CPS Quilpie - Memoranda and Circulars about Aborigines 1933 - 1939

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Quilpie Memoranda and Circulars about Aborigines 1933 - 1939 Item ID 6140 Previous System Location CPS6D/4; PRV6934/1/3 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1992 31. 8.1933 Bank balances Betular B-271 Bismarck Dasher Dynever Willie Leonard Lucy Smith Munge Nickavilla Bob Peter Ardoch P-141 Prince Tinker 3. 7.1935 Jimmy Ningan died Tinnenburra Stn in 1934 and is buried at the Station. He had a nephew Harry Hopkins in the Quilpie Protectorate. 26. 6.1940 Lizzie Hubert Durham Yeltie 31. 5.1940 Dynever Willie senior Dynever Willie junior 18. 3.1935 Outstanding Id cards Betular B-172 Leonard L-105 Lucy Smith L-106 Mungi M-210 Nickavilla Bob N-106 Peter Ardoch P-141 Prince P-142 Tinker T-169 16. 8.1938 No employment for George West at Quilpie. 12. 8.1937 Details on some Aborigines. Combined with similar from 13. 8.1936 Name Age Id Residence Status Spouse Billy Anderson 50 B-148 S Comongin Stn Married Nellie Anderson Dick Barney 16 D-186 Quilpie Single Leonard 21 L-105 Said to be in N.S.W. Lucy Smith 56 L-106 S Comongin Stn Married J Smith Nellie Anderson 50 N-85 S Comongin Stn Married Billy Anderson Toby 23 T-212 Said to be in N.S.W. 1936 also mentions the following Betular 40 B-172 N Comongin Stn Single Daisy Bismark 40 D-179 S Comongin Stn Married Prince Mungo 60 M-99 S Comongin Stn Single Nickavilla Bob 70 N-106 N Comongin Stn Single Peter Ardoch 60 P-141 N Comongin Stn Married Florrie (also two children) Prince 38 P-142 S Comongin Stn Married Daisy Bismark Tinker T-169 Died about five years ago 24. 9.1940 Jimmy Jones J-339 31.12.1938 Frank Lily Williams 26. 6.1939 Lizzie 39. 3.1940 Freddie Dawson 12. 6.1940 Peter Ardock P-141 20. 4.1939 Alec Johnson Darby