CPS Eromanga - Memoranda Received from the CPA 1920 - 1931

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Eromanga Memoranda Received from the Chief Protector of Aborigines 1920 - 1931 Item ID 4908 Previous System Location CPS6C/A3; PRV6521/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1990 NB Unless otherwise stated all correspondence to the P. of A., Eromanga. 26. 2.1920 Re: Estate of deceased aboriginal George Burglar. 12. 8.1920 Mentions aboriginal Pippo (deceased male). 19. 8.1920 Account for burial of Nancy Kelly, wife of Darby Kelly. She died in the Hospital of diptheria. Darby worked at Kyabra and he left Adavale immediately his wife died. 2. 4.1921 From Congie Station, Quilpie. Request to employ Mrs. Ruby Orr Mirandy, the aboriginal girl who worked there last year. She married the black boy Mick Mirandy at the beginning of 1921. 24. 8.1921 Trying to locate a half-caste returned soldier, Alex Stanley, late No. 50280, 1st Reinforcements, Egypt. 9. 6.1921 Deceased aboriginal Harry. Had 2 sons and 1 daughter. 9.12.1921 Refers to a letter dated 30th re: death of aboriginal Brazil Tully. She was married. 9. 1.1922 Military authorities seek the location of a half-caste soldier, Joe White, to pay his war gratuity. 26. 6.1924 (?1922) From Chief P. Of A., Brisbane re: Aboriginal accounts that are inoperative and whereabouts are unknown. Jack Brennan Jackson Eva Hooper Jennie Barrett Jacky Bell Donald Emily Charles Hewett Judy Ada Kelly Mona Reidy Jimmy Soona Tooda Albert West Walter Wyman Lucy Costello Harry Phillips Lizzie Brooks Nellie Jackson Charles Martin Jasper Amy Percy Edwards John Smythe Teddy C. Turner William Morgan 24. 6.1925 Aboriginals who have left the district of the Windorah Protector and location is unknown. George Ivory Mina Sally Lucy Willie Hubert Bent Billy Bluff Tom Stevens 22. 7.1925 Order for the removal of aboriginal couple Mick and Ruby Merandie to Taroom, has been sent to the Commissioner of Police.