CPS Ingham - Correspondence Received as Protector of Aborigines 1933 - 1951

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Ingham Circulars and Letters Received by O.I.C. acting as Protector of Aborigines . 6.1933 - . 3.1941 Item ID 5147 Previous System Location CPS12B/3; PRV6640/1/2 . 2.1950 - .12.1951 Item ID 5148 Previous System Location CPS12B/4; PRV6640/1/3 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1996 . 6.1933 - . 3.1941 CPS 12B/3 General only, no specific names mentioned. . 2.1950 - .12.1951 CPS 12B/4 4. 2.1950 King Costello at Palm Island 10. 2.1950 Alec White, escort from Palm Island 13. 2.1950 Halifax. Exemption Certificates for John Chambers Norah Chambers 11. 4.1950 Nellie Kennedy, Blue Range Stn, F/B 28. 2.1950 Nellie Kennedy, child endowment, children are Blinco Kennedy, born 10. 2.1934 Nea Kennedy, born 11. 7.1936 Toby Kennedy, born 17. 3.1940 Flora (June) Kennedy, born 12. 6.1944 Zoe Rita Kennedy, born 11. 2.1946 Vera Kennedy, born 7. 1.1950 24. 2.1950 Agnes English enquired for by Protector of Aborigines at Yarrabah. She lives in Ingham with Henry Wiles H/C. 3. 3.1950 Jubilee Jackson J-176, Wyandotte Stn, wants exemption 13. 4.1950 Henry Jackson. Account currently at Palm Island. Account to be transferred to Ingham. 23. 3.1950 Henry Jackson, exempt, married 31. 3.1950 George Bowman died 6. 3.1950 at Ingham Hospital. Was employed at Blue Range Cattle Station. Buried 7. 3.1950 Ingham Cemetery. 9. 3.1950 Dandy Atkinson 11. 3.1950 Jimmy Phillips and Bill Coglan going to employment at Macknade. 21. 3.1950 Nea Kennedy to be confined at Ingham Hospital. Putative father of child is Fred Roma of Palm Island. Nea is the daughter of Nellie Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy (deceased) and was born 11. 7.1936 at Blue Range Stn. 16. 3.1950 Jubilee Jackson J-176 17. 3.1950 Percy Fox and Eric Kennedy 21. 3.1950 Willie No 2 Erin W-61 23. 3.1950 Barney Bunn B-268, single 24. 3.1950 The following are from Yarrabah and now at Ingham Agnes English Laura Jackson 17. 3.1950 Elsie Morganson maintains 4 children under 16 years. Her children are Chorie Morganson, born 16.10.1935 Billy Morganson, born 10. 3.1937 David Morganson, born 8.11.1942 Joseph George Bruiser Morganson, born 10. 5.1933, Elsie's oldest child Nellie Kennedy maintains 4 children under 16 years Her children are Nea Kennedy, born 11. 7.1936 Toby Kennedy, born 17. 3.1940 Flora (June) Kennedy, born 12. 6.1944 Zoe Rita Kennedy, born 11. 2.1946 Vera Kennedy, born 7. 1.1950 4. 4.1950 Children of Lena Wairuna are Lennie Wairuna, born 3. 3.1948 Douglas Wairuna, born 22.10.1949 13. 4.1950 Dick Herberton has a child Nita Herberton who is being looked after by Charles Levers and family of Kuranda. He has no objection to the Levers family adopting the child who is 3 yrs old. Nita's mother died June 1948. 21. 4.1950 Nea Kennedy N-267 gave birth to an illegitimate child on 4. 4.1950 at Ingham Hospital. Father of the child is Fred Roma who is at Palm Island. Child will be called Beverley Kennedy. 27. 4.1950 Nea Kennedy N-267 2. 5.1950 Dick Herberton signed consent to adopt form 3. 