Native Affairs Branch Patrol Officers Reports 1952 - 1953

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F1/0 Item 1953/352 Native Affairs Branch Patrol Officers Reports 1952 - 1953 Stations in these reports are Nutwood Downs Station Willeroo and Delamere Stations Muckaty Station Banka Banka Station Victoria River Downs Station (Head Station,Centre Camp, Gordon Creek, Moolooloo, Pigeon Hole, Monteginnie, Mt Sandford) Humbert River Station Coolibah Station Auvergne Station General Report - Kimberley District - 1952 Rosewood Station Kildurk Station Newry Station Waterloo Station Birrundudu Station Mistake Creek Station Inverway Station Wave Hill Station Copyright P J Mackett, 2007 NUTWOOD DOWNS STATION Notes Adjoins Tanumbirini, Hodgson Downs and Dunmarra Stations. The homestead is situated about 70 miles north-east of Daly Waters. Report dated 15th April, 1953, Staff Mr J M Hood, Manager Mrs Hood, Manager's wife and intermittent cook Mr J Jackson, Bookkeeper Mr B Egan, Head Stockman Mr A Morton, Stockman Mr N Hood, Stockman Mr E Lundquist, Stockman Mr B Fulton, half-caste, Junior Stockman Mr J Ferguson, Cook Aborigines The following is a list of aboriginals on Nutwood Station at the time of inspection. The credits shown are those at the 1st August, 1952. Name Status Occupation Hodgson Jateeomadgee Married Stockman Hagar Oodooroo Married Unemployed (The above are parents of Isaac (8 1/2), John (7 1/2), Glorie (4), and Pearl (6. 7.1951). Hagar belongs to the Allawa tribe and Hodgson is a mixture of Allawa and Mara.) Harry Gundiyarra Married Pensioner Amy Bilbil Married Domestic (They have a son, Dave, about 13 years old. Now that Harry is unemployed Amy's wages should be 10/- weekly. I shall check this on my next visit as she should be entitled to retro- spective money from the time Harry was made a pensioner. Harry is of the Mara tribe and Amy of the Janjula tribe.) Charlie Charlgrin Widower Stockman (Charlie works mostly around the homestead. He belongs to the Mara-Allawa tribes. His wife Nancy has been dead for over two years. He has three children : Tony (9), Margaret (7) and Teddy (4).) Chicken Burroo Married Stockman Yuna Gardba Married Unemployed (Their children are Bobby (6), Frunnel (4) and Dorothy (7. 7.1951). Both parents belong to the Allawa tribe. Minnimere Married Gardener Rachel Monanbana Married Unemployed (The children in this family are Tonson (14 1/2), an employee, and Waratah, a 13 year old girl. Both parents belong to Mara tribe. Another daughter is Emily, the wife of Leo, both of whom I took to Nutwood to visit Emily's parents.) Gilbert Bookoodea Married Stockman Jessie Boorbooty Married Unemployed (Benson (also known as Vincent) is the son of this couple. He is about 5 years old. Gilbert is an Allawa and Jessie is of the Kotandji tribe. Another son of this couple whom I omitted above is Steve (25. 5.1952).) Fred Nallagea Married Stockman Ida Lingin Married Somestic (Hodgson Boy is a 15 year old son of Fred and Ida. He is employed on the Station. Ida is an Allawa and Fred is a mixture of Ngalakan and Mangarai.) Undi Maroonda Married Stockman Ruby Abuyululu Married Domestic (They belong to the Mara tribe.) Norman Wooloomulu Married General Priscilla Married Domestic (Both belong to the Allawa tribe.) Tido Burrum Married Stockman Nora Marriwinga Married Unemployed (Both belong to the Mara tribe.) Nipper Aryaeega Married Pensioner Fanny Midjilee Married Domestic (Nipper had a debit balance of 6/13/3. He is one of the Ngalakan tribe and Fanny is an Allawa.) L.H. Billy Maroola Married Pensioner Joan Midjili Married Domestic (A correction: Left-hand Billy had a credit of 1/5/8. He and his wife belong to the Allawa tribe.) M. Tommy Buthamarna Married General Marina Moornel Married Unemployed (They have a child Tilly (12. 3.1952). Marina Tommy is of the Ngandi tribe and his wife is an Allawa.) C. Tommy UruJdonga Married General Dolly Juangoonga Married Unemployed (Creswell Tommy is of the Allawa tribe and Dolly is a Njamgga.) Paddy Laffin (Contract) Married Horseman May YarumBaiInggu Married Unemployed (Paddy receives one pound weekly and a 2 pound bonus in cash for handling newly broken-in horses. He also breaks in horses on contract on his own terms. Paddy belongs to the Njangga tribe and May is an Allawa.) Jimmy Nabidun Married General Clara Naradji Married Unemployed (They have a son Joe (5. 7.1951). Both parents belong to the Allawa tribe. They were previously on Tanumbirini Station. Johnson WelkiMudji Married Stockman Alice WeeringAlli Married Unemployed (They have a daughter Teresa about 5 years old. They previously worked for George Conway. Johnson is an Allawa and his wife is a Janjula.) Long Johnson Married General Mary Itungoo Married Domestic (Johnson is a Queensland born native and has worked on Hodgson Downs. Mary is a Djauan.) Walker Kaloajaki Married Stockman Cleo Warrah Married Unemployed (This couple was temporarily absent for a few days. I think they both belong to the Allawa tribe.) Peter Idcha Married Stockman Rita Wahlbuljah Married Unemployed (They have two children Susan (5 1/2) and Elizabeth (1 1/2). Rita is also the mother of the half-caste boy Noel Rex whom I sent to Darwin on 1st July, 1951 with Patrol Officer Lovegrove (from Elliott). Peter belongs to the Binbinga tribe and Rita to the Karawa. Prior to working on Nutwood They had been on Beetaloo, Tanumbirini and O.T. Stations. Rita's mother Biddy was at the Roper River Mission.) Paddy Nullee Married General Gladys EebitzaCurri Married Unemployed (These belong to the Allawa tribe. They have been on Tanum- birini for years. I have recently had a message from Paddy that he would like his credit from Tanumbirini and have written to Patrol Officer Bray on this matter. Jacky Boy Married Stockman Alice Yunggreejji Married Unemployed (They have a son Peter about three years old. They had only just arrived at Nutwood from Hodgson. I did not see Jacky. They belong to the Allawa tribe.) Eric Urangboorung Married Stockman Elsie Nahbilandi Married Unemployed (There are two children in this family : John (4) and Jennifer (1 1/2). They had come from the Roper River Mission and belong to the Mara tribe.) L. Harry Lilyari Married Stockman Girlie Nahbilandi Married Unemployed (There were three children in this family : Samuel (9), Marie (6) and Helen, the youngest, has since died. Linmen Harry and Girlie had recently arrived from the Roper River Mission. They are of the Mara tribe. I have Girlie and Elsie above with the native names the same. I think Elsie's should be MarlBinYoongu.) Jimmy Err (Morticy) Single General (Jimmy has a son Sandy about 10 years of age. The mother Peggy is now married to Beswick Bob and over the past two years both of them have been employed at Mataranka, Beswick and Elsey Stations. Jimmy, also known as Morticy, is of the Mangarai tribe.) Dick Oomug Single Tailer (Dick a widower is the father of the above-mentioned Jacky Boy. An oversight had been made of his weekly wage and it was to have been rectified. Dick is an Allawa.) Sandy Marlipoo Single General (Sandy belongs to the Ngandi tribe.) August Barlmindalla Single Stockman (August is of the Mara tribe.) Gilbert Nalidjangarungu Single General (Mara tribe and originally from the Roper River Mission. He has worked for Dick Scobie.) Peter Nulamangung Single Cook (Peter has worked on Elsey and Roper Valley Stations. He is of the Njangga tribe.) Tonson Nguladji Single Stockman (He is the son of Minnimere and Rachel above and is of the Mara tribe.) Daylight Naringu Single Stockman (Has worked at Elsey Station and is of the Mangarai tribe.) Fred Mooluarna Single Unemployed (Was just from the Roper River Mission and had not been put to work. He is of the Mara tribe.) Harry Wongan Single Stockman (Harry had an 11/- debit. He is an Allawa.) Jack Bullinara Single General (He previously worked at Dunmarra. He is a Maiali.) Colin Kumindagaga Single Stockman (Previously at Tanumbirini. He is of the Nungubuju tribe.) Charlie Nungaburra Single General (Also known as Short Charlie. He had used up his balance. He is of the Ngandi tribe.) Besides Old Harry, Nipper and Billy Left Hand mentioned above, the following are also legitimate government pensioners : Lucy Marlooina who is mental, aged and whose husband is in Darwin Leprosarium. Blind Kitty who is very old and totally blind. Maggie Murrah-naringmah was blind. She died 9th August, 1952. She was the mother of Bun, a former Nutwood employee. Charlie Junging died in November, 1952. Lizzie Warbluel, widow of Charlie above, is very old. The following aboriginals previously worked on Nutwood and they still have credits as shown hereunder : Bun Wallawarra and Rita Duldul (They have a child Marjorie and were on Elsey Station.) Tooloo Burrkaka and Mary Amantarra (This couple were last seen by me at Borroloola.) Peter Narro and Lark Largugu and Molly Lahnungin (Peter with his two wives and daughter Eunice (10) of whom Lark is the mother, are reported to be at Roper River Mission.) Hoppy Tommy (Native name is entered as Patchaman. Reported to be in Borroloola - Tanumbirini area.) Wingie Yuremah (Reported to be with Hoppy Tommy.) Charlie Koolupindy (Reported to be in the Roper River area.) Toby Weelweryunga and Minnie Yeengudu (May be at Creswell or Tanumbirini.) Caesar (May be at the Roper River Mission.) Andrew Narlya-rega (May be at the Roper River Mission.) Albert Conway (At Elsey Station.) Part Aboriginals Billy Fulton was the only half-caste on Nutwood. Reference is made to him on page 1. He has developed into a well-built and capable young man and will be able to command from now on at least European award rates of pay for stockmen. His training at Nutwood has been thor- ough although there were difficulties in getting him a wage to conforn with his ability. J R Ryan Patrol Officer ________________________________________________________________ WILLEROO and DELAMERE STATIONS Notes Willeroo and Delamere Stations are out-stations of Manbulloo. The Willeroo homestead is about eighty miles south-west of Katherine and the Delamere homestead is roughly thirty-six miles south of Willeroo. The staff at Willeroo are Mr R McLennan, his wife and two children and Mr Doug Haughton who has returned to Wave Hill Station.. Previously Mr and Mrs Jack Liddell were here but have transferred to Helen Springs. All are Europeans. The staff at Delamere consists of the following : George Man Fong, a part aboriginal, head stockman Lulu Kelly (also known as Nelson), half-caste, cook. She left at the end of 1952 and is at present in Katherine. David Kelly, a half caste youth, was employed to help with the small amount of writing that was done at the homestead but he was dismissed after a trial of a few weeks. I believe he has returned to Darwin. A European R McPherson was employed temporarily as a head stockman as also was the half-caste Harry Huddleston. To the best of my knowledge Man Fong is at present on his own at Delamere. He is a good stockman but is somewhat illiterate. He appears to be of Chinese and aboriginal descent and is exempted. Aborigines The following is a list of aboriginals on Willeroo Station : Name Status Occupation Banjo Konah Married Stockman Amy Mudjudjoo Married Unemployed Ludy Bahloong Married Unemployed (Ludy is the mother of Doris, wife of Bill below and of Violet whose birth is registered as 30th June, 1946. During the year Banjo was treated for conjunctivitis, Amy with a sore foot and Doris for granuloma.) Joe Sumundi Married Stockman Ludy Ipaleemah Married Unemployed Mary Naibrek Married Domestic (Treatment was given to Mary for ringworms and to Ludy for a sore left eye. Mary was previously married to a deceased aborifinal Lock who has a credit of 14/10/10 in the Manbulloo books. Approval is requested to transfer this credit in equal shares to Mary and to a young girl Queenie Abigiggi who although the daughter of aboriginal Praier was looked after by Lock. Mary had a half-caste child known as Maloney who was taken to Darwin before I came to this area. Joe's other wife Ludy is the mother of a large family including the half-caste Billy Harney of Manbulloo Station. Her other children are : Peewee (14), an employee, Bullfrog (30. 6.1947), Shirley (30. 