Certificates of Entitlement - Cairns

Certificates of Entitlement - Cairns QSA ID - ITM2783592 Date - 1967 Access Status Summary - Open Agency Control Number - 1A/685; 1A/713 (Queensland State Archives Certificates of Entitlement "Under the provisions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Affairs Act of 1965 the Aboriginal and Island Affairs Department was established on 28 Apr 1966 to replace the Director of Native Affairs Office. After the 1965 Act, the Department's policy towards Aboriginal affairs was one of complete equality, opportunity and responsibility within the white community. Instead of seeking 'exemption' from the provision of the Act, people had to apply for a 'Certificate of Entitlement' in order to come under the Act. Wage control and employment agreements were only administered for assisted people. Only people on reserves were considered assisted. With the introduction of the Aborigines Act 1971 and the Torres Strait Islanders Act 1971, the term 'assisted' was abolished. The Aboriginal and Island Affairs Department controlled and managed the Aboriginal population, both adults and children, who were deemed to be 'assisted' or 'wards' of the State. This power was exercised in regard to health, education, employment, housing and accommodation, child welfare, personal finances, pensions and benefits, training, property, issue of Certificates of Entitlement, industrial operations, and trust accounts, etc.") Maino Mosby, aged 55 years, born Yam Island, husband Laura Mosby, aged 36 years, born Yorke Island, wife Henry Mosby, born 12. 9.1950 Thursday Island, child Ted Mosby, born 2. 2.1949 Yorke Island, child Eileen Kepa (Williams), aged 26 years?, born Yam Island, single Harry Starlight, aged about 67 years, place of birth unknown, widower Jerry Robertson, aged about 60 years, place of birth unknown, widower Ruby Clem, aged about 86 years, born Cairns, widow Amy Rosie Lee, aged about 65 years, place of birth unknown Marie Doughboy, aged 36 years, born Bloomfield River, single Jennifer Jimmy, aged 26 years, born Koolatah, single Ted Tranby, husband Elsie Tranby, born 3. 7.1915, wife Deidre Ann Tranby, born 26. 5.1961, child ____________________________________________________________