CPS Quilpie - Miscellaneous papers 1925 - 1950

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Quilpie Miscellaneous papers 1925 - 1950 Item ID 6144 Previous System Location CPS6D/6; PRV6937/1/1 Access Category 30 years Copyright Paul Mackett 1989 N.B. All references following are letters to the Protector of Aborigines, Quilpie. 27. 1.1925 From Office Public Curator Blucher, deceased. Died december 1924. 11.10.1924 Certificate of Exemption granted on 11.10.1924 to Ted Elwood of Nickavilla Station. 28. 4.1924 Mentions Wheelbarrow Charlie. 17. 1.1924 On 5. 1.1924 the Protector at Charleville issued railway recquisitions to five aboriginals Peter and Florrie Petersen Snipper and Mary and Willie Henderson They had become stranded and wished to return to Quilpie. They are employed at North Comongin. 24. 8.1951 To whom it may concern The bearer, Witchery, is returning to employment with Mrs. Frank Tully, Terachy Station, via Quilpie. 14. 8.1951 To whom it may concern Tiger Ray and Joe Bismark are returning to their employment on Ray Station and Terachie, via Quilpie. 14. 8.1951 To Protector of Aborigines, Eromanga During his stay in Brisbane Tiger Ray was taken ill and spent some time in Fermoy Private Hospital. Witchery is still receiving treatment at the Brisbane General Hospital. 13. 1.1951 From Palm Island Aboriginal Settlement Re: Elsie Thompson (Lumley) (Exempt) This woman is leaving Palm Island en route to Bundeena Station, via Quilpie, on monday January 15, with her young daughter Shirley Thompson. 19. 1.1951 To whom it may concern Charlie McGregor is returning to Windorah where he is employed by Mr. M.W. Cross. 21.12.1950 Letter from Douglas Duncan, aboriginal about getting a Certificate of Exemption. 18. 1.1950 From Police Station, Charleville Joe Bismark, aboriginal, employed at Terrachie Station. Inmate of Charleville Base Hospital for some time. Returning to Quilpie. 10. 7.1947 From Martin Costell, 18 Mile Reserve Mentions aboriginals Cyril Bligh Arthur McGregor