6.1948), Peter (6.12.1950) and Johnson (14) a foster child who is now an employee.) Bill Jokweeda Married Stockman Doris Konbunyarry Married Domestic Captain Waretakaddy Married Stockman Connie Narrennally Married Domestic (Captain received medical attention for a sore left eye. He is of the Tjingilli tribe.) Harry Wadji Married Stockman Clara Emyma Married Gardener Kaiser Chardahmoona Married Stockman Elsie Nonnamah Married Unemployed (Elsie is the mother of two half-caste children Ray and Anne whom I took to the A.I.M. Bagot Road, on 30th April 1952. Elsie received medical attention for a sore arm during my first inspection with a doctor and was sent to Darwin for further treatment on 1st August, 1952. She has since returned to Willeroo. Kaiser is of the Tjingilli tribe.) Bob Gitpidgitbee Married Pensioner Lilly Ginginna Married Unemployed (Bob is about 70 years of age. Lilly is the daughter of Prairer and Daisy.) Prairer Bunjulee Married Unemployed Daisy Kamin Married Unemployed (Both the above went to Darwin for medical treatment on 1st August, 1952. Daisy was admitted to the Leprosarium and Prairer is now totally blind. I have authorised the manager to class him as a dependant. Their progeny are Lilly (Bob's wife), Queenie Abigiggi (1.12.1940), both mentioned above.) Mudpin Married Stockman Maudie Narmulyai Married Domestic Smiler Idilba Married Stockman Ruby Ingareemah Married Domestic (This couple have two children : Ronnie (30. 6.1948) and Ninah (15. 8.1952).) Toby Edilban Widower Absent Kaboonka Deceased (Tobe is reported to be in the Flora country. His deceased wife Kaboonka is the mother of Blucher and the part- aboriginal Eileen Letting.) Blucher Jinggoogoo Single Absent Horace Giganman Single Stockman Barney Koomyee Married Absent Nellie Married Absent (I do not know the whereabouts of the above. They left in August, 1951.) King Single Absent (King has not returned since March, 1951.) Pumpkin Nyananyin Single Absent (Pumpkin was at Coolibah this year. He left Willeroo in March, 1952.) William Abwadapin Single Stockman Peewee (Joe's Joe) Single Stockman (Peewee is about 14 years of age. He is also known as Joe's Joe. His aboriginal name is Imarmarl.) Johnson Keengwong Single Stockman Briken Single Pensioner (Brinken is about 70 years of age.) Besides the two natives mentioned above, Kaiser and Captain, who belong to the Tjingilli tribe there is a mixture of Wardaman, Djamindjung and Mudbara amongst the others. The only aged and infirm at Willeroo now are the above- mentioned Bob (70), Brinken (70) and Prairer (blind and aged). Pumpkin would be eligible for this list when he returns from Coolibah. The following are the Delamere natives : Charlie Yarraluk Married Stockman Annie Yooganally Married Unemployed (Charlie is of the Djauan tribe and Annie belongs to the Ngarinman tribe.) Timothy Boggydjal Single Stockman (The above is of the Tjingilli tribe. His father is Pennifold of Daly Waters. He is about 17 years old.) Gregory Taloonga Married Stockman Nellie Karrawooly Married Domestic (Nellie died 1st September, 1952. She is the mother of ........, Jack Davidson and Lilly, the wife of Big Foot. .......................of the Wardaman tribe.) Big Foot Kodjola Married Stockman Lilly Edwanwinyallee Married Unemployed Topsy Gunbungaddee Married Unemployed (Topsy is the widow of the late Ranji Singh and has a credit in the Darwin Aboriginal Trust Account. She also has a credit of 24/17/9 in the Manbulloo books. The above are Wardamans.) Tommy Jailjirri Married Stockman Amy Dahmoot Married Domestic (Tommy is a Jungman and his wife is a Djauan. Tommy is also known as Tommy Birdum; he spent several years there before the last war. He was previously married to another Amy who died nine years ago. The latter is the mother of his children : Rankine (18), Reggie (16), Reilly (14) and Robin. The last-mentioned is about 9 years old. Amy Dahmoot has no children. She and Tommy were both treated in the Katherine during 1952.) Rankine Koolumbarra Single Stockman (Son of Tommy and Amy above as also are the following Reggie and Reilly.) Reggie Wannajabbee Single Stockman Reilly Karminga Single Stockman Paddy Meenah Dead Alice Yarkankoola Widow (Paddy died 14. 8.1952. Their children are Micky Djarbin, an employee and about 16 years of age, Pat and Duncan (5.11.1947)). Pat's birth is registered as 30. 6.1945. Alice is a Wardaman.) Micky Djarbin Single Stockman Doris Marolan Single Domestic (Doris is the mother of the three-quarter caste Leslie Moroney. He is about 2 1/2 years of age, but his birthday according to the records is 14. 1.1951.) Charlie Marloongarnee Married Stockman Djinduno Married Unemployed. (Eileen is the mother of Doris Marolan above and Charlie who is also known as Left Hand Charlie is the father of Jimmy Lowandja, temporarily absent from Delamere. Charlie is a Tjingilli and his wife is a Ngarinman.) Jimmy Lowandja Single Stockman (Son of Charlie above. He is about 15 years old.) Munday Woodunga Married General Kooringiddee Married Unemployed (Both are Wardamans.) Nipper Koongajung Married Stockman Rosie Uwoninji Married Unemployed (Nipper is Mudbara-Wardaman and Rosie is Tjingilli.) The variety of the tribes on Delamere is I think unique. It is surprising to find so many of the Tjingilli considering the situation of Delamere. They seem to predominate with the Wardamans. The following constitute the aged and infirm on Delamere : Pluto Ibunjabunjin has not yet been put on the list. Judy Duckfoot Myangmung, Pluto's wife. (These are both about 60 years of age and have seen their best days. Pluto has a credit of 30/2/6. They would both qualify for this classification but were not included in 1952.) Nellie Yar-wel-ming is about 65 and is the mother of Big Foot. Lucy Boodbaulk is about 65 years of age. Minnie Miamalli died 14th July 1952. Nipper Koongajung, mentioned above as an employee would also be eligible to be pensioned but has not yet been classed as such. J R Ryan Patrol Officer ___________________________________________________________________ MUCKATY STATION Mr A C B Ulyatt, Manager Employees Powder Wanaguleri 45 years, General Hand, married (but living apart from his wife) Maudie 40 years. domestic, married Sloper Woom Bulla Maudie's husband, not employed but receives clothes and rations Clothing Powder Has some clothes issued without charge, but purchases the balance Maudie Has all clothing issued free, and no debits are raised for her excepting torch batteries. Sloper Not charged for clothing Family groups Sloper and Maudie only. John E Bray Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________ BANKA BANKA STATION Banka Banka Pastoral Company, owner Mr R A