Correspondence, R Macaulay, 12 December 1958

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/007 Correspondence, R Macaulay, 12 December 1958 12 December 1958 The Commissioner of Native Welfare Department of Native Welfare Box R 1268, GPO, Perth, WA Natives - Port Augusta Gaol Dear Sir On 5th and 10th December, 1958 I visited three Western Australian natives in gaol at Port Augusta. Harry, Charlie and Tony were arrested at Blackstone Ranges, WA, and sen- tenced at Oodnadatta for stealing. Charlie and Tony will be released on 19th December, 1958 and Harry during February, 1959. 2. The three natives were frightened initially but have now settled down. They are not likely to acquire too many bad habits and warped views as they are more or less isolated from the other prisioners. I shall visit Harry later to check these matters. The physical appearance of the men was very good. 3. The gaoler is of the opinion that Charlie and Tony are carrying on homosexual practices. Yours faithfully R Macaulay Native Patrol Officer