Trip to Daly Waters and Birdum 1938 - 1940

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 59 Special Investigation Trips by Patrol Officer T G H Strehlow (1) Trip to Daly Waters October 1938 (2) Trip along OT Line to Birdum October 1940 Copyright P J Mackett 2005 Trip to Daly Waters October 1938 Aboriginals at Dunmarra Station October 12, 1938 Name Age Sex Totem Tribe Where From Charlie Kilwanakari 65y M Sugarbag Tjingili Dunmarra Smiler Kathina 45y M Walamalana = goanna Tjingili Pamanantja, east of Darwin Tossell Wantikilkari 65y M Mejupulu = marchfly Tjingili Wantikilkari George Mananara 20y M Jipuru = rain Tjingili Mantitjina Freddie Kajuwara 45y M Kalanbuka = rain Tjingili Mantitjina (Totem also may mean cloud.) Tommy (abs.) 30y M Barrow Creek Way Daly Nalurkari 45y M Wilerka = gopanna Patpa, Daly Waters Jack Batjikula 24y M Purupuruta = caterpiller Newcastle Waters Bindie Kumalari 14y M Urbutja grass Newcastle Waters Little Charlie Talguari 15y M Imiaka (bushtucker) Daly Waters Big Charlie Nirkanku 19y M Imiaka (bushtucker) Daly Waters Paddy Mairinmi 19y M Jalaua = sugarbag Daly Waters Goggle Palman 40y M Jaukana = rainbow Daly Waters Maggie Tanmankina 60y F Jalauwana = sugarbag Tanmankina (= No 2 Bore) Mary Nola 50y F Iwakuna = rainbow Tjinalu Nora Mitankina 55y F Wilarka = yellow goanna Daly Waters Minnie Tutura 55y F Kakuia Beetaloo Ruby Wanala 50y F Wambana = wallaby Wambana, west of Dunmarra Dolly 17y F Juakana = rainbow Tjinalu Maudie Tjutulpa 24y F Juakana = rainbow Daly Waters (Has two children, Dolly aged 4 years and Billy aged 9 months. Husband is Bob Intjimari.) Bob Intjimari 45y M (Absent) (Maudie's husband. Has been at Beetaloo for many months.) Judie Lanawara 60y F Wanamalana Snake Mantitjani, west of Dunmarra Lena Walatjannali 35y F Sugarbag Newcastle Waters (Has two children, Georgie aged 11 years and John aged 6 years.) Maggie Kalkalnali 60y F Purumana snake Manitjani, west of Dunmarra Topsy Kurumbiri 19y F Matarku = plum Manitjani, west of Dunmarra Bluey Bankiala 45y F Purupuruta = caterpillar Wave Hill Aboriginals at Daly Waters Station October 12, 1938 Name Age Sex Totem Tribe Where From Kidman Mitala 35y M Nitinita = white snake Tjingili Muruntjai W.H. Lame Gilbert Bintjimatpi 50y M Wombana = red wallaby Muruntjai W.H. Paddy Tjinbari 58y M Nitinita = snake Muruntjai W.H. Mick Rainmaker Tjimitununtja 70y M Kumalawatja = bird Jankumani, other side No 7 Bore Jaberoo Jariwiri 60y M Nitinita Muruntjai Penny Fow? Bakatjikari 35y M Nitinita Muruntjai Charlie Malju 19y M Tjuntakara - venemous snake Napuru = Nellie Hole Tomba Taljiljikari 18y M Kurkabati Tjingili Kinbinanku, SW of here Tickler Tomakula 14y M Kurakuraka = bird Muruntjai Jack Barilana 70y M Kininintji = emu Mankuwuni, south of Muruntjai Ned Wanawara 50y M Turkey Kinbinunku Mick Pintata 21y M Kurbalawatja = bird Jankumani Rosie Nurinmaia 60y F Nalu = sugarbag Tjingili Meiantitjina Biddy Tjilia 42y F Wombana = wallaby Altji, north of Daly Waters (Has a son, aged 4 years, called Timmy, wallaby totem, from Altji.) Ruby Tjauanala 19y F Nitinita snake Muruntjai Minnie Walbana 40y F Jumara stone Juankumani (Has a baby girl, Margaret, aged one week.) Maggie Mitjitbon 65y F Sugarbag Tjanmaru, east of Daly Waters Kitty Kulankana 70y F Wari snake Muruntjai Big Biddy Kanamariku 30y F Wombana = wallaby Ankimaranku, Daly Waters (Has two children, a half-caste son called Ronny aged about 5 years and a full-blood daughter aged about 9 months named Bessy.) Lily Tjaramburnali 70y F Wankura = big kangaroo Meiantitjini Kitty 40y F Near Maranboy (Absent. Has a son, Shady, aged about 6 years.) Nancy Lanjina 19y F Nuku = rain No 7 Bore (Has a half-caste son Russlee, aged about 9 months.) Aboriginals at Helen Springs Station October 14, 1938 Name Age Sex Totem Tribe Where From (A) Aboriginals employed by John Bohning (Licence No 1802) Donald Batanjunu 20y M Water Warramungu Banka Banka Lofty Wirawiranjunu 35y M Wind Wailpri Powell Creek Banjo Datjinali 19y M Water Wailpri Renner's Springs Larry 15y M Water Wailpri Renner's Springs Willy Leranali 36y M Water Wailpri West of Powell Creek Peter Walekinjunu 12y M Water Wailpri Renner's Springs George Putitjuruwati 12y M Water Wailpri Rockhampton Downs Beanie Tatjinali 40y F Water Warramungu Helen Springs Mary Liranali 25y F Wind Warramungu Helen Springs Eva Puntjunu 21y F Snake Wailpri Powell Creek Note - John Bohning's licence only entitled him to employ 5 persons. He claimed that at the time of his applying for the licence he was employing only 4 boys and one female, while the others were on a walkabout. It would seem a good plan for all aboriginal employment licences to be issued by the resident Protector onlyl and the latter should do so not while sitting at his office desk, but while he is on patrol, so that he can check up on the number of people actually employed on the station at the time of his visit. (TGHS) No wages are paid at Helen Springs. Bohning feeds and clothes the dependants instead. He claims that all of the young people in his employ were born and reared on his station. (B) Aboriginals in the camp Spencer Lalalara 60y M Snake Tjingili Newcastle Waters Maggie Pilkia 60y W Snake Wailpri West of Helen Springs Rosie W Not present at the time (Has daughter Trixie aged 5 years and also not present.) Note - There was also at the house a half-caste lad Bobbie, aged 7 or 8 years; he was alleged to be an orphan. Miscellaneous (1) Letter dated 4. 