Tell the White Man

Tell the White Man H E Thonemann Published Collins 1949 About the Elsey natives and especially the story of Bunny (Buludja). H E Thonemann, the author, has been managing partner of Elsey and Hodgson Stations since 1914. Copyright Paul Mackett 2005 Genealogy of Bunny (Buludja) Nalambian (male) and Dolp (female) Children are (1) One Eyed George (Kulumburma, Karadjac), married Kulbin (2) Nym (Kalbudu), born 187-, married Maudie (3) Baidjabaran, born 185-, married Rosie (Magema), born 187- Rosie's parents were Old Cordil, born 182-, and Mondanta (Kuria-Kuriak), born 185- Baidjabaran and Rosie (Magema) had children (a) Banaii (dead) married Nora (Lorrie) (Alalgilibi) and child is (i) Lightning (Ralnyin) (b) Dick (Ginger), dead (c) Bunny (Buludja), see below Bunny (Buludja) born 1899, married Lennie (Manabodori), born 1897 Children are (1) Baby, killed 1927 (2) Baby, killed 1930 (3) Laurie (Pidja-Lalan), born 1934 (4) Tommy (Mulululu), born 1936 (5) Janie (Ibuluma), born 1937 (6) Katie (Gabud), born 1939 (7) June (Djamadwarigia), born 1944 ___________________________________________________________ The Book's Appendix lists the characters in order of their appearance. (I have only listed the Aboriginal ones. I have also added information from the book itself.) Bunny (Buludja) - Aged 48 years when the story ends. Fat, lazy and intelligent, a lubra of the Mungari tribe, daughter of Baidjabara and Munga-mer and heroine of this book. Wife of Lennie (Mangabori). Originally given to Old Harry (Old Joe's brother) as wife when she was young. He only lived two years after than and after his death she was given to his brother. Nym (Kalbudu) - Now aged 53 years and headman of the Mungari. Has two lubras, Maudie, his own, and Old Rosie, his late brother's lubra. Eva (Yarawada) - Now aged 22 years. Daughter of Leper Big Jack. Suspected of leprosy at the same time as Bunny. Sister of Wando (Willie). Jungle Dick (Badbok) - Now aged 78 years. Chief of the Yungman tribe. Clever and sagacious. Eight children by his lubra, Topsy, still living. Son of former headman Old Goggle Eye (Bilamak). Goggle-Eye (Bilamak) - Father of Jungle Dick and Chief of Yungman before him. Alive from about 1830 to 1902. Lennie (Mangabori) - Now aged 48 years. Bunny's kalban (husband) and father of seven. A good cook, slow, careful but none too honest, and a money-grabber. Willie (Wando) - Eva's brother. Now aged 17 years and training as a stockboy. Jabiru George (Idaraga) - Now aged 42 years and a Buk Buk (elder) of the Djauan tribe. A great rider and fisherman, married to Alice. Father is Old Billie of the Djauan tribe.. Old Kimberley (Dut'Kari) - Grand old man of the Yungman tribe. Great hunter and tracker. Six foot two inches in height. Old Johnnie (Wololara) - Died about 1907. Father of Daisy. Member of Mara tribe. Old Billie - Jabiru George's father, died about 1910. Old Cordil - Bunny's mother's father. Albie (Buradjianun) - Lennie's father, now dead. Mary (Kurgalen) - Old Kimberley's lubra. Ginger - Bunny's elder brother. Topsy (Kerung) - Jungle Dick's lubra. Dagen (Kulunburma) - A smart boy, often drives with the manager in his truck. Named after the explorer Dagenhardt, who is also responsible for the water-hole of the same name. Limmen Harry - An Aborigine of the Mara tribe at Hodgson Downs. Kitty - An Aborigine at Hodgson Downs. Now Old Larry's lubra. Old Jimmie (Ngoungarran) - An Aborigine who worked on the Elsey in Mrs Gunn's days. Jaclamah - A piccaninny in We of the Never Never. Old Harry - A typical Buk Buk (elder) of the Mungari tribe. Paddy - Tommy Sayle's black boy. Clara - Paddy's lubra. Left-Hand Frank - An Alawa boy for some time at a Mission Station. Old Larry (Duya) - Kitty's kalban (husband). A member of the Mara tribe who works at Hodgson Downs. Bluebell (Burgin) - Hedrick's lubra of the Mara tribe. An excellent house girl who has worked both at Hodgson Downs and at The Elsey. Ruby - Lame Tommy's lubra. Wanonmool - Albie's lubra, an Alawa girl. Lightning (Ralnyng) - A younger Aborigine. Mary Ann (Malamlam) - Lightning's lubra. Barbardo - A typical Nyulkpun Aborigine. Deedoo - Barbarbo's lubra from Arnhem Land. Boorooloo Tommy - An Aborigine from Boorooloo whose behaviour earned him the epithet 'Murdering Tommy'. Hedrick (Barandjina) - Son of Cranky Dick and Bluebell's kalban (husband). Although a Hodgson boy he works at the Elsey and is a great stockman. Lame Tommy - Chief of the Alawa tribe and kalban (husband) to Ruby. Caesar - Limmen Harry and Girlie's small son. Old Sambo - An old Aborigine who was on The Elsey in Mrs Gunn's time and died shortly after she left. Elsey Paddy (Munyaik) - An Elsey Camp cook. Bendibow - An old and trusted Aboriginal worker on The Elsey Station. Manabulloo Billy - A Yungman Aborigine. Jacko - An orphan of the Mungari tribe born in 1914 and suckled on a pig. Old Johnnie - An old and good-hearted Aborigine. Alice (Karakai'im) - An Elsey house girl. Old Joe - Old Harry's younger brother who, in accordance with tribal custon, became Bunny's guardian when Old Harry died. Tiger - An Aborigine from Queensland. In 1921 he was about 50 years old. Says he came from Woolergorang in Queensland. Paddy Laffin - An Aborigine from Queensland. Mary Laffin - Paddy's lubra. Cranky Dick, Broken Leg Charlie, Left-Hand Dick - Members of the Alawa tribe who worked at Hodgson Downs. Lulu (Djirim Birinba) - Shadforth Paddy's second lubra, and a house girl. John, Peggy (Kalaprop), Rita (Taebul), Willie - Piccaninnies on the Elsey in 1931. Mary - Jungle Dick and Topsy's piccaninny. The first to benefit from the Elsey Plan to give mothers 'tucker'. Biddy (Mairora) - Shadforth Paddy and Lulu's daughter. An excellent young house girl. Laurie (Pidjalalan) - Bunny's third child but the first that she allowed to live. Eventually she married a white man. Bunny's other children were Tommy, Jane, Katie and June. Tony, Splinter (Kuliwa), Jackeroo (Lirauwi), Ida, Rosie, Judy (Tanma), Clancy (Manynin), Tony, Daylight (Naiinggu), Sandy, Henry (Mulgultuya), David - Piccaninnies born in the 1930's. Fred (Djik-Djik) - A bad Aboriginal gangster. Amy - Cockatoo George's lubra. One quarter Chinese and works at the Elsey. Shadforth Paddy (Kalyani) - One of the Elsey stockmen. Dawn - Biddy's piccaninny. _______________________________________________________________________