Supplementary Patrol Report, R Macaulay, 18 July 1960

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/007 Supplementary Patrol Report, R Macaulay, 18 July 1960 Superintendent Woomera, SA Supplementary Information to Report on South Australian Ministerial Welfare Inspection of the Reserves Native Death 1. About 14th June, 1960, native Frank McLean accidentally killed native Dorby (?Darby) Simms at Warburton Mission in a public spear fight over a woman. Frank McLean and family moved east towards Blackstones to escape vengeance from the deceased's family. 2. A police party of two constables, a driver, and two native trackers came from Laverton to charge McLean with murder. The police were unable to locate McLean's group, and after waiting several days at Wingellina, returned to Laverton. Native Patrol Officers MacDougall and Macaulay provided the police party with information as to water holes, McLean's likely route, etc. Wingellina 3. The mining camp at Wingellina has closed for a year. There are now no Geosurveys or South-Western Mining personnel at Blackstones, Wingellina, or Mt Davies. 4. NPO Macaulay arrived at Wingellina the day after it was vacated. The kitchen and mess were in a filthy condition. Lying about were at least two dozen unopened tins of food, a bottle of strychnine, at least two dozen detonators in a very dangerous condition according to Mines Department personnel, and two PMG mail bags from Alice Springs with seven letters requiring re-directing. Cave Hill (Lat S26deg 02min, Long E131deg 19min) 5. Cave Hill in the South Australian Reserve, is eighteen miles west of Mulga Park near the road across the Reserve. Cave Hill contains a remarkable series of native cave paintings. Native Patrol Officers and the Aborigines Department have long feared for the well being of the paintings as their location is well known. 6. The Minister for Works in South Australia, on his recent insp- ection of the Reserve, suggested erecting a protective steel grill across the entrance to the cave. Natives would obtain keys to the cave from Ernabella Mission and Native Patrol Officers. The matter is being in- vestigated further by Native Patrol Officers. Giles 7. There were no natives at Giles during the party's visit. The Rawlinson natives are east and north-east of Giles hunting dingos. 8. Mr Shields has replaced Mr Black as Officer in Charge. Giles. R Macaulay Native Patrol Officer 18th July, 1960