Christie, manager Employees Male Aboriginal Name Age Status Occupation Frank nananimugi 57 Married Station Hand Day-Day imjerimerona 17 Single Stockman McGowan waludugarri 62 Married Stockman Peter mondabulla 17 Single Stockman Fitz 51 Married General Hand Lauder carnarigarri 44 Married Stockman Edgar booranigoor 48 Married Stockman Toprail minangoor 38 Single Stockman Bluey delimunda 15 Single Stockboy Donald burranudum 36 Married Stockman Female Aboriginal Name Age Status Occupation Linda jurabbumunga 37 Married Domestic Kathleen beanulli 27 Married Domestic Lily baanbali 33 Married Domestic Mary Banka 54 Single Domestic Mary Morphett 55 Single Domestic Elsie 60 Single Domestic Mysey 60 Single Domestic Molly nibinjeer 40 Married Gardener Buttercup poorandamunya 45 Married Gardener May 15 Single Domestic Nora 25 Married Gardener Family Groups A full list was given in the 195- report. This list is not altered excepting as under : Westcot and Helip and 3 children - not at Rockhampton Downs Additional Donald burranudum and Nora and 4 children Douglas, about 10 years Daisy, 8 years Johnny, 6 years Dick, 1 year This family came from Helen Springs Station and at the time of inspection were on walkabout. Nora's aboriginal name and the ages of the children have still to be obtained. Births and Deaths Births To Frank and Linda - Dorothea, born 10. 2.1952 To Fitz and Kathleen - Louie, born 11. 7.1950 Betty, born 8. 8.1952 To Lauder and Molly - Hazel, born 7. 3.1952 Deaths Unnamed infant of Frank nananimugi and Linda jurabbamunga, died in Tennant Creek Hospital. The date was not available at time of inspection, but Mrs Ward said that she would go through the Station diaries and endeavout to find out the date. Cause of Death : Laryangeal diptheria Dependants Two only - Topsy and Carrie, each aged about 65 years. They receive ample rations and clothing from the Station. School Children The undermentioned children are at present attending the Convent at Alice Springs : Priscilla, born 14. 4.1943 David, about 7 years Jimmy, born June 1943 Jean, born 1946 John E Bray Patrol Officer ____________________________________________________________ VICTORIA RIVER DOWNS STATION Head Station European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Brady aa-lung-ga Married Husband Judy na-lila Married Wife Brumby gujung Married Husband Clara malanya Married Wife 1 Violet magala Married Wife 2 Little Ida yara-wul-nali Single Child 2 .1941 Charcoal dulung Married Husband Mary ru-dung-nale Married Wife 1 Captain lang-mei-ari Single Child 1 .1945 Little Nellie narumbin Married Wife 2 Lena dan-ma-rang Widow Boxer me-ri-bu Single Child .1943 Frank wang-garang Married Husband Norah kwi-ing Married Wife 1 Mary mai-ang-ud Married Wife 2 Big Jabiru ja-bulu-bulu Married Husband Betsy nyan-mak Married Wife Jacky bi-ji-wa Married Husband Dolly Murphy ban-ga-man Married Wife Matt Wilson jambi-jina Married Husband Josephine yal-nari Married Wife Noble ya-ran-bula Married Husband Dinah midil-yiri Married Wife Splinter jarija-kari Widower Tiger warrnga Married Husband Mabel na-dei Married Wife Charlie ling-i Married Husband Dolly wan-dei-amang Married Wife Tommy nyu-in-gari Mona maran-galba Widow Rosie Mulligan gan-duni Widow Topsy jit-nuri Widow Centre Camp Darby bang-gi-lit Married Husband Peggy gu-r-bijin Married Wife Dodger bil-wi-ni Married Husband Gracie gangu Married Wife Jack jundu-yari Married Husband Kitty ma-u-wa Married Wife Robin (F) wi-rang-ali Single Child .1945 Susan ki-ling-ali Single Child .1948 Jimmy meena Single Sunrise min-bi-ari Married Husband Connie winji Married Wife Tommy Long nang-ei-yari Married Husband May Short mar-bangu Married Wife Arthur Griffo H/C Single Big Charcoal yun-mau-un Married Husband Blind Maggie jil-i-ga Married Wife Donelly din-gim-gari Married Husband Patsy li-rabu-nali Married Wife William gal-wei-in Single Child .1946 Janet u-na-ra-man Single Child .1948 Lana naluri Single Child .1951 Jimmy wing-gul-gurrie Married Husband Dora Married Wife Gordon Creek Bennie nal-mei-yari Married Husband Mabel bili-mangu Married Wife Doug Campbell H/C Married Husband Ida jing-git Married Wife Ruby 3/4C bi-ay-un Single Child .1943 Noel 3/4C digi-yuun Single Child .1944 Doreen 3/4C nilara Single Child .1946 Nancy 3/4C nau-wai-a Single Child .1948 Sammy 3/4C wudu-mala Single Child .1949 Jabirn bul-jei-ing Married Husband Japance gu-la-gi Married Wife Peter dul-mei-gi Married Husband Minnie bada-bada Married Wife Lucy bum-ba-rin Widow Don wili-bili Married Husband Lily durugula Married Wife 1 Rosie gan-min Married Wife 2 (Don is a cripple.) Harry Single Andy wagaga Married Husband Annie yi-wir Married Wife Banjo wan-guni-gari Married Husband Louie nit-nari Married Wife Barry ga-diju Single Big Mick gan-gin-ang Married Husband Mina na-bi-dein Married Wife Peter nalingna Single Child .1945 (Nina is the mother of Rose Gordon H/C now with Mrs Schultz at Humbert.) Little Mick yin-yu-winma Married Husband Jessie wir-ba Married Wife Monkey gu-ja-dog Married Husband Whip gil-nari Married Wife Norman man-ji-ar Single Robin Single Sandy Single Maggie mun-mani Widow Moolooloo Adam ban-du-gari Single Allan ajug-bai Single Tim ilnai-yari Married Husband Maudie magala Married Wife Maudie gung-un-dug Widow Biddy bang-gin Widow Paddy gilimiri Married Husband Norah gaman-dudu Married Wife 1 Daisy nor-ee-a Married Wife 2 Jim Crow wonaninung Married Husband Nancy pol-i-alla Married Wife Dan kura-gar-bong Married Husband Mabel wai-in-nari Married Wife Smiler la-gut Single Child .1944 Bobby binmurrie Married Husband Jessie din-yirin-lalli Married Wife Kadolga mundoo Single Child .1946 Peggy nal-ili Single Child .1947 Kathleen Single Child .1950 Captain djinama-gooroo Single Nipper ponungalla Single Wallaby chainbudgeri Married Husband Nora Married Wife Polly murra-djun-man Widow Jimmy narrinjarra Single Pigeon Hole Anzac mung-gun-yi Married Husband Big Lily djin-dul-wa Married Wife Jackie djadi-wurring Single Child .1943 Bill billi-walla-nungoo Single Child .1945 Florrie quin-yun Single Child .1947 Dora kud-ul Single Child .1950 (Big Lily is the mother of Ringer who is 16 years of age.) Ringer H/C al li Single Hector wun-ai-ari Married Husband Molly yung-oo-arli Married Wife Douglas kunadji-ari Single Child .1943 Nugget pulbi-ari Single Child .1945 