Various Patrol Officers Reports 1954

National Archives of Australia2 Darwin Office CRS F1 Item 1954/96 Patrol Officers Reports 1954 Copyright P J Mackett, 2006 Welfare Branch Elliott, NT 12 April 1957 The Director of Welfare (Attn - Chief Welfare Officer) Complaint by Mrs Humphrey, Daly Waters Further to my telephone call this afternoon with DWO Penhall re the above, I report as follows :- 1. I accompanied Snr/Const Stott to Daly Waters in answer to request by Mrs Humphrey of the Hotel. 2. It was ascertained that Tambo's injuries were confined only to a broken nose, the presence of blood having magnified the extent of this wound. Tambo was flown to Darwin Hospital on the date of the injury 11 April 1957. 3. On questioning accused, Leo, supported by Aborigines Paddy, Lena, Splinter, Rosie and Topsy it was ascertained that on 9 April 1957, whilst apparently under the influence of alcohol, Tambo threatened Leo with violence. [Information has been censored here by N.A.A.] 4. On 11 April 1957 Tambo, again somewhat under the influence of alcohol, and armed with one knife and two boomerangs, did throw one boomerang at Leo. Leo in retaliation ran to his camp and returned armed and closed with Tambo inflicting wound on Tambo's nose. The boomerang was not thrown but used as a stick only. 5. As this would all involve much conflicting evidence, some of which could not be supported in court and possibly necessitate both parties being charged with assault, I consider the matter not to warrant Police intervention. Sen/Const Stott concurs. 6. As there have been complaints of liquor supplying by persons unknown to Daly Waters Aborigines, and as there would not be sufficient supervision to stop any further violence between parties concerned, and as none of the Aborigines at Daly Waters are employed on wages except Tambo, Topsy and Norah, I have removed these Aborigines to be taken care of as follows Leo placed in droving employment with Willett Splinter placed in droving employment with Willett Penefold for eye treatment Tennant Creek Hospital Norah and Pic? to Warrabri pending his bands? recovery Paddy to Warrabri for employment and care Lena to Warrabri for employment and care Harry (child) to Warrabri for care and education Mary (child) to Warrabri for care and education 7. I recommend Tambo be returned to Daly Waters for employment after he has been informed that his drinking habits must cease. 8. I am endeavouring to obtain more information concerning those responsible for liquor supply to natives. D R Morrison T/Patrol Officer ___________________________________________________________________ 10th December 1953 Acting Director of Native Affairs Native Affairs Branch Darwin, N.T. Hatches Creek Mining Field Attached for your information is a report on the Hatches Creek Mining Field submitted by Acting Patrol Officer Kitching following his inspection on the 26th to 29th October, 1953. All Mines were visited by the Patrol Officer and licences brought up to date. Mr Johannsen is in Adelaide and will be contacted on his return to Alice Springs. The case against Paddy Waye failed although evidence given by two native witnesses for the prosecution could not be shaken to any material extent. Working conditions of natives employed on the field have always been superior to those employed on other Mining fields, particularly in regard to wages. This group of natives have been engaged on wolfram mining on Hatches creek for many years and are therefore thoroughly conversant with every aspect of the work and consequently are well looked after by their respective employees, except in the matter of providing permanent accomodation. The latter aspect is no doubt largely influenced by the fluctuating nature of the field, evidenced by the present low price of wolfram which is causing all but the well established miners to abandon their shows and seek employment elsewhere. The native, Micky Clough, recovered from his self inflicted wounds and is now at the Bungalow. The suggested quarterly visits of inspection is recommended and will be put into effect as and when Patrol Staff become available for the purpose. The general health of the community is provided for by wireless contact with the Alice Springs Base and a visit by a Medical Officer every three weeks. W McCoy Acting District Superintendent ____________________________________________________________________________ 9th December 1953 Acting District Superintendent Native Affairs Branch Alice Springs Hatches Creek Mining Field The abovementioned mining field was inspected on the 26th, 27th, 28th,29th October, and a complete Census of all natives seen on the area was taken. All mines and shows were visited, the majority of owners were seen, licences to employ were issued, where needed, and a check made on the working and living conditions of all natives. No natives were found to be employed underground while on my tour of inspection. Only the well-established miners are employing natives, while from my investigations, it would seem that the various reports of natives just sitting down and living on the workers is grossly exaggerated as I found that the so-called unemployed were fossicking for tin or wolfram and selling it to the local buyer or miners. This was in evidence as a number of natives showed me the wolfram they were collecting. The price of wolfram has dropped to a very low level and most of