Native Affairs Reports by Patrol Officers 1965 - 1968

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series A6456, Item R136/009 Native Affairs Reports by Patrol Officers 1965 - 1968 Patrols from Woomera Research Establishment Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2004 Report on routine Patrol of Central Reserve 16 June to 6 July 1965 16. 6.1965 Left Coober Pedy accompanied by Coober Pedy Jimmy, his wife and daughter. 18. 6.1965 Travelled from Ernabella to Musgrave Park. Took Charlie to visit his child at Musgrave Park. 19. 6.1965 With Tommy Dodd travelled through Mt Davies and camped 40 miles south of Giles. 28. 6.1965 The road from Blackstone to Warburton is reasonable except for a few miles where the track is unusable, it is just as usual slow and Rough. Picked up Billy's sons. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 21 July to 24 August 1965 23. 7.1965 Moved to Mt Davies. Met five policemen, Superintendent and Stock Overseer from Musgrave Park who had arrested Nora for killing Daphne's baby. 25. 7.1965 Together with Mr Harman travelled through Blackstone Ranges to Giles Tank. Native group at Blackstone. Native man, Red, requested transport for his daughter, Joan, from Warburton Ranges Mission to Blackstone. __________________________________________________________________________________ Guide for Joint Patrol 9. 9.1965 I engaged Tipurarla, a native born in the Tika Tika area, as a guide for the Joint Patrol, pay to be the same as that paid to the Western Australian party's guide Andrew, three pounds per day. Would you please arrange for a cheque for 30 pounds to be sent to him c/o Superintendent Warburton Ranges Mission, Warburton Ranges, Western Australia. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on a Patrol to the Central Reserve and southern W.A. 8th to 26th January 1966 13. 1.1966 Travelled into Warburton Mission to engage guide Paul Porter and returned to Tika Tika. 15. 1.1966 Departed (Warburton Mission) for Cosmo Newbery with woman Mrs Lilli Simms and baby for treatment at Laverton Hospital. __________________________________________________________________________________ Physiology of Nomadic Aborigines in North west Reserve 6th to 22nd February 1966 19. 2.1966 Self accompanied by Tommy Dodd to Musgrave Park. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 4th to 17th April 1966 from Woomera 12. 4.1966 Travelled to Finke. Picked up Miss Cox, Welfare Officer, and set out for Victory Downs to meet Mr Verburgt. Vehicle caught fire approximately 1730. Stayed at Kulgera. Sent message to Mr Verburgt by Gilpin Ward, who was travelling in that direction. 15. 4.1966 Travelled to Everard Ranges and contacted native Murray and his colleagues. Summary Munta Bulja Native Murray agreed that he is the owner of the area in which MuntaBulja is situated and that he and Old Everard were the highest authoritiesconnected with the several areas of significance sited in that part of the Reserve. He suggested that the following natives visit the area with us to record the mythology and ceremonial ritual of the area: Murray, Old Everard and Old Charlie for Everard Park Moorilyanna George for Granite Downs Andrew for Fregon I explained that there would now be an unavoidable delay of some weeks. __________________________________________________________________________________ Patrol to the North West Reserve 7th April 1966 13. 4.1966 Gilpin Ward informs Victory Downs of problem with vehicle above. __________________________________________________________________________________ Memorandum dated 4. 5.1966 to Superintendent Woomera from W.R.E. Woomera On 28. 4.1966 Mr Verburgt and I (W B MacDougall)visited the Davenport Reserve and the Port Augusta Gaol. The three men Charlie, Harry and Pompey (all from the Musgrave Ranges) who are in Gaol for their part in a domestic fight which resulted in the death of Charlie's son Toby. __________________________________________________________________________________ Patrol to the interior 23rd May to 16th June 1966 11. 6.1966 Stood two drums of fuel at Mt Fanny and put 'N.P.O.' on them. Will use then next trip. Called at Wingallina. Spoke to natives in camp before calling on Mr Brown the camp leader. He was not pleased but we parted friends. Picked up two young men, Louis and Edgar, also old woman for Musgrave Park. __________________________________________________________________________________ Patrol to the Interior 28th July to 14th August 1966 28. 