Patrol Reports - Cadet Patrol Officer T C Lovegrove 1952

National Archives of Australia2 Darwin Office CRS F1 Item 1952/997 Patrol Reports - Cadet Patrol Officer T C Lovegrove 1952 Copyright P J Mackett, 2006 Reports on Inspection Aboriginals (Pastoral Industry) Regulations 1918 - 1947 (1) Mistake Creek Mistake Creek is an Outstation of Ord River Station the main homestead being situated in Western Australia. Area is approximately 1599 square miles. Mistake Creek homestead is situated about 338 miles SSW of Darwin. It is situated on the main Inverway - Wyndham road and is approximately 34 miles from Ord River Homestead. Deaths Aborigine Bob Waddo (Bob Wodork) died on the 27th of May 1953 at Mistake Creek and the Police at Wave Hill were advised. CENSUS of ABORIGINALS - Mistake Creek Station 1953 Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Nipper Mai-ara Mulnyan .1913 Stockman Lola Dunjai Mulnyan .1913 Wife Skuthorpe Milngaiari Mulnyan .1900 Stockman Topsy Jumalari Mulnyan .1900 Wife Willie Mulmug Mulnyan .1900 Stockman Maggie Munmange Mulnyan .1900 Wife Mulga Jack Diril Mulnyan .1900 Stockman Cocky Walili Mulnyan .1910 Wife Jacko Burunjaro Mulnyan .1917 Stockman Neta Yanangali Mulnyan .1922 Wife Pluto Dungmiri Mulnyan .1923 Stockman, wife at Derby Lazaret Bandy Wairminge Mulnyan .1927 Stockman, single Spider Naradjaiari Mulnyan .1913 Stockman Rosie Waragi Mulnyan .1910 Wife Dick Muboola Wailbri .1930 Stockman, single Buggalug Birilauan Njining .1928 Stockman Morna Wildji Njining .1922 Wife Connie Nanagu Njining .1949 Daughter Brandy Wailya Mulnyan .1900 Govt. Dept. Charlie Djuldja Mulnyan .1893 Mary Bunai Mulnyan .1893 Wife (2) Auvergne Station The homestead is situated about 230 miles SSW of Darwin. It is on the East Baines River and on the main road linking Timber Creek with Wyndham. Part Abotiginals Peggy Brentland, born 8. 8.1949, mother aborigine Dinah Dingul, father alleged to be a European Births Rosie Allagi, born 20. 7.1953, father Kurrigan Birimanu, mother Dinah Dingul Gilbert Jimung, born 31. 9.1953, father Whiskey Artora, mother Joan Kunindingul Deaths Blind Judy Yungyoong, aged approximately 70 years, died 3. 9.1953, husband deceased CENSUS of ABORIGINALS - Auvergne Station 1953 Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks King Charlie Mali Mariung .1893 Govt. Dept. Kitty Nanagu Mariung .1922 Wife, Govt. Dept. Billy Julngug Mariung .1943 Son, Govt. Dept. Harry Dalg Mariung .1944 Son, Govt. Dept. Kathleen Jululug Mariung 1. 7.1945 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Jack Minbiari Mariung .1910 Govt. Dept. Biddy Wandalmidgi Mariung .1900 Wife, Govt. Dept. Kathleen Namabin Mariung .1922 Wife, Govt. Dept. Nipper Gubada Mariung .1893 Govt. Dept. Maggie Undonbaia Mariung .1902 Wife, Govt. Dept. Dinah Nagara Mariung .1902 Widow, Govt. Dept. Joe Burungu Mariung .1932 Stockman Violet Bujugba Mariung .1936 Wife Whiskey Artora Mariung Stockman Joan Gunindingal Mariung .1927 Wife Mabel Djungnguru Mariung 1. 7.1944 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Maurice Bynimbi Mariung 1. 7.1946 Son, Govt. Dept. Daisy Binbiri Mariung .1950 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Gilbert Jinning Mariung 31. 