Barbara wong-nu-air Single Child .1947 Melva djari-wung-ali Single Child .1949 Rodney dtunama Single Child .1950 Joan managoo Single Child .1951 Bob kung-ni-ari Married Husband Doris wong-mung-ali Married Wife Spondulicks wodara Married Husband Lucy koo-gilia Married Wife Starlight & Daylight yowi-di Married Husband Lizzie bud-ari Married Wife Sandon mungarie Married Husband Victoria bidi-djia Married Wife Kathleen dju-dual Single Child .1937 Eileen larra-bia-yia Single Child .1938 (Kathleen and Eileen are still single.) Horsetailer Mick nooran-djiri Married Husband Rosie Married Wife (Rosie is an inmate of Channel Is.) Toby wallundju-gurrie Widower Peter dtin-biridja Married Husband Nellie dturung-nali Married Wife Monteginnie Tommy wod-ja-wonga Single Kangaroo wai-gun-yungoo Married Husband Maudie ni-yilala Married Wife 1 Violet wonari Married Wife 2 Mick munbidgee Single Child .1946 Dick djungari Single Child .1948 Jim djunbijini Single Child .1949 Nora djalo-ung-ali Mother Georgia kulungdjura Single Child .1938 Eileen na-murria Single Child .1945 Lizzie lun-djin-a Single Child .1947 Jane numbajina Single Child .1949 Banjo pala-mungoonoo Bungaree yung-ga-balyi Married Husband Rosie now-alie Married Wife Monday dung-gan-yung Married Husband Dora na-dju-ook Married Wife Mick djungarie Single Child .1946 Captain mara-djala Single Nellie nunin-djirima Widow Bobby wol-mudda Single Child .1939 Dutchy yirinali Single Child .1946 Lizzie woda-lulla Widow Elsie palour-birr Single Child .1941 Nancy djalang-ali Single Child .1943 Charlie djunbadjinba Single Child .1946 Jack won-a-mudja Single Maggie karlunga Widow King diring-indi Married Husband Kitty nari-ari Married Wife Mabel wun-un-ia Bob djali-wuna Married Husband Topsy bungi Married Wife Albert lal-ga Married Husband Doris myu-bi-dia Married Wife Sambo djilgi-gari Married Husband Kitty dowul Married Wife Mary H/C Single Child .1947 Horace mudi-di-garri Single Child .1948 Mabel wongala Widow Dolly yamul Widow George kalunjera Single (George is the son of Dolly yamul.) Mt Sandford Davey kool-bi-ari Married Husband May Long cun-bil Married Wife Jumbo mundi-ari Married Husband Louisa mee-ga Married Wife Jock bi-lai-yari Single Child .1950 Muldoon yang-nya Single Short Barney dju-jaling Married Husband Topsy pung-ai-a Married Wife Green Barney bil-gi-ari Single Child .1941 Maggie li-bay Long Barney bal-yinda Married Husband Maudie wung-dunga Married Wife Bob Dray wal-mai-ari Married Husband Alice na-dja-mooloo Married Wife Ivy warra-mung-ali Single Child .1944 Mildred Wise H/C Single Child .1947 Theresa warr-un Single Child .1948 Rex H/C Single Child .1949 Dave Single Child .1950 Bobby H/C Single Child .1951 Biddy ngat-nari Long Jack djur-um-buk Married Husband Dolly warl-nyin Married Wife Vera doolingnari Single Child .1942 Peter kil-chie Married Husband May bil-et Married Wife Bill ra-pie Single Child .1948 Sally warr-ung-nyali Single Child 16. 7.1950 Bruce yaramee Single Jimmy murung Single Larry kundurung-gun Married Husband Jinny ool-bai-i Married Wife Sambo yirra-gul-gurri Single Biddy ngat-nari Widow Billy bulin-in-ing Widower Bilgarry Kenny Tommy Dodd Paddy E C Evans Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________________ HUMBERT RIVER STATION Mr C N Schultz, owner His wife and two adopted daughters reside with him. Leslie Humbert is Schultz's ward Since my last inspection there have been four deaths on Humbert, all females, in September of last year. Three aged female natives died within four days of each other, the fourth was a comparatively young woman who died on the 3rd October last year. All the deaths were registered. There were no births on the station since my last inspection. A census was taken and is attached hereto. This census does not include the two halfcaste children namely, Rosie Gordon and Larry Johns, who have been committed to Mr Schultz's care by the Department. Larry's birth was registered, he having been given the surname of Johns and the date of birth fixed as the 13th May 1945. Leslie Humbert is now eighteen years of age. Mankee 3/4C is the widower of female Aboriginal Flying Fox who died some six years ago leaving an estate of 121 pounds which was left to her by her former European husband who was killed at Gordon Creek. Because he ia a heavy spender I do nor recommend that this estate should be given in toto to Mankee but should be shared by him and Flying Fox's child Bil-Bin-Mai-Ari. European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Johnson bidia-dook Married Husband Sarah nell-a-bar Married Wife 1 Mollie gi-mun-dju Married Wife 2 Lily del-murria Single Child .1940 Snowy kulmilya Single (Son of Sarah.) Old Riley di-vul-gurrie Married Husband Dummy djur-ool Married Wife 1 Young Riley djungaree Single Child 1 .1944 Nina na-ba-dun Married Wife 2 Toby bunjuan Married Husband Jessie ken-yair Married Wife Daley pulyara Married Husband Mary narmaroo Married Wife Ivy ya-djing-ali Mankee Widower Big Foot ulyoo Married Husband Molly mabogoo Married Wife Billy bun-mai-ari Single Child .1945 Tommy Single Child .1948 (Molly is the foster mother of Billy.) E C Evans Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________________________ COOLIBAH STATION Mr Kenna of Alice Springs, owner Mr Byers, manager A halfcaste child was seen by me for the first time this year and is named Josephine being the daughter of Daisy Kun-Yu-Mi. Daisy insists that her full blood husband is the father of Josephine and I was unable to thereby ascertain correct paternity. The child is obviously a halfcaste and is aged approximately three years. European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Nipper kirie Married Husband Rosie gun-bunnin Married Wife 1 Shirley Single Child .1946 Dolly kor-du-dulbun Married Wife 2 Judy yumumg-yinit Single Child .1945 Paddy @ Bandy djal-oo-gari Single (Son of Dolly above.) Kelly mi-nul Married Husband Nida yep-bi-billa Married Wife 1 Nancy djarung-bulmun Single Child .1950 Sarah yan-deera Married Wife 2 George nool-ran Married Husband Lucy ya-lee-na Married Wife Depot Joe koo-bi-dalla Married Husband Daisy kun-yu-mi Married Wife Joe Louis Single Child .1944 Josephine H/C Single Child .1949 Dodger doo-ork Married Husband Doris mudju-work Married Wife Little Harry min-bia Single Child .1945 Bloomer