5.1950 Ranji Pope 3. 5.1950 Inoperative accounts Joe Sullivan J-173 Tracker Jack Long T-106 24. 5.1950 Bertie Long B-119 22. 5.1950 Christy King C-83 is a nephew of Polly Warbee Lumless who is deceased. Christy's mother Ada was a sister of Polly. 21.11.1950 John Archie Powell J-589 28. 5.1950 Maintenance paid to Nea Kennedy by Fred Roma. Kennedy family to stay at Blue Range Stn. 31. 5.1950 Greenvale Stn Joe Morganson J-387 Pat Kennedy (Rankin) P-74 31. 5.1950 Jubilee Jackson J-176, Wyandotte Stn. 19. 6.1950 John Archie Powell of Yarrabah, is at Ingham 19. 7.1951 Jimmy Murray J-535 22. 6.1950 Blinco Kennedy 22. 6.1950 Jubilee Jackson J-176, Wyandotte Stn. 27. 6.1950 Tommy Lilly is a Gordonvale Native now at Ingham 30. 6.1950 Endowment accounts Violet Morganson V-71 Rita Jackson R-236 3. 7.1950 Mentions the following Dandy Atkinson D-82 Don Boyd D-227, married Barney Bunn B-268 5. 6.1950 Judy Sailor to receive maintenance from Christie Palmerston. Is he employed yet. Child is named Allan Sailor. 18. 5.1950 Peter Edwards died 25. 9.1949 at Ingham 6.10.1950 Jack Cashmere J-783, ex Mt Garnet, now at Ingham 10. 7.1950 George Prior and Trixie Prior H/Cs of Ingham want exemption. They have 6 children aged 13 years to 1 year. Details are Trixie Prior, 32 yrs, born Cooktown, father white unknown, mother F/B, children are Trevor George Prior, 13 yrs Diana Margaret Prior, 10 yrs Francis John Prior, 9 yrs Patricia Dawn Prior, 5 yrs Carol Jane Prior, 3 yrs Kevin Monty Prior, 1 yr 11. 7.1950 Mentions the following Jimmy Murray J-535 Jubilee Jackson J-176, Wyandotte Stn Jack Cashmere Charlie Henry C-79 Don Boyd D-227 Reggie Morganson R-155 10. 7.1950 Barney Bunn 6. 1.1950 Maintenance for Judy Sailor from Christy Palmerston 6. 1.1950 Dandy Atkinson 12. 1.1950 Fred Roma of Palm Island 4. 1.1950 Rosie Jackson going to Ingham from Yarrabah 15. 1.1950 Child endowment renewal certificates Rena Wairuna R-190, 2 children Rita Jackson R-236, 4 children Nellie Kennedy N-64, 4 children Violet Morganson V-71, 3 children Elsie Morganson E-?3, 4 children 2. 1.1950 Absconders from Palm Island Archie Fraser F/B, 24 yrs Denny Morgan H/C, 21 yrs Rheuben Salmon F/B, 22 yrs, suspected leper 17. 1.1950 Nellie Kennedy (nee Rankin), aged about 42 years, born Greenvale Stn, gave birth to a female child named Vera Kennedy on 7. 1.1950 at Ingham Hospital. Nellie is a widow. Does not know who father is. 16. 1.1950 Pat Rankin P-74 18. 1.1950 Eric Kennedy 20. 1.1950 Lambert Atkinson L-66 21. 1.1950 Alex Collins 18. 1.1950 Jack Collins J-243 21. 1.1950 Kathleen Morganson K-116, wife of Reggie Morganson R-155, gave birth to a female child named Pauline Morganson on 25.12.1949 at Ingham Hospital. Kathleen and Reggie are also parents of a child born on 26. 1.1949 which only lived about 2 hours. Reggie Morganson is 28 yrs old and born Greenvale Stn. Kathleen Morganson (nee Jack) is 19 yrs old and born Cashmere Stn Reggie and Kathleen were married 29. 8.1948 at Ingham. 20. 2.1950 Percy Fox and Eric Kennedy. Eric Kennedy sent to Palm Island 20. 2.1950 Henry Johnson and Erica Rosendale married 11. 