W MacDougall Correspondence 5th April 1957

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/006 W MacDougall Correspondence 5th April 1957 5th April 1957 The Secretary Aborigines Protection Board Kintore Avenue Adelaide, SA Dear Sir The following is forwarded for your information - Mildred Hull Mr Levi of Coober Pedy offered to transport Mildred Hull from Port Augusta to Coober Pedy, where she was to work for Mrs Brewster. Mr Levi's car broke down near Phillip Ponds and was towed to Pimba. Mr and Mrs Edmonds invited Mildred to stay with them whilst the car was being repaired. Some four days later Mrs Edmonds left her husband and stayed with friends in Woomera as the position was intolerable. Mr Mudi, Manager of Arcoona, informed me that Mrs Edmonds had left her husband, who was living at Phillip Ponds with Mildred as man and wife. Edmonds was subsequently charged and convicted - penalty 14 days. I arranged for Mildred to be transported to Coober Pedy where she is now working for Mrs Brewster. Mr and Mrs Edmonds are now re-united ......... Phillip Ponds. Edmonds admitted having lived with ..... before he was married. Clarence Newchurch 14th March, fined for hitting Edna Dare ...... a bottle. Fined 20 pounds. 25th March, fined for being drunk and ........ in a public place. Fined 20 pounds on condition that .. Eight weeks to pay total of 40 pounds. I arranged for him to stay in Woomera ........... the week so that he would not lose a week's pay ....... at Parakylia. He was to pay the first instalment ..... and travel to Parakylia on the mail on Saturday ....... the instalment nor did he travel on the mail .......... arrived at Parakylia 2am Sunday 31st March ............ Edna Dare Constantly in trouble at Junior St........ for Port Augusta on Monday 1st April. Her pass has been cancelled. Jimmie Indich This entry has been censored. Yours faithfully W B MacDougall Native Patrol Officer