Duchess Protector of Aborigines Receipt Book 1916 - 1930

Protector of Aborigines, Duchess General Receipt Book 4. 8.1916 - 23.12.1919 Item ID 296208 Previous System Location A/48376; RSI3577/1/1 17. 7.1925 - 8. 4.1930 A/48377 Item ID 296208 Previous System Location A/48376; RSI3577/1/1 Access Category (all) 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 NB Only a single occurrence of the name extracted. 4. 8.1916 - 23.12.1919 A/48376 This book is illegible in places 1916 Harry Peter No 1 Daisy Oban Toby Oban Tommy Dickson Tommy Toby & Daisy Paddy Tulip 1917 Polly Harry Jimmy Cawley Mick Tracker Tommy Roper River P Tulip Jimmy Cowley Hector Tracker 1918 Peter George Mick Hector Violet Paddy Claton King Charlie Major Sandy Silva Nuggett Eimer Maggie Rosie Paddy Silver Charlie 1919 Rosie Cole Mick George Sandy Paddy Clayton Major Silva Nugget Maggie Charlie Eimer Paddy Fred Nemo Demera Jimmy Wappitta Toby Archie Jimmy Ferguson Tommy Dida Major Ben Arty Dick Willie Tie 17. 7.1925 - 8. 4.1930 A/48377 This receipt book is very faded and the extraction is not complete. 1925 Charley Toby Carbine Violet Major Maggie Harry Polly Paddy 1926 Harry Polly Violet P Clayton Paddy Robin George Polly Clayton Casey Maggie Major Dolly Lucy Mick Polly George Sweeney George Speechley Mabel Kitty 1927 George Carbine Paddy Paddy Clayton Robin Major Maggie Lucy George Sweeney Harry Mick Woodrow Morris Casey Parry (child) 1928 Maggie Carbine Major Robin George Sweeney Parry (child) Lucy Harry Mick Polly Woodrow George Dick Hayden H/C 1929 Woodrow Robin George Carbine George Sweeney Harry Polly Paddy Elsie George Wilson Paddy Casey