Leprosy Report North Queensland by Reye 1946

Home Secretary's Batch Files Leprosy Report North Queensland by Reye 1946 Item ID 717456 Previous System Location A/58852; SRS4356/1/610 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives Copyright Paul Mackett 1995 Report on the Incidence of Leprosy and Certain Other Conditions at Palm Island, Yarrabah and Mona Mona Aboriginal Settlements. E.J. Reye 15. 7.1946 1. Clinical Cases, Palm Island Name Age Origin Leper Reln. Nancy Briggs 7 Millaa Millaa LRS, LRB Reuben Salmon 16 Palm Island Angeline King 20 Palm Island LRS Harold Baker 28 Pencil Bay LRB (Molloy) (ex Mona Mona) Gilbert Croydon 60 Pencil Bay (ex Croydon) Lalfie Thompson 19 Pencil Bay LRS2 (ex Mona Mona) Ken West 23 Pencil Bay LRMU (ex Woorabinda) George Bowen 10 Pencil Bay LRM (ex Cherbourg) Florrie Saunders 10 Ex Woorabinda Percy Freeman 17 Ex Woorabinda LRS Ernie William 16 Ex Cherbourg LRB Reggie Newberry 12 Ex Mona Mona LRB Mollie Purcell 17 Ex Laura Maggie Briggs 38 Ex Millaa Millaa LRS, LRO May Daisy 14 Ex Woorabinda LRM Gertie Obah 19 Palm Island LRF, LRM, LRB Jimmy Johnson 59 Ex Mossman Bob Freeman 20 Ex Woorabinda LRS 2. Possible Early Cases, Palm Island Name Age Origin Leper Reln. Claude Freeman 25 Ex Woorabinda LRS, LRB Harry Bluewater 34 Ex Abergoola LRW Leo Freeman 49 Ex Woorabinda LRO Mabel Bligh 24 Ex Cooktown Eileen Brody Silas Prior 8 Palm Island George Friday 12 Ex Cooktown Jerry Friday 9 Ex Cooktown Lottie Normanton 7 Ex Normanton Lily Johnson 19 Ex Mossman LRF? Horace Fullerton 24 Ex Mona Mona LRB Doreen Landers 20 Ex Cherbourg LRB Doris King 20 Palm Island LRS 3. Clinical Cases, Mona Mona Name Age Leper Reln. Billy Boyle 58 Nelson Martin 15 LRF Ethel Caroll 26 Daphne Donahue 17 Flo Duffin 20 Rosina Snider 22 Loisa Snider 19 LRS Martha Thompson 20 LRS, LRB Ray Green 12 LRF Keith Mathieson 11 Douglas Mont 10 Neptune Snider 11 LRS Jupiter Snider 13 LRS Wilfred Levers 17 LRB Chrissie Lawrence 29 Esther Thompson 14 LRS, LRB Jimmy Brown 19 4. Possible Early Cases, Mona Mona Name Age Leper Reln. Joe Cannon 26 Hugh Gray 24 LRS Lorna Boyle 19 Minnie Courtney 56 LRH Katie Courtney 23 LRS, LRF Maggie May 56 Annie Snider 56 LRO Florence Donahue 11 Hilda Molloy 11 LRB Gordon Donahue 12 Arthur Snider 9 LRS Samuel Donahue 40 Tasman Snider 17 LRS Myrtle Snider 11 LRS Lindsay Ralph Mathieson 10 LRPC Maria McLeary 21 Elaine Donnell 17 Violet Hobbler 31 LRPA Ella Hobbler 19 LRPA Phyllis Cannon 21 LRB Ron Richards 15 Cyril Hudson 17 Lynn Hobbler 16 LRPA Jack Williams 19 NB Key to Leper Relations LRF Father LRM Mother LRH Husband LRW Wife LRB Brother LRS Sister LRO Offspring / Step relation LRPU Paternal Uncle LRPA Paternal Aunt LRMU Maternal Uncle LRMA MAternal Aunt MRMC Maternal Cousin LRPC Paternal Cousin