balooma Married Husband Linda walla-muk Married Wife Charlie ling-i Married Husband Dolly wondai-i-mun Married Wife Tiger wadaga Married Husband Violet madji Married Wife 1 Topsy arbalilly Married Wife 2 Pumpkin nalida-gurrie Single (Ex Willeroo Station.) Albert woring-it Widower Possum goort-birr Married Husband Blind Maggie bungaree Married Wife 1 Laurie goor-bok Married Wife 2 Topsy mee-wai Widow (Topsy is blind.) Nugget mai-rung Single (Son of Maryanne above.) Tommy Wyatt Married Husband Topsy nam-i-mira Married Wife Curley nuble-joe Married Husband Nellie du-garra-ni Married Wife Duncan bul-chan-gurri Married Husband Dinah kalin-soon Married Wife Frankie Single Child .1949 Butcher bom-got-buk Single Hector gool-garri Smiler Sambo Frank .1944 (Mother deceased. No father given.) Dickie bulamba Married Husband Daisy laldurr Married Wife Nugget dju-an Single Paddy murrel Single Gregory Married Husband Maggie djunuam Married Wife (Gregory at R.R.D.) Dinah ar-gar-ah Widow Walker mor-ree Married Husband Maggie koo-djala Married Wife Daylight @ Billy mindjin Single Child .1943 (Maggie is the foster mother of Daylight.) E C Evans Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________________ AUVERGNE STATION Peel River Pastoral Company, owner Mr G N Fogarty, manager European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Bobby widiburr Married Husband Dolly budbarya Married Wife 1 Eileen dulyulaman Married Wife 2 Lawrie djalyeri Single Child 1. 7.1949 Nancy djad-ba Single Child 26.12.1950 Lippy Jack lallgurr Married Husband Lena Yungarurr Married Wife 1 Pocketa pundwala Married Wife 2 Big Paddy djuligigurrie Married Husband Daisy djundark Married WIfe 1 Doris comie Married Wife 2 (Daisy is in the Darwin Leprosarium.) Jennie kungmanum Widow Barney nimit Married Husband Maudie mai-un Married Wife (Maudie's whereabouts are unknown.) Garden Charlie djungalig Married Husband Peggy kudguig Married Wife Pippin (female) queandu Single Child .1940 Willie mungulmo Married Husband Lodie munguninganoo Married Wife Little Joe lalger-ari Single Child .1939 Peter nadjourr Married Husband Barbara imburr Married Wife Dickie bulamba Married Husband Daisy laldurr Married Wife Robin dutburrie Single Captain djungalig Single Cook Jack min-bi-a Married Husband Bush Biddy undulmatgi Married WIfe Joe mulunduts Single Major megaming Single Nipper gor-bung-air Married Husband Maggie 111 woodunbaya Married Wife Bush Charlie mee-li Married Husband Kitty woola-maug Married Wife Bill yal-naug Single Child 1. 7.1943 Harry dungain Single Child 1. 7.1945 Kathleen mun-mirra Single Child 22. 4.1951 Jabirn @ Lavin Single Whiskey artora Married Husband Joan kuningdungal Married Wife Mabel djung-nurru Single Child 1. 7.1944 Maurie by-nimbi Single Child 1. 7.1946 E C Evans Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________________ GENERAL REPORT - KIMBERLEY DISTRICT - 1952 Part Aboriginal Children Two part-aboriginal children were removed from their native environment during the patrol. They are Bonnie Hagen and Maurice Ryan both from Wave Hill. A third, May Angus of Katherine was brought to Darwin at the same time. All removals were effected amicably, the mothers of the first two accompanying their children to Darwin. After a period of three weeks during which time they were able to observe the children in their new environment at the Retta Dixon Home, the mothers voluntarily agreed to leave them and returned to Wave Hill. E C Evans Patrol Officer _______________________________________________________________________ ROSEWOOD STATION European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Waterloo Nipper bingi-ari Married Husband Linda nung-muria Married Wife Jeffrey Single Child .1944 George Single Child .1946 David McCoomb H/C Single Child .1948 Rosewood Nipper djam-bering Married Husband Old Lilly wil-bai Married Wife Dicky Deacon wirri-won-gai Single Peter bung-ung-ora Married Husband Olive Married Wife Sambo rar-arl Married Husband Lady djan-yan Married Wife Billy Joe mum-hi Married Husband Ida wim-bai Married Wife Rosewood Jack Widower Pearlie mi-gi-bing Single Child .1937 (Pearlie is srtill single and employed.) Brandy bill-mai Married Husband Pussy Married Wife George lindji-ari Married Husband Kitty or-bait Married Wife Charcoal djan-a-ding Married Husband Missie u-a-mip Married Wife Toby wun-djal Married Husband Mary yiri-bi Married Wife John djumbian Single Albert djil-bi Single Friday murra-mi-ari Married Husband Jinny koomun Married Wife John burun-con-ook Married Husband Polly bul-a-wie Married Wife Sandy dun-bul Single (Son of Jinny above.) Ginger bia-gar-ning Single (Son of Jinny above.) Arthur Single Sergeant Single Seven Mile Nipper Widower Harold Single Joe Single E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________ KILDURK STATION Mr Reg Durack, owner and manager European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Bingle nar-ray Married Husband Biddy kun-durr Married Wife Betty chilbering Single Child .1944 Basil lalperari Single Child .1946 Brenda chichaba Single Child .1947 Bertie djibiring Single Child .1949 Benjamin djubindi Single Child 1. 4.1951 Bessie Single Child 28. 7.1952 Billy minjim Married Husband Stella monagai Married Wife Auvergne marinja Single Child .1946 Paris djaragul Single Child .1947 Helen my-i-in Single Child 1. 5.1950 Hector djungala Single Child 27. 9.1951 (Stella is also the mother of three children in Port Keats Mission. Helen and Hector are Billy's children, the other's being by Albert, an inmate of Channel Island.) Jack bragira Single Sandy labirr Married Husband Ruby kineer Married Wife Violet djineer Single Child .1940 (Ruby is foster mother of Violet.) Lightning @ Bally Single Minnit pew-wang Single Balumbi Married Husband Charlotte karungurri Married Wife Mary roodji Single Child 1. 7.1947 Rosie djinni Single Child 1. 