Survey of Aboriginals in North Queensland 1932 - Cilento

National Archives of Australia
Series A1928 Item 4/5 SECTION 1
Survey of Aboriginals in North Queensland 1932 - 1937

Letter dated 5th November 1937 from Quarantine Officer J L O'Connor M.B. B.S.
describing a medical inspection of Badu, Mabuiag and Poid Settlements.

Due to lack of time only Badu Island was inspected in detail.

Badu :- 148 school children were inspected, and a number of adults
complaining of illness. The list of school children who were found
to be suffering from various conditions is as below.

Name              Age          Disease

Stephen           14           Ringworm
Pellia            15           Trachoma
Bishop            14           Hookworm
Bethel            16           Hookworm
Mawei             16           Hookworm
Ethel             15           Hookworm and Trachoma
Gagi              13           Hookworm
Harriet           14           Hookworm
George            14           Hookworm
Jimmy             14           Hookworm
Simona            14           Hookworm
Gizumaire         13           Hookworm
John              14           Hookworm
Alfred            15           Hookworm
Ronald            15           Hookworm
Jacon             13           Enlarged Tonsils
Mary              16           Hookworm and ? Scurvey
Laina             13           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Tulsu             12           Trachoma
Moooella?         13           Trachoma
Larrie            11           Trachoma
Diwai             11           Enlarged Tonsils
Sarah             13           Trachoma
Sania             13           Trachoma
Inaina            11           Trachoma and Hookworm
Rosina            11           Trachoma and Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Alwin             14           Trachoma
Jephonia          13           Hookworm
Sammu             13           Hookworm and Scabies
Satraik           12           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Manap              5           Hookworm
Lama               5           Trachoma
Bill               5           Hookworm and Dental Caries
Harry              5           Hookworm and Dental Caries
Timaio             6           Hookworm
Jim                6           Hookworm and Dental Caries
Koiri              6           Hookworm
Warrior            5           Trachoma and Scabies
Waipila            5           Trachoma and Dental Caries
Sari               6           Hookworm
Taisa              6           Hookworm
Cissyrea           6           Hookworm
Josephine          6           Chronic Otitis Media
Malama             6           Hookworm
Kainebu            7           Scabies
Elissa             7           Hookworm
Julia              7           Hookworm and Trachoma
Genaia             8           Hookworm and Trachoma and Scabies
Terrisan           8           Hookworm
Timasu             7           Hookworm and Trachoma
Harry              6           Hookworm
Jona               7           Hookworm and Trachoma and Dental Caries
George             6           Hookworm and Dental Caries
Leonard            7           Hookworm
Siai               7           Scabies, Enlarged Tonsils,  and Cerebral Diplegia
Saul               7           Hookworm
Sagigi            12           Hookworm
Mabua              8           Trachoma
Igukis             7           Hookworm
Bent               8           Hookworm
Jona               8           Hookworm
Titaku             9           Hookworm
Asai               9           Hookworm
Alfred             8           Hookworm
Muka              10           Hookworm
Levi               8           Hookworm
Neliman           10           Hookworm
Leila             11           Hookworm
Sesha              9           Hookworm, Trachoma and Enlarged Tonsils
Harriet            8           Hookworm, Trachoma and Enlarged Tonsils
Leia               8           Hookworm and Trachoma
Joy                7           Hookworm and Trachoma
Gabi               7           Yaws
Jocobida           7           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Peter             11           Hookworm and Congenital Deafness
James             11           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Fred               9           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Betty Williams     9           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Matitai           10           Hookworm and Yaws
Tomsika            8           Hookworm
Philemon          10           Hookworm
Sarah              9           Hookworm
Marisan            8           Hookworm
Kawi               8           Hookworm and Trachoma
Masela                         Hookworm
Sepalu                         Hookworm
Sapita             8           Hookworm and Scabies
Guru              13           Hookworm
Paul                           Hookworm
Kapu              12           Hookworm
Francis           11           Hookworm
Baua              11           Hookworm
George Jawa       11           Hookworm
Mark              14           Hookworm
Waimi             12           Hookworm
Yopeli            12           Hookworm
Salipapela        11           Hookworm
Paipi             10           Hookworm and Trachoma
Dan Jacob         10           Hookworm and Trachoma
Vera              10           Hookworm
Henrietta                      Hookworm
Nora                           Hookworm
Rosalie           10           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Naomi             11           Hookworm and Enlarged Tonsils
Elizabeth         11           Hookworm
Emily             10           Hookworm
Ester             11           Hookworm

Letter dated 1st June 1935 about inspection of Flinders Island and
Lockhart River Mission by D A Dowling M.B. B.S. D.P.H. medical
Officer Commonwealth Department of Health.

Flinders Island (21. 5.1935)

Four women, Alice, Elsie, Marion and Annie were examined per vagina.
No evidence of venereal disease was found, and I am of opinion that
none exists in the women examined. The two children on the island
were examined, and were in good health and a fairly good state of

Tommy (senior), middle aged man, suffers from a chronic dislocation
of the left hip, probably congenital.

The general appearance of these people, 12 in all, was reasonably
good, and they appeared to be contented, and fairly well nourished.

Their housing is primitive, and rather dirty, but in view of all
the circumstances, nothing different could be expected.

Lockhart River Mission (23. 6.1935 - 24. 6.1935)

A survey was made of all available children and youths, and such
adults as shewed any indications for it. In all 75 individuals
were examined, and especial attention was paid to the following
particulars - nourishment, skin, mouth, throat, chest and spleen.
Survey carried out by D A Dowling.

The number given below is the same as in the earlier visit by
Dr R Cilento 2 - 3 years ago.

No   Name                         Age       Sex  Remarks

132  Ivy Chungo                   14         F   Fair nourishment. Chest clear.
146  Ida Waterbag                 14 1/2     F   Good nourishment. Dental caries.
129  Ruby Chungo                   9         F   Good nourishment. Spleen palpable.
128  Nellie Bijai                 14         F   Good nourishment. Slight anaemia. No knee jerks.
142  Hilda Cocoanut               13 1/2     F   Good nourishment.
147  Lizzie Clermont              16         F   Good nourishment. No heart bruit.
141  Lily Toby                    17         F   Good nourishment. Enlarged tonsils.
127  Anna Lancaster H/C           15         F   Good nourishment. ? TB right apex.
135  Nita Short                    8 1/2     F   Fair nourishment. Enlarged tonsils.
139  Susie Cocoanut               13 1/2     F   Good nourishment. Enlarged tonsils. Ringworm.
138  Renee Sunshine                8         F   Fair nourishment. Chesty.
     Nullam                        9         F   Fair nourishment. Spleen enlarged.
140  Daisy Brown                  12         F   Fair nourishment. Slight K.J..
130  Emily Akum                   14 1/2     F   Good nourishment
144  Maggie Bizai                  8         F   Fair nourishment. Spleen palpable.
145  Norma Suju H/C                9         F   Good nourishment. Spleen palpable.
143  Annie Taku                    9         F   Mongol (?1/2 Asiatic). Spleen palpable.
     Ruby Yambon                             F   Anaemia (Hookworm). Lost weight.
     Eileen Jinimarai             13         F   Chesty. Anaemia.
     Nancy James                   5         F   Fair nourishment.
     Minnie E Rocky                4         F   Fair nourishment. Granular eyelids.
     Lorna Chungo                  4         F   Fair nourishment. Heart enlarged. Aortic and mitral bruits. Pot bellied.
     Lizzie Claudie                4         F   Slight anaemia.
     Maria Captain                 4         F   Dental caries.
     Topsy Nebal                   8         F   Spleen enlarged.
133  Jenny Claudie                17         F   Spleen enlarged.
     Mary Big Corbee              40         F   Pyorrhoea. ? Miscarriage.
110  Johnny Butcher               10         M   Chesty. Tonsils enlarged. Caries.
105  Jimmy Obo                     9         M   Chesty.
112  Andy Okum                    12 1/2     M
104  David Marrut                  9         M   Spleen palpable. K.J. exaggerated.
102  Tommy Creek                  11         M   Spleen palpable. No sign of H.W..
103  Furry                         8 1/2     M   Spleen enlarged.
106  Daniel Obo                   12         M   Tonsils enlarged.
107  Alec Creek                    8         M   Spleen enlarged.
108  Peter Creek                  14         M   ? TB right apex.
111  Cocoanut Claudie              9         M   ? TB right apex.
117  Luke                         13 1/2     M   Spleen palpable.
123  Benjamin Kosiawear           14         M   Spleen enlarged.
124  Sammy Kosiawear              10         M   Anaemia. Spleen enlarged.
125  Alec Sunday                  14         M   Spleen enlarged.
126  Johnny Lancaster              8         M   Slight anaemia.
     Sandy Tommy                   7         M   Spleen enlarged.
     Reuben Obo                   13         M
     Jacky Kosiawear               6         M
     Kitty Savage                 33         F   Uterine retroversion.
     Undi                         31         M   Enlarged spleen.
     Denis Mark Ropeyarn           2         M   Pot bellied.
     William Butcher               2         M   Pot bellied.
     George Marrut                 3         M
     Walter Thompson Claudie       3         M   Slight anaemia.
     Arthur Pascoe                 5         M
     David Pascoe                  3 mths    M
     Frederick Victor Muckembay    5         M
     Ivy Ropeyarn                  4         F
     Ethel Butchel                 8 mths    F
     Baby Ropeyarn                 7 days    F
     Martin Pascoe                 2 1/2     M
     George Johnson Moses          2 weeks   M
     Albert V Tongarlie            6         M
     Rosie Thompson               40         F
 59  Lizzie Big Tommy             50         F   Poor nourishment.
 45  Csan Rocky                   37         F   Well nourished.
 47  Mary Muckembay               27         F   Fair nourishment. Pregnant.
 46  Ivy Punda                    37         F   Chesty. ? Right apex.
 36  Nellie Giblet                19         F   Heart normal. Good nourishment.
 40  Nancy Daniells               32         F   Poor nourishment. Chesty. Caries.
 32  Mary Ann Moses               40         F   Fat.
 31  Nellie Suju                  27         F   Chesty.
260  Nancy Woodward               35         F   Fat.
233  Annie Mattie                 45         F
238  Betty Tungarlie              20         F   Fair nourishment.
195  Aikro                        58         M   Myocardial degeneration.
164  Frank Anderson               62         F   Left Ptosis.
     Winnie Giblet                 7 mths    F   Left Talipes Equino Varus. Brought to T.I. for treatment.


Interim Report Number 2 Cape York Peninsula by Dr R Cilento.

Cape Bedford (1.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                        Sex   Age        Condition

Roger (Jack)                 M    13 1/2     Good teeth
Harry                        M    13         Good teeth
Roy                          M    12         Good teeth
Tim                          M    15 1/2     Good teeth
Colin                        M    13         Good teeth. Tobacco stained. Doubtful right chest.
Freddy                       M    13         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Doubtful both apices.
Georgie                      M    12         Good teeth
Peter                        M    12         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Mitchell                     M    12         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Sandy                        M    10 1/2     Good teeth
Walter                       M    11 1/2     Good teeth
Jacko                        M    12         Good teeth. Left chest doubtful.
Tulo                         M    12         Good teeth. Poor development.
Willie                       M    12         Good teeth. Bad case hookworm.
Jacky                        M    11         Good teeth. Poor development.
Tommy                        M    10         Good teeth. Marked hookworm.
Micky                        M     9         Good teeth. Doubtful right chest. Hookworm.
Earnie                       M     9         Good teeth.
Harold                       M     5         Good teeth.
Jimmy                        M     5         Good teeth.
Bobby                        M     8         Hookworm. Haemic bruit.
Norman                       M     7         Hookworm. ?Haemic bruit.
Waipo                        M     7         Doubtful chest. Hookworm.
Gumberra                     M     6         Hookworm.
Fatfoot                      M     6         ? Chest. Hookworm.
Malimali                     M     6 1/2     Hookworm.
Dan                          M    11         Doubtful chest. Poor development. Crowded teeth.
Maud                         F    37         Umbilical hernia. Thyroid deficiency.
Vera                         F    13         Good teeth.
Alice                        F    12         Good teeth.
Eileen                       F    12         Good teeth. Knee jerks absent.
Elsie                        F     7         Hookworm.

Paddy                        M    40         Poor teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Rachel                       F    38         Poor teeth. Doubtful right chest. Doubtful both apices.
Sydney                       M     3
Emily                        F     1 1/2

Willie                       M    35         Good teeth
Dolly                        F    37         Poor teeth. Prolonged expiration right apex. Pregnant 5 months.
Gertie                       F     3 1/2
Paddy                        M     1

Alex                         M    35         Fair teeth.
Ann                          F    30         Fair teeth. Knee jerks doubtful. no children.

Leo                          M    25         Good teeth. Prolonged expiration right apex.
Elma                         F    35         Bad teeth. Doubtful chest.
George                       M     3
Lindsay                      M     1         Twin.
Leonard                      M     1         Twin.

Karl                         M    50         Poor teeth.
Louisa                       F    50         Poor teeth. Old dislocation right hip.

Clara                        F    42         Bad teeth. Husband absent in Cooktown.
Doris                        F    16         One boy dead.
Logan                        M    22         Good teeth. Juxta articular nodules left hip.

Nancy                        F    25         Good teeth.
Daphne                       F     3

Nancy                        F    16         Good teeth.

Darkin                       M    50         Teeth broken and bad. Tuberculosis.
Muolon                       M     2

Coffee                       M    55         Broken and bad teeth. Tuberculosis apex right lung.
Marta                        F    60         Poor broken teeth. 6 children (3 dead).
Lily                         F     7         Hookworm.
Tulo                         M    16         Good teeth.

William                      M    60         Few stumps remaining. Knee jerks doubtful.

Jo                           M    20         Good teeth.
Wulleroo                     M    17 1/2     Good teeth.
Norman                       M    17 1/2     Good teeth. Heart murmer.
Jimmy                        M    35         Heart murmer.
Ulanntur                     M    30         ? Chest.
Jacky                        M    23         Doubtful knee jerks.
Leslie                       M    15 1/2     Doubtful knee jerks.
Victor                       M    16
Chillagoe                    M    17
Willie                       M    16         Doubtful chest. Knee jerks absent.
Buller                       M    15         Doubtful chest.
Toby                         M    70         Broken teeth. Blind in one eye. Decrepit.
Kindoral                     M    19         Good teeth. Knee jerks doubtful.
Toby                         M    22

George                       M    50         Teeth fair.
Dora                         F    40         Teeth bad.
May                          F    18         Teeth good. Menstruating. Not examined.
Maud                         F    15         Teeth good. Menstruating. Knee jerks absent.
Ted                          M    16         Teeth good.
Earnie                       M    15         Twin with Maud. Teeth good.
Walter                       M    12         Teeth good. Doubtful chest.

Waipo                        M    36         Teeth fairly good. ? Tuberculosis right chest.
Lily                         F    29         Teeth poor. Doubtful chest. Dysmenorrhoea.
Willie                       M    10         Good teeth. ? Chest. Hookworm.
Monty                        M     8         Good teeth. ? Chest.
Francis                      M     5         Good teeth. ? Chest.
Betty                        F     6 mths
Kathleen                     F    13         Poor teeth. Blue-eyed. Fair and almost white. Poor physique and mentality. Hookworm. Anaemia.

