The Manga Manda Settlement Phillip Creek

Phillip Creek School 1945 - 1949 The Manga-Manda Settlement, Phillip Creek Patricia Davison Occasional Papers in Material Anthropology Material Culture Unit James Cook University of North Queensland, 1985 'Bunny Napurrula who went to school at the settlement, remembers by name, all of those in the dormitaries during her school days. They numbered 32 girls and 26 boys; their names are listed in Appendix 2 (p65.).' This was the period 1945 - 1949. Girls Millie Foster Napangardi Ivy Foster Napangardi Kathleen Foster Napangardi Mollie Foster Napangardi Pansy Johnson Napangardi Chloe Foster Napangardi Mabel Lane Napangardi Topsy Nelson Napurrula Bunny Napurrula Connie Lovegrove Napurrula Lily Brown Napurrula Theresa Patterson Napurrula Fanny Walker Napurrula Mavis Kelly Napurrula Judy Kelly Napurrula Lena Lorder Napurrula Nanette Lorder Napurrula Norah Dickson Napurrula Lorraine Limbiari Napurrula Grace Johnson Napurrula Edith Graham Nakamarra Mary Williams Nakamarra Amy Wauchope Nakamarra Judy Williams Nakamarra Freda Long Nampijimpa Marlene Anderson Nampijimpa Lilian Homes Nampijimpa Irene Driver Nungarrai Myrtle Nungarrai Eva Kelly Napananga Emily Driver Napananga Marion Walker Nangala Boys Andy Williams Japaljarri Angus Williams Japaljarri Victor Williams Japaljarri Alan MacDonald Japaljarri Frank Raymond Japurrula Barnabas Johnson Japurrula Mick Nelson Japurrula Stephen Charles Japurrula Tommy Charles Japurrula Hector Raymond Japurrula Tommy Brown Japurrula Jackie Japananga Don Toney Japananga Alfie Phillip Japananga Cyril Phillip Japananga Barney Whiley Japananga Willie Riley Japananga Jackie Rex Japangardi Frank Foster Jakamarra Freddie Foster Jakamarra Willie Limbiari Jakamarra Harold Phillips Jungarrai Mark Brown Jungarrai George Brown Jungarrai Bertie Phillips Jungarrai Tea Tree Paddy Jungarrai __________________________________