7.1949 E C Evans Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________________ NEWRY STATION Peel River Pastoral Company, owner Mr J Holland, manager Native Population They are members of the Mari-ung tribe. The number of children resident on Newry Station is quite satisfying. Since my last inspection one halfcaste female child was born and given the name of Jessie (daughter of Pearlie Lear-Yil). At the time of my visit the family was absent and I was unable to ascertain details of paternity of effect registration. This will be attended to next year. There were no deaths on Newry since my last inspection. There are now four halfcaste children on Newry namely : Peggy Brentlan, aged three, daughter of Dinah Martin Moore, aged five, son of Daisy Peelgmoi Dolly Thompson, aged three, daughter of Topsy Neenmaris and Jessie referred to above. I unsuccessfully attempted to induce the mother of Martin to allow me to remove him however, I am confident that next year this will be effected. I would have been able to bring him had I been in the position to allow his mother to accompany him but at the time of my patrol this was not suitable and if the same position arises next year I will seek approval to put them on the next aircraft. One male native named Finnigan Run-mee aged approximately twenty one is mentally deficient but quite harmless. He is not employed on the station. European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Barney langurru Married Husband Flying Fox dut-bi Married Wife 1 Ben Single Child 10. 8.1949 Katherine pulmai Single Child 1. 7.1944 Jessie kumboi Single Child 1. 7.1949 Teddy djulmoi Single Child 6. 5.1951 Dinah I Married Wife 2 Alice puramurria Single Child .1946 Minnie lam-mai Single Child .1947 Peggy Brentlan H/C Single Child 8. 8.1949 Victoria George narundjela Married Husband Argyle Daisy II peelgmoi Married Wife Freda wingmurria Single Child .1944 Martin Moore H/C Single Child 10.10.1947 Linda walgooi Widow (Linda is blind.) Nipper walgoi Married Husband Kitty nungmurria Married Wife (Nipper is at Channel Island.) Georgie yalmayaria Single Peter yungayaria Single Billy Packsaddle bilapaajal Married Husband Mary ya-gak Married Wife Johnny mair-ing Married Husband Ginnie to-un-do-um Married Wife Mailman djiriwinding Married Husband Dinah karlawart Married Wife Paddy wurrung-now Married Husband Daisy III neen-gerr Married Wife Bubble Bubble Dick dum-baal Widower Carlton George Single Carlton Paddy Single Cockie keria-gurrie Married Husband Pearlie lear-yil Married Wife Jessie H/C 22.12.1951 Annie djat-bing-ali Widow Biddy lon-noi Widow Ginger pun-mai-arj Single Paddy nuyl-lai Married Husband Gypsy nyil-moi Married Wife Button num-mee Single Child .1946 Finnigan run-mee Single Smiler oombalaij Married Husband Daisy I marawee Married Wife Patsy (female) kungni-unga Single Child .1940 Sunday (male) lin-merr Single Child .1946 Eileen djon-bo Single Child 6. 1.1951 Barney ung-mil Widower Mulligan djeeling Married Husband Mary lorn-mee Married Wife Springhead djambo Married Husband Nellie pidjina Married Wife Bobby wongmi-ara Single Chilkd 1. 7.1946 Tiger or Chungaree yaladt Married Husband Topsy meem-maria Married Wife Dolly Thompson H/C Single Child 8. 8.1949 Andy woffangurrie Widower Boonby yimbai Single Auvergne Paddy wodjuga Married Husband Doris oomi Married Wife Friday win-bee Single E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________ WATERLOO STATION Mr Bob McLachlan, manager European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Frog kali-ari Married Husband Mona waithmum Married Wife Angus nyalp-mo Married Husband Maudie yundgorrie Married Wife Roger war-tai Married Husband Fanny djuguininmi Married Wife Boondi boor-ar-lal Married Husband Nora I wongadoo Married Wife Kitty madijardong Alfie kib-nari Married Husband Elsie parung-nali Married Wife Bob dji-gil Married Husband Freda yuk-nari Married Wife Barney malug Married Husband Minnie II minming-minnie Married Wife Ludy I karingie Ludy II jimadajoe Monkey moot-karkarie Married Husband Maggie I yungarra Married Wife Daniel Single Child .1946 Tommy muradji Married Husband Nora II wooradul Married Wife Joe djilingunga Single Pumpkin djubumumga Single Jack mungai-ari Married Husband Judy Limbunya tungalarie Married Wife Jacky mungi-ari Single Tony yadtar Single Ted kul-bo-ook Married Husband Minnie II murra-wook Married Wife Peter yarami-ari Married Husband Charlotte yai-yai Married Wife Dick waterloo Single Tom wal-nari Married Husband Elsie II wadanari Married Wife Nugget mot-nari Married Husband Trixie yuk-ari Married Wife Lucy katchool Widow Annie mumai-au Widow Maudie II irvau-a Widow Judy namau-a Widow Maggie II sabilal Widow Nipper Single Boxer Single Alan Single Wallaby Single Roman Single E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________ LIMBUNYA STATION European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Limbunya Jack bingi-yari Married Husband Lizzie lurng-nuri Married Wife Rosie nirrp-nuri Single Child .1937 Shamus O'Brien H/C Single Child 7. 7.1946 David djubada Single Child 1. 7.1948 Bill djubada Single Child 2. 1.1951 Don Single (Don's parents are deceased. He is an employees.) Peter djungui-ari Married Husband Minnie walamut Married Wife Pluto yuili-djimbilung Widower Young Peter bungayari Married Husband Big Rose dabang Married Wife Kiwa dtooma Married Husband Minnie djilbum Married Wife Albert nal-aitch Married Husband Limbunya Maudie ming-ai Married Wife Nipper lera-murrie Married Husband Mollie quee-ung Married Wife Old Tommy myal-man Married Husband Short Judy lak-nari Married Wife Larry nalyala Married Husband Dollie gunburria Married Wife Young Banjo ebna Single Child .1937 (Young Banjo is an employee.) Young Tommy malmai-ari Married Husband Elsie djangyunari Married Wife Nuggett djimbun Married Husband Mona mungarie Married Wife Jimmy mung-yai-ari Married Husband Sadie Married Wife Clancy bun-gumga Single Freddy waing-bugurro Single Clyde djarai-ari Married Husband Daisy djaling-yari Married Wife Mona widbai-a Mother Clyde Child 10.06.1950 Smiler kumgmalyi Married Husband Annie mungarie Married Wife Big Head Jack tulmai-ari Married Husband Maudie nun-njari Married Wife Mick Married Husband Linda djung-nari Married Wife (Whereabouts of Mick is unknown.) Joe topulut Married Husband Maggie or Nada norai-ngali Married Wife Charlie karl-gee Single Esford yalung-gurrie Single Elsie kargaiya Widow (Pensioner.) King Billy DJ djujuru Married Husband Angelina djili-uru Married Wife Long Jack mundai-ari Married Husband Long Elsie mundairari Married Wife Fuller koola Single E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________ BIRRUNDUDU STATION Vesteys, owner Mr C Harris, manager