Fred                         M    35         Poor teeth.
Lily                         F    36         Fair teeth. Doubtful knee jerks.
Eric                         M     1

Bob                          M    25         Teeth perfect.
Ruby                         F    18 1/2     Teeth good. Doubtful chest.


Green Hills (6.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at.
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                  Aboriginal Name      Sex   Age        Condition

Lily                  Yiri                  F    28         Teeth fairly poor.
Ruby                  Mandu                 F     6         Hookworm. general health good.
Harry                 Bungalba              M     4         Hookworm.
Noyi                  Jinga                       1 1/2


Batavia River (23.10.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at.
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                  Aboriginal Name      Sex   Age        Condition

Betty                 Alaichingal                20         Teeth bad
Alice                 Kottongoi                  28         Very bad teeth. Sabre tibia.
Norman                Tappan                     40
Toby Densley          Yuntubba                   26         Good teeth. Ringworm.
Budd                  Oi-a-kun                   40         Teeth fairly good.
Annie                 Igungun                    50         Old gleet.
Monkey                Yapull                     50         Chesty.
Bob                   Mananmanunki               60
Monkey                Wakantaki                  60         Chronic bronchitis. ? Tuberculosis. Juxta articular nodule.
Harry                 Kotu-ea                    50         Old gleet.
Georgie Boyd          Wakantaki                  40         ? Heart.
Sacco                 Akumul                     48         ? Tuberculosis.
Annie                 Mantilginyu                30
Jinny                 Yukati                     36         Old gleet.
Jinny Boyd            Tommadoloma or Tadigobi    35         Blind.
Mary                  Ongwe-iti                  55         Tuberculosis. old gleet.
Kitty                 Altengen                   55         Old gleet.. Discoverer of Plutoville gold field.
Jinny                 Tentimul                   40         Ringworm.
Georgena              Jipora                     17
Annie                 Yantiai                    18
Maudie                Tai-obi                     2
George Wilson                                    42         Old dislocation right hip.
White Man             Takanai                    60         Cripple. Contracture both legs.
Hughie                Ponja                      45         Old gleet.
Johnnie               Tagombis                   40         ? Tuberculosis.


Coen (20,21&24.10.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                  Aboriginal Name      Sex   Age        Condition

Nancy Ahlers                                F    12
Tommy Fox                                   M    35
Tommy Heinemann                             M    15
Nellie Evans                                F    40         Ringworm of right side and crutch. Chronic constipation. Two children (1 dead).
Lucy Thompson                               F    45         Old sabre tibia. Old dislocation right elbow. One child.
Micky Thompson                              F    13         Daughter of Lucy.
Biddy Shephard                              F    20         ? Tuberculosis right apex. ? Old gleet. No children.
Mary Ann                                    F    25         Discharge. Five months pregnant. Three children (1 dead).
Alfie                                       M    2 1/2      Child of Mary Ann.
Emily                 Dumubumba             F    27         One child (dead).
Irene Ellis                                 F    14         ? Tuberculosis right apex.
Maudie Armbrust                             F    13
Minnie Thompson                             F    30         Old scar of burn on chest. Two children (both dead).
Rosy                                        F    45         Two children (both dead). Dirty.
Biddy                 Mukkamukka            F    50         Two children (both dead).
Margie Shephard                             F    55         One child. Old gleet.
Linda                                       F    50         Four children (1 dead)
Jimmy Galloway                              M    33         Also known as Jimmy Corporal. Chronic bronchitis. Old balanitis and former gleet.
Johnnie Shephard                            M    18
Jack Williamson                             M    38         Left-sided rhonchi.
Sugar                                       M    19         Height 6 feet 1 inch. Genital hypoplasia.
Jack Kenny            Mullabum              M    42         Old gleet. Slight left hydrocela. Valvular heart disease. Old synovitis right knee.
Silver                                      M    40         Old gleet.
Jack Beef                                   M    45         Old gleet.
Billy Boyle                                 M    50
Johnny Massey                               M    28
Nelson                                      M    11         Left-sided hernia.
                      Drami                 M    65         Old gleet.
Dick Evans                                  M    65         Right eye central scotoma. Left eye pterygium. Right leg old fracture owing to fall from tree, with resulting talipes equinus.
Old Romeo                                   M    Aged       Blind
Maggie Morton         Horthekoi             F    45         Two children (1 dead). Old injury right shoulder owing to fall from a horse.
Rosy Nipper           Yosembianu            F    30         AN also Kangadja. Old gleet.
King Tommy Wallace    Hapi                  M    50
Monday Wayly          Karbila               M    46         Old gleet. Good teeth.
Jinny                 Ong-gemu              F    30         Old gleet.
Jimmy Woods           Wukata                M    60         Old gleet. ? Tuberculosis. Old yaws affecting face.
Jimmy                 Mandalaniu            M    60
Polly                 Aukumu                F    65         Old gleet. Blind one eye.
Maggie Grant          Waiyu                 F    45         Old gleet. Blind one eye. Four children.
Jinny                 Toaganiug             F    40         Old gleet. Ringworm. Two children.
Charlie               Yaugo                 M    75         Also known as Old Man Romeo.
Rosy                  Go-alaba              F    35         Watery discharge. Three children (1 dead).
Jinny                 Ko-olaba              F    45         ? Tuberculosis. Two children (both dead).
Maggie                Mullunkun             F    55
Nellie                Wau-u-jimo            F    37         One child.
Nellie                Yettomo               F    55
Jinny Redmond         Apuli                 F    45
Biddy                 Metelli               F    60         Two children (both dead). Chronic bronchitis. Old gleet.
Nipper                Tonandin              M    45         ? Tuberculosis. Old gleet.
Bob Costello          Angerum               M    40
Banana                Numbabinda            M    16         ? Chest.
Rupert                                      M    42         Old granuloma penis.
Willie Evans                                M    31         Old stricture. Nicotine heart.
Tommy Morton          Pipan                 M    33
George Lyon           Yeggamomo             M    40
Clara Fox             Midjigin              F    32         Few rales at right apex.


Port Stewart (26.10.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                  Aboriginal Name      Sex   Age        Condition

Saturday              Angakennial           M    16
Alex                  Angutchaman           M    40         Old gleet.
Harry Liddy           Noreli                M    45         Old gleet.
Willie Whip           Waratu                M    50
Sandy                 Lil-pellina           M    40
Harry Short           Koppu                 M    40         ? Chest.
Old Johnny            Gunyarrawhun          M    60
George                Yumpenimo             M    65
Minnie                Huneum                F    36

Boat Boys - m.v. 'Iorana'

Diver                 Umbabinni             M    25         Heart - muscular sound affected.
Douglas               Yeddah                M    37         Old gleet.
Albert                Punadum               M    46         Old gleet.
Barry                 Alukalimba            M    50         Old gleet. ? Chest left apex.
Jimmy                 Yanda                 M    30         Old gleet.
Walter                Alih                  M    20         ? Gleet. ? Chest.

Note: Medium to bad dental condition in four of these six boys.

Harry                 Angaiyil              M    43         Old gleet.
King                  Nalbinu               M    42         Old gleet.
Jimmy                 Niarrawan             M    50         ? Chest. Old gleet.


Lockhart River Mission (28.10.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

No   Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

101  David Obu                                        M    14
102  Tommy Creek             Wutana                   M     9         Hookworm. Palpable spleen.
103  Furry                                            M     6 1/2     ? Chest. Enlarged spleen.
104  David Murrit            Tungutunga               M     7         Spleen plus 5. Knee jerks exaggerated.
105  Jimmy Oba                                        M     7         ? Chest.
106  David Oba                                        M    10
107  Alex Creek              Witju                    M     6         Spleen plus 4. Pot-bellied.
108  Peter Creek             Niukumbe                 M    12         Spleen plus 3. ? Tuberculosis.
109  Reuben Oba                                       M    13         Spleen plus 1. ? Chest.
110  Johnny Butcher                                   M     8         Chesty.
111  Barny Claudie                                    M     7         Tuberculosis.
112  Andy Akum                                        M    10 1/2     Spleen plus 2. Thickened pleura.
113  Norman                  Tukundidsi               M    13 1/2     Spleen plus 4. Chesty.
114  Jack                    Ilan                     M    15 1/2     Spleen palpable.
115  Toby                                             M    16         Spleen plus 3.
116  Dick Chungo                                      M    13         Spleen plus 3. Chesty.
117  Luke                    Taikum                   M    11 1/2     Spleen faintly palpable.
118  Johnny Matti                                     M    13
119  George Marmus                                    M    13         Spleen plus 2.
120  Billy Claudie                                    M    15         Spleen plus 2. Exostosis left inner aspect tibia.
121  Jimmy Doctor                                     M    13 1/2     Spleen plus 2. ? Tuberculosis.
122  Johnny Morton                                    M    16
123  Benjamin Kosiawer                                M    12         Spleen plus 1.
124  Sammy Kosiawer                                   M     8
125  Alex Sunday             Wisu                     M    12         Spleen plus 4. ? Tuberculosis.
126  Johnny Lancaster                                 M     6         Spleen plus 3. Definite evidence food deficiency.
127  Anna Lancaster                                   F    13         Chesty.
128  Nellie Bijai                                     F    12         Spleen plus 4. No knee jerks. Food deficient.
129  Ruby                                             F     6         Spleen palpable.
130  Emily Akum                                       F    12 1/2     Spleen plus 2.
131  Diat Kosiawer                                    F    10         The Kosiawer family is a Torres Strait family.
132  Ivy Chungo                                       F    12         Undersized and undernourished. ? Tuberculosis.
133  Jinny Claudie                                    F    15         Spleen plus 3. Slight itch. Frequent fever.
134  Nancy King              Mamonor                  F    18         Palpable spleen. ? Discharge.
135  Nita Charlie Short                               F     6 1/2     Poorly nourished.
136  Nellie Matti                                     F    16         Valvular heart disease. Discharge.
137  Annie Blencoe           Irempanmakkan            F    20         Myxoedemic.
138  Rene Sunsun                                      F     6         Chesty.
139  Susie Coconut                                    F    11 1/2
140  Daisy Brown                                      F    12         Spleen plus 4.
141  Lily Toby                                        F    14         Spleen plus 2. Knee jerks absent. Discharge.
142  Hilda Coconut           Ortjiva                  F    11 1/2     Discharge.
143  Annie Taku                                       F     8         Spleen plus 5.
144  Maggie Bijai                                     F     6         Spleen plus 4.
145  Norma Siyu                                       F     7         Spleen plus 2.
146  Ida Waterbag                                     F    12 1/2     Chesty. Itch.
147  Lizzie Clermont                                  F    14         Spleen plus 4. Heart Murmur.
148  Alice James             Purawa                   F    17         Spleen plus 5.
149  Ivy Brown               Antai                    F    12         Spleen plus 4.
150  Margaret                Wikkaterra               F    30
151  William Doctor                                   M    16         Spleen.
152  Harry Siyu                                       M    25         Old gleet. Enlarged spleen.
153  Jo Cook                 Jumpa                    M    55         Slight epispadias.
154  Hecton Coconut          Warapa                   M    18         Old gleet.
155  George Wilson                                    M    32
156  Antony                                           M    45
157  Douglas                 Rogian                   M    45         Gleet.
158  Johnny Flinders         Wadma                    M    33
159  George Matti            Wangru                   M    19         Beri-beri. Knee jerks absent.
160  Jimmy Lockhart          Elliagollia              M    40         Beri-beri. Old gleet.
161  Charles Woodward        Toki                     M    45         Old gleet.
162  George Brown            Mamus                    M    50         Chesty.
163  William Temple-Bay      Tanagobi                 M    25         Fibrous thickening arteries. Reported epileptic. Old gleet.
164  Frank Anderson          Taku                     M    60         Chronic fever formerly. Food deficiency. Knee jerks exaggerated.
165  Anderson                Ataborelli               M    60
166  Walter Pascoe                                    M    40         ? Chesty.
167  Harry Mathers           Siyu                     M    36
168  Charlie King            Maiwajaga                M    60         Decrepit.
169  Fred King               Porawor                  M    60         Bad pyrrhoea.
170  Dick Policeman          Pantuti                  M    36         Chronic fever.
171  Charlie Clermont        Kalikan                  M    30
172  Jack Gibbett            Walu-utukubi             M    30
173  Jack Long               Yigogabi                 M    32         Old gleet.
174  Alex Pitt               Baragunyinyu             M    50         Chesty. Spleen much enlarged.
175  Short Henry                                      M    40         Ringworm. Very foul teeth.
176  Big Johnny              Warrinjah                M    50         Valvular heart disease.
177  Tommy Nebo              Jamminjinyu              M    50         Beri-beri. Just returned from guiding Donald Thomson to West coast.
178  Banjo                                            M    25
179  Foramina                                         M     6         Pot-bellied. Son of 180 (Unununga).
180                          Unununga                 M    40         Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
181  Jimmy Taku                                       M    38         Chronic fever.
182  Matti                   Ungalandanyina           M    50         Old gleet. Chronic fever.
183  Small Barny             Ibungubi                 M    43         Heart block.
184  Billy Clermont          Yumpanum                 M    26         Old gleet. Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
185  King Fred Junior        Iancharlamuggan          M    27         Food deficient. Chronic fever.
186  Jack Temple-Bay         Ialan                    M    45         Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
187  George Rocky            Marakanjinju             M    40         Spleen plus 4.
188  Charlie Bijai                                    M    44         Knee jerks diminished.
189  Chinaman                Waraei                   M    38         Food deficient.
190  Jimmy Tuktati           Korati                   M    55         Food deficient.
191  Bob                     Tongali                  M    26         Beri-beri. (Boat Boy).
192  Johnson Butcher         Pulpalongawei            M    32         Beri-beri. (Boat Boy).
193  Ropeyarn                                         M    45         ? Tuberculosis. Beri-beri.
194  Johnny Pascoe           Ngauwor                  M    35
195  Aikro                   Waipoi                   M    56         Dry beri-beri.
196  Johnson Malton          Yi-aromo                 M    60         Food deficient.
197  Barny Claudie           Doambe                   M    60
198  Jack Punda              Ngotol                   M    55         Old break of right arm. Food deficient.
199  Harry Walker            Waka                     M    60
200  Johnny                  Gu-illama                M    65         Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
201  Johnny                  Ungkaia                  M    60         Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
202  Captain                 Ijamon                   M    65         Tuberculosis.
203  Louis Pascoe            Ialan                    M    60         ? Tuberculosis.
204  George Claudie          Yakkai-ngobi             M    60         Chronic brobchitis. Food deficiency.
205  Jack Omeo               Ko-omio                  M    65         Food deficient.
206  Charles Westcott        I-anum                   M    65         Food deficient.
207  Barny Marrit            Ebungubi                 M    40         Beri-beri.
208  Long Tommy              Ichukubi                 M    65         ? Tuberculosis.
209  Mick                    Takundidjai              M    60         Chesty.
210  Murree Peter            Tunpoh                   M    65         Food deficient. Chesty.
211  Dick                    Wanum                    M    55         Food deficient. Tuberculosis. Knee jerks absent.
212  Billy Chungo                                     M    65         Tuberculosis.
213  Billy Claudie           Annudda                  M               Old case of framboesia affecting the aperture of the mouth. Chronic bronchitis.
214  George Tableland        Samagarama               M    60         Food deficient. Tuberculosis.
215  Billy                   Utroma                   M    60         Food deficient. Blind in right eye. Tuberculosis.
216  Giblett                 Tai-a-dinju              M    70         Food deficient. Tuberculosis.
217  Henry                   Aikalla                  M    80         Old yaws. Very decrepit.
218  Toby Akum                                        M    55         Good teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
219  Peter Toby              Winni                    M    45
220  Barny                   Ebengubi                 M    65         Chesty.
221  Jimmy                   Nowaw                    M    60         Large left-sided structure.
222  Jimmy Mullet            Tabulginyu               M    60
223  Fred Markembay          Yuinjomu                 M    45         Enlarged spleen.
224                          I-enji                   F    22
225  Annie                   Panda                    F    30
226  Bella                   Ngowor                   F    18         Itch.
227  Kitty                   Doambo                   F    30
228  Sarah Short             Elkaia                   F    20
229  Elsie                   Gopul                    F    19
230  Ruby Clermont           Darju                    F    30
231  Nellie Siyu                                      F    25         Chesty. Food deficient.
232  Mary Ann Moses          Ndegun                   F    30         Chesty. Food deficient.
233  Annie Matti             Maiawaka-ati             F    35         Food deficient.
234  Lena Lancaster          Teomoti                  F    20         Food deficient.
235  Amelia King                                      F    25
236  Dinah Dick Pascoe       I-enji                   F    20
237  Minnie Claudie          Jenka                    F    18
238  Betty                   Tongabi                  F    18         Food deficient.
239  Miriam                                           F    23
240  Nancy Daniels           Yelligin                 F    30         Chesty. Very bad teeth.
241  Nellie Aikrow           Tor-ita                  F    35         Food deficient.
242  Walpa                   I-enji                   F    16
243  Nellie Ropeyarn         Tor-ita                  F    23
244  Florrie Pascoe          Chochosua                F    16
245  Osan Rocky              Isagubi                  F    35         Food deficient. Old gleet.
246  Ivy Panda               Koshelgavi               F    35         Food deficient. Rather worse teeth. Chesty.
247  Mary Markembay          Wierum                   F    23         Chesty. Gleet.
248  Rosy King                                        F    40         Old conjunctivitis. Chesty.
249  Maggie Chungo           Wauawan                  F    45         Food deficient. Chesty.
250  Annie Mullet            Jiboora                  F    37         Food deficient.
251  Ivy Chungo              Algunbinda               F    40         Old fracture leg. Sabra tibia.
252  Ellie Marrit            Garrayunda-inissa        F    36         Food deficient.
253  Annie Butcher           Wagaminya                F    30
254  Nellie Takandidji       Arakomitu                F    33
255  Rosy Antony             Tokoranum                F    45
256  Mary Ann Nebo           Jaku                     F    25
257  Baby                    Walortabi                F    35         Food deficient. Chesty.
258  Kitty Noyme                                      F    50         Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
259  Lizzie Big Tommy        Matanbinda               F    42         Food deficient. Chesty.
260  Nancy Wood              Doamulo                  F    30         Food deficient.
261  Maggie Captain          Bamasujo                 F    40
262  Annie Taku              Karogavi                 F    28
263  Nellie                  Ebengubi                 F    30         Heart disease.
264  Annie Coconut           Ketiamo                  F    34         Chesty. Sabre tibiae.
265  Rose James              Dabarlut                 F    21         Tuberculosis.
266  Tarji Vinegar                                    F    35         Chesty.
267  Joan Murray             Anjubi                   F    40         Chesty. Food defecit.
268  Murree Long             Gulligan                 F    24
269  Emma                    Numpumirawo              F    28
270  Mary Creek              Nganglin                 F    40
271  Norah Kanora            Ainarra                  F    19
272  Kitty Akum              Doampo                   F    40
273  Jinny Toby              Takumaio                 F    46         Old yaws.
274  Biddy Vinegar           Oinjomu                  F    60
275  Nancy Claudie           Kalligugulibi            F    60         Old gleet.
276  Magguie Sunshine        Manatongo                F    65
277  Kanora                                           F    60
278  Mary Ann                Empelu                   F    65
279  Mary Ann Hapi           Ta-akai-toko             F    60
280  Nellie Bijai            Taipilgunya              F    40         Old Yaws