the casual miners have left the field so it is apparent that unless the price again rises, the majority of natives at present working will be employed. One native was found to be under the 'influence', he was in company with a half-caste, Paddy Waye, who was in the same condition. Both were brought to Alice Springs by Constable McLean, the charge of drunkenness was proved while the supply charge against Paddy Waye (Paddy Rice) was dismissed on a technical point. Conditions under which natives worked were uniform throughout the field, pay variations were adjusted by the issue of clothes or meals, and often the dependents were fed as well. Living quarters were in some cases tents or humpies, and in most cases the usual bush wurlies. Water was still carted in 44 gallon drums, and was in short supply, the mill at the Police Station being out of order. The camps were divided into three main groups, Wolfram Hill, Centre, and Police Station. Mr Kurt Johannsen, who was absent from the field, was employing natives without a licence. This matter was brought to his attention on my return to Alice Springs, and at the present time, he is only employing Roger O'Keefe by contract, as his other employee, Micky Clough, lacerated his leg with a 'sorry cut' which needed urgent medical treatment and was brought in by myself. I suggest that an inspection of this field should be carried out every three months if possible. I would like to record my appreciation of the assistance and co-operation given by Police Constable J McLean, during my inspection of the mines. H D Kitching Acting Patrol Officer Employers Employer : Mr J Bailey Mine : Masters Gully Employee(s) : William Nothing Sandy Purula Albert (on holidays) Employer : Mr J English Mine : Hit or Miss Employee(s) : Hector Kamara Employer : Mr A N Noski Mine : Tribute miner Employee(s) : Johnny Panunga Employer : Isaac Spreadborough Mine : Tribute miner Employee(s) : Tommy Agamara Employer : Mr Jim Herreen Mine : Bonanza (Wolfram Hill) Employee(s) : George Djabangardi Jack Djangala Left Hand Tommy Djulum Friday Djambulga Peter Bijana Frank Bijana Employer : Mr James Smith Mine : Butcher Employee(s) : William Choolum Employer : Mrs Rita Simpson Mine : Storekeeper Employee(s) : Molly Abananga (house girl) CENSUS of ABORIGINALS - Hatches Creek Station 1954 Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Johnny Panunga Kaitij Worker for A Moski Nancy Purula Kaitij Wife Clifford Banata Kaitij Son Patsy Kaitij Daughter Physic Purula Kaitij 48 S.E. Molly Abananga Kaitij Wife David Agamara Kaitij 6 Son Danny Agamara Kaitij 3 Son Hector Kamara Kaitij 55 Worker for J English Florrie Panata Kaitij 50 Wife George Djabangardi Kaitij 50 Worker for J Herreen Left Hand Tommy Djulum Kaitij 55 Worker for J Herreen Mary Kamara Kaitij 45 Wife Peter Bijana Kaitij 35 Worker for J Herreen Dorry Kamara Kaitij 30 Wife Friday Djambulga Kaitij 30 Worker for J Herreen Polly Purula Alyawarra 28 Wife Frank Bijana Kaitij 50 Worker for J Herreen Sumpy Numbiadi Kaitij 35 First wife Kathy 13 Daughter Ronnie 11 Son Emily 6 Daughter Albert 3 Son Rosy 1 1/12 Daughter Pansy Numbiadi Kaitij 25 Second wife Doreen 6 Daughter Roger 1 9/12 Son Lady Nangalla Kaitij 70 Mother of Frank, A&I Jack Djangala Wailbri 50 Worker for J Herreen George Djagadai Wailbri 60 A&I Topsy Chugadai Wailbri 50 Wife, A&I Queensland Jim Kamara Kaitij 65 A&I Frank Djungala Kaitij 65 A&I Minnie Nambula Kaitij 55 Wife, A&I Betty Nama Kaitij 3 Daughter Willy Chungarai Wailbri 30 S.E. Lilly Djambulga Illiaura Wife, 3 children at Bungalow Slippery Agamara Kaitij 60 A&I Nan Djungala Kaitij 50 Wife, A&I Harry Wilson Pultara Kaitij 30 S.E., son of Slippery Amelia Djagarai Kaitij 25 Wife Henry Pultara Kaitij 35 S.E. Mary Kamara Kaitij 25 First wife Cassie Kamara Aranda 20 Second wife Amone Numbiadi Kaitij 60 A&I Mickey Clough Djagara Aranda 40 Worker for K Johannsen Roger O'Keefe Wailbri 45 S.E. contracting Nita Nambida Kaitij 35 Wife Henry O'Keefe Kaitij 10 Son Mary O'Keefe Kaitij 6 Daughter Louis Djungala Wailbri 40 S.E. Ruby Ngarai Alyawarra 30 Wife Frank Pijarra Yaroinga 40 Police Tracker Nelly Kamara Yaroinga 32 Wife Willie Nothing Purula Yaroinga 50 Worker for J Bailey Molly Ngabida Yaroinga 45 Wife Kathleen Kamara Yaroinga 11 Daughter Jerry Purula Alyawarra 40 S.E. Margaret Panunga Alyawarra 20 Wife Jack Kamara Alyawarra 35 S.E. Emily Pijarra Alyawarra 25 Wife Pat H/C Alyawarra 7 Daughter Mick Kamara Alyawarra 15 Brother of Jack Sandy Purula Aranda 50 Worker for J Bailey Maudie Dempsey Numbila Aranda 45 De facto Lindsay Purula Aranda 30 S.E. Kathleen Kamara Yaroinga 25 Wife, niece of Maudie Joyce 7 Daughter Eileen 4 Daughter Lucy 2 Daughter Quartpot Kamara Yaroinga 50 Police Tracker Katy Pultara Yaroinga 30 Wife Margaret Purula Yaroinga 9 Daughter Dorothy Purula Yaroinga 6 Daughter Gilbert Abananga Yaroinga 4 Son Betty Purula Yaroinga 1 Daughter Lindsay Pijarra Yaroinga 50 Unemployed Billy Pijarra Yaroinga 40 Unemployed Mary Kamara Yaroinga 30 Wife Lucky Yaroinga 6 Son Audry Yaroinga 2 Daughter Steppa Pultara Yaroinga 40 S.E., lame Topsy Kamara Yaroinga 30 Wife Mac Djagadai Yaroinga 5 Son Joan Nambila Yaroinga 6/12 Daughter Alec Pijarra Alyawarra 30 S.E. Jessie Kamara Alyawarra 25 Wife Peter Djagadai Alyawarra 13/12 Son Totals Males Females Children Total Kaitij 14 13 14 41 Alyawarra 4 6 2 12 Yaroinga 6 6 12 24 Wailbri 5 1 -- 6 Aranda 3 2 -- 5 Totals 32 28 28 88