOIK. She found her alive where NAGAIYA had left her. NGOWA then struck NGOIK NGOIK across the shoulder and back with a stick about three feet long and about two and a half inches in diameter. She left NGOIK NGOIK still alive, and returned to get YAKAYAK saying to her 'I could not find NGOIK NGOIK, more better you come with me YAKAYAK and we look together. Might be she lost'. As they proceeded back towards NGOIK NGOIK, NGOWA tried to lead YAKAYAK in a direction so as to miss the body. YAKAYAK would not be lead however and followed the native track. She was by herself when she came upon the body of NGOIK NGOIK near the native track. She could see where the body had been dragged for about ten yards from the track and there was a cut on the right shoulder and much blood on the back and head. There was also a lot of blood on the grass and on a stone and stick which she assumed had been used in the attack upon NGOIK NGOIK. She believed NGOIK NGOIK was dead and she was very frightened as she hastened back to the camp. NGOWA joined her before she reached the camp but she did not tell NGOWA nor anyone else what she had seen, believing that if she did, her life would be in jeopardy. By this time it was dark and NAGAIYA, NGOWA, YAKAYAK, BANGBOID and the two children continued on about two miles where they joined the rest of the group and camped for the night. The party of natives continued on to Yirrkala Mission arriving there two days later, which was approximately the 18th March, 1952. Four trips were made to the vicinity of the alleged murder and on each occasion a fairly extensive search was made for the remains of NGOIK NGOIK. On the last patrol, Constable Raabe and myself were taken by YAKAYAK to the place where she had last seen the body. Nothing was found there however, but several bones were found about half a mile east of this spot and three vertebrae were found in a bower bird's nest on a cliff edge about three hundred yards north of this spot. These bones have been sent to the Darwin Hospital for identification, and Constable Raabe has told me it is now very doubtful whether these bones are those of a human being. It could be seen where sheets of bark about ten feet long had been removed from two stringy bark trees of about twelve inch diameter within a hundred yards of the place shown to us by YAKAYAK. It has been suggested that the body may have been removed by natives travelling from Yirrkala Mission to Arnhem Bay, which is the burial ground for many natives of this district. It must also be remembered that this area was ravaged by a hundred mile an hour cyclone from the 2nd to the 5th April, 1952, and during this time about sixteen inches of rain were recorded. This, together with the help of dingoes, wild cats, hawks and other carion, could have caused any remains to be scattered far and wide during the three months since the murder was alleged to have taken place. Motives Three possible motives for murder have been suggested by these investigations The first on by the male suspect NAGAIYA. The majority of the group travelling to the Mission were apparently suffering from malaria, which is quite prevalent in the Yirrkala area. Among these sufferers were NGOIK NGOIK and NAGAIYA. NGOIK NGOIK must have been very ill as she was complaining of aching all over her body and she could not travel far without resting. It is known that she was suffering from defective eyesight to such an extent as to necessitate her being led. Up to the time of the alleged murder there had been very little rain in the district, and surface water was scarce. The natives could not rely on the small springs from which they usually managed to get their water, and were travelling with haste to reach a permanent fresh water creek. When BANGBOI came up with the message that NGOIK NGOIK was still resting behind NAGAIYA, who was also sick, went back. He tried to induce her to travel and when she swore at him he speared her. His reasons for spearing her were : 1. It was nearly sunset and he was getting frightened that he would have to travel in the dark. 2. He was always carrying her and he was getting tired of her. 3. He was wild because when she swore at him he said something which no native woman is permitted to say to a man. The second motive, jealously, would probably apply more to NGOWA than to NAGAIYA. NGOIK NGOIK and NAGAIYA were husband and wife. NAGAIYA is the son of old man of the tribe, WONGU, and NGOWA is one of WONGU's many wives. NGOWA is therefore NAGAIYA's step-mother as well as his paramour. The amorous relationship between NGOWA and NAGAIYA was by no means a secret, and as a result NGOWA and NGOIK NGOIK were on very unfriendly terms. NGOWA was jealous of NGOIK NGOIK because the latter was NAGAIYA's wife and was getting the food which would have gone to her. When she returned