2.1950 at Ingham 25. 1.1950 Juno Jack, Blue Range Stn 16. 1.1950 Barney Bunn, Blue Range Stn 25. 1.1950 Pat Rankin (Kennedy) 23. 1.1950 Mentions the following Barney Bunn B-268 Pat Rankin P-74 Juno Jack J-632 1. 2.1950 Jubilee Jackson J-176, Wyandotte Stn 1. 2.1950 Returns for January 1950 Lambert Atkinson Bertie Johnson Willie No 2 Erin Harry Roach Dandy Atkinson Peter Wairuna Ted Gleneagle Reggie Morganson 1. 2.1950 Chloe Tomachy at Palm Island 3. 1.1949 Willie New Island 6. 2.1950 Bessie Dennis 2. 2.1950 Pat Rankin (Kennedy) 13. 2.1950 Income Tax Jimmy Murray Ted Gleneagle 17. 7.1950 Peter Edwards, deceased 23.10.1950 Agnes English of Yarrabah 6. 6.1951 Rosa Jackson R-223 15. 8.1950 George Prior and Trixie Prior granted exemption 16. 8.1950 Marnie Dennis of Ingham had a child born 3. 6.1950 at Ingham. Marnie's parents died when she was very young and she doesnt know who they were. Marnie is married to Alex Dennis, H/C with Malay blood. They were married about 12 years ago. Marnie is exempt. 16. 8.1950 Nea Kennedy N-267 claiming child endowment for illegitimate child Beverley Kennedy, born 4. 4.1950 at Ingham. 16. 8.1950 Mentions the following Don Boyd Nellie Kennedy 8. 9.1951 Blinco Kennedy B-386 21. 8.1950 Erica Fay Jackson is exempt and resides at Halifax 22. 8.1950 Alice Boyd (nee Kennedy) A-336, wife of Don Boyd D-227 wants child endowment for Frederick Charles Boyd, born 7. 7.1949. 6. 7.1951 Account for Tommy Lilly T-116 transferred from Ingham to Cairns 7. 9.1950 John Archie Powell J-589 of Yarrabah 17. 7.1950 Mentions the following Dandy Atkinson D-82 Don Boyd D-227 Barney Bunn B-268 2. 3.1950 Agnes English has a husband and brother 9.10.1950 John Archie Powell J-589 9.10.1950 Application for exemption by Jubilee Jackson J-176 not approbed. Jubilee is 55 years old and married to Rita Jackson R-236. They have 4 children and reside at Ingham. 4.10.1950 Douglas Wairuna, aged 11 months, son of Peter Wairuna P-108 and Lena Wairuna L-190, died 29. 9.1950 at Elphingstone Pocket. Buried Church of England portion of the New Cemetery, Ingham. Douglas was born 22.10.1949. 17.10.1950 Application for two H/C children named Jessie One Arm Jack and Henry Dennis to be sent to Palm Island. They are the children of Alice Dennis formerly Alice One Arm Jack. Alice Dennis died 30. 9.1950 at Elphingstone Creek via Ingham. The children live with Rosie Dennis, exempt, and are being maintained by Rosie Dennis and her son Henry Dennis (father of one child and husband of the deceased) Jessie One Arm Jack was born 30.11.1939 Henry Dennis was born 18. 2.1949 Ingham. 17.10.1950 Application to have 2 exempt H/C Aborigines named Alex Dennis and Henry Dennis removed to Palm Island. Alex Dennis, 34 yrs, married to Marnie Dennis, 32 yrs, children are Annette Joyce Dennis, 12 yrs Lynette Ruth Dennis, 8 yrs Ronald Joseph Dennis, 7 yrs Alice Mary Dennis, 5 yrs Alex Mervyn Dennis, 4 yrs George Andrew Dennis, 2 yrs Madeline Rose Dennis, 1 yr Rody Charles Dennis, born 3. 6.1950 Henry Dennis, 21 yrs, widower, children are Jessie One Arn Jack, step-daughter Henry Dennis, son 4.11.1950 Bruiser Morganson B-479 2.10.1950 Alice Dennis F/B, 43 yrs old, died suddenly 30. 