Laura (31.10.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Maggie Sullivan         Aiwa                     F    23         Poor teeth. ? Tuberculosis. Old Gleet.
Mary                    Isme-iko                 F    19         Good teeth. Comes from Musgrave.
Minnie                  Owa                      F    36         Bad teeth.
Maggie Walter           Yamba-ika                F    35         Poor teeth. Prolonged expiration both apices.
Topsy                   Ngarapetchim             F    40         Poor teeth. Knee jerks doubtful.
Luey                    Adau                     F    50         Bad teeth. Old gleet. Tuberculosis.
Nellie Taku             Kukajaulaba              F    60         Fair teeth. Blind. Chronic nephritis.

Bessie                  Dolu                     F    23         Poor teeth. Doubtful knee jerks.
Vera                                             F     3 1/2     Spleen plus 4. Child of Bessie.
Alan                                             M     2         Child of Bessie.
Colin                                            M     6 mths    Child of Bessie.

Daisy                   Jako                     F    25         Teeth fair. Left lung doubtful. Knee jerks absent.
Gladys                                           F     1         Child of Daisy.

Billy                   Ngaranomara              M    60         Very bad teeth. Exaggerated knee jerks.
Jimmy Walter            Angbullan                M    60         Very bad teeth. Old gleet. Exaggerated knee jerks.
Charlie Martin          Everrumbug               M    55         Fair teeth. Prolonged expiration both apices. Phimosis.
Toby Thompson           Egegunum                 M    45         Fair teeth.
Echo                    Avenntimul / Bathornga   M    36         Dry beri-beri. Originally diagnosed rheumatism; subsequently recognised by Medical Officer, Cooktown.
Harry Tracker           Hauba                    M    50         Double set of false teeth. Old gleet.


Bridge Creek Camp (2.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Sex   Age        Remarks

Charlie McGreen          M    60         Teeth very poor. Old gleet. Doubtful heart.
Florrie                  F    33         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Totty                    F    12 1/2     Good teeth.
Arthur                   M     4
Phyllis                  F     6
Barny                    M     8 mths

Jacko                    M    60         ? Tuberculosis. Local 'King'.
Maria                    F    35         Tuberculosis. Knee jerks absent. 7 children, some at school.
Bumbarra                 M     4         Hookworm.
Toby                     M     6 mths    Hookworm.

Billy                    M    45         Good teeth. Tuberculosis right apex. Old gleet.
Lizzie                   F    35         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Old gleet. Ringworm. Traumatic elephantiasis of left breast. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent. 5 children (2 dead).

Jacky                    M    45         Medium teeth. Old gleet. Right lung doubtful. Heart murmur.
Marie                    F    35         Good teeth. Enlarged liver. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.
Lindsay                  M     6         Hookworm.
Hector                   M     4         Hookworm. Suspicious right chest.
Tibby                    F    10 mths
Lilian (2nd wife)        F    25         Good teeth.

Tommy                    M    40         Bad teeth. ? Tuberculosis. Old gleet.
Alice                    F    30
Marta                    F     1
Toby                     M     4         Hookworm.

Charlie                  M    60         Edentulous. Tuberculosis right apex. Food deficiency.
Minnie                   F    48         Teeth poor. 7 children.
Hilda                    F     8         Teeth poor. Hookworm.
Vernon                   M     6         Teeth poor. Hookworm.
Rob                      M     4         Hookworm.

Fred                     M    33         Doubtful chest.
Elsie                    F    35         Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent. 4 children (1 living).

George Northcote         M    65         Few foul stumps. Tuberculosis left lung. Old tubercular glands neck.
Maudie                   F    38         Good teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.

Jacky Rathbone           M    65         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest. Old gleet.
Sarah                    F    60         Few rotten stumps. Old gleet.
Maggie                   F    55         Teeth medium. Old gleet.

Markobi                  F    65         Old gleet. Tuberculosis. Unbilical hernia.
Maggie                   F    60         Few old stumps.
Doboi                    M    12         Good teeth.
Barny                    M    45         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest. ? Heart.

Charlie                  M    45         Fair teeth.
Lena                     F    40         Few old stumps. Old gleet. ? Tuberculosis.


McIvor Camp (3.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Sex   Age        Remarks

Johny                    M    35         Fair teeth.
Milly                    F    30         Fair teeth. 3 children. Doubtful chest.
Joseph                   M     7         ? Tuberculosis. Hookworm.
Alex                     M     5         ? Tuberculosis. Hookworm.

Barny                    M    36         Good teeth.
Tessie                   F    22         Poor teeth.

Freda (single)           F    16         Good teeth. Dysmenorrhoea. Discharge.
Tarabul                  M    25         Fair teeth.

Charlie                  M    35         Poor in molars.
Jenny                    F    35         Extensive caries. Doubtful tuberculosis.
Amy                      F     6 mths
Clem                     M     7         Gross hookworm.Pronounced anaemia.
Ella                     F     6         Gross hookworm. Doubtful chest.
Mary                     F     5         Gross hookworm. Doubtful chest.
Eileen                   F     3 1/2     Gross hookworm. Doubtful chest.

Rowan                    M    40         Poor teeth. Tuberculosis.

Muriel                   F     6

Barty                    M    35         Very poor teeth. Extensive caries. Tachycardia.
Rene                     F    40         Poor teeth. Old trachoma. Lactating.
Edward                   M     7 1/2     Hookworm.
David                    M     6         Doubtful chest.
Lex                      M     4 1/2
Ann                      F     7 mths

Simon                    M    23         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest.
Dulcie                   F     5         Very poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Mother died of Tuberculosis recently.
Colin                    M     3         Chest doubtful.
Dick                     M    20         Good teeth.
Midget                   F    15         Old rickets forehead and limbs. 4 months pregnant.

Charlie                  M    20         Good teeth.
Florrie                  F    19         Doubtful chest. Previously diagnosed syphilitic but no evidence observed.
Hubert                   M     1
Laura                    F     3 1/2

Uren                     M    40         Good teeth.
Dolly                    F    35         Carious teerh. 7 children (2 dead).
Duro                     M    12         Good teeth.
Mabel                    F    11         Good teeth.
Benny                    M    13 1/2     Fairly good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Ned                      M     5         Good teeth.
Freda                    F    10 mths

Baru                     M    25         Good teeth.
Mabel                    F    22         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Lena                     F     6
Jacob                    M     4
Henry                    M     2

Jimmy                    M    45         Good teeth. Doubtful right chest. Diver's heart.
Bertha                   F    36         Good teeth. Doubtful left chest.
Martin                   M     6
Anna                     F     4
Meta                     F     2

Major                    M    33         Good teeth.
Konia                    F    19         Good teeth.
Barny                    M     3
Percy                    M     1

Franz                    M    30         Poor carious teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Leah                     F    25         Fair teeth. Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
Doreen                   F     3

Helena                   F    48         Medium poor teeth.
Tuanta                   F     6
Hilda                    F     3 1/2     Hookworm.

Jacob                    M    56         Few foul stumps.
Bessie                   F    50         Valvular heart disease. 3 children.
Pantual                  M    33         Good teeth.
Susie                    F    30         Very poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Discharge.
Emma                     F    55         Very bad teeth. Doubtful chest.
Albert                   M    50         Molars very bad. Old gleet.
Alex                     M    36         Fair teeth.
Arthur                   M    30         Very poor teeth. Doubtful heart.
Martjah                  M    20         Good teeth. Irritable heart.
Sam                      M    20         Poor teeth.
Aggie (single)           F    16 1/2     Good teeth. Enlarged spleen. ? Old malaria. Discharge.
Lizzie                   F    23         Poor teeth.
Connie                   F    17         Good teeth. Discharge.
Norah                    F    7          Good teeth.
Annie                    F    55         Few foul stumps.


Helensvale (6.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Dick                    Bindamaia                M    16         Foul teeth.
Polly                   Yu-inga                  F    55         Very bad teeth. Conjunctivitis.
Polly Sambo             Binjimba                 F    40         Very foul teeth.
Alma                    Milliji                  F    15         Good teeth.
Maggie                  Mullamulla               F    60         Edentulous.
Nellie                  Bindamer                 F    55         Fair teeth.
Giddy                   Ngamabungera             F    60         Edentulous. Old gleet. Doubtful tuberculosis.
Nellie                  Tukera                   F    16         Good teeth.
Maudie                  Derrawoi                 F    33         Good teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.
Charlie                 Wahwunga                 M    45         Fair teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Eileen                  Jinnamirra               F    13         Discharge.
Monday Nunn             Kukudungero              M    16         Fair teeth. Old gleet.
Monday                  Pui-alnganga             M    65         Edentulous.
Sambo                   Munjenga                 M    11         Good teeth. Blind right eye. Traumatic.
                        Algulbunga               M     7         Good teeth.
Doris                                            F     9         Good teeth.
Lily                    Wamaigo                  F     8         Good teeth.
Norman                  Kuka                     M     4         Good teeth.
Ruby                    Yambun                   F    10         Fair teeth.
Annie                   Wamaigo                  F     5         Good teeth.
Paddy                                            M     4         Good teeth.

Note: All these children appear to have hookworm.


Rossville (6.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Wulbah                                           M    55         Teeth fair. Former Police boy. Borrowed horses from this native.
Kitty                   Binjumba                 F    38         Teeth fair.
Georgie                 Bromo                    M    12         Good teeth.
Jimmy                   Waljinga                 M     7 1/2     Good teeth.
Ogilby                  Galgenyino               M     6
Minnie                  Waljunga                 F    40         Poor teeth.
Lily                    Ngoringa                 F    22         Fairly good teeth. Discharge.
Nellie                  Korbul                   F    36         Poor teeth.
Polly Monday                                     F    11         Good teeth.
Charlie                                          F     6         Good teeth.
Tiger Henry                                      M     6         ? Chest.
Mary                                             F     4         Good teeth.
Bamboo                                           M    65         Few old stumps. Old gleet. Doubtful chest.

Note: These children suffer from hookworm.


Shipton's Flat (7.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Alex                    Wauganna                 M    50         Poor in molars.
Dolly                   Bindawidja               F    23         Medium teeth. Daughter of Alex.
Harry                   Wuba                     M    35         Poor teeth.
Young Harry             Wuba                     M    11         Good teeth
Clara                   Mandu                    F     6         Good teeth.
Alda                    Waka                           6 mths
Micky                                            M     7         Medium teeth.

Griffiths' Place, en route to Bloomfield (7.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Walker                  Wudjanita                M    65         Aged
Pigeon                  Dungara                  F    50         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Minnie                  Vauagunah                F    19         Teeth fair.
Kitty                                            F     3 mths    Daughter of Minnie.
Dicky                   Kokkajiga                M     6         Fair teeth.

