CPS Eromanga - Letters by the Aboriginal Protector 1920 - 1937

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Eromanga Letters written by the Aboriginal Protector 1920 - 1937 Item ID 4939 Previous System Location CPS6C/G15; PRV6538/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1992 28. 9.1933 Dave Williams. Coach fare Quilpie to Eromanga 7.10.1933 Mentions Redhatchie Dod Davie Williams 22. 9.1933 Mentions Towser 10.10.1933 Mentions Lizzie Lindsay Yeltie Towser 11.10.1933 Mentions Frankie Joe Darby 17.10.1933 Mentions Davie Williams Lily Williams 18.10.1933 Mentions Davie Williams Freddie 6.10.1933 Mentions Alec 20.10.1933 Mentions Jimmy 23.10.1933 Mentions Tippo Tiger 24.10.1933 Mentions Rosie Dick Thora Dora Alec 24.10.1933 Mentions Winnie Dawson Freddie 31.10.1933 Mentions in relation to agreements Towser Yeltie Both at Congie Station, Quilpie Dod Redhatchie Both at Wallyah via Quilpie 30.10.1933 Re: Agreements Alec Dick Johnson All at Terachy Station 9.11.1933 Re: agreements Frankie Joe Darby All at Thylungra Station, Quilpie 16.11.1933 Mentions Dick Ray 22.11.1933 Mentions Winnie, Tracker Freddie's wife 22.12.1933 Mentions Alec Tippo Ray Tiger Ray 28.12.1933 Mentions Red Hatchie Joe Darby Frankie 9. 1.1934 Mentions Charlie Anderson 27. 1.1934 Mentions Charles Anderson Lucy Anderson, his wife 14. 2.1934 Annual Report for Eromanga Specifically mentions Davie Williams and wife treated for 'scaley' in Brisbane. Winnie Dawson appendix removed. 1. 4.1929 - 31. 3.1930 Loose sheet. Deductions for the Aboriginal Provident Fund Red Hatchie Single Darby Single Towser Single Freddie Single Alec Single Tiger Ray Single Tippo Ray Single Frankie Single Johnson Single Dick Ray Married Arthur Winkers Married Davie Williams Married 1. 7.1924 - 30. 9.1924 Loose sheet. Deductions for the Aboriginal Provident Fund Freddie Single Dave Williams Married Darby Single Redhatchie Single Sergeant Single Mick Moulder Single Jimmy Single Yeltie Married Tippo Ray Single Posper Single Tiger Ray Married Dick Ray Married 5. 2.1920 Mentions George Burglar, deceased 23. 3.1920 (Also 19. 4.1920 & 11. 5.1920) Minnie Green is not married. Has child. Husband is Tiger. 23. 6.1920 (Also 26. 7.1920) Pippo deceased. Left wife and 4 children aged 6 - 12 years. His wife married Davie Williams. 8.11.1920 Aboriginals & Half-castes earning one pound or more Tiger Ray Wife and 2 children Jolly Boy Single Dick Ray Wife Tippo Ray Wife and 3 children Mick Mirandi Single Tommy Tanbar Wife Freddie Single Harry Single Sergeant Single Cohen Single Mick Moulder Single Davie Williams Wife and 3 children Darby Single Peter Shaw Wife and 1 child Brazil Tully Wife Donald Single 5. 1.1921 Mentions Minnie Green sent to Barambah 2. 5.1921 Mentions Jack Douglas 31. 5.1921 Mentions Re: Harry, deceased. Brother and nephew in district, and 2 sons and 1 daughter in Windorah District 19. 7.1921 Mentions Deductions for the Aboriginal Provident Fund New names Donald Horrigan Married Dasher Single 14.11.1921 Mentions Dick Rosie At Terachy Station. 30.11.1921 Mentions Brazil Tully deceased. Has a wife and daughter. Daughter is married to Dick Ray 16. 1.1922 Aboriginals in domestic employment Ruby Merandie, aged about 40 years, married Topsy, aged about 13 years, single 15. 2.1924 Mentions Polly died at Ray Station on 28.12.1923 20.11.1925 Mentions Jack Sandow and wife want to return to Taroom 20.11.1925 Mentions Felix Saunders 14.12.1925 Mentions Charles Turner recommended for Exemption Certificate 22. 4.1926 Mentions Tracker Tod 5.10.1926 Mentions Wilson Bloom not in Eromanga 5.10.1926 Mentions Deaths in Quilpie Hospital from 24. 