Deebing Creek Industrial School 1904

Letter about Half-castes at Roma, 7. 7.1904 Item ID 337182 Previous System Location A/58749; RSI15038/1/13; 336383; RSI14961/1/397 Access Category 100 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 List of children sentenced at Roma to the Deebing Creek Industrial School for seven years. Name Age Jackey 9 yrs Janey 3 yrs Florie 18 mths Paddy 9 yrs Daisy 4 yrs Lilly 4 yrs George 7 mths Rosie 3 yrs Cloe 10 yrs Bertie 4 yrs Gerty 7 mths Freddy 3 yrs Also mentioned Annie Pitt, a girl, taken away by her father to some Station Polly, H/C gin ) Alice, H/C gin ) All going with children Katie, H/C gin ) to Deebing Creek Polly, H/C gin ) Lucy Bolton of Taroom will join escort at Miles, also for Deebing Creek