Wyola Camp (7.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Blucher (local 'King')  Nai-iman                 M    65         Few teeth. Umbilical hernia. Old VD.
Friday                  Wauwaga                  M    60         Few old stumps. Old gleet. Doubtful chest.
Bambu                                                  6         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Jacky                                            M     8         Good teeth. Hookworm. Doubtful chest.
Rosy                                             F    35         Teeth poor. Pregnant 6 months.
Polly ('Queen')         Munjira                  F    40         Poor teeth.
Nellie Blucher                                   F    48         Second wife. Teeth few dirty stumps.

Bloomfield (7.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Barry                   Borigami                 M    50         Few poor teeth. Doubtful chest.
Johnny Mapoon           Kuanyapuna               M    35         Fair teeth. Doubtful heart.
Jimmy Mapoon                                     M    50         Teeth very poor. Old gleet.
Peter                                            M    55         Teeth very poor. Old gleet.
Bloomfield Tiger                                 M    60         Very poor teeth. Chronic ascitea. Very marked veining of the abdominal wall. Old gleet.
Stumpy                  Nambi                    M    60         Very foul teeth. Old gleet. ? Tuberculosis.
Jack                                             M    16         Teeth good.
Freddy                  Andannari                M    20         Good teeth.
Harry                                            M    13         Good teeth.
Polly Tiger                                      F    40         Teeth very poor.
Dinah                                            F    28         Doubtful chest. 5 months pregnant. Wearing Japanese necklace. Stinking discharge.
Jinny Dimura                                     F    45         Almost Edentulous. Old gleet. Ringworm.
                        Nambugi                  F    55         No teeth.
Lena                                             F    20         Good teeth. Fine physique. Wearing Japanese necklace.
Miselli                                          F    55         Edentulous.
                        Nibabbuba                F    45         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
                        Gorrawanna               F    50         Poor teeth. Old gleet.
                        Murriwongor              F    55         Almost edentulous. Old gleet.
Paddy                   Jinnamirra               M     5         Good teeth.
Emma                                             F     7         Good teeth.
Billy                                            M    10         Good teeth.
King Billy                                       M    60         Paresis of both legs. Knee jerks absent. Health failing.

Port Douglas (8.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Willie                  Wurora                   M    55         Few old stumps. Suspicious chest. Old gleet.
Bingo                   Niumboi                  M    55         Few old stumps. Suspicious chest. Old gleet.
Maggie                  Yandul                   F    55         Almost edentulous. Old gleet. ? Tuberculosis.
Violet                  Karrawa                  F    30         Teeth fair. Pregnant.
Billy (son of Violet)   Mimai                    M     7         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Fanny                   Warringinya              F    70         Edentulous. Decrepit.
Lily                    Yai-ipai                 F    40         Few rotten stumps. Old gleet. Few marked ascites.
Lorna                   Boimammi                 F     9         Fair teeth. Hookworm.
Annie                   Bangarai                 F    56         Edentulous.

Note: These nine natives were all that were available in the camp at Port
      Douglas. The whole of them should be removed. Lily needs hospital
      treatment; Violet and her husband, with Billy and Lorna, might have
      some future if placed in a settlement. the remainder should have the
      shelter of a settlement till death.

c/o Mrs Reynolds, Morbray

Mary Reynolds                                    F    80         Edentulous. Decrepit.
Dinah                                            F    38         Healthy. Over-fed. Few poor teeth only.

Note: These two aboriginals are treated as menbers of the Reynolds family.

c/o Mr Andreysen

Edie                                             F    36         Few teeth remaining. Old gleet.

Mossman (9.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Trixie                                           F    16         Good teeth. Doubtful right apex.
Tommy                   Mudjidakkomo             M    65         Edentulous. Suspicious chest.
Rosy                    Kunkadji                 F    50         Foul and broken teeth. Old gleet.
Barny                   Wau-ira                  M    23         Fairly good teeth. Hookworm.
Hector                  Barrigi                  M    25         Good teeth.
Billy                   Puiangulgudja            M    50         Fair teeth.
Walker Murphy                                    M    23         Good teeth.
Jim                                              M    14         Good teeth.
Koka                    Kelkujigga               M    50         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest. Diver's heart.
Douglas                 Walgana                  M    55         Poor teeth. Old gleet.
J Crowley               Harmabum                 M    46         Good teeth. Chesty.
Jeremiah Wallaby        Wabinghi                 M    38         Foul broken teeth. Suspicious chest. Old gleet.
Policia                 Narriginna               F    18         Good teeth.
Norma                                            F    18 mths
Kathleen (single)       Warmijin                 F    17         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. One child.
Valma                                            F     3         Good teeth.
Norma                   Gorkala                  F     8         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Hookworm.
Johnny                  Warraga                  M     4 1/2     Good teeth.
Annie Crowley           Narrakinna               F    35         Few rotten stumps. Old gleet.
Rosy                    Buribabti                F    40         Few rotten stumps. Tuberculosis.
Eileen                                           F     4 1/2     Good teeth.
Ida                     Amadilkul                F    30         Itch. Tuberculosis.
Annie                   Taugugunga               F    45         Suspicious chest.
Basil                   Waulorra                 M     4 1/2     Good teeth.
Jimmy                   Bauwadja                 M    50         Edentulous. Old gleet. Tuberculosis.
Hilda                   Jorja                    F    50         Few rotten stumps.
Nellie                  Gungai                   F    50         Poor teeth. Chesty. Old gleet.
Billy                   Waubulleraba             M    70         Decrepit. Sight almost gone.
Mishamin                Aubringi                 M    12         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Hookworm.
Topsy                   Waujabbunga              F    12         Good teeth. Dirty skin.

Note: All these people, living in a camp above Mossman, are dirty, and hookworm is
      fairly prevalent. The site is well chosen, however, and the houses are
      reasonably suitable.

In Individual Service

Bally Molloy            Surka                    M    34         Teeth fair. Some caries. Ringworm.
Mabel Morse                                      F    38         Edentulous. c/o Mrs Dickson.
Harry Pluto                                      M    60         Few rotten stumps. Old gleet.
Lizzie                                           F    48         Foul teeth. Old gleet.
Frank Bowman                                     M    38         Poor teeth.
Paddy                   Yengidji                 M    45         Edentulous.
King Harry              Miljobi                  M    48         Poor teeth. Old gleet.
Charlie                 Kauwai                   M    45         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest.
Jack                    Wallumbum                M    55         Few stumps. Old gleet.
Jerry                   Wau-udimbi               M    60         Very poor teeth. Tuberculosis.
Tommy                   Jinjiba                  M    40         Diver's heart.
Charlie Dawes           Piterraba                M    60         Food deficiency. ? Tuberculosis.
Tommy                   Ngalai                   M    65         Edentulous. Tuberculosis.
Diamond                                          M    33         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Lizzie                                           F    26         Fair teeth.
Dora                                             F     9         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Arthur                                           M     7         Good teeth. Hookworm.
John                                             M     4 1/2     Good teeth. Hookworm.
Alf                                              M     3         Good teeth.
Major                                            M    30         Fair teeth - some caries. ? Old gleet.
Sandy                                            M    60         Few rotten stumps.
Kitty                                            F    50         Fair teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Jimmy                                            M    46         Poor teeth. ? Tuberculosis. Old gleet.
Jimmy Johnson           Amulkaba                 M    40         Poor teeth. Old gleet.
Emu                     Wauburrumburra           F    38         Fair teeth.

Junction Camp (9.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Paddy Henderson         Yanbun                   M    42         Poor teeth. Atrophy of finger nails.
Peter                   Tambogul                 M    55         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Old gleet.
Paddy                   Bitadji                  M    62         Edentulous. Tuberculosis.
Paddy                   Yanbun                   M    24         Foul broken teeth. Ringworm. Hookworm.
Jerry                   Waton                    M    50         Few rotten teeth. Old dilated heart (log-lifting).
Johnny Clark            Amubugul                 M    40         Good teeth. Diver's heart.
Wallaby                 Wau-ubunji               M    50         Few poor stumps. Hookworm. Old gleet.
Stumpy                  Jingurra                 M    42         Fair teeth.
Paddy Davis             Waugunguna               M    45         Few poor teeth. Old gleet. Tuberculosis.
Alex                    Tukkun                   M    46         Poor teeth. Tuberculosis.
Roy                     Wallumba                 M    18         Good teeth. Old dislocated hip and scoliosis. Hookworm.
Johnny Crank            Waubunja                 M    45         Fair teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Frank                   Jenoili                  M    20         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Willie                                           M    24         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Jinny                   Ganbulba                 F    50         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Jessie                  Muroko                   F    60         Few stumps. Doubtful tuberculosis.
Nellie                  Balmadji                 F    45         Few poor stumps.
Maggie                  Midjarra                 F    45         Few poor stumps.
Polly                   Julai                    F    35         Poor teeth.
Helen                   Milleran                 F    29         Good teeth.
Alice                   Yurri                    F    19         Fair teeth, crowded. Chronic tonsillitis. Heart disease.
Frances                 Marrakul                 F    16         Good teeth.
Willie                  Woibul                   M    50         Few rotten stumps.
Dolly                   Kalkinyidor              F    40         Fair teeth.
Annie Mabel             Wauguriga                F    18
Katalga                 Wauwutadji               F    65         Few rotten stumps.

Daintree (10.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks
Name                    Aboriginal Name         Sex   Age        Remarks

Charlie Redheart        Wawujabba                M    45         Fair teeth.
Old Harry               Yiman                    M    70         Edentulous. Tuberculosis.
Old Jorky               Yimalba                  M    65         Fair teeth.
Friday                  Wauwalga                 M    60         Good teeth. Old gleet. ? Tuberculosis.
Hinky                   Ita                      M    46         Poor teeth. Scotoma left eye. Old gleet.
Kopal                   Murrabumbun              M    48         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Yanbun                  Waujir                   M    18         Good teeth.
Little Jimmy            Waburrungor              M    13         Good teeth.
Peter                   Piribabi                 M    18         Fair teeth. Tuberculosis.
Donald                  Waburrungor              M    13         Good teeth.
Yanbun                  Mungirra                 M    26         Good teeth. Tuberculosis.
Monday                                           M    30         Good teeth.
Juki                                             M     8         Good teeth. Doubtful tuberculosis.
Monday Tanner                                    M    18         Good teeth.
Toby                                             M    55         Fair teeth. Exophthalmos. Old Gleet.
Willie                  Wiltia                   M    55         Fair teeth.
Walker                  Mabi                     M    35         Poor teeth. Tuberculosis.
Jo Fisher                                        M    38         Poor teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Big Jack                Bawul                    M    46         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Walker                  Melbamir                 M    58         Few poor teeth.
Polly                   Walkung                  F    45         Fair teeth.
Jack                    Puriabba                 M    38         Fair teeth. Old gleet.
Sally F                 Kadju                    F    29         Rotten teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.
Lucy                    Ornu                     F    34         Few rotten teeth. Tuberculosis.
Ruby                                             F    35         Good teeth.
Alice                                            F     7         Good teeth.
Ida                     Wawunga                  F    24         Good teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent. Suspicious chest.
Rosy                    Morjanna                 F    14         Good teeth.
Lily                    Toganini                 F    30         Fair teeth.
Lizzie                  Nambadji                 F    34         Fair teeth. Tuberculosis. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.
Nellie                  Wawida                   F    42         Fair teeth. Poor chest. Knee jerks doubtful.
Ruby                    Bieri                    F    10         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Jimmy                   Bulgunda                 M    65         Edentulous. Old gleet.
Nellie                  Kunjo                    F     9         Good teeth. Dirty skin.
Jerry Harry             Wawudhimbi               M     8         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Frank                   Lobudjina                M     6 1/2     Good teeth.

Yarrabah Mission Station (12-13.11.1933)

(Note: The ages of the natives above 18 set down below are guessed at,
but are considered to be relatively correct. In some instances they
have been confirmed.)

Name                    Sex   Age        Remarks
Name                    Sex   Age        Remarks

Dormitory Boys

Edward                   M    15         Good teeth.
Andrew                   M    10         Good teeth.
Morewill                 M     8         Doubtful right chest.
Selwyn                   M    14         Good teeth. Prolonged expiration both apices.
Clifford                 M    11         Good teeth.
Daniel                   M    14         Good teeth. Doubtful apices.
Alan                     M    12         Crowded teeth. Condition good.
Clive                    M    10 1/2     Good teeth. Chesty. Some itch. Hookworm.
Gordon                   M    12 1/2     Good teeth.
Lawrence                 M    11 1/2     Fair teeth. Hookworm.
George                   M    15         Good teeth.
Raymond                  M    12         Good teeth. Paraphimosis.
Charlie                  M    10         Good teeth. Doubtful apices.
Denis                    M     9 1/2     Fair teeth. Hookworm.
Walter                   M    12         Poor teeth.
Wilford                  M    15         Good teeth. Doubtful apices.
Jack                     M    13         Good teeth.
William                  M    13         Good teeth. Doubtful apices. Ringworm.
Stephen N.               M    11         Doubtful tuberculosis. Hookworm.
Ralph                    M    14         Good teeth.
Frederick                M     8         ? Inherited syphilis. Hookworm. Doubtful left chest.
Stafford                 M    14         Good teeth. Prolonged expiration both apices.
Russell                  M    10         Good teeth. Paraphimosis.
Allenby                  M    15         Good teeth.
Stephen M.               M    12         Good teeth. Doubtful apices.
Stanley                  M    10         Fair teeth. Discharging ear. Paraphimosis. Doubtful chest.
Emanuel                  M    12         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Alex                     M     8         Medium good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Edgar                    M     8         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Hookworm.
David                    M    12         Good teeth.
Alfie                    M     8         Doubtful left chest.
Cadmus                   M    12         Good teeth.
Cyprian                  M    13         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Bubonocele.