9.1953 Son, Govt. Dept. Walker Mariung Stockman Maggie Gujalla Mariung .1897 Wife Frank Mindji Mariung .1947 Foster-child Billy Jimbin Mariung .1922 Stella Monagai Mariung .1921 Wife Auvergne Maringa Mariung .1946 Son, spastic Paris Djaragui Mariung .1947 Son Helen Myiin Mariung 1. 5.1950 Daughter Hector Djingala Mariung 27. 9.1951 Son (This family came from Kildurk Station and will be returning there.) Jinny Gungungun Mariung .1893 Widow, Govt. Dept. Karrigan Birimanu Mariung .1915 Stockman Dinah Dingul Mariung .1922 Wife Minnie Lungmai Mariung .1947 Daughter Peggy Brentland H/C Mariung 8. 8.1949 H/C, Govt. Dept. Rosie Allagi Mariung 20. 7.1953 Daughter King Harry Wulunge Mariung .1890 Govt. Dept. Anna Nowala Mariung .1897 Govt. Dept. Peter Ngajau Mariung .1892 Barbara Imbil Mariung .1930 Wife Dick Walumba Mariung .1930 Stockman Daisy Lalda Mariung .1935 Wife Lightning Darunga Mariung .1912 Stockman Molly Ngungarara Mariung .1915 Wife Jaberu Lewin Mariung .1925 Stockman, single Robin Wadaig Mariung .1932 Stockman, single Captain Jalide Mariung .1935 Stockman, single Murrell Morol Mariung .1930 Stockman, single Paddy Wadjiga Mariung .1907 Stockman Doris Wami Mariung .1935 Wife Bobby Widiburr Mariung Stockman Dolly Budbaiya Mariung .1922 Wife Eileen Ngalilingali Mariung .1930 Wife Laurie Madaigari Mariung 1. 7.1949 Son Nancy Jabangali Mariung 26.12.1950 Daughter Charlie Jungarli Mariung .1922 Stockman Peggy Boinin Mariung .1925 Wife Pippin Gweenda Mariung .1940 Daughter Willie Mungarama Mariung .1900 Stockman (Wife Ludy ran away with bush native.) Joe Dungaiari Mariung .1936 Stockman, single Rupert Buani Mariung .1938 Stockman, single Rolo Gilming Mariung Orphan Fred Barabul Mariung .1928 Stockman, single Ronny Malawanya Mariung .1922 Stockman, single Lippy Jack Lalgul Mariung .1900 Stockman Pocketa Gudjigurri Mariung .1900 Wife (3) Birrindudu Outstation Birrindudu is an outstation of Gordon Downs Station, the Headstation being situated in Western Australia and the Outstation in the Northern Territory. Birrindudu Outstation is situated about 415 miles SSW of Darwin. It is connected by roads to Gordon Downs Station (approximately 75 miles westerly) and Inverway Station (approximately 40 miles northerly. CENSUS of ABORIGINALS - Birrindudu Outstation 1953 Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Old Hector Njining .1920 Stockman Nellie Mungmari Njining .1922 Wife Mick Lalai-ari Njining Mary Wondugul Njining .1920 Wife Polly Gulyin Njining Wife, Govt. Dept. Sheila Yerrun Njining .1936 Daughter, wife of Sandy Olga Njining .1949 Daughter Sandy Jones Njining .1927 Stockman Sheila Yerrun Njining .1936 Wife, see above Thunder Wirrangano Wanjira From Inverway Station Paddy Mungajua Njining .1900 Govt. Dept. Ruby Nungia Njining .1930 Wife Judy Nyungiri Njining .1900 Wife, Govt. Dept. Hector Jungala Njining .1920 Stockman Lucy Narangali Njining .1928 Wife Linda Inargi Njining .1922 Wife Menzies Njining .1949 Son Mud Harry Mudiari Njining .1917 Stockman Dolly Yilgngari Njining .1917 Wife Colin Yulnga Njining .1938 Son Boko Nyundi Njining .1914 Stockman Ida Ubngari Njining .1923 Wife Barney Puldjoog Njining .1945 Son Ross Djanama Njining .1947 Son, Govt. Dept. Rarry Balmi Njining .1900 Daisy Ninai Njining .1905 Wife Larrakin Djidnari Njining .1922 Widow Manna Djabangari Wailbri .1900 From Gordon Downs Ruby Nambadjimba