9.1926 to 3.10.1926 Donald Mick Moulder (has daughter Lucy at Thylungra Station) Peter Shaw 15.10.1926 Mentions Cubbie died at Thylungra Station on 14.10.1926 He has a gin Lizzie Tyson William Johnson died . 8.1926 He has a son Freddie at Thylungra Station 25. 3.1927 Mentions Peter Shaw's wife is Chrissy 25. 3.1927 Mentions Tom Cassidy, half-caste, is also known as Cassidy or Jolly Boy 10. 8.1928 Mentions Half-caste John or Jack Street 9. 8.1929 Mentions Re: Half-caste girls at Thylungra Station Winnie, half-caste, 15-16 years old, lives with her mother Lucy and step-father Davie Williams. Winnie is friendly with a quarter-caste Dick Lee and they want to marry. 29.11.1929 Mentions Davie Richardson recently on holiday in Barambah 14. 8.1930 Mentions Sergeant died at Thylungra Station on 10. 8.1930. Nephews are Frankie of Thylungra Station and Freddie of Cornwall Station. Frankie and Freddie are sons of Pippo, deceased. Pippo was a brother of Sergeant. 9. 1.1931 Mentions Davie William at Barambah Ted Dawson unknown 8. 9.1931 Mentions Tracker Tod, born in Northern Territory 2. 9.1931 Bank accounts at Eromanga Davie Williams Male Married Freddie " Single Red Hatchie " " Frankie " " Lizzie Tyson Female " Towser Male Married Alex " " Johnson " Single Dick Ray " Married Tiger Ray " Single Tippo Ray " Married Rosie Dick Female " Darby Male Single Lucy Female Married Rosie Braddle " " Arthur Winkers Male " Jessie Winkers Female " Thora " " Dod Male Single 26. 9.1931 Mentions Jemima died on 13. 9.1931 at Mt Howitt Station Joe died on 19. 9.1931 at Mt Howitt Station Jemima was about 70 years old Joe, Jemima's husband, was about 80 years old and a full blood Jemima was from the Northern Territory Joe was from Jundah 4.11.1931 Mentions Clara 6.11.1931 Mentions Frankie aged 19 years 21.11.1931 Mentions Lindsay now on Mt Howitt. His mother died at Barambah a while ago 9. 7.1935 Mentions Joe J-146 at Thylungra Station 9. 7.1935 Mentions Charles Anderson C-66 Lucy Anderson L-51 died at Wallyah on 18. 5.1935 10. 7.1935 Mentions Rosie Dick R-37 Gave birth to a half-caste child on 18. 6.1930 Gave birth to a half-caste child on 15. 1.1935. 29. 7.1935 Mentions Lindsay (Booth) L-49 now at Palm Island 5. 8.1935 The following are not at Eromanga Donald Horrigan Horrigan Johnny Murray Baldy 12.10.1935 Mentions Hubert Durham H-82 12.10.1935 Mentions Freddie F-31, Tracker at Eromanga 15.10.1935 Mentions Davie Williams D-72 going to Brisbane 31.10.1935 Mentions Lindsay Booth returning to Woorabinda from Fantome Island, then to Eromanga 11.11.1935 Mentions Charlie Anderson C-66 18. 1.1936 Mentions Emily Costello, half-caste, born at Cunnamulla, aged about 28 years. Father white and mother half-caste. Wants to marry Leonard Gilmore White of Eromanga, a white man. 11. 2.1936 Mentions Lily Williams at Wallyah Station 25. 5.1936 Mentions Yeltie Y-16 28. 7.1936 Mentions Bessie B-210 28. 7.1936 Mentions Robert Miller, half-caste 21. 8.1936 Mentions Freddie and gin Winnie 12.10.1936 Mentions Ivy Booth I-26 gave birth to a still-born male child at Quilpie Hospital on 6.10.1936 27.10.1936 Mentions Dolly Married, 2 children Rosie Braddle Married, 5 children Thora Married, 3 children 20. 1.1937 Mentions Johnson, young Aboriginal at Terachy Station. Wants to marry a young gin at Tobermory Station, Thargomindah, daughter of old Wallace. 24. 8.1937 Mentions Freddie Dawson F-31 and wife Winnie 6. 9.1937 Mentions Wallace Morley, Thargomindah 8.11.1937 Mentions Tiger Ray T-86 6.12.1937 Mentions Hubert Durham Lizzie, his wife 28.12.1937 Mentions Winnie, wife of Freddie F-31, Tracker at Eromanga, gave birth to a male child at Quilpie Hospital on 14.12.1937