Dormitory Girls

Dolly                    F    24         Medium poor teeth.
Ninah                    F    18         Few teeth lost. Doubtful chest.
Myra                     F    16         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Coleridge                M     1
Edward                   M     1
Elizabeth                F     6         Fair teeth.
Louisa                   F    12         Some caries.
Katherine                F    11         Good teeth.
Vida                     F     9         Good teeth.
Daphne                   F     9 1/2     Good teeth.
Nazareth                 F    10         Good teeth.
Heather                  F    13         Good teeth. Age may be incorrect.
Noela                    F    12 1/2     Good teeth.
Mildred                  F     8         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Godfer                   F     9         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Depressed nasal ridge.
Dulcie Easter            F    11         Good teeth.
Sarah                    F    11         Good teeth. Hookworm.  Prolonged expiration left apex.
Lorna                    F    12         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Doubtful knee jerks.
Kate                     F    12         Good teeth. Prolonged expiration right apex.
Lima                     F    11 1/2     Good teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Esme                     F    11         Poor teeth. Tonsillitis. Valvular disease of heart. Knee jerks doubtful.
Noar                     F     8         Exaggerated knee jerks. Formerly paresis - ? beri-beri, ? infantime paralysis.
Angela                   F     5
Rosina                   F    11 1/2     Good teeth.
Mary                     F     8 1/2     Good teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Enid                     F     8 1/2     Good teeth.
Valmai                   F    12         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Spleen plus 2 (comes from Bloomfield River). Hookworm.)
Eric                     M     6         Good teeth.
Cecily Bessie            F     5         Spastic paraplegia.
Donald                   M     2 1/2
Madeline                 F     6         Good teeth.
Michael                  M     6 mths
Betty                    F    12         Good teeth.
Ursula                   F    12         Good teeth.
Rebecca                  F    14         Good teeth.
Norah                    F    12         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Priscilla                F    13         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Kathleen                 F    10         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Audrey                   F    12         Good teeth.
Grace                    F    12         Good teeth. Heart murmur.
Emily                    F    12         Good teeth.
Veronica                 F    13         Good teeth. Menstruating.
Elma                     F    15         Good teeth. Menstruating.
Hilda                    F    15         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Ella                     F    14         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Groin glands.
Muriel                   F    15         Good teeth. Valvular disease of heart.
Isobel                   F    14         Good teeth.
Mina                     F    14         Good teeth. Knee jerks absent.
Edith                    F    15         Fair teeth.
Stella                   F    15         Good teeth.
Queenie                  F    16         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest. Knee jerks absent.
Ada                      F    15         Good teeth.
Olba                     F    13 1/2     Fair teeth.
Aileen                   F    15         Good teeth.
Dorothy                  F    14         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Chrissie                 F    14         Good teeth. Groin glands. Discharge.
Bethel                   F    18         Good teeth.
Naomi                    F    16         Poor teeth.
Agnes                    F    18         Good teeth. Pregnant ? 6 months.
Sylvia                   F    16         Good teeth. Groin glands. Discharge.
Dotty                    F    17         Good teeth. Tuberculosis.
Doris                    F    17         Fair teeth.
Teresa                   F    15         Good teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Phyllis                  F    17         Fair teeth.
Agnes Thomas             F    16         Good teeth.
Ina Jinny                F     5
Gertie                   F     6         Doubtful chest.
Mary                     F    20         Good teeth.
Rosina Sissie            F    17         Good teeth. Doubtful right chest. Spleen plus 1 (comes from Mt Mulligan). Groin glands. Discharge.
Lila                     F     6 1/2     Fair teeth.
Patsy                    F     6         Poor teeth.
Valerie                  F     7         Fair teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Norma                    F     6         Good teeth.
Emma                     F     6         Fair teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Jessie                   F    18         Fair teeth. Complains of dysmenorrhoea.
Lizzie                   F    25         Fair teeth. Doubtful right chest. Syndactylus right foot.
Moira                    F     3
Mona                     F     5 1/2     Good teeth.
Ethel                    F    16         Good teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Olive                    F     7 1/2     Good teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Eileen                   F    18         Good teeth.
Muriel                   F    34         Fair teeth. Discharge.
Lois                     F     6         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Rosy                     F     9         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Charlotte                F    18         Good teeth.
Margaret                 F    19         Rather poor teeth.
Caroline                 F     8 1/2     Good teeth.
Adeline                  F     6         Doubtful chest.
Elva                     F     5         Good teeth.
Marie                    F     9         Poor condition. Carious stumps of milk teeth. Groin glands.
Charity                  F    20         Good teeth. Irregular intermittent heart.
Daisy                    F    20         Good teeth.
Ida                      F    21         Very poor teeth. ? Heart.
Olga Elsie               F    20         Good teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Greta                    F    18         Good teeth.
Rosalind                 F    19         Fairly poor teeth.
Ina                      F    18         Medium good teeth.
May                      F    18         Good teeth.
Vivienne                 F     8         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Hookworm.
Edgar                    M     8         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. Hookworm.
Hinde                    F    37         Half-witted.
Thomas                   M     5         Good teeth. Hookworm. Haemic bruit.
Antony                   M     8         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Thelma                   F    20         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Edith                    F    19         Good teeth.
Adrian                   M     5         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Kenneth                  M     7         Good teeth. Chesty.
Monica                   F    17         Good teeth.
James                    M     8         Crowded teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
John Colin               M     7         Good teeth. Bronchitis.
Ivy                      F    19         Good teeth.
Claudie                  F    18         Teeth carious. ? Tuberculosis right chest.
Godfrey                  M     6         Fair teeth. Tuberculosis right chest.
James                    M     6         Fair teeth.
Alban                    M     5
Freddy                   M     6         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Malvena                  F    20         Fairly poor teeth.
Miriam                   F    20         Fair teeth.
Ray                      M     5         Good teeth.
Douglas                  M     5         Good teeth.
Nancy                    F    22         Good teeth.
Ellis                    M     5         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Hedric                   M     5         Good teeth.
Milly                    F    32         Good teeth.
Alton                    M     6         Good teeth.
Roderick                 M     6 1/2     Good teeth.
Bernard                  M    10         Good teeth.
Robert                   M    10         Good teeth.
Bernard Smith            M    10         Good teeth.
Eric                     M     8 1/2     Good teeth.
Rex                      M    10         Good teeth.
Robert Horace            M     9         Good teeth.
Thomas                   M     7 1/2
Ruth                     F    37         Few poor teeth. Scar of abdominal operation (womb trouble).
Myrtle                   F    26         Good teeth. Itch.

Settlement Men

George Singleton         M    45         Edentulous.
Jack Joinby              M    32         Good teeth.
Dave Greenwood           M    23         Good teeth.
Barnabus Vincent         M    20         Good teeth.
Bob Miller               M    22         Good teeth.
Malcolm                  M    50         Good teeth, well worn down.
Paterson Katjawan        M    43         Few poor teeth. ? Heart.
Silas Alwall             M    30         Poor teeth.
Horace Maloney           M    32         Fair teeth.
Alfie Mundraby           M    22         Fair teeth.
Clement Fourmile         M    48         Fair teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Roscoe Wilson            M    38         Fair teeth. Chronic bronchitis.
Richard Hide             M    32         Good teeth.
Fred Mundraby            M    50         Good but worn teeth. Old gleet.
Bob Boyd                 M    46         Good but worn teeth.
Charles Hide             M    53         Edentulous. Tuberculosis.
Tobias                   M    50         Fairly good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Dudley Bulmer            M    52         Poor teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Jinnamuraga              M    41         Medium poor teeth. ? Tuberculosis.
Paul Sexton              M    26         Perihepatitis. Enlarged spleen. Comes from Bloomfield.
Jimmy Enikin             M    45         Very poor teeth. Suspicious chest.
Charles Palmer           M    60         Almost edentulous. Old gleet.
William Roderick         M    24         Good teeth.
Sammy Joseph             M    21         Fair teeth. Diver's heart.
Frank Davison            M    19         Good teeth.
Joseph Sydney            M    18         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Selwyn Bondi             M    18         Good teeth.
Charlie Fourmile         M    42         Few poor stumps.
Moses                    M    24         Good teeth.
Charles Palmer           M    18         Loss of left eye. Traumatic.
Albury                   M    19         Good teeth.
Smith Creed              M    32         Enlarged spleen. Recent malaria.
Earnest Bungi            M    40         Fair teeth.
Sidney                   M    50         Poor teeth. Chesty.
Jo Chatfield             M    55         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Old gleet.
Douglas                  M    36         Fair teeth. Diver's heart.
Paul Murga               M    40         Poor teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Walter Fourmile          M    50         Poor teeth. Doubtful right chest.
Amos Ranji               M    55         Old gleet.
Arthur David             M    40         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest.
Arthur Bertie            M    18         Good teeth.
Herbert William Miller   M    17         Good teeth. Slight evidences dilated heart.
Denis                    M    55         Fair teeth. Old heart strain.
Teddy Fourmile           M    55         Edentulous. Old gleet.
Morris Shadrack          M    26         Poor teeth. Old dilation heart.
Luke Stanley             M    45         Poor teeth.
Peter Burns              M    25 1/2     Dry pleurisy. Doubtful heart.
Gregory                  M    18         Good teeth.
Isaac Mundraby           M    30         Old tuberculosis glands right side neck. Ringworm.
Jack Dimara              M    29         Several teeth lost. ? Tuberculosis.
James John               M    25         Ringworm. ? Heart.
Tennyson                 M    19         Good teeth.
Timothy                  M    37         Good teeth.
Patrick                  M    20         Ringworm. Doubtful chest.
Jimmy Mark               M    25         Hare lip.
King Albert              M    50         Few poor teeth. Pronounced ringworm.
Herbert Wood             M    22         Fairly good teeth.
Roderick Livingstone     M    17         Good teeth. Groin glands.
Martin                   M    16         Good teeth.
Norman                   M     2         Good teeth.
Hector Lambert           M    16         Good teeth. Diver's heart.
Henry Gordon             M    26         Fair teeth. Old gleet.
Gresham Winter           M    16         Good teeth. Prolonged expiration apices.
Oscar                    M    16         Good teeth. ? Heart.
Roland                   M    17         Good teeth.
Daniel Murga             M    28         Doubtful chest.
Mattthew                 M    26         Good chest.
Samuel                   M    18         Good teeth. Food deficiency.
Albert Underwood         M    55         Good teeth.
Jack King                M    45         Fair Teeth. ? Aka Stewart Nathaniel.
Neddy Choykee            M    45         Few poor teeth. Tuberculosis.
Tom Elliott              M    48         Fair teeth.
Stanley Stoneway         M    30         Fair teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.
George Wilson            M    45         Few rotten teeth.
Leslie Walker            M    36         Few stumps. Spleen plus 3. Comes from Bloomfield.
Johnny Ambrym            M    35         Fair teeth.
Leo Earnest              M    30         Poor crowded teeth.
Karl Jacobs              M    35         Good teeth. Old gleet.
Archie Kynuna            M    43         Few isolated teeth.
Joshua                   M    55         Chesty. Few poor teeth.
Claud(e)                 M    60         Few stumps.
Maimo                    M    60         Few isolated stumps. ? Heart.
George Christian         M    65         Old gleet.
Peter Richards           M    63         Few teeth.
Robert Choykee           M    21         Poor teeth.
Mervyn                   M    24         Good teeth. One arm.
Michael Yateman          M    28         Poor teeth.
Peter Underwood          M    40         Poor teeth.
Jacob                    M    48         Few poor teeth.
Theodore Yateman         M    24         Fair teeth. Chesty.
Hilary                   M    23         Few poor dirty teeth.
Andy Godfrey             M    20         Good teeth.
Richard Murga            M    17         Good teeth.
Herbert Miller senior    M    55         Very poor teeth.

Settlement Women

Jezebel                  F    40         Poor teeth.
Hope Miriam              F    22         Good teeth.
Annie Conley             F    27         Poor teeth.
Mrs Kleba                F    23         Good teeth. ? Tuberculosis. Broken metacarpal fighting. 1 child.
Minnie Singleton         F    43         Edentulous. 5 children.
Florence                 F    40         Fairly poor teeth. 4 children (1 dead).
Agnes                    F     9         Good teeth. Doubtful chest.
Dulcie                   F    27         Good teeth. 4 children.
Ralph                    M     2
Martha Mundraby          F    44         Poor teeth.
Claridge                 F    12         Fair teeth. ? Hysterical fits.
Lizzie Johnson           F    38         Poor teeth. 8 children (2 dead).
Jessie Wayson            F     2
Caroline                 F    22         Poor teeth.
Bert                     M     1
Gerthel Thomas           F    24         Rheumatic heart. 2 children. Much malaria as a child.
Dora Ambrym              F    48         Poor teeth. 7 children (3 dead).
Nita                     F     5         Good teeth. Gumboil.
Rita                     F    45         Poor teeth.
Pauline                  F     5         Good teeth.
Hazeline                 F     2         Good teeth.
Polly Elliott            F    32         Poor teeth. 5 children (1 dead).
Minnie Oba               F     2
Daisy Violet             F     5 mths
Josephine Dimara         F    21         Poor teeth. Food deficiency.
John                     M     1         Bronchitic chest.
Helen Mundraby           F    30         4 children. Pregnant.
Alvina                   F     2         Good teeth.
Lilian Mundraby          F    20         Fair teeth. Pregnant. 2 children.
Theodore Palmer          M     2
Elsie                    F    33         Tuberculosis. 7 children (3 dead).
Audrey Sands             F     8 1/2     Good teeth.
Zoe Sands                F     1         Bronchitis.
Gladys Sands             F    33         Fair teeth. Much malaria formerly. 7 children (1 dead).
Hermon                   M     3         Doubtful chest.
Eva James                F    24         Poor teeth. Food deficiency. 1 child (dead).
Doreen                   F    26         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Food deficiency.
George                   M     4 1/2
Bernard                  M     2
Myra Lena                F     4 1/2 mths
Lena                     F    55         Good teeth for age. Doubtful chest.
Eva Webb                 F    28         Good teeth. 3 children (2 dead).
Nita Lihou               F    22         Good teeth.
Kathleen Douglas         F    26         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest.
Vera                     F    38         Fair teeth. ? Tuberculosis. 1 child.
Gwenny Mark              F    24         Good teeth.