to look for NGOIK NGOIK and found her wounded and sick, and knowing that NAGAIYA had been the one who had done the spearing, she apparently could not resist the temptation to add to NGOIK NGOIK's misery by assaulting her before leaving. The third motive, suggested by one of the witnesses, YAKAYAK, brings the tribal aspect to light. During the period of six months that this particular group of natives were away from the Mission, they drifted between Caledon Bay Blue Mud Bay, Arnhem Bay and the Cato River, following the ceremonial grounds for corroborees and hunting as they went. While they were in the vicinity of Caledon Bay, one of the boys, YUNGARIN ran away with NAGAIYA's blood sister MULUWA. MULUWA had been given as a wife to BULAMBI by her father, WONGU, and naturally his family group, especially NAGAIYA, were most indignant about the elopment. Learning that the two had gone to Arnhem Bay, the rest of the group immediately followed apparently with the intention of re-taking MULUWA. On reaching the Cato River, they learned that YUNGARIN was hunting crocodiles further around the coast. A message was sent to them requesting that they return to the Cato River, which they did. On their arrival at the camp NAGAIYA cast two shovel nosed spears at YUNGARIN, both of which missed the target. Nothing else happened then and YUNGARIN and MULUWA returned to Arnhem Bay with the main group of natives. When this group decided to return to Yirrkala Mission YUNGARIN and MULUWA remained at Arnhem Bay and are now with a group of natives who are building an airstrip for Mr Shepherdson in the Arnhem Bay area. It was while the main group of natives were returning to the Mission that the murder was alleged to have taken place. NGOIK NGOIK was the blood grandmother of YUNGARIN and the eldest living of that line. YAKAYAK said she had heard NAGAIYA say that he would kill NGOIK NGOIK and the rest of that tribe (including YAKAYAK herself) to revenge the elopment of YUNGARIN and MULUWA. After they returned to the Mission she heard him say 'I killed NGOIK NGOIK, I sorry for BULAMBI, my sister really wife belong to BULAMBI'. It is the custom of natives in the North East Arnhem Land to vent their anger on the relative (preferably the eldest of the line) of a wrong doer if the wrong doer is not available, and sometimes even when the wrong doer is available. On questioning NAGAIYA regarding this theory, he denied that the fact of YUNGARIN and MULUWA running away had anything to do with his spearing NGOIK NGOIK. If, as NAGAIYA originally stated, NGOIK NGOIK was still alive when he left her, I think the first suggested motive would be the most likely. Had his motive been revenge I feel sure he would have made sure she was dead before he returned to the group. Tribal Background The group of natives mentioned by me in this report are led by old man, WONGU, and consist mainly of his wives, children and grandchildren. Very few of them can speak any English at all and they spend most of their time in the bush hunting and following as near as possible the customs and social life of aborigines as theywere before they came under the influence of Missions. They return to Yirrkala Mission when food is very scarce in the bush and when they feel the need for tobacco. The male suspect, NAGAIYA, told me that he had been in Fannie Bay Gaol before when he was brought in to Darwin in connection with the murder of three Japanese at Caledon Bay in about 1937. His attitude seemed to be that another spell in Fannie Bay Gaol was quite acceptable to him. Relationships 1. NGOIK NGOIK, deceased, was the wife of suspect NAGAIYA and the blood grandmother of the witness YAKAYAK. 2. NAGAIYA, suspect, husband of the deceased, and tribal son of NGOWA and YAKAYAK. He was also known to be the sweetheart of NGOWA. 3. NGOWA, suspect, a wife of WONGU, tribal mother and paramour of NAGAIYA. 4. YAKAYAK, witness, a wife of WONGU, tribal mother of NAGAIYA, blood grand-daughter of NGOIK NGOIK. 5. BANGBOI, witness, wife of MULIAL (son of NGOIK NGOIK by previous marriage) daughter-in-law of NGOIK NGOIK. Conclusion As apparently quite common during investi- gations of this nature, the stories told to us by witnesses and suspects alike were many and varied. I have only endeavoured to acquaint you with the story in general as near to true as I have been able to get, as a basis for further questioning by the defending counsel, should this questioning be found necessary. I feel sure that details of this story will change if the natives are put in the witness stand and I know in fact that the suspects have now told the police that the deceased was actually dead when they left her. In the absence of a body, and with the absence of any eye witnesses, I doubt whether the suspects will be charged with murder. T C Lovegrove Cadet Patrol Officer