Patrol Report W MacDougall October 1963

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/008 Patrol - 19th August to 6th October, 1963 Patrol Report W MacDougall October 1963 Woomera, SA October 1963 Superintendent Woomera Patrol - 19th August to 6th October, 1963 In making this report I have divided the overall period into three:- August 19th to August 28th August 29th to September 25th September 26th to October 6th 19th August to 28th August Owing to the good rains early this year all the supplies contained water even the small rockholes. Being the beginning of the dingo pup season, there were a considerable number of natives scattered in small groups throughout the Reserve. For the above reasons I made a quick trip along the graded roads from Ernabella through Musgrave Park, Mt Davies, Blackstone Ranges, Cavenagh Ranges to Warburton Ranges Mission. From the Mission I travelled by the desert road to Giles, east to Petermann Range and Bloods Range. It was my intention to continue east through Mount Olga and Ayers Rock to the Musgrave Ranges, but a serious breakdown in the transmission of my Patrol Vehicle caused me to retreat to the graded road and return to Ernabella on front wheel drive only. It was at this time that I found Dr Oxer broken down near the Blackstone turnoff. A quick inspection of his vehicle convinced me it was beyond roadside repairs, especially as spare parts were not available. I towed him 150 miles to Musgrave Park. Evidently the pup season was late as there were no groups (except at Mt Davies) encamped alongside the road awaiting an opportunity to trade their scalps, but I learned that there were groups hunting dingoes at the following places - northern aspect of Mann Ranges, Mt Kintore area, Goss's Pile, Mt Davies, Mt Fanny, Walter James Ranges, Bloods Range, and the Petermann Range. The back differential was replaced on 28th August, and I returned to the Reserve. 29th August to 25th September During this period most of the Rawlinson Range natives were seen, and food exchanged for their scalps. Mick and family were taken to Warburton Range Mission for special feeding of his second child, which he obviously required. Charlie, suffering from a stone bruised foot, was taken to the Mission Hospital. I also visited for the first time water supplies in the Sir Frederick Range area. There were three soakages and one small rockhole, the rockhole was almost dry. (See Appendix A for approximate positions.) Chalk had been put on the peckings near the road in these Ranges by tourists, contrary to conditions of Permit to Enter Reserve. I saw Mr G Long's tracks and also others, presumably those of Mr Rowland's party. Patrolled Carnegie Road to Mt Everard then 130 miles north. Burnt spinifex in several water courses indicated a water supply in the vicinity and occupation by natives in the last two or three years. Water supplies visited all contained water, honey and green grass seeds were plentiful. There were some kangaroos, lizards were plentiful. Travelled south to Neale Junction. All the rockholes seen contained water. Three sacred sites visited. Tracks seen at the Junction and on the Vokes Hill Road, probably made by natives seen recently at Vokes Hill. Met Mr Harman, Superintendent, Eastern Division Native Welfare, Kalgoolie, at his request, A girl baby was born to Narabane and Tjordi of the Rawlinson Ranges on 21st September. Kai Kai, the Lake Hopkins man, his two wives and all his children were seen at Kutjindiri. Henry and Ester arrived at Giles with scalps. 26th September to 2nd October, 1963 Travelled to Warburton Mission to collect Mick and his family also Charlie and his family. The Sisters at the Mission Hospital had reported they could not do any more for Mick's child and that Charlie's foot had improved sufficiently for him to go hunting. Mr Frank Morgan, Camp Manager, Giles, accompanied me mainly as a companion. One of Mick's children and one of Charlie's had commenced school at the Mission. Mick decided to leave his boy at the Mission and return to Rawlinson Ranges. I delivered him and the rest of his family to Kutjindari. Charlie elected to stay with all his family at the Mission. Paul Porter, Native Church Leader, requested transport to Ernabella Mission as a return visit to that of Bryan and Tony from Ernabella. This was arranged through Mr