Durundur - Some References 1903


Lands Department Batch Files, 1903 Item ID 717005 Previous System Location A/58930; SRS4356/1/159 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 5.10.1903 Deebing Creek Nellie Edwards, F/B, aged about 30 years died on 25. 9.1903 5.10.1903 Brisbane Re: Deported Northern Aborigines at Durundur Name Native of Gilbert Coen River Darkey Cairns Dick Cooktown Larry Coen Tommy Mareeba Doughboy Port Douglas Paddy Burketown Tommy Croydon Andy Cooktown Harry Charters Towers Harold Cooktown Antoni Atherton Tiger Atherton Jack Russell River Darkey Herberton Toby Atherton Jack Atherton Noble Cooktown Rob Cooktown Jerry Johnstone River Hero Maytown Hero left a wife at Maytown. Alberta, a Stradbroke Island Woman was removed to Yarrabah, accompanied by her husband, a Frazer Island man. 7.11.1903 Bulli Cooktown Sam Cooktown 1. 7.1901 Aboriginal Station, Woodford Monies paid to Aboriginals in the district for the year ending 29. 7.1901 Name Native of Now Living Womley Woodford Durundur Lawrence Woodford Near Gladstone Gurrie Woodford Near Gladstone Walter Woodford Barambah Peter Woodford Central Line Kyeena Woodford Durundur Garry Owen Frazer Is Pialba Barney Caboolture Durundur Billy Boy Dynevor Downs Settlement Ned Frazer Is Mannimbar Charlie Tinninburra Settlement Albert Frazer Is Frazer Is Charlie Tinninburra Settlement Denny Cunnamulla Villeneuve Toby Georgina River Settlement Toney S.A. Settlement Winduridera Frazer Is Barambah Ned Frazer Is Mannimbar 20 Aboriginals West of Cunnamulla Settlement 15 Aboriginals West of Cunnamulla Settlement All except the first seven are from the settlement. The first seven were here before the settlement. 15. 2.1901 Durundur Employment obtained for the following men Bismarck Barney Christmas Brutus Tiger Billy Button Bob Conbar Tommy Diamantina Tommy Warrigal Charlie Cobby Sam Mowri Charleville Jimmy Thylungra Tommy 12. 2.1901 Durundur Men paid for work for Police Bismarck Billy Boy Captain Billy Button snr Pinta Diamantina Tommy Charleville Jimmy Christmas Tiger Big Jack Sam Dick Denny Cobby Brutus Warrigal Charlie Jerry Lively Loonah Jimmy Billy Button jnr Mowri Neddy Thylungra Tommy Conbar Tommy Willie Watt __________________________________________________________