7.1966 Departed Woomera at 0800 hours with Aboriginal child, Jennifer Williams, whose parents reside at Coober Pedy. 29. 7.1966 Jennifer Williams' parents working at Ingomar Station. Child taken to Ingomar and left with parents. 31. 7.1966 Departed Musgrave accompanied by Tommy Dodd at 1400 hours and camped 20 miles east of Mt Davies for night. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 8th to 31st August 1966 15. 8.1966 Moved to Mt Woodroffe. Watched fencing demonstration. Camped at Ernabella. 16. 8.1966 Told natives that I wanted two men from the Mt Poondinna area for a week to select with me a route for the proposed new road. 17. 8.1966 Lame Willie and Doggie Jim were selected to accompany me. 22. 8.1966 Returned natives to Ernabella. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 22nd to 30th September 1966 26. 9.1966 Interviewed natives at Yalata re sacred areas north of the East-West railway line. They requested assistance in visiting four sites approximately situated as follows 'THIS PARAGRAPH HAS BEEN CENSORED' The men involved are Jackie Windless Jack Baker Fred Windless Tommy Rice Mickie Chamberlain Charlie Tunkin Bobby Rice (possibly). __________________________________________________________________________________ Letter to Director of Welfare Darwin dated 27 October 1966 Mentions Tommy Dodd and Nosepeg at Papunya. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 3rd to 23rd October 1966 8.10.1966 0800 departure for Ayers Rock (from Musgrave Park). Self (B J Verburgt) accompanied by Tommy Dodd and Dr A Yengoyan, American anthropologist. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 22nd November to 1st December 1966 26.11.1966 Travelled westawrds towards Neale Junction (from Vokes Hill) then north until we could see the Birksgate Ranges. From this position our guide, Tom Rice, could recognise his surroundings, but is still not sure of the exact position of the site. Returned to the Neale Junction - Emu Road. Summary Notes Stonehenge is situated near the border between the Woomera and Maralinga Prohibited areas not far from Observatory Hill. This stone arrangement is connected with dream time heroes, mythical sleepy lizards (skinks). The area does not have any kinship significance to any of our informants but is of keen cultural interest to them all.They stated that the only living man to whom it should have special significance is a young man called Tom Singer, who is much more interested in the Aborigines right to drink Act than tribal culture. However information about that site is available from Aborigines now living at Yalata Mission. __________________________________________________________________________________ Joint Patrol April 1964 18. 4.1964 The Army party reached Sandy Blight Junction during the morning. The W.A. party came up with the N.T. party and we proceeded north to the Sir Frederick Range together. The N.T. party reached Sandy Blight at dark. The road was badly washed out in many places. A truck from Papunya (driver Mr N Anderson) had arrived the same day with fuel and three guides and assistants (George Jakamara, Freddy Jakamara, and Pitani Purukulu). 27. 4.1964 Travelled via Dovers Hills to Sandy Blight. At Buck Hills just after dark we met the survey party of the Joint Services Expedition; also a transport with fuel for oil search parties reportably about to begin operations west of Jupiter Well. Advised driver not to proceed more than ten miles further west. At Sandy Blight met Patrol Officer K Smith and Nosepeg Juburula who had brought fuel and supplementary food supplied from Papunya that day. Visit to Balgo Hills 6. 