CPS Cardwell - Letterbook of the Protector of Aborigines 1926 - 1927

      Court of Petty Sessions, Cardwell
      Letterbook of the Protector of Aborigines
      12. 3.1926 - 29.10.1927
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      Queensland State Archives
      Copyright  Paul Mackett 1992

      15. 3.1926  Joe Woolunga
      24. 3.1926  Willie, to Ingham Hospital
       8. 4.1926  Charlie Williams
      27. 4.1926  Romeo, no account at Cardwell
      27. 4.1926  Application to employ
                  Margaret Morrie
                  Joe Abdullah
      27. 4.1926  Tommy
      27. 4.1926  Mick Collins
                  Jack Ernst
                  Both wanted for the murder of Jack Dinaune at Ravenshoe
                  Murdering Jimmy
                  Above three at Kirruna Station. Application to send 
                  to Palm Island.
       4. 4.1926  Sullivan. Returning to Palm Island
      20. 9.1926  Sambo
      20. 9.1926  Tommy Six Fingers employed at Tully
      25.11.1926  Ted Bramby, half-caste. Now at Palm Island
      30.11.1926  The following are employed by Mrs Henry
      22. 3.1927  Mentions
                  George Beeron
                  Charlie BoolBool
                  Tommy Eelmurra
       5. 4.1927  Willie 1 employed at South Johnstone
       5. 4.1927  Sandy at Tully
      24. 5.1927  Mentions
                  Digby Denham
                  Joe Woolunga
      27. 5.1927  Tommy Brooks
       3. 6.1927  Rosie died near Cardwell in the early part of the year
                  Digby Denham died at his camp on the Murray River in the
                  early part of the year. He has a wife and 2 children,
                  aged 6 and 3 years, at the camp at Murray River.
      13. 6.1927  George and his gin causing trouble at the camp at 
                  Murray River
      22. 6.1927  Charlie Bool Bool died at Kennedy, about 8 miles from
                  Cardwell, on 9. 6.1927. He was very old.
                  He has a son Harry Warren. 
                  Charlie Bool Bool was also a king of the Murray River
                  tribe and had a brass plate showing this.