Card Index of Prisioners

Chief Protector of Aborigines Card Index to Prisioners A/58972(4) Queensland State Archives Timothy Antie of Innisfail, single, 34/4572 Crime Annie Burra of Rockhampton, single, 34/5149 Crime Dan Busch of mapoon, 34/1664 Crime Also mentions Jean Gilbert of Mapoon Charlie Curry of Woorabinda, 36/1268 Removals David English of Innisfail, single, 34/4572 Crime Frank Johnson, single, 34/4373 Crime and Offences Herbert Leopold of Woorabinda, 36/2168 Removals Allen Daniel Marapa of Palm Island, 36/2534 Offences Also known as Myriam Marapa, Arthur Daniel Marapa Percy McEvoy of Cherbourg, 36/1768 Removals Lange Simpson, single, 34/3516 Trust A/C ______________________________________________________________