5.1964 Travelled to Hooker Creek where assistants from Papunya and Yuendumu (Nosepeg Juburula, Jack Jagamara from Papunya; Peter Bagu-bagu, Mickey Juburula from Yuendumu) joined the party. __________________________________________________________________________________ Joint Patrol April 1967; Report of the N.T. welfare Branch Patrol Aboriginals One object of the Patrol was to gather further information about a small group which had been reported some years ago to be living in the area well north of Jupiter Well Road. A man of the Jungarai subsection who had lived in the Stansmore Range area was said to have died and one (perhaps all three) of his wives were said to have been 'inherited' by a man of the Jabanangga subsection who was said to have 'run away' from Balgo Hills (see census notes with report of April 1964 Patrol).A man known at the Mission as Casimir Gandja Jabanangga (who probably came to Balgo in the 1950s and who had about 1959 been sent to Derby with burns to his neck and returned on foot to the Mission) apparently walked off into the desert about January 1961. He left a wife and three children at the Mission and his wife subsequently remarried and has had two more children. Early informants had given the man's name as Landil and Balgo informants gave his name as Pirpun, but there can be little doubt that all accounts relate to the same man. Father McGuire knew of no other who had left the Mission to return to the desert in the last ten years or so. Aboriginal informants at Balgo reported having seen fires to the south and said that some Aboriginals had been seen running away, by a party of white men working south of the Mission. They could not suggest any other people who might remain in the area between yhe Stock Route and Jupiter Well Road. Clearly this man chooses to remain in the desert rather thanreturn to the Mission. Since he has probably taken all three of the Nangala widows as his wives, one reason is no doubt that his relatives at the Mission would have some objection to these 'first cousin: marriages. He would probably have similar reservations about going to Yuendumu where one or two children of the eldest woman of the threeare reported to be living. But there are probably at least three children with this group and I suggest that a patrol to attempt to make contact with these people would be justified even if they do not choose immediately to move to a Mission or a Settlement. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Routine Patrol of the Central Reserve and to make contact with a group of primitive Aborigines in the Windy Corner area W.A. 9th to 30th June 1967 11. 6.1967 Tommy Dodd, an elderly Aboriginal from Musgrave Park now joined the party as a guide. 19. 6.1967 Deposited guide Billy at Warburton and departed for Giles at 0900. 22. 6.1967 Departed Musgrave Park with Aboriginals Tjipakuta and Bukie? for Numatjara rock-hole via Blackstone arriving at 1930. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 20th June to 17th July 1967 27. 6.1967 Camped at Serpentine Lakes 28. 6.1967 The rest of the party travelled east to Seismic Number1 then south for 20 miles. 29. 6.1967 Visited the three soaks and met Tom Murray. Moved on to camp at Muckera. 4. 7.1967 Travelled to Zanthus. Jerome not available at Cundalee Mission so decided to take Benjamin and Toby. Camped at Naretha. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Routine Patrol to the Central Reserve 7th to 23rd August 1967 17. 8.1967 Moved on to Blackstone. Possum, three women and three children proceeding on foot. 18. 8.1967 Camped at Blackstone. Possum apparently gone on. __________________________________________________________________________________ Joint Patrol of the Central Reserve April 1967 G.E. Cornish 16. 8.1967 The final itinerary provided for visits to sites between Warburton Ranges and Giles, then north to Sandy Blight Junction, west to Well 35, south to Brown Range, returning by Gunbarrel Highway, and the north east from Tika Tika in an attempt to locate the site Yowarlocru (now thought to be in or north of Ryan Buttes). Aboriginals (1) Tracks of two men and two women seen heading west on a claypan near the Davenport Hills. Identified as Mai-Mai @ Charlie, who was at one time in Papunya, and his son Henry who was initiated at Cundeelee several years ago. The group's home country is understood to be the west side of Lake Hopkins. (2) Camp adjacent to a dry waterhole (Taltiwara) approximately 3/4 mile west of trig NMF 246. Location indicated by a recent hunting fire 24 miles south of Windie Corner. Group consisted of Name Relation Born Ititjuku-na Husband c1907 Ilyabanya Wife c1932 Tuckamarra Husband c1939 Gnunalanya Wife c1937 Ilyiba Child c1962 Muntagnalkuntju-na Husband c1927 Marillinku-na Wife c1917 Gnananyinya Child c1955 Nababyena Child c1959 __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 1st to 26th September 1967 7. 9.1967 Via Fregon to Musgrave Park. Transported Bell Rock and family to Musgrave Park. Refuelled amd moved towards Mulga Park. 8. 