European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Tommy kulmin Married Husband Rosie tjalum Married Wife Larrikan munmin Widow Arthur muth-ari Single (Arthur is the son of Larrikan and is an employee.) Splinter dindorthy Married Husband Maggie tingbal Married Wife Mick lalay-ari Married Husband Polly kulyin Married Wife Sheila yerr-un Single Child .1936 Olga Single Child .1949 Mary wondugul Rodger kungi-ari Single (Rodger is a son of Mich and Mary and is an employee.) Hector djirimi Married Husband Nellie munj-mari Married Wife Hector djau-unba Married Husband Lucy narowali Married Wife Linda yinariki Mother Menzies Single Child .1949 Maudie loongoo Widow Ned numarili Single Murphy djabawa Single Oscar mud-ari Single Sandy kud-ung Single Clancy boorung-bai Single (Clancy is the son of one Paddy who was discharged from Alice Springs Gaol and has not yet returned to Birrundudu.) Harry muderry Married Husband Dolly mun-mari Married Wife Ginger yulgna Single Jimmy Burns wah-loo Single Bogie chungara Married Husband Clara Pollett ngai-ari Married Wife Boko nyundi Married Husband Ada lundoong-ali Married Wife Barney pul-djook Single Child .1945 Ross djanama Single Child .1947 Colin yulgna Single (Colin is the son of Harry and Dolly and is an employee.) Tommy Skene Single Daisy munai Widow Judy mair-un-dung Widow Topsy marun-noo Widow Lizzie nou-arung-ali Paddy narrdi Married Husband Skinny yan-nai-a Married Wife Ruby mal-bai-a Coomrah Single Tiger Single Trimmer Single Sandy Jones Single E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________ MISTAKE CREEK STATION Vesteys, owner Mr Nelson, manager Credits Name Aboriginal Name Next of Kin Mistake Creek Maudie woonmary Monkey Yunmun-Yinin = full brother, employed on Mistake Creek Ord River Maudie @ Maudie Too-Bini Evie, daughter, resident on Ord River Station Toomy Walynar Bob Wadork, brother, employed on Mistake Creek Station Joey (female) Djad-Njari Monai, mother, resident on Turner Station, Western Australia Bandicoot (female) Yangeri Nipper Mar-Ara, husband and Bandi Koomari, son. They are both employed on Mistake Creek Health Aboriginal Mary Barera was taken to Wyndham early last year as a suspect Hansen's Disease sufferer and I have been unable to ascertain to which Leprosarium she was transferred. Presumably it would be either Derby or Darwin. Her husband Pluto Dan-Meare was making enquiries about her whereabouts and her health. European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Tommy karungar Married Husband Rosie mun-gar Married Wife Riley djubada Single Child Major djubada Single Child Susie nubada Single Child Bob wodork Single Skuthorpe mil-ati Married Husband Nellie me-iga Married Wife (Nellie is at present at Nicholson Station.) Spider nariaja-ari Married Husband Rosie waragie Married Wife Willie mul-mul Married Husband Maggie munmein Married Wife Don narignul-ari Single (Don is the son of Maggie and deceased husband. He is an employee.) Charlie djul-djun Married Husband Mary pun-nari Married Wife Nipper moo-loo Widower Joe ill-bi-ari Single Nipper mai-ara Widower Bandy koomari Single (Bandy is the son of Nipper. He is an employee.) Mulga Jack dir-nil Married Husband Cocky yilnari Married Wife Pluto dan-mirr Married Husband Mary trig-mirr Married Wife (Mary was taken to Wyndham Hospital in 1951 as suspect Hansen's Disease.) Monkey yunmun-yinin Widower Snowy bara-mi-ari Single David gilung-ging E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________ INVERWAY STATION Mr Des Leahy, owner Mr W Hammill, manager European Name Aboriginal Name Status Relationship Born Munday pun-urr Married Husband Maudie inyay Married Wife Nellie mee-ma General dta-ba Married Husband Ruby woor-gul Married Wife Kathleen nynda-orung-nali Single Child .1941 Thunder nir-um-ya-no Married Husband Nora wool-bai Married Wife Old Peter pulya-arie Married Husband Little Alice yamurr Married Wife Minnie worgul Mick yuna-arie Married Husband Sarah djarugmari Married Wife (Sarah died on 9. 6.1952.) Tommy gud-bara Married Husband Topsy dob-bai Married Wife Jack yeldja-ari Single (Jack is the son of Tommy and Topsy and is a stock boy.) Lola dum-gai Widow Joe kudoodi Married Husband Kitty nungai-ari Married Wife Banjo bai-ada Single (Banjo is the son of Joe and Kitty and is a stock boy.) Duncan ulg-mam Married Husband Minnie lee-dia Married Wife Sandy kundi Married Husband Tiny wodjai Married Wife Henry yirig-nari Single Child .1946 Lon Leahy djunegardi Single Child .1948 Fred barri-ari Married Husband Ruby boangal Married Wife Old Mick won-garli Married Husband Rosie munyali-yeri Married Wife Young Georgie mun-yul-ari Married HUsband Mona widbia Married Wife Bandy rip-ma Single Rowry nalpu Married Husband Nancy dturung-ali Married Wife 1 Lulu djum-ari Single Child .1938 Dinah malyum-mari Married Wife 2 Marie numba-jinba Single Child .1949 Rita nakara Single Child 27. 3.1952 Rodney Paradji Single Bob yirri-wur Married Husband Big Alice mil-lai Married Wife Nipper larr-poor Married Husband Rosie yil-nari Married Wife Billy narrum-ma Single Child .1944 Roy padja Single (Roy is the son of Nipper and Rosie. He is an employee.) Harry wonai-ari Widower Des Leahy Single Child .1947 Dougal kin-jil-iss Married Husband Nellie ub-au Married Wife (Nellie is an inmate of Channel Island.) Douglas nin-aji Single Billy nyarap Single Ray djumgari Single (Douglas, Billy and Ray are sons of Dougal and Nellie. They are each employed.) Peter niaie-arie Married Husband Rhona raruk-nari Married Wife Bulwaddy djun-go Single Major Married Husband Nancy mundjina Married Wife Monkey mungai Widower Old Peter jinga Widower Jerry djal-jum-didi Widower Case (Casey?) ba-ral-num Widower E C Evans Patrol Officer __________________________________________________________________________________ WAVE HILL STATION Vestys, owner Mr Tom Fisher, manager Aboriginal Population At the time of Inspection there were six halfcaste children resident on the Station as follows : Bonnie, aged 2 1/2 years Maurice Ryan, aged 4 years Pauline, aged 5 years Sheila, aged 3 years Tony Reardon, aged 1 year Betty, aged 1 year Since my visit however, Bonnie and Maurice Ryan have been brought to Darwin with their mothers, both of whom are now swatisfied to leave their children with Miss Shankleton at the Retta Dixon Home. E C Evans Patrol Officer