Correspondence, R Macaulay, 21 November 1958

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/007 Correspondence, R Macaulay, 21 November 1958 21 November 1958 The Secretary Aborigines Protection Board Kintore Avenue Adelaide SA Notification of Death Dear Sir Mrs Harriet Stengl (Irene Long ex Pt. Macleay) passed away 2nd November, 1958, at Andamooka. She was aged thirty-six years. Following an autopsy at Woomera she was buried in the Woomera Cemetery on 5th November, 1958. A health regulation pre- vented burial at Andamooka. Major Gray of the Salvation Army officiated and Mr Stengl, relatives and friends from Andamooka attended. Mr Stengl is bearing the cost of the funeral. Yours faithfully R Macaulay Native Patrol Officer