Report on Desert Pintubi Contacted 1962 / 1963

National Archives of Australia CRS F1/0 Item 1962/1843 Report on Desert Pintubi Contacted 1962 / 1963 by Jeremy Long PATROL WEST OF PAPUNYA : APRIL 1964 Aims (1) To help the WA and WRE patrols survey population and condition of Aboriginals remaining in the desert; (2) To contact and offer transport East to any families wishing to join relatives now living in Northern Territory Reserve. Arrangements were made in August, 1963, to meet those detailed in attached lists A and B and efforts will be made also to contact those in lists C and D in cooperation with the WA patrol. Any brought in are to be camped in Mt Liebig area with relatives from Papunya, where rations and medical services can be provided weekly from Haast's Bluff; (3) To obtain further records of the way of life of the desert Aboriginals for Welfare Branch and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. Personnel Mr J P M Long (Investigation Officer), Mr I Dunlop (Photographer). Guides and Interpreters to be recruited at Papunya. In pencil are mentioned R Mackay and P Mackay (Patrol Officer). Vehicles Landrover; 3-ton truck (Transport Branch. Alice Springs : 1st April). Equipment Transceiver (District Welfare Officer, Alice Springs), Polaroid land camera (District Welfare Officer, Alice Springs), Other cameras and sound recording equipment supplied by Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies. Rations To be brought in Alice Springs for non- Aboriginal personnel. Rations for guides etc., and desert Aboriginals to be drawn from Papunya store. Blankets and clothing for desert Aboriginals to be ordered ex Stores Branch, Alice Springs, or drawn ex Papunya Store (see attached list). Water drums supplied and filled at Papunya. Fuel 10 drums 44 gallons to be collected in Alice Springs, 1st April (Transport Branch). Camping Equipment All personnel to provide own gear. Timetable (1) Preparations in ALice Springs, 31st March, to 1st April, 1964. (2) To Papunya, 1st or 2nd April (160 miles), (3) Meet WA patrol Jupiter Well, 4th April, (380 miles) and arrange details of programme. (4) Return Alice Springs by 21st April, 1964. Communications Daily radio schedules to be maintained with District Welfare Officer, Alice Springs, through Flying Doctor base. H C Geiss Director of Welfare Attachment I - Desert Pintubi Contacted 1962 / 1963 (A) (I) Kirindji, Kuku, Tjungarai, born 1920, oldest daughter at Papunya Anmanari, Nangala, born 1927 Njamapa?, Nabaldjari, born 1949 Yakari, Nabaldjari, born 1951 Punditja, Tjabaldjari, born 1953 Payunga, Nabaldjari, born 1956 Unnamed, Nabaldjari, born 1960, mother died 1962 (II) Ngindji Ngindji, Tjagamara, born 1912, brother at Papunya, wives deceased Adrian, Tjuburula, born 1950 Pilti-na, Tjuburula, born 1951, brother at Papunya (III) Tanalga, Tjagamara, born 1932, brother at Papunya Minyandu, Nabaldjari, born 1944, brother at Papunya (IV) Anatjari, Tjagamara/Tjambidjimba, born 1930 Tjungkaya, Nabangadi, born 1925, son at Papunya Unnamed, Nangala, born 1960, treated for yaws 1963 Mamuru, Purungu, born 1938 Wili, Tjangala, born 1956 Nangatji, Nangala, born 1961, treated for yaws 1963 (V) Ngata, Nungarai, born 1932, husband perished, two sisters and son at Papunya, brother at Yuendumu Tjiwinga, Tjambidjimba, born 1958 Males Females Adults 4 5 = 9 Children 5 5 = 10 Totals 9 10 = 19 NB The above all have close relatives and members of their groups at Papunya. (B) (VI) Nyawipaya, Tjangala, born 1900 Mani, Nungarai, born 1922, sister at Yuendumu, daughters married to Kulaya-Tjuguba below Nari, Tjambidjimba, born 1949 Tjangkayi, Nambidjimba, born 1959 (VII) Kulaya-Tjugurba, Tjabangadi, born 1925 Lubira, Nambidjimba, born 1938 Tikali, Nabanangga, born 1954 Inarki, Tjanbanangga, born 1960, yaws Unnamed, Nabanangga, born 1962 Payungu, Nambidjimba, born 1942 Manayinga, Tjabanangga, born 1959, treated for yaws 1963 Kayu Kayu, Nambidjimba, born 1946 Unnamed, Tjabanangga, born 1961 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not Contacted by Welfare Branch Patrols (C) (I) Pipandji, Tjangula, wife and son brother and wife's children at Papunya (Dover Hills area) (II) Yuntjiyalta, Tjuburula, four wives, about seven children (Baron Range area) (III) Djindaga, Tjagamara, two wives, about two children (Baron Range area) (IV) Mamudja, Tjabanangga, three wives, about three children brothers at Yuendumu and Papunya (Jupiter Well area) (V) Nyunmuluga, Tjabaldjari (Jupiter Well area) (VI) Pitaninya, Purukulu, two wives, one child related to Warburton people? (Jupiter Well area) Males Females Adults 6 12 = 18 Children 14 not divided by sex = 14 (VII) Some 20 - 30 in Baron Range area? Related to the above and the Warburton people? Attachment II - Clothing Rations for desert Aboriginals April 1964 30 blankets. Adult males : 10 prs shorts (football type) 10 shirts (mens, small mens) Adult females : 15 dresses (2W, 10SW, 3SSW) Children male : 6 prs shorts (for 9 - 12 year olds) 6 T-shirts. Children female : 6 dresses (for 9 - 12 year olds) These clothes are to be issued before travel to any Aboriginals wishing to be taken East, the object being to provide warmth on the long drive and to forestall supply of old and dirty clothing by guides.