Tuberculosis Survey, R Macaulay, 14 July 1958

National Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/006 Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia Collection of documents relating to Aboriginals 21. 1.1947 - 29. 8.1984 AIATSIS B G646.83/R1 Volumes 1-17 Tuberculosis Survey, R Macaulay, 14 July 1958 NB NAA R136/006 contains the the names and part of the covering letter and is hand written. The AIATSIS volume contains a later typed version. I have recorded the AIATSIS part of the document in Italics. Commonwealth of Australia Department of Supply Weapons Research Establishment Giles Weather Station c/o Private Mail Bag, P.O. Alice Springs, N.T. 14 July 1958 The Secretary Aborigines Protection Board Aborigines Department Kintore Avenue Adelaide, S.A. Dear Sir Ref. A.D. 177/57, 2 May 1958 : Tuberculosis Survey The itinerary provided for the transportation of natives to Alice Springs Hospital for X-raying lapsed, due mainly to mechanical trouble in my vehicle. Another itinerary was formulated to the sat- isfaction of all concerned. 2. Two truck loads of natives were dispatched from Ernabella with Ernabella, Kenmore, and some Everard natives (see lists). The second truck left Ernabella 18 May, arrived Alice Springs 19, left Alice Springs 22, and arrived Ernabella 23 May. The Granite Downs truck, made available by Mr J Davies, transported natives from Granite Downs, Everard, and Kulgera to Alice Springs 21, 22 May, returning 24, 25 May. 3. In all cases, the numbers X-rayed exceeded the numbers on the lists. This was especially so on the Granite Downs lists. It was felt that natives who missed the Tuberculosis Examinations should be X-rayed. Most children under 14 years of age, missed in the Examinations, were not X-rayed as an instruction from Canberra to the Radiologist at the hospital prevented this. One lad who looked tubercular was X-rayed and was found to be suffering from tuberculosis. 4. 115 natives were X-rayed - 56 from Ernabella, 4 from Kenmore, 6 from Everard, and 49 from Granite Downs. This represented an increase of 31 on the typewritten lists. Of those on the typewritten lists, 4 were missed from the Ernabella Sheet and 1 from the Everard Park sheet (see lists). 5. One boy was admitted to hospital 24 May, 1958, the day after his X-ray. He is Wintu Wintu, aged about eleven years (see Granite Downs list). It is expected that the child will be hospitalised four to six months. His parents returned to Granite Downs. 6. In gathering together natives for transportation to Alice Springs I visited the following places - Curtin Springs, Mulga Park, Ernabella, Kenmore, Kulgera, Umbiarra, Lilla Creek, Finke, Granite Downs, Everard Park. Almost every native was returned to where picked up. 7. It is suggested that another truck of natives who missed both Examination and X-ray could be collected within the next few months. 8. Apart from the Turberculosis Survey, several natives were taken to hospital from Granite Downs. Molly Collins and baby were discharged from hospital after observation for three days. They were returned to Granite Downs 31 May. Another baby was admitted suffering from dehydration. This child, christened Gillian in the hospital, is the daughter of Kurtatcha and Uie of Granite Downs. She is aged between 4 and 7 months. Mr J Davies of Granite Downs Station was to collect the child several weeks ago. It is noted that nurses in the native ward of the Alice Springs Hospital frequently Christen native children who are too young to have a native name when admitted. Yours faithfully R Macaulay Native Patrol Officer Rawlinson Ranges NB This is a typed copy of a report written and signed by Mr R Macaulay, Native Patrol Officer. Jack B Newman Captain RAN Superintendent, WRE, Woomera List of natives from Ernabella requiring X-ray * Charlie Nanyinyjaku Kuri * Peter Nyaninunya * Raymond Tailyanya * Fred Iwanakaku Kuri * Polly Mayawara * Kampakuta * Nyinnungka * Iwana (50) * Ngakunya * Jessie * Jessie 1sy iti (did not report * Appintangu * Ulillie Awalyaruliu Kuri * Peter (Imunaku Kuri) * Kitty * Tjulkiwanya iti * Imuna * Mayaru (blind) * Wanngauya * Angkuna (Kenmu) Dolly * Kayubayu * Emily (Everard) Intjiki Maggie (Gilpuku kuri) * Nura baby * Alyana Tjutanya (Molly) * Barney (Yukariku kuri) Ayatinya Mantilku (missed unable to locate) Martin (Alyanaku kuta) * Mintjiku mama * Billy (Cheeky) Wakuriku mama (missed at Warburton) * Jimmy (Tinimaiku kulpalpa) Harry (Tinimaiku mama) (missed at Oodnadatta) (Frank crossed out in original letter) * Graham (Kulyurunya) * Adrian (Intjalkinya) * Charlie (Mayana) * Eric (Nyingutaku kuri) * Muwatiku mama * George (Multalicku) * Billy (Kampukutaku kuri) * Charlie (Paringkiku mama) * Rupert (Nuraku kuri) * Lionel * Bruce (Kupinaku kata) * Larry (Yabiritiku mama malatja) * Jackie (Mayawaraku mama) * Alec (Nuggetku matanya) Harry (Napuruku mama) (missed at Warburton) * Anunanya (Charlieku malanypa) * Willie (Hectorku malanypa) * Tommy (Papangalkunya) * Leslie (Wilpintjanya) * Mephastopl (Ngintjaku mama) Additional * Tommy * Owen * Alec * Barney * = Transported on Ernabella truck = Transported on Granite Downs truck List of natives from Granite Downs requiring X-ray Lambena Mick Jimmy Mike Tiger Timmy Hughie Collins Tom Left Hand Nellie, wife of Jacky Nellie, house girl Biddy Angeline Uie, wife of Gudarja Joylene, 1/4 caste child Nellie, mother of Joylene Dorothy, daughter of Lambena Mick Norah Budja Whiskey Treacle Wonga Alan Wallace Additional to list Snowy Brumby (ex Kulgera) Willie (lame ex Ernabella) Turfey Roy Robin Peter David Alec Louie (ex Kulgera) Kurtatcha Johnny Kumpiri (boy) Frank (ex Kulgera) George (boy) Wintu Wintu (boy) Nellie (ex Kulgera) Minnie (ex Kulgera) Tjukabiddy (Ernabella) Biddy Mundilla (Johnny's wife) Pinuka Mary (Tiger's wife) Minny (Turfey's wife) Junjinna Hilda Sally List of natives from Kenmore Park requiring X-ray * Mabel * Stanley * Barney * Alec List of natives from Everard Park requiring X-ray * Everard * Molly * Mungy * Minnie Willie (Jack's child) (missed) * Lily * Nellie