Duchess Protector of Aborigines Receipt Book 1926 - 1929

Protector of Aborigines, Duchess Receipt Books 5. 7.1926 - 30. 3.1927 Item ID 296191 Previous System Location A/48373; RSI3574/1/1 7. 4.1928 - 9. 4.1929 Item ID 296192 Previous System Location A/48374; RSI3574/1/2 Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 NB Only a single occurrence of name was extracted. 5. 7.1926 - 30. 3.1927 This book started life as a Government Relief Ticket Book and later has Protector of Aborigines receipts stuck to the remaining butts. It is in very poor condition. 1926 Paddy Clayton Robin Paddy Major Tommy Roper George George Sweeney Kitty Lucy Maggie Carbine Mick Polly Harry Dolly 1927 George Sweeney Major Polly Mabel Mick Maggie Kitty Lucy Robin Paddy Carbine Harry Paddy Clayton Tommy Roper 7. 4.1928 - 9. 4.1929 This book started life as an Electoral Papers notification book. Stubs have had Protector of Aborigines receipts stuck to them. 1928 Harry Robin Carbine Major George Sweeney Mick Polly Maggie Kitty Woodrow George Paddy 1929 Carbine Harry Robin Paddy Harry Mick Polly