Upper Village

Lydia Murray             F    38         Fair teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent. 3 children.
Iolie                    F    46         Few poor teeth. 'Rheumatics'. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent.
Emanuel                  M     6         Good teeth.
Tremayne                 M    10         Good teeth.
Dixie                    M     6 1/2     Good teeth.
Ian                      M     3         Good teeth.
Norma                    F     2         Good teeth.
Bessie                   F     3         Good teeth.
Grace                    F     1         Good teeth.
Litras                   F     2         Good teeth.
Margaret                 F     5         Good teeth.
Frances                  F     1         Good teeth.
Gertrude                 F     1 1/2     Good teeth.
Benny                    M     4         Good teeth. Eye infection.
William                  M     7         Good teeth.
Odette                   F     1
Oscar                    M     3 1/2
Charlotte Walker         F     4         Poor teeth.
Pauline King             F     8         Good teeth.
Alan Oswald              M     3         Fair teeth.
Eileen Annie             F     3 mths
Irene Rosemary           F     9         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Pauline Daphne           F     3         Good teeth.
Victor William           M     1         Bronchitis.
Cornelius                M     9         Fair teeth.
Joan Stanley             F     5         Good teeth.
Redmond Stanley          M     3         Doubtful chest.
Christopher              N     1         Good teeth.
Tremayne Alfred          M     6         Fair teeth.
Seith                    M     7         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Evan                     M     3         Good teeth.
Joseph                   M     6         Fair teeth.
Pauline Kuranda          F     9         Good teeth. Hookworm.
Elaine                   F     3         Good teeth.
Silas Leonard Donovan    M     1 1/2     Good teeth.
Grace                    F     7         Good teeth.
Dawn                     F     3
Eslin Rhoda              F     1 1/2
Morrison                 M     3         Good teeth.
Charles                  M     1         Hydrocephalus. Strabismus. Muscular paresis - unable to sit up.
Esma                     F     1
Clem                     M     2
Hendrick                 M     3         Lichen Pilaris.
Hewitt                   M     2
Leila                    F     3
Walter                   M     1
Opal                     M     1
Gwen                     F     5         Good teeth.
Charles                  M     4         Good teeth.
Mercy                    F     1         Lichen Pilaris.
Zena Maloney             F    24         Medium good teeth. 4 children.
Ensdene Dorothy          F    25         Fair teeth. 3 children. Pain in left flank.
Dorothy Bairds           F    22         Fair teeth. ? Tuberculosis right apex. 2 children.
Minnie Connolly          F    53         Edentulous.
Conrad                   M    36         Good teeth. Recent malarial fever.
Jo Sands                 M    36         Fair teeth.
Charles C Palmer         M    29         Poor teeth. Doubtful chest.
Walter Cornelius         M    26         Good teeth.
Percy Fourmile           M    50         Poor teeth. Chesty.
Philip                   M    53         Fair teeth.
Stanley Walker           M    32         Poor chest. Nose destroyed - ? syphilis, ? yaws.
Jimmy Andrew             M    19         Good teeth.
Clarence                 M    40         Medium poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Malaria. Formerly from Van Rook.
Harry Mossman            M    45         Poor teeth. Chesty.
Joseph Fourmile          M    40         Fairly good teeth. Old gleet.
Nugget                   M    55         Fair teeth.
Karl Stafford            M    19
Annie                    F    42         Poor teeth. Menstruating. 6 children (1 dead).
Emily                    F    50         Few foul teeth. 1 child (dead).
Totty                    F    38         Few poor teeth. ? Tuberculosis right apex. 7 children (1 dead).
Norma                    F    24         Good teeth. Acid dyspepsia. 3 children (1 dead).
Lotty                    F    40         Poor teeth. 5 children (1 dead).
May                      F    38         Few poor teeth. Tuberculosis left apex. Food deficient. Knee jerks absent.
Mary                     F    31         Few poor teeth. 3 children.
Jessie Stanley           F    45         Poor teeth. Scar of old operation for fixation of uterus.
Edna                     F    25         Poor teeth. Lumbago. Food deficiency. 2 children (1 dead).
Louisa                   F    25         Good teeth. No children. Formerly of Darnley Island.
Bella                    F    40         Poor teeth. Scar of old womb fixation. 6 children (1 dead).
Elizabeth                F    33         Fairly good teeth. Goitre. Acid dyspepsia. 5 children (3 dead).
Nellie Walker            F    36         Good teeth. 8 children (1 dead).
Georgena Althwaite       F    27         Molars gone. 4 children (1 dead).
Cecily                   F    35         Very poor teeth. Doubtful chest. Anaemic, with haemic bruit. 4 children (1 dead).
Elizabeth Wayson         F    23         Fairly good teeth. 1 child.
Amy Hide                 F    43         Poor teeth. 3 children (2 dead).
Lucy                     F    35         Fair teeth. Food deficiency. 5 children (1 dead).
Jinny Katjewan           F    50         Almost edentulous. 11 children (5 dead).
Jinny Althwaite          F    50         Very few poor teeth. 1 child.
Irene Palmer             F    26         Fair teeth. 5 months pregnant.
May Thynne               F    37         Few poor teeth. Pterygium. 9 children (1 dead).
Alma Bulmer              F    34         Poor teeth. 6 children (1 dead).
Marjory                  F    23         Fairly good teeth. Slight discharge. 3 children (1 dead).
Winnie                   F    23         Fairly good teeth. 2 children (1 dead).
Janet Winifred           F     1
Maggie Two               F    50         Poor teeth. Ringworm.
Emma                     F    40         Fair teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent. 4 children.
Rachel                   F    56         Poor teeth. 5 children.
Adelaide                 F    42         Poor teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks diminished. 6 children (1 dead).
Maggie Richard           F    56         Very poor teeth.
Tilly Palmer             F    55         Very few poor teeth. Food deficiency. Knee jerks absent. 8 children (2 dead).
Jinny Kuranda            F    40         Fairly poor teeth. Doubtful chest. 7 children (1 dead).
Jockabi                  F    55         Poor teeth.
Mary Ann Cupdee          F    42         Fair teeth. No children.
Malambi Fourmile         F    43         Few poor teeth. 4 children.
Maudie                   F    26         Poor teeth. 1 child.
Tessa                    F    45         Edentulous. 2 children (1 dead).
Rosy Steele              F    33         Good teeth. Doubtful chest. No children.
Lily King                F    34         Fairly good teeth. 7 children (3 dead).
Ethel Malandy            F    24         Good teeth (3 carious). No children.
Alice Fourmile           F    46         Fair teeth. Doubtful chest. No children.

Report of a Partial Survey of Aboriginal Natives of North Queensland
(October - November 1932)
R W Cilento M.D. B.S. D.T.M.& H.
Appendix  A - Mainland Examinations in Detail


J Raleigh's Farms

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Simon                    Cardwell        M    S               OK.
Jacob                    Murray River    M    S               Hookworm.
Davie Lawrence           Murray River    M    M               Hookworm.
Andy Lawrence            Murray River    M    S    10         Adopted child. Irregular discoloured patch on the left flank, not anaesthetic or definately edged. Said to be birth mark.
Rosie                    Murray River    F    M
Lena                     Murray River    F    M               Tuberculosis.
Jimmie Darcy             Murray River    M    M
Dandy Darcy (son)        Murray River    M    S     2 1/2
Lassie Warimer           Murray River    F    M               Two children dead. No information.
Jimmy Corkon             Murray River    M                    Aged.
Tommy Mon                Murray River    M                    Crooked leg owing mal-union following kick by horse.
Maggie Nita              Murray River    F                    Aged. Widow of Charlie.
Minnie Bringan           Murray River    F                    Aged. ? Gonorrhoea.
Johnnie Kyberry          Murray River    M                    Has 3 women. Old glairy discharge. Two women did not parade.
Maggie Cornbun           Murray River    F    M               Glairy discharge. ? Gonorrhoea.
Biddy (wife of Paddy)    Murray River    F    M               ? Gonorrhoea.
Cassie Lawrence          Murray River    F          7 1/2     Daughter of Davie. Good health.

Curtis's Property

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Charlie Williams         Murray River    M    M               Two children. Systolic bruit of the heart.
Alex Solomon             Solomon Is      M                    Savo. Aged. OK.

Houston's property Murray River

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Paddy Bairon             Murray River    M    S               OK.
Johnnie No 1             Valley Lagoon   M    S               Ringworm of the neck.
Jo Willunga                              M    S               OK.
Jackie                   Murray River    M    S    10         OK.
Jimmie (son of Jerry)    Murray River    M    S     8         OK.
Charlie Splain           Murray River    M                    Aged. ? Gonorrhoea.
Lucy Gore                Murray River    F    M               Aged. OK. Married to Tommy.
Nellie Jinja Jinja       Murray River    F    M               Aged. Married to Tommy Ilwarra.
George Bairon            Murray River    M                    Widower. OK.
Tommy Ilwarra            Murray River    M    M               ? Gonorrhoea.

Ste?a's place Kennedy Creek

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Jimmie Wild              Gorge           M    M
  (OK. Old mal-united fracture of left arm.)
Mary Ann (wife)          Murray River    F    M               OK.
Jack Jilbana             Ingham          M    M               OK. One arm.
Alice (wife)             Ingham                               OK. Pregnant about 7 months.
Artu (Arthur, son)                       M    S     7         OK.
Kathleen (daughter)                      F    S     3         ? Tuberculosis.
Nellie Kennedy                           F                    Absconded during examination.
Charlie Clark Kennedy                    M    M               ? Gonorrhoea.

O'Sullivan's place

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Harry Flynn              Murray River    M    M               OK.
Fanny Marum (wife)       Murray River    F    M               OK.
Tommy Sullivan           Murray River    M    S
  (Lipodystrophy; genital dysplasia.)
Old Frank                Murray River    M    M               OK.
Nellie Frank (wife)      Murray River    F    M               Skin.
Biddy (daughter)         Murray River    F    S     8
Billy Bombaro            Cardwell        M    M               OK.
Billy Walja              Waterfall       M    M               OK.
Jinny                    Murray River    F                    Aged.

Yunga Creek (Salt Water Creek)

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Willie Murray            Salt Water Ck   M    M               OK (young).
Baina (wife)             Salt Water Ck   F    M               Skin (young).
Willie No 2 (son)        Salt Water Ck   M    S     2

Cardwell - c/o Hugh Henry Bellingen

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Samuel William           Tableland       M    S               OK.
Spider                   Murray River    M    S               OK.
Jimmie Jacob             Murray River    M    S               OK.

One Tree Hill Camp

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Tommy Runaway                            M    M               OK.
Rosie (wife)                             F    M               OK.
Monkey                                   M    S               OK
Old Man Wallaby                          M    M               Right side hernia.
Topsy (wife)                             F    M               OK.
Nellie                                   F                    Aged. Chronic Bronchitis.
Old Nellie                               F                    OK. Aged.

c/o Bryce Henry Euramo

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Johnnie Bingero          Euramo          M    M               OK.
Jinny Bingero (wife)     Euramo          F    M               Four children.
Emily (daughter)         Euramo          F    S    10         OK.
Julia (daughter)         Euramo          F    S     8         OK.
Tommy (son)              Euramo          M    S     6         OK.
Chloe (daughter)         Euramo          F    S     3 1/2     OK.
Tommy Jimblow            Euramo          M    M               OK.
Kitty (wife)                             F    M               Two boys, one girl. Two boys not seen.
Phyllis (daughter)       Euramo          F    S     2 1/2     OK.
Jo Kinjum                                M    M               OK.
Maggie Jo (wife)                         F    M               OK.
Percy (son)                              M    S     2         OK.
Hector (son)                             M    S    Baby       OK.

This completed the series of cases seen with Sergeant J V Dowde of Cardwell,
between Cardwell and Tully. A larger number of the natives ran away here than
in any other locality, and this was said to be due to the fact that they had
recently been dosed with hookworm medicine, and had had considerable vomiting
and sickness after it. Other reasons appear to operate, as it was noticed that
all the younger gins, without exception, left for the bush.

Cardwell Total = 72

South Johnstone

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Willie Tinkum            Sth Johnstone   M
  (?Tuberculosis left upper chest. ?gonorrhoea. Admits infection 11 years ago.)
Jack Costigan                            M                    Old granuloma. Should have treatment locally.
Paddy Owen               Jordan Creek    M                    OK.
Willie Costigan          Jordan Creek    M                    OK.
Willie O'Hare            Johnstone       M                    Old gleet.
Willie Organ             Johnstone       M                    Phymosis - not troublesome.
George Berringhi         Johnstone       M                    OK. Aged.
Sandy Cook               Jordan Creek    M                    OK. Middle-aged.
Toby                     Jordan Creek    M    S     8 (about) ? Tuberculosis.
Jackie Wuna rurra        Jordan Creek    M    S    11         OK.
Jo Challum                               M                    Old gleet. Valvular heart disease. Lives with Kitty Jinnaburra.
Kitty Jinnaburra                         F                    Young. No obvious gleet.

c/o McNamee Japoon

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Alex George Burrabi      Murray Creek    M                    Aged.
Jackie English (Omija)   Mena Creek      M                    OK.
Mich Nalja               Murray Creek    M                    Slight ptosis right eye.
Mick Bullswool           Tableland       M    M               OK.
Annie (wife)             Tableland       F    M               OK.
Bobby (Pintappa)                         M    S     7         OK. Son of George Burrabi.
Tommy Aurot                              M    M
Kitty (wife)                             F    M
(Tommy Aurot and Kitty are old and have anaesthetic skin patches suspicious
 of leprosy. They live in the bush some distance from any other natives, and
 occasionally beg food from McNamee.)

c/o McFadden

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Johnnie Brown            Tully           M                    OK.
Frank Donell (Toby)      Tully           M                    Aged. ? Old gleet.
Tom Downey               Japoon          M    S    18         Right hernia. ? Gonorrhoea.
Kitty Toby               Tableland       F                    OK.
Dick Hutchison           Sth Johnstone   M                    Small sore on frenum. Should be examined later.
Bob Chenga               Japoon          M                    OK
Gracie Hillage           Murdering Point F    S    16         ? Gonorrhoea. Said to be promiscuous.
George Tinkum (Maroon)                   M                    OK.
Charlie Tinkum                           M                    Lipoma.

At this place an opportunity was taken to examine the family and contacts of a
Maltese leper, George Borg, removed from this locality some time ago. All were
found unsuspicious.

I was accompanied by Constable Moran, who was active, energetic and very efficient.

South Johnstone Total = 29

Innisfail (Senior Sergeant Hegarty)

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

David Uhlan              Johnstone       M    M               OK.  Working at Convent, Johnstone.
Frank Watchim            Johnstone       M    M
  (c/o O'Brien. Chronic inflammation glans penis.)
Jimmie Jones (Jubulba)   Johnstone       M    M               OK. c/o Jones.
Leo Cameron              Cooktown        M    M               OK. Left external strabismus. c/o Dr Craig.
Evelyn Cameron (wife)    Charters Towers F    M               OK. c/o Dr Craig.
Leslie Roberts           Ingham          M                    OK. c/o McIllwame.
Jimmie Davey (Jerringa)  Johnstone       M                    Old gleet.
Charlie Armitage         Palm Islands    M    M               OK. c/o Shaw.
Billie Everton           Evelyn Tablelds M                    OK. c/o Davies.
Jack Conway              Mourilyan       M                    OK. c/o Kingsbury.
Malcolm Brown            Ipswich         M                    OK. c/o Shaw.
Ida Choogan                              F    S    Child      OK.
Mrs Davey Uhlan          Gordonvale      F    M               Scar of appendix operation. Wife of Davie Uhlan. c/o Convent.
Minnie Bynoo             Tully           F    M               Aged. Wife of Jimmie Jubulba. c/o Jones.
Nellie O'Brien (Gumbal)  Liverpool Ck    F    M               Wife of Frank Watchim. c/o O'Brien.
Ruby Armitage            Cooktown        F    M               OK. Wife of Charlie. c/o Shaw.
Katie Friday             Charleville     F    S               Regular irregularity of the heart. ?old gleet. Is single and probably promiscuous. c/o Shaw.
Snider Ketchup           Maytown         M                    OK. c/o Dr Craig.
James Walsh              Yarrabah        M                    c/o Frith.
Maurice Obah             Yarrabah        M                    Leper contact. c/o Frith.
Dave English (Oragul)    Silkwood        M                    Old gonorrhoea. c/o Father Downey.
Harold Toorak (Gundu)    Charters Towers M                    OK. c/o Fallon, Garrdunga.
Charlie Lewis            Ingham          M                    OK. c/o McEvoy.
Tommy Murring            Russell River   M                    OK. c/o Bayer.
Jack Bayer (Murthin)     Daradgee        M                    OK. c/o Bayer.
Jimmie Hobbs             Ingham          M                    OK. c/o Kirk.
Thomas Conway            Hughenden       M                    OK. c/o Moran.
Norah Williamson         Alcomben        F                    AN Niubirangi. OK. c/o Williamson.Married to Dick Naranbi? Line cut off original.
Dick Naranbi             Alcomben        M    M               OK. c/o Williamson.

At Boogan

W Graeme, a Malay, with children and grandchildren, grossly infected
with hookworm disease. Not under control of Protector.

I would like to comment specially upon the efficiency with which
Senior Sergeant Hegarty arranged this examination. The natives were
promptly at the Station, and were put through without waste of time,
in a very satisfactory manner.

Innisfail Total = 29

NB Employer given for these people.


Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Polly Dick (Polly No 2)  Rookwood Stn    F                    Condition doubtful. c/o McCarthy.
Mabel Lawrence           Tolga           F    S    14         ? Gonorrhoea. c/o Mills.
Jessie Brown             Kings Plain Stn F                    ? Gonorrhoea. c/o Anderson
Lily Foster              Yarrabah        F                    Casual worker. Four children. Old gonorrhoea. Believed promiscuous.
Kitty Draper             Babinda         F                    OK. c/o Draper.
Seamore                                  M                    Formerly Police boy. Aged but healthy.
Jackie Brown                             M                    OK. c/o Railway Hotel Cairns.
Mitchell                 Mitchell River  M                    OK. Police boy.
Lee Palmer               Mt Mulligan     M                    OK. c/o Aumiller.
Charlie Gibson           Cooktown        M                    OK. Also Charlie Cooktown. c/o Draper.
Broncho Seemore          Gulf Country    M                    OK. c/o Monahan.
Harry Shaw               Tully           M                    OK. c/o Presbyterian Church.
Barney Kirwan            Cooktown        M                    OK. c/o Dr Langan.
Albert Pluto             Wrothen Park St M                    Old gleet. c/o Knudson.
Hector Cairns            Ivy Creek       M                    OK. Casual worker.
Violet Maud Stewart      Cooktown        F                    Formerly c/o Corser now unemployed. Old gleet. Said to be promiscous.
John Thomas (Maud's son)                 M    S     5         Hookworm.
Bob Flinders             Normanton       M                    OK. Casual worker at present unemployed.
Jackie Brown (Yimmul)    Gordonvale      M                    Old gleet. c/o Bird.
Barney Warner (Nalba)    Ivy Creek       M                    OK. c/o Babinda Railway Hotel.
Harry Rutherford         Douglas         M
  (?tuberculosis. An Me-biningai. c/o King.)
Tommy Marrangul          Four Mile       M                    OK. c/o Ballon.
Tommy Kangaroo           Tableland       M
  (?tuberculosis. AN Wushararun. c/o Captain Baker.)
Jackie Short (Namagulin) Cooktown        M                    Heart disease. c/o Maro.
Jimmie Cannon (Naibul)   Woree           M                    OK. c/o Dykes.
Jo Maree (Nolbari)       Mareeba         M                    Aged. OK. c/o Tom Maree.

These natives, more than any other set of town natives, were infected with
gonorrhoea, and were altogether an unsatisfactory collection. There are
several other collections of natives, both under and outside the power of
the Protector of Aboriginals, who have established camps round the town,
and make themselves a nuisance and a health menace to the rest of the

I wasa not impressed with the activities of the police as Protectors
of Aboriginals in this locality.

Cairns Total = 26


Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Logan (Watachula)        Herberton       M                    Old gleet. c/o Culhane.
Bill (Yo-inghi           Redlynch        M                    Origin also Freshwater. Granuloma with elephantitis of the glans. Casual labourer.
David Anti (Pentamurrai) Cairns          M                    Chronic rheumatism.
Lila (We-enga)           Kuranda         F    M               OK. Married to Billy Duncan. c/o Blackman.
Billy Duncan (Menji)     Kuranda         M    M               OK. c/o Blackman. Married to Lila.
Jessie Lawrence          Atherton        F    M               ? Tuberculosis. c/o Redlynch camp. Married to Jo.
Gilbert (son)                            M    S     4         OK.
Mary (daughter)                          F    S    Baby
Doris Beavis                             F    M               c/o Beavis. Married to Peter?
Peter                    Redlynch        M    M               ?gonorrhoea.
May Foley (Mingarama)    Redlynch        F                    Aged. Old gleet. c/o Gully Camp.
Queenie                  Redlynch        F    S               ?gonorrhoea. c/o Pearson.
May                      Redlynch        F    M    15 (about) ? Gonorrhoea. Married to Charlie. c/o Reid.
Jackie (Koi-inghe)       Redlynch        M                    Aged. OK. c/o Camp.

At Redlynch, a number of the natives refused to come for inspection,
and deserted the camp.

Redlynch Total = 15

Mona Mona

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Boys School

Edgar Davis              Cairns          M                    Blind from finger cherry. Tuberculosis right side.
Ted Mathieson            Mareeba         M                    OK.
Phyl Abin                Bamford         M                    OK. From Bamford, out west.
Willie Green             Tolga           M                    Leprosy. Perforating ulcer of foot.
Steve Fagan              Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Ronnie Shepherd                          M
Lindsay Baker            Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Paddy Hastie             Mareeba         M                    Lowered resistance.
Bertie Hobson            Kuranda         M                    OK.
Percy Courtney           Kuranda         M                    Skin.
Henry Hunter             Kuranda         M                    OK.
Dan Coleman              Dimboola        M                    ?tuberculosis right apex.
Roy Hobson               Mona Mona       M                    Skin.
Cyril Hobson             Mona Mona       M                    Skin. (Leprosy 1934 in pencil)
Norman Reilly            Mona Mona       M                    Skin.
Harry Baker              Mona Mona       M                    Enuresis.
Hugh Grey                Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Silas Hastie             Mona Mona       M                    Hookworm.
Eddie Lawrence           Mona Mona       M                    Skin.
Herbie Albin             Mona Mona       M                    Hookworm.
Bennie Leavis            Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Louis Newbury            Mona Mona       M                    Skin. Hookworm.
Morris Baker             Mona Mona       M                    ?tuberculosis. Hookworm.
Ned Hobson               Mona Mona       M                    Skin.
Oliver Hunter            Mona Mona       M                    ? (Leprosy 1934 in pencil)
Selwyn Hunter            Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Michael Newbury          Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Victor Hudson            Georgetown      M                    Skin.
Cyril Hudson             Georgetown      M                    OK.
Telfi Thomson            Mona Mona       M                    ?tuberculosis.
Len Courtenay            Mona Mona       M                    OK.
Harold Baker             Mona Mona       M                    OK.

Girls School

Hazel Davies             Yarrabah        F         21         OK.
Mona Donnell             Redlynch        F                    Retroversion. Needs liquor sedans.
Jean Lawrence            Kuranda         F                    OK.
Ivy Reilly                               F         13         ?discharge.
Mavis Donnell            Mona Mona       F         15         OK.
Vera Newbury             Mona Mona       F         14         ?Chest.
Edith Cawdency                           F         14         Skin
Eina Mathewson                           F         14         Skin.
Elsie Hunter             Kuranda         F         21         OK.
Kathleen Davies          Cairns          F         15         ?
Mabel Shepherd           Mareeba         F         21         OK.
Trixie Reilly            Mona Mona       F         16         OK.
Charity Baker            Yarrabah        F         23         Skin.
Ethel Carroll            Mona Mona       F         12         Skin.
Myrtle Hunter            Mona Mona       F         14         Slight skin.
Lily Newbury             Redlynch        F         17         OK.
Stella Carroll           Mona Mona       F         15         OK.
Violet Hobbler           Kuranda         F         16 1/2     ?
Dinah Street             Kuranda         F         25         Tuberculosis apical cavity.
Doris Grey               Mona Mona       F         15         ? Tuberculosis right side.
Alice Lawrence           Kuranda         F         21         OK.
Chrissie Lawrence        Mona Mona       F         12         Skin. ?Chronic bronchitis.
Sarah Hudson             Georgetown      F         11         OK.
Martha Hudson            Georgetown      F          9         Hookworm.
Kathleen Robertson       Middlebrook     F          8 1/2     Hookworm.
Nancy Robertson          Ravenshoe       F          6         Hookworm.
Miriam Cannon            Mona Mona       F          8 1/2     Needs cod liver oil.
Phyllis Cannon           Mona Mona       F          7         Needs cod liver oil.
Ada Duffin               Mona Mona       F          9         Chest.
Flo Duffin               Mona Mona       F          7         Chest.
Rene Thomson             Mona Mona       F          8         Skin
Martha Thomson           Mona Mona       F          7         ? Chest.
Greta Donald             Mona Mona       F          7         Skin. ?inherited syphilis.
Elaine Donald            Mona Mona       F          3         Skin. ?inherited syphilis.
Dorothy Donohue          Mona Mona       F         5 3/4      Skin.
Dulcie Donohue           Mona Mona       F         6 1/2      Skin.
Katie Courtenay          Mona Mona       F         11         Skin.
Olga Street              Mona Mona       F         11         Skin. Hookworm.
Evelyn Hobbler           Mona Mona       F         11 1/2     OK.
Gladys Hunter            Mona Mona       F         12         ?
Enid Hobbs               Mona Mona       F         10         Inherited syphilis.
Evie Carroll             Mona Mona       F          8         ?discharge.
Sheila Reilly            Mona Mona       F          7         Skin.
Amy Newbury              Mona Mona       F          6         Skin.


Maudie Robertson         Croydon         F         37         Pleurisy. Gonorrhoeal salpingitis (suggest Palm Island).)
Lydia Robertson          Ravenshoe       F          2 1/2     Daughter. Hookworm.
Susie Pluto              Carbine         F         20         Gonorrhoea (suggest Palm Island).
Mary Newbury             Maytown         F                    OK but poor condition.

Boy's Dormitary

Jack Walsh               Mona Mona       M         15         Sex neurosis (suggest Palm Islands).
Charlie Walsh (father)   Cooktown        M         45         Sex Neurosis (suggest Palm Island).


Eric Carroll             Kuranda         M         23         OK.
Violet Carroll (wife)    Mareeba         F         26         OK.
Edward (son)                             M          1 1/2     OK.
Patrick (son)                            M         Baby       Needs Hydrarg, c cret.
Billie Shepherd          Mareeba         M         24         OK.
Minnie Shepherd (wife)   Bloomfield      F         32         OK.
Dinah Brim               Bucket Creek    F         27         Origin Bucket Creek near Carbine. Valvular disease of the heart. Umbilical hernia.
Cecil Brim               Mareeba         M         25         OK.
Marita (daughter)                        F          4 1/2
Willie Thomson (widower) Kuranda         M         36         ? Tuberculosis left apex posteriorly.
Harry Grogan             Croydon         M         42         OK.
Rosie Grogan (wife)      Mungana         F         29         Hookworm. Anaemia. Left internal squint. Slight umbilicah hernia.
Esme Grogan (daughter)   Mona Mona       F         10 1/2     ? Tuberculosis right apex.
Melba Grogan (daughter)  Mona Mona       F          8         OK.
Findley Grogan (son)     Mona Mona       M          5         OK.
Rose Marie Grogan        Mona Mona       F          2 3/4     OK. Daughter.
Clarence Grogan (son)    Mona Mona       M         Baby       OK.
George Reilly            Mareeba         M         23         ? Chest.
Ruby Reilly (wife)       Garnet          F         32         Old pleurisy - thickened pleura.
Mervyn (son)                             M          4 1/2
Clem Ross (son)                          M          3 1/2
Esme Madge (daughter)                    F         Baby
Stanley Shepherd         Mareeba         M         20         OK.
Mabel Shepherd (wife)    Cairns          F         21         OK.
Marian Beryl (daughter)                  F          2 wks
Charlie Leavis           Tolga           M         33         Old healed tuberculosis.
Lucy Leavis (wife)       Mareeba         F         31         OK.
Lionel (son)                             M          6 1/2     OK.
Wilfred (son)                            M          4         OK.
Hubert (son)                             M          2         OK.
Billy Courtenay          Kuranda         M         42         OK.
Minnie Courtenay         Kuranda         F         46         OK.
Basil (son)                              M          3 1/2     OK.
Billy Molloy             Mareeba         M         42         OK.
Cissie Molloy (wife)     Redlynch        F         35         OK.
Colin (son)                              M          5         OK.
Noland (son)                             M          3         OK.
Alfred (son)                             M         Baby       OK.
Jimmie Reilly            Mareeba         M         50         OK.
Lizzie Walsh             Biboohra        F         33         OK.
Lulu Baker               South Edge      F         39         ?tuberculosis.
Gracie Baker             Myola           F         36         Right kidney.
Charlie Mathewson        Oaklands        M         62         OK.
Rosie Mathewson          Molloy          F         54         OK.
Jinny Shepherd           Mareeba         F         43         Old tuberculosis.
Eileen Shepherd          Mareeba         F         40         OK.
Percy Lyons              Redlynch        M         19         Tuberculosis.
Gilbert Martin           Kuranda         M         31         ?leprosy.
Nelson Martin                            M          3 1/2     To be kept under observation as a suspect.
Sam Morris               Cooktown        M         33         OK.
Violet Morris            Mareeba         F         39         Formerly syphilis.
Mick Shepherd            Mareeba         M         75         Aged.
Jinny                    Mareeba         F         68
Nellie                   Mareeba         F         62
Bertie Hobbler           Mareeba         M         22
Mary Hobbler             Tolga           F         21
Valda (daughter)                         F         Baby
Peter Donohue            Kuranda         M         36
Maggie Donohue           Kuranda         F         29
Merle (daughter)                         F          4 1/2
Howie (son)                              M          2 1/2
Samuel (son)                             M          ?
Sambo mont               Daintree        M         35         OK.
Norah Mont               Redlynch        F         36         OK.
Ella (daughter)                          F          6
Colin (son)                              M          1 1/2
Old Bob                                  M                    Aged and decrepit.
Julia                                    F                    Aged and decrepit.
Rosie                                    F                    Aged and decrepit.
Paddy Cannon             Kuranda         M         28         OK.
Jessie Cannon            Carbine         F         22         Valvular disease of the heart.
Kelvin (son)                             M          4 1/2
Jessie (daughter)                        F         10 mths
Allan Mathewson          Kuranda         M         22         OK.
Pansy                    Yarrabah        F         22         OK.
Hansel (son)                             M         18 mths    OK.
Mayleen (daughter)                       F          1 week
Willie Duffin            Cairns          M         27         Doubtful
Linda Duffin             Kuranda         F         25         Doubtful
Maimie (daughter)                        F          4 1/2
Fred Sonny Boy (son)                     M         10 mths    OK.

Camp, Mona Mona

Long Jimmie              Kuranda         M                    Aged.
Nellie                   Mareeba         F         48         Muscular rheumatism - needs medicine.
Toby Brim                Mareeba         M         67         OK.
Annie Brim               Mareeba         F                    OK.
Frances Thomson                          F          3 1/2
Esther Thomson                           F         18 mths
Tommy Courtenay          Mareeba         M         66
Polly Courtenay          Kuranda         F         63
King Jacky               Kuranda         M                     Aged.
Kitty                                    F         72          Decrepit.
Bertie Lawrence          Mareeba         M         32
Mary Anne                Kuranda         F         50
Starlight Straight       Kuranda         M         38          ? Tuberculosis.
Biddy                                    F         50          Discharge.


Nellie Whitehead                         F
Nellie Bryer                             F
Old Nellie                               F
Mary Hobbler                             F
(All old women living in one hut.)

