Census of Tempe Downs 1954

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office CRS E745, Item C10 South West District (Alice Springs) 1954 Census at Tempe Downs Station 9. 9.1954 Abbreviations M Male F Female H Husband W Wife So Son Da Daughter W Widow(er) S Single M Married STH Stationhand DMT Domestic Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2001 Census at Tempe Downs Station 9. 9.1954 Name Native Name Skin Sex Tribe Born Occup Status Reln Arthur Minjamudi M Pitjanjara 1927 Petermanns STH M H Peggy Gegamin Pununga F Luritja 1920 Tempe Downs DMT M W (Arthur has scars on his nose. Peggy is the sister of Toby. Arthur and Peggy tribally married 1947 at Tempe Downs.) Toby Pununga M Luritja 1914 Tempe Downs STH M H Dolly Gunji F Luritja 1927 King Creek M W Valerie F Luritja 1950 Henbury S Da Tommy M 7. 7.1952 Tempe Downs S So Margaret F 1.10.1953 Tempe Downs S Da (Toby and Dolly tribally married 1946 Tempe Downs.) Old Minnie Jinji Pulthara F Luritja 1880 Tempe Downs S (Deceased since inspection. Aged. Mother of J Coulter H/C.) Jemima Alarada Purula F Luritja 1880 Tempe Downs S (Blind.) Old Annie Jindjinara Pidjana F Luritja 1880 Tempe Downs S (Scar on upper lip.) Yankee Dingandi M Luritja 1914 King Creek STH M H Maudie Jinbuna Pungada F Luritja 1900 Tempe Downs M W (Yankee has had his right eye removed. Maudie is blind in her left eye. Yankee and Maudie tribally married 1935 Tempe Downs.) Onion Yimbana F Luritja 1880 Tempe Downs S Archie Pidjana M Aranda 1902 Alice Springs STH S Sonny Wagimbi M Pidjandjara 1932 Petermans STH S (Scar on right hip.) Tooma Tuma M Luritja 1924 King Creek STH S (Scar on forehead.) Lewis Pidjana M Aranda 10. 4.1935 Hermannsburg STH S (Nephew of Stormy Campbell.) Harry Lively Balinga M Pidjandjara 1904 Ayers Rock STH M H Imandara F Pidjandjara 1920 Petermanns M W Ngoingoi F Pidjandjara Areyonga S Da Jowrie M Pidjandjara Areyonga S So (Harry has tribal scars on chest. Harry Lively and Imandara tribally married 1940 Tempe Downs.) Mickey Jingwinya M Pidjandjara 1914 Petermanns STH M H Unguna F Pidjandjara 1927 Petermanns M W Jimbai M Pidjandjara Areyonga S So (Micky has tribal scars on his chest. Unguna is pregnant. Mickey and Unguna tribally married 1949 Areyonga.) Rosie Campbell Purula F Luritja 1927 Angas Downs DMT M W (Husband is Stormy Campbell. Rosie and Stormy tribally married 1947 Renners Rock.) Jimmy M Luritja 1909 Tempe Downs S (Deceased since inspection. Brother of Dingo Mick. Lump on neck and growth in mouth.)