9.1938 to Chief Protector of Aboriginals Darwin from Strehlow at Jay Creek. Mentions half-caste Maggie, who is suffering from TB in the larynx. (2) Transcript of Report Forwarded to the Superintendent of Police, Darwin, by Constable Mannion, Brocks Creek. Dated 1938. (a) Lubra Dinah found at J Stott's camp at Wild Boar (leprosy?). (b) At Sargent and Madigan's camp there is a Daly River lubra named Mary who was going to be sent back to her country by the Maroubra. (3) Telegram to Patrol Officer Strehlow at Newcastle Waters dated 3 or 13 October 1938. Postmaster Daly Waters complains you removed aboriginal child Trickler. Please advise. Reply =- Advise parents sent Trickler with me for trip to Alice Springs but since Postmaster advises parents are now sorry will be returned to Daly Waters next opportunity by Protector. (4) Report on Trip to Daly Waters. Dated 10 December 1938. Details of the above episode with Trickler. (5) Letter from Chief Protector of Aboriginals to P.O. Strehlow. Dated 15 September 1938. Hand written note states - Constable Edwards reported the following details about Milner's Lagoon (Dunmarra) on 9. 3.1938 (addressed to the Inspector of Police). (a) Employees Little Paddy, Tommy also Bindie or Kidman. Note says had only some clothes and no mosquito nets. Had to lie on floor of goondy in smoke to keep out mosquitos. (b) Maudie employed illegally since her boy is not employed. No records of employment available. Edwards asked Abo department for order to remove Maudie. Said that he thought that Healy unfit to employ abos. Remaining notes refer to employment of Aborigines at Dunmarra Station. (6) Report on Dunmarra Station. Dated 20.10.1938. (a) Owner of Dunmarra, Healey, had Frank Wilmer as manager. Maudie's husband told Constable Edwards that Maudie was living with Edwards. A young aborigine employed at Dunmarra Station stated Maudie was living with Wilmer. Maudie has a F/B daughter named Dolly aged 4 years and a F/B son named Billy aged 9 months. (b) Lubra Buley working in kitchen. Her husband, Daly, also works for Healey. (c) Maudie is the sister of Daly and sister in law of Bluey. Bluey stated Maudie did not live with Wilmer. (7) Hand written note dated 1938 and headed Newcastle Waters. (a) Mentions a young aboriginal woman aged 18 years who has a young H/C child. She became pregnant at Beetaloo Station. The child is said to have been fathered by some passing Queensland drovers. (b) Rations here are inadequate for the blind and very infirm. There are 12 blind people here :- Jack Wannugga, blind Chookie Marroong, blind Harry Minjulla, blind Fat Dick 'Narpoona', blind Bush Monkey Banjawarra, blind Rosie Coorynah, blind Maudie 'Oorah' (with 2 small children), blind from birth Nellie Mindudkoo, blind Lena Choondooma, blind Alice Munganyie, blind Kitty Munbooga, blind, very aged and remembers building of O.T. Line There are also 13 aged people. All of these people with the exception of Nym Cockadee (aged) Brumby, aged Bull, aged have worked on the cattle stations in this district the greater portions of their lives until they were of no further use. (8) List of Country Licences to employ Aboriginals issued in Newcastle Waters Police District (1938). Max Bernhard Schober, male abos only A Bohning, drover John Althaus, drover Colin James Lobley H M Bathern, Beetaloo Peter Bostock, head stockman, Beetaloo Downs Walter Langdon, manager Newcastle Waters John Bohning, Helen Springs P Ambrose, Banka Banka E Healy, Milner's Lagoon (Dunmarra station) M O'Connor, Bohenia, Borroloola W Pearce, Daly Waters John Lowe, head stockman, Newcastle Waters Esther Muriel Meaney, Newcastle Waters Herbert Collins, stockman, Banka Banka W Carroll, departmental licence _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trip along OT Line to Birdum October 4-20 1940 (1) Extracts from Report of Mr V White as to Conditions along Birdum - Alice Springs Road (1940). There are three H/C women at Banka Banka Station. Two of the women have daughters in Darwin : - Ruby Ambrose (Mrs Collins) Teresa Ambrose (Mrs Cubillo) Both were educated in Darwin. Not sure if these were daughters of mothers.