Correspondence, R Macaulay, 10 November 1958

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/007 Correspondence, R Macaulay, 10 November 1958 Woomera, SA 10 November 1958 Superintendent Woomera, SA Additional information is submitted relating to the last paragraph of Mr W MacDougall's report of 31st October, 1958, on half-caste babies. On 17th August, 1958, I questioned Jimmy and Kantubi about their half-caste child Sylvia. Their story is that they were accompanying a Kurangara corroboree from Warburton to Oodnadatta via Blackstones, Mt Davies, Mulga Park, Ernabella, and Finke. Jimmy left his wife and child (Thomas) at Mulga Park where they became ill. They were transported from Mulga Park to Ernabella by truck and sexual intercourse occurred on the way between the driver and Kantubi. This was apparently between April or May, 1957, as the child was born December or January, 1958. Kantubi and Jimmy describe the truck driver as having lightly coloured hair 'blue' (grey or blonde) in parts. He was not a young man and drove a red truck from the SA Mines Department plant boring for water west of Mulga Park. The child was born near Blackstones and named by Mr Mitchell at Warburton Mission. She was well cared for when seen by me and the parents and relatives seemed contented with the child. Kantubi was not speared or beaten although there is no question of her sexual compliance. The boring team comprised Messrs E Jamison, I MacDougall, S Hennessy, and E Zardins. Enquiries by the SA Aborigines Depart- ment may establish if any of the team was involved, and may lead to a cancellation of permit(s). R Macaulay Native Patrol Officer