9.1950 at Elphingstone Creek via Ingham. Husband was Henry Dennis. Buried 1.10.1950 at the New Cemetery, Ingham. Father was Charlie Palmerston Mother was Rosie Alice was once married to One Arn Jack Also mentioned are Robert Power and wife Henry Wyles 21.11.1950 Agnes English wants to remove her nephew Glen Stafford from Yarrabah. Also mentions Henry Wyles. 21.11.1950 Maurice McLennan M-567, deceased. Bob Power, exempt H/C, shared in the estate. 27. 9.1950 Peter Roach P-80 30. 4.1951 John Powell returning to Yarrabah. Also mentions Carl Stafford 6. 3.1951 Darcy Day inherited from the estate of his sister Susie Fulford of Palm Island. Darcy is at Gunnawarra Stn, Mt Garnet 22. 2.1951 Laura Jackson received money from the estate of Susie Fulford, deceased 5. 2.1951 The estate of Susie Fulford of Palm Island, deceased, was distributed to the following Greta Anderson, Palm Island, sister Marki Smith, Palm Island, brother Darcy Day, Ingham, brother Laura Jackson, Ingham, sister 14. 2.1951 Parky Atkinson to Wyandotte Stn 13. 2.1951 Kathleen Kerwin also known as Kathleen Stewart beneficiary in the estate of Maria Stewart M-160. Kathleen works in Townsville. 23. 5.1951 Cherry Lena Morganson and Jack Cashmere were married on 24. 4.1951 at Ingham. Cherry was born on 16.10.1935, father is Joe Morganson H/C, mother is Elsie Morganson H/C. Jack Cashmere was born 14. 7.1931, father is One Arm Jack, mother is Alice Palmerston. Cherry has a child named Lorna Brinda Morganson born 6. 2.1951. 5. 3.1951 Cherry Lena Morganson gave birth on 6. 2.1951 at Ingham Hospital to a female child named Lorna Brinda Morganson. Cherry's mother is Elsie Morganson E-33 Cherry was born at Greenvale Stn 1. 6.1950 Inoperative accounts Joe Sullivan J-173 Tracker Jack Long T-106 They may be at Palm Island 31. 5.1951 Violet Morganson V-71 has married an exempt H/C named Henry Eaton on 24. 4.1951 at Ingham. Henry Eaton is the father of Violet's last child (6 weeks old) named Henry Edward Morganson. Violet's other two children are Agatha Nancy Morganson, 10 yrs Charles Robert Morganson, 6 yrs Both attend Ingham State School. Violet was born 20. 5.1922, father Joe Morganson H/C, and mother Elsie Morganson H/C. Father of Richard John Eaton was a white man and the mother was Molly Ah You H/C Chinese. Richard was born 28. 9.1928 13. 3.1951 Violet Morganson V-71 gave birth to an illegitimate male child on 10. 2.1951 at Ingham. Child named Edward Henry Morganson. Violet was born at Greenvale Stn. 14. 3.1951 Child endowment claim by Cherry Lena Morganson for her daughter Lorna Brinda Morganson born 6. 2.1951 18. 4.1951 Lennie Wairuna died 6. 4.1951 at Elphingstone Pocket, Ingham, aged 3 years. Son of Peter Wairuna and Lena Wairuna (nee Murray). 16. 3.1951 Bertie Johnson B-119 22. 3.1951 Child endowment claim by Kathleen Morganson for Reginald Joseph Morganson born 29. 1.1951 15. 3.1951 Kathleen Venus Morganson K-116 gave birth to a male child named Reginald Joseph Morganson on 29. 