CPA - Some General Correspondence 1910 - 1914

Chief Protector of Aborigines CPA - Some General Correspondence 1910 - 1914 Item ID 336555 Previous System Location A/58790; RSI14961/1/569 Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 14/3665 Cancellation of a removal order for Annie Currie (also known as Annie Page) and her children from Beaudesert. Also mentioned George Fogarty and his mother Old Mittie. Mittie's daughter Mrs. Currie whose children are Tussey, George and Theresa. Robert Fogerty, Stakey, Lena Fogarty, Walter Page (Annie's husband). 14/3542 Lily McLean needs new outfit at Mrs. Atkinson's house Blakeney Street South Brisbane. 14/3510 Gordy or Gordie Marratti married Nellie 18 July 1914 seeking to stay in Australia. 14/3388 Report on Abdul Kader, Afghan teamster for illegally employing Aborigines. Also mentions tracker Jack and old man called George from Hergott, Aleck. 14/3091 Tracker Peter Jackson of Toowoomba to marry Jessie or Nellie Mulgrave 14/3012 Maternity allowance for Mrs. Elizabeth McCray of Currawillinghi 14/2936 Re removal of Aboriginals from Ravenswood to Yarrabah. Annie died in Townsville on 1st of August 1914. Also mentioned King Tommy, Jimmy Murray, Douglas, Mary Ann, Tommy Massey, and Billy Sullivan. 14/2748 Re sentencing of Tommy and Fred Lucas for murder of Edward Pill at West Leichhardt. 14/2700 Amy Stewart married to Larry, has a child Florence. Also mentioned Lassie and Lilly. Children to be taken into care by white family in Townsville. 14/2427 Child of Emma Carline suffering from diptheria. Child's name Joycelyn Mary Carline she was born on 15 August 1909. 14/2031 Removal of Aborigines from Byromine Station to Barambah: Jacky Jacky, King Charlie, The Dwarf, Manley, Larry, King Dougal, Hoppy, Old Queen. Order was rescinded. 14/1908 Re removal of Frank Peterson, Albert Palmer, and Billy George to Baramabah 14/1621 Eli Falconer born 2 January 1898 is at present at St. Vincent's Orphanage, Nudgee. 14/943 Maud Davey owed wages from her employer Mrs. T.H. Easton of Clifton 14/923 Mary Moreton her child Eric to become a ward of the State. Also mentions Topsy Banbury 13/1312 Passbook belonging to Ivy Cairns at St. Vincent's Orphanage. 13/545 Robert Webber to be exempt. Also mentions his wife Agnes Rose Webber. 12/2505 Mosby Bros. of York Island wish to trade as a firm. 12/1895 Martha Mallicola re her parentage 12/1327 Refund of fares for Pilot and his wife 12/188 Property left by Weazel 12/150 Re adoption by Gee Chong and wife of illegitmate child of Lucy May Young. Child was born 11 December 1909. 11/2227 Tracker Starlight 11/2151 Refund on Nellie Edward's train ticket 10/6794 Correspondence re establishment of a reserve at Bell to accomodate Aboriginal people from Dalby and Warra districts.