Patrol Report W MacDougall 25 June 1964

Narional Archives of Australia Series Unknown Item R22/005 Title unknown Copied from the following AIATSIS Library reference Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia Collection of documents relating to Aboriginals 21. 1.1947 - 29. 8.1984 AIATSIS B G646.83/R1 Volumes 1-17 Patrol Report W MacDougall 25 June 1964 Woomera, SA 25th June, 1964 Superintendent, WRE, Woomera The following is an interim report on the natives I encountered on my recent patrol. It is submitted so that the Superintendent, Native Welfare Department, Kalgoolie may use the information contained as a guide to a patrol he wishes to despatch, and a full report of my patrol will be submitted in due course. RAWLINSON RANGES All the natives, thought of by me as the Giles people, have been removed to the place of their choice. To Papunya Charlie Tjampu and dependants total 8 Tjitirri and dependants total 7 To Musgrave Park Ray and dependants total 7 Abbabi and dependants total 3 To Warburton Ranges Mission Tabarala and dependants total 5 Bryan and his mother total 2 George and his dependants total 5 TIKA TIKA This group I met in the sandhills in April were not at Tika Tika, but I contacted another group a few miles to the north-west. It was a small family group consisting of :- Tjarpungna - A big man of 50 years with only one foot. The other leg is missing from a few inches below the knee. His wife was away looking for pitjiri. Tjarpungngidi - Eldest son of the above 30 years. Unkupunja - First wife of Tjarpungngidi, 25 years. Male child - Son of above, 6 years. Nunitjinja - Second wife of Tjarpungngidi, 18 years. Female child - Only a few weeks old, may not survive. Tjarpungna - Second son of Tjarpungna (man with only one leg). No wife. Please note that the two sons have given the same name as that given by their father. This group readily agreed to stay in the vicinity of Tika Tika for eight weeks in the hope of meeting another patrol. There is an established track from the Warburton / Giles road to a point beyond Tika Tika. It takes off at a 44 gallon drum placed on a mound of earth at approximately 100 miles from Warburton. This track goes in a north-west direction to some low hills approximately 12 miles from the drum. Tika Tika is a series of round rockholes on flat mulga water course. The well beaten track does not go to the water holes, but I have made several vehicle tracks in to them. Tabarala, ex Rawlinson Ranges man now living at Warburton Ranges Mission, is an excellent guide to the area as it is his country and he knows all its water supplies and the people are closely related to him. BONYTHON RANGES The group contacted at the Bonython Ranges consisted of :- Jun Jun - Male 28 years. Ikunjanja - Female 22 years wife of Jun Jun. She had a baby when last seen two years ago. Bikilinja - Nine years brother of Jun Jun. Tjunjiriunja - Seven years brother of Jun Jun. The mother of the above two boys is alleged to be at Papunya and is called Monkatjin. These, plus Henry, 19 years, who was left at Giles in April, were transported to Papunya by Mr Feebing. They had been living on the Giles / Sandy Blight Corner road for some time lighting fires to attract attention for the purpose of obtaining transportation to Papunya. There remains in the vicinity of Bonython Ranges a man with two small children. W B MacDougall Native Patrol Officer