Kidston Police Report Book 1940 - 1941

Police Station, Kidston Report Book 1. 9.1940 - 27.11.1941 Item ID 282608 Previous System Location A/37938; RSI2824/1/1 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1992 . 8.1940 George Leonard Wilson, Police Tracker and his wife Vera Wilson. 16. 9.1940 To P. of A., Hughenden about Aborigines attending the Oak Park Races. Jimmy Percy J-476 ) From Palm Island Rosie Percy, his wife ) From Palm Island Harry Murdoch Caesar C-76 Gilbert G-60 Bobbie Antrim B-106 Maggie Antrim Clarrie Roberts Hettie Roberts Nut Logan ) Did not attend Jean Logan, his wife ) Did not attend 12.10.1940 To D.N.A. Brisbane The following transferred accounts here from Georgetown. Bonney B-102 Polly P-65 18.12.1940 To D.N.A. Brisbane Harry Murdoch of Woorabinda Hettie (Ettie) Roberts of Woorabinda 28. 1.1941 To Lyndhurst Station about agreements Bonney B-102 Polly P-65 Fred F-35 20. 2.1941 To I.O.P. Cairns About deceased Aboriginal half-caste George Ryan of Torrens Creek. 21. 5.1941 To Superintendent, Yarrabah Mission Jimmy Marks Dorothy Marks, his wife Arrived at Kidston on 14. 5.1941 from Yarrabah Arrived at Welfern on 19. 5.1941 Couple accompanied by a child aged about seven years. Letter dated 18. 6.1941 gives child's name as Amy Marks. 12. 8.1941 To Lyndhurst Station Jimmy Marks J-511 Dorothy Marks D-243 Bonney Polly