No heading

Georgie Carroll          Kuranda         M         42          OK.
Maudie                                   F                     OK.
Paddy Newbury            Kuranda         M         38          OK.
Reggie Newbury (son)                     M          4          Ptosis right eyelid; convergent internal strabismus.
Tommy Grey               Kuranda         M         42

The outstanding observation at Mona Mona Mission was the frequency of
tuberculosis and of skin disease. To my mind this has an undoubted
relationship to the type of diet used among Seventh Day Adventist
missionary people. The natives are well cared for and well housed,
but the diet appears to be lacking in Vitamins A and C. The Superintendent,
Mr Broad, has a good conception of the necessities of the case so far as
food constituents are concerned, but it is difficult to put an exact
balance into a diet for natives rigidly restricted by religous prohibitions

Mona Mona Total = 187


Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Rosie Ah Sak             Palmer          F         20         ?tuberculosis right chest.
Daisy Richards           Mareeba         F          8         OK.
Minnie Williams          Mareeba         F         36         OK.
Frank Williams           Mareeba         M         52         Heart muscle poor.
Eileen Richards          Mareeba         F         42         ? Tuberculosis left apex posteriorly. Should have cod liver oil.
Mick Richards            Mulligan        M         50         ?tuberculosis.
Josie Doherty            Wrotham Park    F         26         OK.
George Back (husband)    Normanton       M         53         Old gleet.
Charlotte Doherty        Wrotham Park    F         29         OK.
Katie                    Mareeba         F          4         OK.
Echo Johnson             Yungaburra      M         40         ?Chest.
Corporal Jimmy Airey     Cashmere        M         58         Asthmatic. Surname given as Ariey.
Sandy Cape               Coen            M         55         OK.
Monkey Boy (Doherty)     Coen            M         39         ?right chest.

These natives are in charge of Sergeant Patrick Seary, who is well known
throughout the North for his devotion to his native charges and their welfare.
He has established a well-built native camp on the outskirts of the town,
where several houses have been built of second-class timber, with sleeping
rooms, kitchens, and antbed hearths. I visited this camp, and found the
natives are so supervised that all refuse is burnt or buried, and there was
no rubbish and no offal anywhere. The usual packs of native dogs were seen,
and the Sergeant gave orders for them to be reduced. The camp is well drained,
and is situated in a well-chosen angle between Chinaman and Granite Creeks,
and has an area of about 15 to 17 acres.

Note: An old man, Toby McDonohue, from Mt Mulligan, was in a humpy at the camp,
and was aged, mentally week, and apparently dying of pneumonia. He refused
either aid or shelter.

Mareeba Total = 14


Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Nellie Williams          Herberton       F         27         OK.
Madeline                                 F          4         OK.
Rosie Martin (Chilbulla) Ravenshoe       F         50         OK.
Tommy Martin (husband)   Atherton        M         55         OK. AN is Tualla.
Dave White               Upper Murray    M         21         ?Chest.
Rosie Collins            Narlita         F         23         OK.
Jo Collins (brother)     Narlita         M         22         Fat pituitary type.
Carrie McMullan          Innisfail       F         24         Apparently OK.
Bob Gillrobin            Kiroy           M                    Old gleet.
Ned Michinin             Kiroy           M         32         Chesty.
Lisa Simon               Barron          F         23         One child aged 7 yrs (half Syrian); father not contributing to upkeep. OK.
Kitty Burke              Ravenshoe       F         32         Old discharge.
Jack Johnson             Mackay          M         60         Former Tracker.
Dick Toohey              Ravenshoe       M         26         OK.
Sam Robertson            Tully           M         30         OK. Origin is Head of the Tully.
Robert Gillrobin                         M          9         OK.
June Gillrobin                           F          6 1/2     OK.
July Gillrobin                           F          6         OK.
John Thomas Gillrobin                    M          4         OK.
Mary Gillrobin                           F          8 mths    OK.
Lovey Robertson          Ravenshoe       F         24         OK.
Daisy Montgomery         Mareeba         F         24

The last is a flash half-caste gin in the employ of a local lawyer, who is
apparently very jealous of her rights. It was only after waiting two hours
that this young lady indignantly put in an appearance.

Atherton Total - 22

Millaa Millaa 

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Jimmie James (Hongil)    Innifail        M         35         OK.
Jimmie Cargill           Jordan Creek    M
  (An is Marg-ve-ull. Gangosa of the nose. Tuberculosis.)
Peter Moran (Ai-ping)    Millaa Millaa   M         50         ? Gonorrhoea.
Willie Kelly (Dudu)      Sth Johnstone   M         25         OK.
Biddy Tilly (wife)       John Creek      F         33         Old discharge. AN is Warmin.
Frank Mears (Anjila)     Sth Johnstone   M         30         OK.
Judy Mears               Millaa Millaa   F         23         Achondroplasia.
Jerry Barlow (Unghi)     John Creek      M         50         Old gleet.
Jimmie Moran (Waria)     Innisfail       M         25         Tuberculosis left lung.
Lucy Moran               Innisfail       F         26         OK.
Jackie Watson (De-in-jo) John Creek      M         55         Tuberculosis.
Harry Brook (Tikla)      Sth Johnstone   M         18         OK.
Sambo Brook (Toi-engho)  Sth Johnstone   M         40         OK.
Leslie Mears                             M          2 1/2     OK.
Edna Mears                               F          1 yr      OK.
Minnie Barlow (Med-ja)   Johnstone       F         45         Old.gleet.
Bob Moran                                M          2 1/2     OK.
Linda Moran                              F          9 mths    OK.
Kitty Brook (Binjil)                     F         40         OK. Married Sambo.
Tommie Brook (Marntu)                    M          5         OK.
Kitty Moran (Jungurh)    Millaa Millaa   F         40         OK.
Midji                                              60         OK.
Lizzie                                   F         10         OK.
Bilbo                    Innisfail                 24         OK.
Jo Brooks                Boonjie         M         26         OK.
Billy (Nimja)            Waire           M         17         ? Tuberculosis.
Dick Maunder (Warinyi)   Jordan Creek    M         24         ? Tuberculosis.
Sandy Deegan             John Creek      M         30         ? Bronchitis.
Cyclone                  Millaa Millaa   M         13         OK.
Lily (Yunchin)           Millaa Millaa   F         60         OK.
Biddy Disano             Millaa Millaa   F         12 1/2     OK.
Mollie Christmas         Jordan Creek    F         19         ?. AN is Kulberra.
Tommy Morris                             M          3         OK.

Jimmie James                             M          7         OK.
Mary                                     F          5         OK.
Reggie                                   M          3         OK.
Maisie                                   F          1         OK.
(These four are the family of Jo James.)

Nellie James (wife)      Tully River     F         25         OK.
Sammy Watson                             M          1 1/2     OK.
Kitty Christmas          Jordan Creek    F         56         Old gleet.
Annie Jacob (Weare)                      F         30         Just out of hospital. OK.
Willie Weare                             M          3 1/2     OK.
Ruby Weare                               F          9         OK.
Millie Weare                             F         12         OK.
Nellie Deagan            Jordan Creek    F         60         OK.
Billy Weare              Jordan Creek    M         45         OK.
Elsie Wallero            Cooktown        F         17         ?
Willie Duver             Innisfail Rd    M         23         OK. AN is Duchiduvun.
Billy McHugh (Wollador)  Millaa Millaa   M         21         OK.
Matcho Brooks            Millaa Millaa   M         32         OK. AN is Barumburra.

Millaa Millaa Total = 50


Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Joe Battle (Baringo)     Russell River   M         60         OK.
Jimmie Waigeng           Johnstone       M         55         OK.
Jacky Parkinson          Lower Russell   M         35         OK.
Tommy Land               Mulgrave River  M         42         Old gleet.
Jimmie Brown (Bunion)    Babinda         M         45         OK. Married to Molly Raymond (Dersia).
Molly Raymond (Dersia)   Leslie River    F         23         OK. Married to Jimmie Brown (Bunion).
Paddy Robertson          Gordonvale      M         45         OK.
Peter Horsey (Maiwa)     Leslie          M         60         Eye trouble. Old gleet.
Widgee Toohey            Croydon         F         25         OK. Married.
Harry Raymond                            M
Victoria Raymond         Malanda         F         16 mths    Whooping cough.
Sarah (Waiambukah)       Coraki          F         60         OK.
Lucy Baikal              Upper Leslie Rv F         42         OK.
Jack Spiel (Yai-imbah)   Jordan Creek    M         45         OK.
Billy Roberts (Warrum)   Upper Barron    M         45         OK.
Jinny Kukum              Malanda         F         40         Pregnant.
Jo (Boi-kabah)           Jordan Creek    F         42         OK.
Jack Cow (Jepi)          Boonjie         M         22         OK.
Ethel Chikiniju          Yungaburra      F         24         OK.
Gracie Aymer                             F          9         Child of previous union.
Henry Aymer                              M          4         Child of previous union.
Tommy Bui-yan            Russell River   M         52         Chesty.
Polly Calico             Boonjie         F         47         OK. AN is Warring-ginyu.
Dinah Calico (Juberum)   Evelyn Tablelds F         19         OK.
Jessie Calico            Malanda         F          1 1/2     OK.
Billy Calico (Olli)      Boonjie         M         35         OK.

Malanda Total = 26

Jaggan (Malanda)

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Polly Barlow             Malanda         F         45         ? Old gleet.
Leslie Barlow                            M          7         OK.
Gwen Morslove            Malanda         F          9 1/2     OK.
Billy Barlow             Malanda         M         60         OK.
Jack Muratta             Solomon Islands M         60         Aged but healthy. Kanaka.
Jinny Tikivia            Yungaburra      F                    Aged. Dying of inanition.

Jaggan Total = 6

Malanda (2nd Group)

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Nipper (Narraki)         Colga Pocket    M         57         Old gleet.
Harry Raymond (Walpulla) Colga           M         42         OK.
Emily Dehnye             Russell         F         50         OK.

Lammond's Hill

Dinah Langdon (Jorinyi)  Mulgrave        F         48         OK. Married Tommy.
Nellie Parlson (Un-yere) Yungaburra      F         26         ? Heart. 6 months pregnant.
Little John                              M          9         OK.
Rene                                     F          4         OK.
Lan (Boy)                                M          2         OK.
Alice Raymond (Wongai)   Boonjie         F         18         OK.
Edward Mitchell          Atherton        M         11 mths    OK.
Betty (Ungoridjeh)       Colga Pocket    F         60         OK.
Sali (Gungudja)          Colga Pocket    F         70         Aged woman.
Emma Raymond (Juborda)   Glenalwyn       F         15         OK.


Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Jessie Ah Fo             Camooweal       F         18 1/2     OK.
Jackie No 2 (Jaggoi)     Rollingstone    M         45         Old gleet.
Maudie                                   F          6 1/2     OK.
Harry                                    M          5         ? Tuberculosis. Needs cod liver oil.
Trixie                                   F          1 1/2     OK.
Daphne Gurua             Molonga         F         26         Old gleet. Wife of Jackie.
Bobby Dickson (Illunga)  Cooktown        M         32         Old gleet.
Christy King (Almeddi)   Rippple Creek   M         25         OK.
Charlie No 2 (Takoi)     Ingham          M         60         Old gleet.
Charlie Massey           Coen            M         40         OK. AN is Bununinwi.
Jack Long (Nyiljighera)  Cardwell        M         42         Old gleet and old sore.
Long Aaron (Yo-eda)      Ingham          M         50         Old gleet.
Bertie Butler            Normanton       M         26         OK.
Charlie Liverstreet      Ingham          M         44         Old gleet. AN is Mugerdji. Married.
Rosie Joan Lewis         Molonga         F         40         Old gleet. AN is Mengaiba.
Joan (daughter)          Warrens Hill    F         19         OK. AN is Wurunghi.
Freddie                                  M          3 mths
  (Joan's illegitimate son. Mal-nutrition. This girl and her baby should
   be sent to Palm Islands, where each has an opportunity. Sergeant Collier
   has the matter in hand.)
Annie (Guriburi)         Ingham          F         45         OK. Wife of Long Aaron.
Peter Murrat (Yabbarra)  Cold Water      M         60         OK.
Betty Chatford           Gulf Country    F         37         Old gleet.

These people had the worst teeth of any natives that I saw on the trip, and
must live upon a most inefficient diet. A a matter of fact, this seemed to be
confirmed by enquiries, the greater part of their diet being bread and
goldern syrum.

Ingham Total = 20

Macnade (Halifax)

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Liza Wilson (Moggiman)   Burdekin        F         30         OK.
Jo Chuki (Kuki-imijin)   Cooktown        M         45         OK.
Sailor (casual worker)   Herbert River   M         55         Purulent discharge. Should be sent to Palm Islands.
Rameses (Ramliss)        Herbert River   M         60         Deformed arm from old blow with a heilamon. AN is Allagora.
Leslie Ross              Charters Towers M         17         OK.
Gladys Peter (Gewe)      Ripple Creek    F         30         Old gleet.
Maggie No 2 (Waramirim)  Herbert River   F         45         Old gramuloma (healed).
Polly (Karaparri)        Herbert River   F         55         Heart disease.
Nellie (Mungalopa)       Herbert River   F         55         Bad teeth.

Macknade Total = 9

Long Pocket

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Sambo (Pi-a-mai)         Stern River     M         35         Bad teeth.
Norah (Mungero)          Ripple Creek    F         30         Bad Teeth.
Jessie                                   F         10 1/2     OK.
May                                      F          7         OK.
Willie Seaton (Bunnerra) Ingham          M         40         Bad teeth.
Tallyho (wife)           Tablelands      F         30         Rheumatism of shoulder. Needs liniment.
Billy                                    M          3
Micky                                    M          2
Eva Jack (Yurin-berrina) Long Pocket     F         55         Terrible teeth.
Jack Wilson (Nammera)    Cardwell        M         37         Old gleet. Bad teeth.
Tommy Cardwell (Woboi)   Cardwell        M         50         Old gleet.
Lena (Jiaggia)           Long Pocket     F         70         Very decrepit.

Long Pocket Total = 12

Ingham (2nd Examination)

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Dandy Coffey             Ingham          M         30         OK.
Tommy Cooktown (Woipu)   Cooktown        M         40         OK.
Kitty Nawan              Cardwell        F         35         OK.

Total = 3


Alex Little and family, Spring Grove, near Aberfeldie State School, on W Montgomery's place, 3 or 4 miles from Mungeldie.

Name                     Origin         Sex  M/S   Age        Condition

Alex                                     M         60         Former leper. Loss of sensation of dorsa of feet only. Otherwise well.
Fanny (wife)                             F         40         Old trouble in right chest. Rheumatism from hard living.
Bidie                                    M          3         OK.
Tommy                                    M          6         Much scarred from scalding on two occasions. OK.
Reggie                                   M          7 1/2     Poor teeth.
Sheila                                   F         11         Good teeth. Just cutting 12 year old molars. OK.
Alex Junior                              M         12         Cutting 12 year old teeth. ? Leprosy.
Fred                                     M         16         Right-sided rupture. Facial asymmetry. ? Leprosy.
Mona                                     F         18         Cutting wisdom teeth. Anaesthetic point immediately lateral to left knee cap. ? Leprosy.

This family was causing some concern to the Department of Public Instruction,
which desired to exclude its members from school.

The father is a former leper, and two brothers are now affected with leprosy,
and are in Peel Island; one, Herbert, was examined and recorded by me as a
leper twelve months previous to this visit.

Monto Total = 9