1.1951 at Ingham Hospital. Kathleen's husband is Reggie Morganson R-155. Reggie is 29 years old and was born at Greenvale Stn. Kathleen Morganson (nee Jack) is 19 years old and was born at Cashmere Stn. They were married 29.10.1948 at Ingham. 15. 3.1951 Charlie Henry C-79 F/B, said to be about 80 years old, wants an exemption. His father was Henry His mother was Nellie 4.12.1951 Christie King C-83 2. 7.1951 Jimmy Murray J-535 10. 7.1951 Peter Wairuna 26. 7.1951 Peter Wairuna P-108, 57 years old 6. 6.1951 Jubilee Jackson J-176 1. 5.1951 Jack Collins J-243 16. 2.1951 Reggie Morganson R-155 10. 2.1951 Mentions the following Don Boyd D-227 Barney Bunn B-268 Blinko Kennedy B-386 Bruiser Morganson B-479 Juno Jack J-632 Ted Gleneagle T-233 Bertie Johnson B-119 3. 4.1951 Mentions the following Pat Rankin P-74 Joe Morganson J-387 Jack Cashmere J-783 Lambert Atkinson L-66 10. 1.1951 Lambert Atkinson 17. 7.1951 Ted Gleneagle 2. 7.1951 Don Boyd 2. 7.1951 Lambert Atkinson 14. 7.1951 Dandy Atkinson 12. 7.1951 Dandy Cockie 30. 8.1951 Bella Bridges B-108 25.10.1951 Mentions the following Christie King C-83 Dandy Atkinson D-82 Harry Roach H-212 16. 7.1951 Barney Bunn 30. 6.1951 Bruiser Morganson 12. 6.1951 Mentions the following Jimmy Murray J-535 Peter Roach P-80, single, 80 years 16. 4.1951 Rita Johnson J-236 Child endowment 3.11.1951 Rosa Jackson R-223 married 3.11.1951 at Ingham to Kenneth Cowan. Rosa's mother is Laura Jackson. Kenneth and Rosa are natives of Yarrabah Mission. Rosa is 22 years old and pregnant. Kenneth is an exempt H/C and father of the child. 22.12.1951 Rosa Cowan (nee Jackson) exempt 1. 5.1951 Jack Collins J-243 22. 4.1951 Lena Wairuna F/B, 23 years old, died 20. 4.1951 at Elphingstone Pocket via Ingham. Husband is Peter Wairuna. Buried 22. 4.1951 New Cemetery, Ingham. 14. 5.1951 Carl Stafford 31. 5.1951 Kitty Burke K-1, is the wife of Jack Collins J-243. They live at Wairuna. 22.11.1951 Silas Prior returned to Palm Island. 26. 6.1951 George Prior 27. 6.1951 Vince Starlight returned to Palm Island. Escort was Jack Gunnawarra 30. 6.1951 Jack Barry 16. 7.1951 Child endowment for Violet Morganson 9. 8.1951 Mentions the following Joe Morganson J-387 Pat (Rankin) Kennedy P-74 9. 7.1951 Mentions the following Joe Morganson J-387 Pat (Rankin) Kennedy P-74 Violet Morganson V-71 17. 8.1951 Kevin James Kyle at Palm Island 17. 9.1951 Willie No 2 Erin W-61 going to Palm Island 8. 9.1951 Frank Pickles 28. 8.1951 Jack Dawson 20.11.1951 George Wyles, Hawkins Creek via Inghan 30.10.1951 Charlie Gee-Hoy applied for exemption. Granted. Aged 19 years, father H/C Chinese, mother SSI (Fraser Island). Charlie was married to Evelyn Dennis in April 1951 at Ingham. Evelyn's parents are at Gordonvale. Evelyn is exempt. 26.11.1951 Ernest Seaton, exempt 29. 8.1951 Dick Cook 3.12.1951 Tommy Clay at Ingham 27.11.1951 Mentions the following of Palm Island Gregory Brodie Peter Ross also mentions George Broncho Carlo Allen 30. 8.1951 Willie No 2 Erin wants to live at Palm Island. Wel over 60 years old. 1.10.1951 Jack Dawson 3.10.1951 Jack Shepherd returned to Palm Island 8.10.1951 George Maroon looking for his wife Rosie Maroon. She may be at Tully.