9.1967 Picked up Willie for medical attention at Alice Springs Hospital. Arranged to meet Captain at Curtin Springs to act as guide to Emu site north of Peterman Ranges. 9. 9.1967 In Alice Springs. Repairs and rations. Picked up Willie and Emily for return to Curtin Springs. Camped Mt Ebenezer. 10. 9.1967 Picked up Captain at Curtin Springs, and travelled through Ayers Rock and Mt Olga. 19. 9.1967 To Musgrave Park, then back to Mount Davies for Harry and Ivy - parents who have missed the truck. 20. 9.1967 Transported Harry and Ivy to Musgrave Park. Moved to Mulga Park to pick up Mary, the last of the parents. Notes FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS CENSORED. The entrance to one of the caves was clearly visible from my camp site. The second was situated to the right. Its entrance is hidden by a small fig tree. Tiger and Captain, who both live at Curtin Springs, were my guides. Harry (Pikapuda), Pikapuda pulka, Pompey (Yalatja) and Danki Danki of Areyonga and Toby, at present living at Ernabella, were mentioned as men keenly interested in this site by my guides. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol into Windy Corner Area to assist the Commonwealth Film Unit make a Film of every day life of the primitive Aborigine 28. 9.1967 Self and Tommy Dodd to Walalukuna Swamp in quest of camp meat. 30. 9.1967 Self and boy, Nabilya, to Walalukuna Swamp and return with two emu for camp meat. 1.10.1967 Self and Tommy Dodd to Windy Corner. 2.10.1967 Departed for Warburton with guide Tjiparula as he needed attention for a bad cold. 5.10.1967 Self and Tommy Dodd to Walalukuna Swamp, Quiarli and Mumu Pupunya waterholes. 7.10.1967 Self and Tommy Dodd to Walalukuna Swamp with Film Unit's second camera. 13.10.1967 Self requested by the Superintendent, Musgrave, to take an Aboriginal boy Mayanara or Billy to Oodnadatta to be placed in Police custody. __________________________________________________________________________________ Patrol by Native Patrol Officer W B MacDougall 16th October to 10th November 1967 16.10.1967 Arrived Port Augusta having left Woomera the previous evening to avoid travelling in the heat. Visited Welfare Officer. Mayangara, who prefers to be called Billy, is to arrive today from Oodnadatta. 19.10.1967 From Ernabella to Musgrave Park. Schoolgirls Sandra and Jennifer and also Christine West from Wingellina to go to Warburton. Camped. 20.10.1967 Early start. Checked pump jack at Mt Davies, bearing worn out. Found Christine West and her two children. Jack, who is not very well, also authorised to travel to Warburton. Camped at Lightning Rocks. 21.10.1967 Moved to Warburton. No information regarding possible natives in the vicinity of Sir Frederick Ranges. Selected Charlie and Jontjon whose wives come from that area. Returned to Lightning Rocks. 25.10.1967 The fire travelled approximately 80 miles east (Sandy Blight area). Called at Papunya. Nosepeg stated that Ivan, who lives at Warburton, reported seeing four tracks during joint Patrol. _______________________________________________________________________________ Patrol by Native Patrol Officer W B MacDougall 6th to 23rd February 1968 7. 2.1968 Called at Ernabella. Mission Superintendent asked me to transport Jack to Warburton to meet his wife who is to be returned from Perth because she has an inoperable cancer. 14. 2.1968 At Giles. Sent message to Kalgoolie re Hughie, husband of Tjimpayi who has a 10 week old baby and is dependent on her mother. Jack's wife died at Ernabella. __________________________________________________________________________________ Patrol of the Central Reserve and the Lake Tobin Area 4th March to 4th April 1968 8. 3.1968 Arrived Warburton at 1400 hours. Fuel and food purchased and an Aboriginal, named Paul Porter, recruited as a guide. 29. 3.1968 0700 departed for Warburton Range Mission, arriving at 1630 hours. Dropped Aboriginal guide, Paul Porter, in camp and purchased needed fuel. __________________________________________________________________________________ Report on Patrol 17th April to 7th May 1968 21. 4.1968 Left with 6 men for Kilpi Tjata. $12.00 from Henry for Mr Reid at Amata. Mr Fogerty informed me that Mr Reid has left Amata. Will return money to Henry. A Chevrolet car with Kalgoolie number plates broken down, Peter, Pedro, Collin and two other young men. Towed them to Amata.