Siggs, Superintendent, Warburton Ranges Mission. Some 80 miles from Warburton on the desert road to Giles I noticed fresh tracks. They appeared to be those of a man, two women, and a child. Twenty miles further on the number of tracks were reduced to two. Those proved to have been made by a man and a boy. Contact was made approximately 100 miles from Warburton. The man, Tjitjintjilain, stated that one of his two wives had a bad leg and could not walk much more than four miles a day. He and the boy were out scouting for water in an effort to get the sick woman to Rawlinson Ranges where close relatives lived, also he had seen Mr and Mrs Macauley there some years ago. His family were camped at a rockhole three miles from the road on the northern side. It is known as Tjindugurra and is the first of a series that lead north to Jupiter Well. The group consisted of Tjitjintjilain, his two wives, two baby girls - one each, and a boy approximately 13 years. One wife, the eldest, estimated age 24 years, had a very badly swollen leg from ankle to knee, and she found it very difficult to walk. There was a crusty sore on her shin about two inches above her ankle. I decided to transport the group to Rawlinson Ranges. Contacted the Flying Doctor Service, Alice Springs. The treatment recommended was three million units of penicillin and magnaplasim dressing. On cleaning up the infected area of her leg, it was apparent that she had several boils and that there was considerable discharge from one still active. The treatment seemed to be effective, and when I left the area four days later, the Doctor had recommended surgical dressings only. Names, ages and relationships as given to me are recorded in Appendix B. Left for Woomera 2nd October. Summary Dingo pup season late. Improved meat supply - some kangaroos and rabbits. Very good water supply. Honey plentiful. Vegetable food good - grass seed becoming scarce. Quandang and berries plentiful. Natives still hunting in small groups, but showing tendency to form larger groups. Desert natives contacted in Gibson desert. They spoke of twelve men, their wives and families living between Warburton Ranges and Jupiter Well. They are closely related to people in the Rawlinson Ranges but objected strenuously to suggestions that they go to Warburton Mission for medical treatment. They spoke of a man with only one good leg who had to walk with the aid of a stick living in their area. PARAGRAPH CENSORED. My patrol vehicle, with the exception of the serious breakdown early in the patrol, performed adequately although in rather poor condition on my return to Woomera. Miles travelled 8075 Petrol 800 gallons Oil 30-21 quarts - three oil changes Tread lifted from one tyre. W B MacDougall NAtive Patrol Officer APPENDIX A Pirapi Fifteen miles east of Neale Junction north of Vokes Hill road. Kumaringka Skipper Knob. Seventy miles south of Warburton Ranges Mission. Warburton - Neale Junction Road. Several large rockholes in creek. Tjindugurra Small rockhole 100 miles from Warburton Mission on desert Road to Giles. Three miles north of road. Indiritjara Underground rockhole. Tjaramura Underground rockhole. Ururuljara to Soakage Turulutjara All three of these are within one mile of each other in the Gypsum Flat just south of Giles - Warburton desert road approximately 100 miles from Giles. All contained a large supply. Pita Pita Soakage - one mile north of Giles to Warburton road - 78 miles from Giles. Pirrillnga Rockhole eight miles north east from a point approximately 65 miles from Giles desert road to Warburton. Mulatjunja Soak less than one mile up creek containing peckings at Sir Frederick Ranges Ina:linja Small rockhole two miles north of above. Pirilmala Soak saddle of hill. in Pillura Soak/sand hills. Both of these are within two miles of the Sandy Blight Corner road 19 miles from peckings in the Sir Frederick Ranges. APPENDIX B Group found at Tjindogurra Name Sex Age Relationship Tjitjintjilain Man 30 years Husband Markunjunka Woman 24 years Wife of above Watjungku Girl 4 or 5 years Child of first wife Wanatjunja Woman 20 years Second wife of man Butjuni Girl 2 or 3 years Child of second wife Tjinmaracunna Big boy 13 years No close relationship The man is closely related to Tipurrila at Rawlinson Ranges. Both women are Billie's (Elaine's father) sisters. He was circumcised by Ray.