Wailbri .1920 From Gordon Downs Nina Yudngari Wailbri .1943 Daughter From here on down tribe may be Njining or Wailbri. Ginger Bulgiari .1935 Stockman, single Long Jimmy .1925 Stockman, single Tiger Rala .1927 Stockman, single Oscar Nandiari .1927 Stockman, single Jacko Dingiari .1930 Stockman, single Willie Djidi .1925 Stockman, single Fred Wanbila .1920 Stockman, single Clancy Laragidgibum .1925 Stockman, single Rodger Gungiari .1925 Stockman, single Topsy Munpuna .1895 Govt. Dept. Judy Mairundung .1893 Govt. Dept. Lizzie Munneri .1900 Govt. Dept. Splinter Dindorthy Working on Wages Maggie Dingbal Wife Tommy Gulmin Njining Stockman Rosie Djalum Njining Wife Clara Lungoo Njining .1893 Govt. Dept., cared for by Tommy and Rosie Bogie Jungara Njining Old Biddy Njining Wife Violet Ngai-ari Njining Wife, Govt. Dept. (4) Newry Station Newry Homestead is situated approximately 265 miles SSW of Darwin, being on the road between Timber Creek and Wyndham. Part Aboriginals Name Abo Name Caste Born Mother Father Dolly Thompson Miringi 3/4C 3. 8.1949 Topsy Wodorj Alleged to be a H/C Martin Moore Bunmalung H/C 10.10.1947 Daisy Daimari Alleged European Jessie James Jalange H/C 22.12.1951 Pearlie Liring Alleged European CENSUS of ABORIGINALS - Newry Station 1953 Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Mailman Charlie Jiriwinge Muriwung .1895 Govt. Dept. Dinah Burrngaria Muriwung .1902 Wife, Govt. Dept. Andy Wiligurrie Muriwung .1890 Govt. Dept. Dolly Gurrda Muriwung .1900 Wife, Govt. Dept. Mulligan Djilung Muriwung .1920 Stockman Mary Lornmai Muriwung .1922 Wife Finnegan Runmi Muriwung .1928 Single, Govt. Dept., mentally retarded Lena Yungurawa Muriwung .1890 Widow, Govt. Dept. Paddy Yulai Muriwung .1910 Stockman Gypsy Ngirramoi Muriwung .1918 Wife Button Yalgbirr Muriwung .1946 Son Springheel Lingi Muriwung .1900 Casual employee Nellie Biljina Muriwung .1922 Wife Bobby Walngaiari Muriwung .1946 Son Smiler Ubalide Muriwung .1920 Stockman Daisy Muruwi Muriwung .1925 Wife Friday Winbi Muriwung .1937 Son Sunday Nabad Muriwung .1944 Son Eileen Ginai Muriwung . 1.1951 Daughter, Govt. Dept. King Billy Muriwung .1890 Govt. Dept. Mary Muriwung .1900 Govt. Dept. Biddy Muriwung .1890 Govt. Dept. Tiger Wijigari Muriwung .1897 Stockman Topsy Wodorg Muriwung .1930 Wife Dolly Miringi Muriwung .1948 Daughter, 3/4 caste Cocky Yalyagari Muriwung .1922 Stockman Pearly Liring Muriwung .1930 Wife Cissy Jalange Muriwung .1950 Daughter, half-caste Annie Judbi Muriwung .1925 Wife George Ngaranja Muriwung .1922 Stockman Daisy Daimari Muriwung .1922 Wife Freda Wingmaria Muriwung .1941 Daughter Alice Biramaria Muriwung .1944 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Martin Bunmalung Muriwung .1949 Son, Govt. Dept Rita Mau-un-ngali Muriwung .1951 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Barnie Languru Muriwung .1910 Stockman Lady Yindingi Muriwung .1922 Wife Katherine Yarabi Muriwung .1942 Daughter Jessie Cumboi Muriwung .1946 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Teddy Doolmoi Muriwung .1949 Son, Govt. Dept. Flying Fox Jingingau Muriwung .1930 Wife Ben Biribi Muriwung .1949 Son, Govt. Dept. Paddy Gulubi Muriwung .1927 Stockman Maggie Wodigall Muriwung .1934 Wife Johnnie Maran Muriwung .1915 Stockman Lilly Gulmaria Muriwung .1916 