Patrol of Southern Stations, Finke Police District and South-West Reserve 1949

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F315/0 Item 1949/388 Report of Patrol of Southern Stations, Finke Police District and South-West Reserve Patrol Report L N Penhall 29. 8.1949 Henbury Station Owner Estate J A Braeden - Executor Trustee Co Adelaide Manager Mr G W Pearce Sonny Swan 3/4W head stockman. Gordon Abbott H/C granted Exemption through War Service. Kenneth Swan H/C granted Exemption through War Service. Coloured boy Jim Kernan wants to marry a coloured girl Vera Armstrong. Consent of girl's father obtained. Finke Siding Ration Depot operates at the Police Station. There are only two half-castes in the area. One came from Oodnadatta, a girl named Eva James about 16 years old. She is very reticent about her past, but could possibly be 3/4 white. She is pregnant at the moment and the alleged father of this child is a full blood native. She has elected to stay in the camp to have her baby. No good purpose would be served in removing her. The other is a young girl named Emily Thompson aged approximately 15 years. She is the one who gave information against Mr F J Hird (see report on H K Woods). I think that she should also stay in the camp for the time being. It is the only environment she knows. When room is available she could be removed to st Marys Hostel, and receive domestic training, as she will remain a source of trouble to Constable Brown while there is a possibility of undesirable whites being at the finke. Maryvale Station Owner ?Bokharsa Pastoral Co Manager E Pohl The only coloured person on the station is Abbey Foster aged approximately 50 years. She is quite happy and has no desire to change her mode or place of living. Deep Well Station Owner V C Oldfield Manager V C Oldfield Mt Cavanagh Station Owner Mr H Kitto Sundown Station S.A. Owner Mr H Kitto Manager Mr A Brumby Curtin Springs Owner Mr O Andrews Victory Downs Station Owner Mr H G Briscoe Mt Connor Station Owner Mr de Conlay A native woman named Cunethara aged about 30 years who was walkabout from Areyonga, in my opinion was suffering from advanced TB and malnutrition. Another native woman named Dennymire is being maintained by Mr de Conley. She is the mother of his two half-caste sons, Robert aged 16 years and Walter aged 13 years. Both of these boys have been reasonably well educated, and now assist their father with stock work. Karee Station Owner Mr Cousins (about to change hands to the Fogarty Brothers) Kulgera Station Manager Mr R L Coulthard Umbearra Station Owner Mr R H Harris Manager Mr J Russell Mr S Ferguson fencing on Umbearra. His son is D Ferguson, part Aboriginal. New Crown Station Owner R J Smith Manager R J Smith The girl Emmie H/C is about 15 or 16 years of age and is reticent regarding her history. She has apparently been absorbed into the tribe and can speak very little English. She is quite happy to remain in the camp and I dont think it would help her in any way to remove her from her present environment. Horse Shoe Bend Station Owner Mr C T Golder Manager Mr C T Golder Jimmy Kenny H/C and his family occupy a dwelling. Jimmy Kenny had a leg amputated some time ago and has an artificial limb. Jim Swan H/C and his family occupy a dwelling. Lilla Creek Owner Angus and Archibald McPherson Manager Archibald McPherson Idracowra Station Owner Mr J Mortimore Manager Mr J I Dempster Angas Downs Owner Liddle Brothers M and A. They are coloured people who have gained exemptions. One is Milton Liddle. Tempe Downs Owner Estate F A Hince Manager J O'Brien Jack O'Donnell from Queensland has been on Tempe Downs for 7 years married to a full blood. Not exempt in the Northern territory and also one girl about 2 years old. Father unknown. Would suggest that this kiddie be brought in for education purposes when old enough. Erldunda Station Owner S G Stanes Manager S G Stanes Renners Rock Station Owner R H Buck Two half-caste girls aged 7 and 14 years. Mr Buck has assumed responsibility for these girls and is looking after them. This is contrary to the Ordinance but as Mr Buck is now 73 years old there would be no danger of illicit relationship. The girls were very well clothed and in excellent health, they are the daughters of Sonny Breadon 3/4W deceased and full blood Tungo. One is too old for educating and the other could possibly be brought in next year for schooling. Mt Quinn Station (Titra Well) Owner Mr A Butler Alice Malthouse aged 20 daughter of Billy Malthouse 3/4 black and full blood living in the camp. Helen Malthouse aged 1 year daughter of Alice Malthouse and full blood. I dont recommend any action regarding these two. They are not over endowed with white blood, and no good purpose could be served by removing them. Andado Station Owner Mr W A Turner (also manager) Ayers Rock No details. Rumbalara Ochre Mines Manager Mr A F de Souza Tony Butler coloured worker. Jack Boomi coloured worker. The only full bloods at the Mine are Casey and his wife Dorothy. Tieyon Station Owner Mr Frank Smith, father of Mr R J Smith of New Crown Station De Rose Hill (S.A.) Owner Mr D Fuller Sundown Station See Report Mt Cavanagh Station, Northern territory. Kenmore Park Station (S.A.) Manager Mr Rex Lowe Station adjoins Victory Downs Station, Northern Territory. Ernabella Mission (S.A.) No details. Railway Sidings Deep Well, Northern Territory Rodinga, Northern Territory Rumbalara, Northern Territory Abminga, South Australia. No details. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________