Mona Mona Removal Correspondence 1960s

Director of Native Affairs Health and Home Affairs Department Batch Files Item ID 717551 Previous System Location A/58933; SRS4356/1/705 Access Category 30 years Queensland State Archives File 6J/35 Missions Correspondence dated 1962 about removal of some people from Mona Mona Mission to Palm Island. People mentioned are Daphne Wilson, born 5. 7.1928, widow with 5 children aged 1 - 10 years Christina Green, born 30. 5.1945, single with 2 children aged 2 and 1 years Marlene Cannon, born 6. 1.1946, orphan, has brother and sister in law living in Cairns Margaret Courtney, born 5. 8.1941, exempt, has twin 2 year old daughters, mother is Trixie Courtney Gertie Courtney, born 14. 8.1943, exempt, pregnant, mother is Trixie Courtney Janet Donaghue, born 10. 7.1945, has 5 month old baby. Janet is sister of Daphne Wilson and daughter of Maggie Donaghue Gloria Duffin, born 12. 3.1945, has 11 month old baby. Gloria's parents are exempt. Joyce Hobbler, born 5. 4.1945, has 11 month old child. Joyce's mother is Emma Hobbler. Emma's husband is Bertie Hobbler. Emma's son is Lyn Hobbler who has a wife and 2 children and lives at Machan's Beach. Laurel Hobbler, aged 17 years, parents Emma and Bert Hobbler Norma Hobbler, aged 18 years, parents Emma and Bert Hobbler Bill Collins, born 1932, single Olive Thompson, aged 18 years, aunt and uncle are Ethel Cannon and Joe Cannon