Wife Ginny .1893 Govt. Dept. Davie Bungiari Muriwung .1927 Stockman, single Georgie Gauara Muriwung .1932 Stockman, single Bumbie Bumbie Muriwung .1925 Stockman, single George Nadba Muriwung .1929 Stockman, single (5) Victoria River Downs Station Victoria River Downs Homestead is situated approximately 270 miles south of Darwin. Part Aboriginals Ringer Alli H/C stockman, at Pidgeon Hole Arthur Griffe H/C stockman, at Gordon Creek Natives who have left Victoris River Downs Konkerman, believed to be tracker at Timber Creek Patsy Li-rabu-nali, Timber Creek Annie Yiwir, Willeroo Billy McCann, Wave Hill Births One female child, Morna, was born to Jessie Din-yirrin-lalli and Bobby Bin??rrie at Moolooloo Outstation in October 1952?. The birth was registered at Timber Creek Police Station. Deaths Billy Bulinining, died 21. 6.1952. widower, died Mount Sandford Rosie Mulligan Ganduni, died 24. 5.1952, widow, died Head Station Biddy Bangin, died 21. 8.1952, single, died Head Station Sydney Giraba, died 30. 9.1952, single, died Mt Sandford, brothers Nipper Liramiri and Clyde Djarai-ari now at Limbunya Toby Waludju-gurrie, died 20.10.1952, widower, died Pidgeon Hole Bungaree Yunga-balyi, died 28.11.1952, died at Monteginnie, left widow Rosie Nowali now at Moolooloo Trust Account Credits Albert Lelga. This boy states he was droving with M Cussens in 1951. Dora Ma-ju-ook. Wife of Monday (undermentioned) now with husband at Moolooloo. Monday Loorganin. The abovementioned Monday Dunganyung states he was droving with M Cussens in about 1945 and was not paid. This is probably the same boy. He is now working at Moolooloo. CENSUS of PART-ABORIGINALS at Victoria River Downs Station and Outstations 1953 Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Arthur Griffo Ngaringman .1932 (Father European not known, mother Aborigine deceased.) Ringer Alli Mudbra .1936 (Father European not known. Mother Aborigine Big Lily Djindulwa.) Noel Digiyuin Ngaringman .1944 Doreen Nilara Ngaringman .1946 Nancy Naunaia Ngaringman .1948 Sammy Wudumara Ngaringman .1949 George Ngaringman .1950 Marie Ngaringman .1952 (Mother is Aborigine Ida Jingit. Father is Doug Campbell H/C at present away droving.) Mary Mudbra .1947 (Mother is Aborigine Kitty oul. Father alleged to be Euopean known as Knockem Down Tommy , now deceased.) CENSUS of ABORIGINALS - Victoria River Downs Station and Outstations 1953 Note Govt. Dept. = Government Dependent H.D. = Hansens Disease Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Name Abo. Name Tribe Age Remarks Head Station Brady Wa-lunga Ngaringman .1912 Judy Na-lila Ngaringman . Wife Brumby Gujung Ngaringman .1912 Clara Malanya Ngaringman .1922 Wife Violet Magala Ngaringman .1922 Wife Charcoal Dulung Ngaringman .1917 Mary Rudungnali Ngaringman .1917 Wife Captain Nangmeiari Ngaringman .1945 Son Little Nellie Rudangali Ngaringman .1922 Wife Frank Wangararng Ngaringman Now at Channel Island Nora Kwi-ing Ngaringman .1922 Wife Mary Maiunggud Ngaringman .1912 Wife Jabiru Jabulubula Ngaringman .1907 Betsy Nyanmag Ngaringman .1925 Wife Jacky Bigiwa Ngaringman .1912 Dolly Murphy Bangaman Ngaringman Wife Matt Wilson Walunga Ngaringman .1912 Josephine Yalnari Ngaringman .1932 Wife Noble Yaranbula Ngaringman .1912 Dinah Mindilyiri Ngaringman .1912 Wife Splinter