CPS Quilpie - Memoranda and Circulars about Aborigines 1939 - 1941

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Quilpie Memoranda and Circulars about Aborigines 1939 - 1941 Item ID 6141 Previous System Location CPS6D/5; PRV6934/1/4 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1991 13. 1.1939 Colin Suton leaving Brisbane for Saltbush 12.12.1938 Lily Williams 28.12.1938 Florrie Cordoner F-99 1938 Application for Exemption Alf Hagan, 22 years old, born South Comongin, Quilpie. Father quarter-caste. Mother quarter-caste. 6. 1.1939 Billy Turner 5. 1.1939 Denever Willie, 15 years old 19.10.1938 Freddie Gray at Nocundra. Wife about to have baby. 10. 2.1939 Colin Button, late of Cherbourg, now at Saltbush, Quilpie. 21. 2.1939 Bennie Flynn absconded from Cherbourg. 23. 2.1939 Paddy P-152 19. 2.1939 Receipt signed by Alf Hagan for his Exemption Certificate (39/25) 10. 4.1939 Darby D-71 died Quilpie Hospital on 8. 4.1939 and buried Quilpie Cemetery. 28.11.1938 Mick M-242 20.11.1938 Davie Williams D-72 and his wife Lily Williams L-149 staying at Quilpie for a few days. They live at Eromanga. 6.12.1938 Alec A-72, employed at Yambutta Station, with wife and family, going to Cherbourg for a holiday. 6. 6.1939 Darby's effects to go to his friend Joe J-146 of Thylungra Station, Eromanga. 5. 7.1939 Re: Removal of Joan Corrigan and Ardoch Nellie. Joan lives with half-caste Nat Mitchell at South Comongin Station. They are not married. 17. 7.1939 Daisy is the wife of Dynever Willie senior. 1. 8.1939 Allendale Johnny conveyed Quilpie to Thargomindah 31. 8.1939 Dick Barney at Nocundra 25. 6.1939 Topsy, full blood, and Peter Parker, half-caste, want to get married. Topsy is pregnant. Both work Durham. Topsy formerly married to Yearie of Coongie, but separated some years now. Yearie supposed to be married to another woman. 14.11.1939 From Eromanga Some Aborigines who may attend Quilpie races. Name Id Location ---- -- -------- Alec A-72 Yambutta Charlie C-129 Congie Dod D-74 Wallyah Docherty D-204 Yambutta Frankie F-30 Thylungra Freddie F-31 Wallyah Hubert Durham H-82 Belombra Jimmy Jones J-399 Yambutta Joe J-146 Thylungra Johnson J-147 Terachie Lizzie L-50 Balombra Pontius Pilate P-215 Congie Tiger Ray T-86 Ray Tippo Ray T-87 Ray Towser T-88 Congie Yeltie Y-16 Congie Peter Ardoch P-141 Panjee 28.11.1939 Nancy Chambers of Cherbourg proceeding to Quilpie to take over escort of Lena and children from Quilpie. Under Removal Order Eromanga to Cherbourg. 27. 1.1940 Niney McDonald and wife and family left Quilpie for Brisbane 27. 1.1940 Jessie Winkers not in District 12. 2.1940 Freddy Winnie Both probably proceeding Wallyah to Brisbane 12. 6.1940 Dynever Willie senior D-132 Dynever Willie junior D-222 Daisy D-226 5. 7.1940 Department is looking for Mr H.M. Bourne to help support his child by Ivy Cairns, Aborigine. 24.10.1940 Cora Denevor is in Quilpie with her parents. Daughter of Dynever Willie senior D-132 and Daisy D-226. Aged about 20 years. Often refers to herself as Cora Collins C-227. Possibly born Tobermorey via Quilpie about 1919. 3. 1.1941 Violet Thompson - Application for maternity allowance. She is a half-caste. Mother is Lucy, full blood, deceased. Lucy was espoused to a full blood Peter Dawson, also deceased. Violet, half-caste, was probably the daughter of a white man and Lucy, born after Peter Dawson's death. 23. 6.1941 Bobby Bismark exempt. 1941 Blanket Application. Two families in the district. 1. Dynevor Willie senior D-132 and five young children 2. Daisy Bismark D-179, widow and three children 7.10.1942 Willie Bowman, 13 years, son of Lyon Bowman, Aborigine of Conbar Station, Nocundra. 10. 4.1941 Lizzie, wife of Hubert Durham H-82.