Jaridjagari Ngaringman Single Tiger Warrnga Ngaringman .1912 Mabel Nadei Ngaringman .1920 Wife Charlie Lingi Ngaringman Dolly Wandeiamang Ngaringman Wife Tommy Nyuningari Ngaringman .1922 Single Mona Marargalba Ngaringman .1893 Single, Govt. Dept. Topsy Jitnuri Ngaringman . Single Centre Camp Darby Baggilit Ngaringman .1917 Peggy Gurbigin Ngaringman . Wife Dodger Bilwini Ngaringman Gracie Gangu Ngaringman .1912 Wife Jack Junduyari Ngaringman Kitty Manwa Ngaringman .1917 Wife Robin Wirangali Ngaringman .1945 Daughter Susan Kilingali Ngaringman .1948 Daughter, Govt. Dependent Jimmy Meena Ngaringman Single Sunrise Minbiari Ngaringman .1912 Connie Winji Ngaringman .1930 Wife Tommy Long Nangeiyari Ngaringman May Short Marbangu Ngaringman .1912 Wife Big Charcoal Yunmauun Ngaringman .1922 Blind Maggie Juliga Ngaringman .1900 Wife Donnelly Dingingari Ngaringman Patsy Lirabunali Ngaringman .1930 Wife William Galweiin Ngaringman .1946 Son Janet Unaraman Ngaringman .1948 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Lana Naluri Ngaringman .1949 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Ida Yarawul Ngaringman .1936 Wife Jimmy Wingulgurrie Ngaringman Dora Jibngari Ngaringman .1922 Wife Gordon Creek Bennie Nalmeiari Ngaringman .1920 Mabel Bilimangu Ngaringman .1935 Wife Doug Campbell H/C Away droving Ida Jingit Ngaringman .1917 Wife Ruby Biayun Ngaringman .1943 Daughter Noel 3/4C Digiyuin Ngaringman .1944 Son Doreen 3/4C Nilara Ngaringman .1946 Daughter Nancy 3/4C Nauwaia Ngaringman .1948 Daughter Sammy 3/4C Wudumala Ngaringman .1949 Son George 3/4C Ngaringman .1950 Son Marie 3/4C Ngaringman .1952 Daughter Jabirn Bulgeiing Ngaringman Japanee Gul lagi Ngaringman .1900 Wife Peter Dulmeiga Ngaringman Minnie Bada Bada Ngaringman .1912 Wife Lucy Bumbarin Ngaringman .1912 Single Don Wilibili Ngaringman .1893 Govt. Dept. Lilly Durugula Ngaringman .1920 Wife Rosie Ganmin Ngaringman .1920 Wife Harry Ngaringman .1920 Single Andy Wagaga Ngaringman Annie Yiwir Ngaringman Wife Banjo Wangunigari Ngaringman Looie Nitnari Ngaringman Wife Barry Gadidju Ngaringman .1940 Single Big Mick Nabidien Ngaringman .1912 Mina Gangnang Ngaringman .1920 Wife Peter Nalingu Ngaringman .1945 Son Little Mick Yinyuwinna Ngaringman .1912 Jessie Wirrba Ngaringman .1917 Wife Monkey Gujadog Ngaringman .1917 Whip Gilnari Ngaringman .1922 Wife Norman Manjiar Ngaringman Single Robin Wamugu Ngaringman .1902 Single Sandy Ngaringman Single Moolooloo Maggie Munmani Ngaringman .1895 Govt. Dept. Adam Bandugari Ngaringman .1932 Single, Hansens Allan Ajugbai Ngaringman .1932 Single Tim Ilnai yari Ngaringman .1907 Maudie Magala Ngaringman .1893 Wife Maudie Gungundug Ngaringman .1883 Govt. Dept. Paddy Gilimiri Ngaringman Norah Gamandudu Ngaringman Wife Daisy Nooreea Ngaringman Wife Jim Crow Nonaninung Ngaringman .1900 Suffering H.D. Nancy Polialla Ngaringman .1930 Wife Dan Gurragarbong Ngaringman .1912 Mabel Waiinari Ngaringman .1930 Wife Smiler Lagut Ngaringman .1944 Son Bobby Binmurrie Ngaringman .1922 Jessie Dinyirrinlali Ngaringman .1922 Wife Nipper Bunungala Ngaringman .1938 Son Peggy Nalili Ngaringman .1947 Daughter Kathleen Ngaringman .1950 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Morna Ngaringman .1952 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Captain Djinama Gooroo Ngaringman .1935 Single Wallaby Djungbigiri Ngaringman .1922 Nora Ngaringman .1930 Wife Jimmy Narrinjarra Ngaringman Single Rosie Nowali Ngaringman .1893 Govt. Dependent Monday Dunganyung Ngaringman .1922 Dora Najuoog Mudbra .1922 Wife Mick Ngowadjali Mudbra .1946 Son Captain Mara Djala Mudbra .1927 Single Lizzie Wodalulla Mudbra .1922 Widow, Govt. Dept. Elsie Bulambi Mudbra .1940 Daughter Nancy Djalanali Mudbra .1943 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Don or Hector Gunamingi Mudbra .1949 Son, Govt. Dept. Tobacco Jack Mona Minja Mudbra .1927 Single Nora Ngalunga Mudbra .1893 Govt. Dept. King Diring indi Mudbra .1922 Kitty Nari ari Mudbra .1917 Wife, H.D. Mabel Wununia Mudbra .1937 Daughter Bob Djali wuna Mudbra .1917 Topsy Bungi Mudbra .1902 Wife Albert Lalga Mudbra .1922 Doris Myubidia Mudbra .1927 Wife Marie .1950 Daughter Mabel Wongala Mudbra .1893 Govt. Dept. Lena Uramungali Mudbra .1913 Single Sambo Djilgiari Mudbra .1922 Kitty Long Dowul Mudbra .1927 Wife Mary Mudbra .1947 Daughter of Kitty H/C Horace Mudigigarri Mudbra .1948 Son Kathleen Jarlili Mudbra .1940 Wife Pidgeon Hole Anzac Ilnaiyari Mudbra .1927 Big Lilly Djindulwa Mudbra .1927 Wife Jacky Djadiwudung Mudbra .1943 Son Bill Billiwallamungoo Mudbra .1945 Son, Govt. Dept. Florrie Gwinyan Mudbra .1947 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Dora Gudul Mudbra .1950 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Hector Waniari Mudbra .1927 Molly Yungorarli Mudbra .1927 Wife Douglas Gundagiari Mudbra .1943 Son Nugget Pulbiari Mudbra .1945 Son, Govt. Dept. Barbara Wongnuari Mudbra .1947 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Melva Djariwungali Mudbra .1949 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Rodney Djunama Mudbra .1950 Son, Govt. Dept. Joan Managoo Mudbra .1951 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Bob Gungniari Mudbra .1912 Doris Wungmungali Mudbra Wife Spondulicks Wodara Mudbra .1920 Lucy Googila Mudbra .1920 Wife Daylight Yowidi Mudbra .1920 Lizzie Budari Mudbra .1922 Wife Sandow Mungaree Mudbra Victoria Bibidija Mudbra Wife Kathleen Djudual Mudbra .1937 Daughter Eileen Larrabiayia Mudbra .1938 Daughter H T Mick Noorandjiri Mudbra Wife at Channel Is Peter Djinbiridja Mudbra Nellie Djurungngali Mudbra Wife Mount Sandford Davey Goolbiari Bilinara May Long Gunbil Bilinara Wife Jumbo Mundiari Bilinara .1917 Louise Meega Bilinara .1927 Wife Bilgi Bilinara .1940 Step-son Jock Bilaiari Bilinara .1950 Son Muldoon Yang nya Bilinara .1933 Single Short Barney Djudjaling Bilinara Topsy Pungbia Bilinara Wife Green Barney Bilgiari Bilinara .1941 Son Maggie Libay Bilinara .1920 Wife Long Barney Balyinda Bilinara Maudie Wungidunga Bilinara Wife Bruce Yaramee Bilinara .1938 Single Sambo Yirra gul gurri Bilinara .1922 Single Biddy Ngatngari Bilinara .1900 Govt. Dept. Peter Gilgi Bilinara .1922 May Bilet Bilinara .1922 Wife Bill Rapie Bilinara .1948 Son Sally Wurrungnyali Bilinara 16. 7.1950 Daughter, Govt. Dept. Long Jack Djurumbug Bilinara Dolly Warlnyin Bilinara Wife Vera Dulingngari Bilinara .1942 Daughter Jimmy Murung Bilinara .1912 Single Larry Nundurundung Bilinara Jinny Ulbaii Bilinara Wife Billy Bilining Bilinara Single Bilgary Bilgari Bilinara Single Kenny Bilinara Single Paddy Bilinara Single